tagRomanceThen He Kissed Me Under The Rain

Then He Kissed Me Under The Rain


Wearing only a summer dress, I stood at the glass door and watched the dark clouds invade the blue skies which had given us a day of unbearable heat. I watched the wind pick up the stray leaves from the ground and throw them in the air, I could hear the rain as it started to fall on the the tin roof of the deck.. This weather seeped passion into every pore of my skin making my body ache with desire and my breath pick up as I waited for him .. I was so engrossed in my surroundings I didn't hear him come. I took a deep breathe as I felt his soft warm hands on my bare shoulders.

His warm breathe on my skin as he bent down to kiss my neck. And the smell of his after shave took over my seances as I took a deep breathe. He took me into his arms and turned me to face him. He raised his hands to my face and kissed me so deeply my knees buckled. It lasted for what seemed forever, he had moved his hands down my body, pulling me in tight. I could feel his hardness against my stomach and the warmth spread throughout my body.

I heard the door behind me open; then stepping back he looked at me and smiled and led me by the hand outside.My heart was pounding and my knees were still weak from his kiss. The wind had picked up, the rain still light but now steady, however the air was still warm. He lead me over to the table; and he picked me up and sat me on the edge. Slowly he slid down the straps of my dress over my shoulders and down over my arms.With my face buried in his chest and the smell of his aftershave over taking me he wrapped his arms around me,feeling his hands fumble with my dress he unzipped it from behind letting it fall to my waist leaving my skin free to feel the weather on me.

The cool rain on my skin was invigorating. He stood back and just looked at me. Smiling as the rain fell on his skin he took a step closer to me again and ran his hands down the front of my body. Watching my body react to him as he moved his hands back up to my full tits, caressing,and teasing my hard nipples – my skin hummed.

I leaned forward and pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped it to the ground. I looked at him hungrily; he worked hard on his body and I was reaping the benefits tonight. I moved my hands down to the fly of his jeans; I could see his cock straining against the fabric. I unbuttoned him and released his cock into my hands. I loved the feel of the soft warm skin, I was impatient to feel him in my mouth, but this would wait.

He moved in close and put his hands on my waist and lifted me on the table and onto my feet, letting my dress fall to my ankles. I stood there on the table with my arms raised above my head; my eyes closed feeling the weather rush around my naked body. I knew the neighbors had a good view of me but I didn't care – I felt free. I could hear him laugh, not at me, but just knowing how much I loved the rain and the wind. With my eyes still closed I knew he was enjoying watching me.

Still taking pleasure in the rain I felt him move closer, he grabbed my ass as I felt his tongue run up the inside of my thighs. I placed my hands on his shoulders to stop myself from falling as my body was weakening under his touch. He spread my legs slightly as his tongue moved closer to my pussy. With his hands on my ankles, he started to lick me all over from my thighs to the bottom of my stomach. He kissed wherever he could reach without touching the place I ached for him. My nerves were screaming for him to touch me, to fuck me, to take me to a high I have never been before to satisfy my hunger and my need.

Then before I could stand it any longer he placed his hands on my hips and ran his tongue along the length of my pussy, I screamed out his name as pleasure raced through my body. He was caressing me with his tongue, playing with my clit, darting in and out of me. I was aching for him to fill me up. My body was weakening, losing control I wanted him to throw me on the deck , the grass it didn't matter I just wanted him to take me .

He continued with his teasing on my body changing the pressure from light to hard, using both his mouth and hands on me. I was just about to cum when he suddenly stopped. He moved his face away from me and lifted me by the hips and placed me so I was sitting on the table again. Looking me in the eyes he leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth. We both were touching each others naked bodies, our skin wet from the warm rain.

He lifted me from the table, and swapped places with me. I was now between his legs, my hands now running over his hard chest,his hard nipples. And working my way down, god he was hard and I could feel his heat against my stomach and his breath picking up as he waited in anticipation.

I leaned down and used my tongue to tease the head of his cock. His body jumped in response. I placed my hands on the top of his thighs digging my nails in, and took him into my mouth, using my teeth and tongue to drive him insane.

His body tensed under my hands. I heard him moan, I loved the feeling of power this gave me. I moved my mouth with the lightest touch of my tongue I licked the entire length of his shaft. When I reached the top of his cock I circled the ridge with my tongue, occasionally biting, while my hand I moved up and down his shaft. Before he lost complete control he gently pushed me away from him and once again we swapped places. Lifting me and setting me on the table again, the rain a bit more intense but still warm as it fell on our naked bodies.. I looked him in the eyes and seen his tongue lick the rain from his lips, he leaned in and kissed me. my heart now pounding in my chest. my full breast rising and falling from excitement as I watched his hard cock throb with excitement.

He moved between my legs, gently grabbing my ankles and lifting them high in the air I could feel the warm rain running down my legs and over my shaking thighs. He took hold of my body and pulled me close to him. With a quick movement he entered me, filling me.I gasped it was like he pushed every breath out of me in one thrust.. The heat in my body rose rapidly, my need to feel him deep within me was overwhelming. Then for one brief moment we were still, the rain was falling hard and the wind picked up.. it was like the the weather was our orchestra ; the wind howling was our screams and the rain falling was our every emotion we were feeling.. I wrapped my legs tightly around him, pulling him in even deeper, my body trembled against his. He moved in and out of me, my body moving with his. We were as one, giving into our bodies desires. Our heartbeats quickened, moans escaped from our lips, it was absolutely amazing. Then with one hard thrust, our bodies exploded together. Heat and passion was released from our bodies. Then he kissed me under the rain.................

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