tagNovels and NovellasThis Most Unusual Sister Ch. 02

This Most Unusual Sister Ch. 02



Once again, thanks to a wonderful editor! AsylumSeeker, thank you for your input and comments.

This story follows directly after TMUP 01. It is the morning after Angela's transformation, and her bladder is filling up. Angela grows more and more desperate, and Gwen becomes curious. If you don't like watersports/golden showers, please don't read this instalment.

If you don't like this story, well, that's my fault. If you do like it, remember to thank AsylumSeeker for the polish and shine!


This Most Unusual Penis 02

Angela learns how to pee from her new cock

Gwen woke up to an empty bed. She felt a little rough - she always did, flying halfway around the world from San Diego to Fuerteventura. She'd feel rougher after the trip home. Going from east to west always seemed much worse, it took at least two days for her to get back to normal after such a flight.

The sun streamed through the window as Gwen pulled on a pair of leggings and a T-shirt. She didn't think that she'd had that much to drink last night; perhaps it was the combination of dehydration and disorientation from the flight, and the Appletinis she and her friend Angela had happily consumed that made her feel so weird.

"Oh, my Goddess," whispered Gwen. She had just seen the little white stain on the bed. She bent close to examine it, and then pulled her leggings down to look at her pussy.

It had been real; it had all been so very real.

Where was Angela? If last night had been real, then that meant Angela would still have...

Oh no, thought Gwen. If last night had been real, then I might be...

"Angela," yelled Gwen, suddenly very worried.

"In here," Angela called from the living room.

Gwen walked in slowly, afraid to rush in just in case she was mistaken. She looked at Angela sitting naked on the couch. Angela was staring out of the window, smoking a cigarette. She had one foot on the couch; perhaps Angela had put it there deliberately, as Gwen couldn't see what she needed to see.

Gwen moved even slower now, walking towards the window to look outside. It appeared like it would be another gorgeous day out there as the sun sparkled off the Atlantic waves. Gwen turned quickly, she couldn't wait any longer - the scenery and weather could wait, she had to know if...

Angela still had a penis. Two balls hung between her legs while her cock lay soft on her thigh.

"Ah," sighed Gwen.

"Ah," nodded Angela in agreement. She took a draw from the cigarette and held it in for a few seconds before tilting her head back and allowing a long, slow stream of smoke escape from her lips. "These things aren't too bad. What brand are they?"

"I don't remember," Gwen said softly in a distracted tone. "It'll be on the packet."

"Yes, of course," Angela whispered, looking to the table at the right-hand side of the couch. "Marlboro. I phoned my Mom."

"Oh?" asked Gwen, suddenly curious. "What did she say?"

"Don't worry, it's perfectly natural for us, it'll go away in a few days," Angela quoted.

"Did she say anything about..." Gwen hesitated. Angela may not have considered what was currently foremost in Gwen's mind, but Gwen had to know. "Can I get pregnant?"

"By me? No, not yet," revealed Angela. "Not for another three years. I'm sterile until then. That means I can't get pregnant, either."

"Good, that's a relief," smiled Gwen.

"Sorry, I should have told you that first."

"It's okay, I understand. I mean, if it happened to me, growing a you-know-what, I'd be going crazy with questions! Did your Mom say what you should do with it?"

"Oh yes," laughed Angela, "she had a suggestion alright! She said that I should have some fun with it!"

"Oh," responded Gwen, "I see... But what about your sun-bathing? I know you love that."

"According to Mom, nobody will notice it. Seemingly she had one a few days ago and no one noticed, not even Andrew or me. I'm not sure I trust her, though - after all, she didn't warn me that this might happen."

"So what are you going to do?" asked Gwen.

"I," pronounced Angela in her most dramatic tone, "Am going to figure out how to pee with this thing. Then I'm going to take a shower."

"Sounds like fun!" grinned Gwen. "Can I watch?"

"Yeah, if you like," smiled Angela. After all, her mother did say to have some fun with it...

Angela stood in front of the toilet bowl and aimed her penis at the white porcelain. She was really desperate to pee, but her new appendage felt so weird that it was difficult to relax enough to let it do its thing. The tension had really built up inside her, and she began to imagine that she might burst from the pressure.

"I can't do it," she whispered. "This thing should come with a user guide."

"Want to know what I do if I can't pee?" asked Gwen. "I turn the faucet on - the sound of the running water always makes me go."

"That's a good idea," nodded Angela. "Let's just hope I don't spray it everywhere when it starts."

"Do it in the shower, that'll be easier to clean than the bathroom walls!"

"Another good idea."

"Plus," added Gwen, "that way I get to have a real close look."

Angela stared quizzically at her friend. Gwen pulled off her leggings and T-shirt, discarding them on the floor as she stepped into the bathtub.

"What are you doing?" asked Angela.

"I'm interested, that's all. I want to watch you pee with this."

"Listen, if I'm having so much trouble peeing anyway, do you really think that you watching me will make it any easier?"

"Hush," smiled Gwen. "Just close your eyes if it bothers you."

"What if I get some on you?"

"D'uh, we're in the shower! It'll wash off!"

Angela turned on a faucet and the trickle of the water made her squirm. She was really desperate by now, and she was surprised that her abdomen wasn't bulging out from the pressure. Reluctantly she climbed into the bathtub and stood in front of Gwen.

"If you want to practice your aim, just shoot at these!" Gwen giggled, cupping her breasts in her hands.

Damn Gwen and her breasts. Gwen had developed early at school, the first girl to get a training bra. Of course that meant that she'd had to endure all sorts of taunting from the boys and the girls, but Angela couldn't help being jealous. Angela had been the last girl in her year to develop, and she was still playing catch-up.

"Ah, it's coming!" squealed Angela as she felt the full length of her shaft filling up. The tension, already unbearable, became even stronger, all concentrated on the little opening at the end of her cock. It reminded her a little of how she had cum last night, of how the tension had built and then exploded...

A squirt of hot piss shot out of her cock. The loose foreskin hanging limply around the tip of her shaft caused the flow to shoot more upwards than downwards. The stream struck Gwen straight in the face. Angela felt so terrible about this that the flow immediately stopped.

Gwen, however, didn't feel bad at all. She just started to laugh as she felt the hot fluid trickling down her cheeks and chin.

"I'm so sorry!" cried Angela, squirming again as the unrelenting pressure inside of her demanded release. "I'm really, really sorry!"

"Don't be daft. I knew the risk I was taking! Besides, it doesn't taste too bad," Gwen said, then licked the hot piss from her lips.

Angela couldn't hold it in any longer and once more felt that wonderful feeling as she started to pee again. Once more, it lanced straight out to splash on Gwen's face. This time, however, Gwen was ready for it and opened her lips wide to let the steamy, salty water fill her mouth.

"Oh, my Goddess!" Angela squealed. She couldn't believe that Gwen would willingly let someone piss in her mouth; every part of her mind screamed that this was dirty, it was obscene! It was something else as well, Angela realized, as she felt a reaction in her cock. It started to lengthen and stiffen as she watched Gwen gulp down mouthfuls of the hot pee.

Gwen had no real idea why she was doing this. She had only intended to watch Angela as she pissed, but the first splash across her face made her realize that maybe piss didn't taste too bad. Angela was her best friend, and perhaps it was okay to experiment together, particularly since Angela's penis wasn't a permanent attachment. After a couple of gulps of the hot, salty fluid, Gwen decided that she couldn't drink too much of it and started to let it cascade out of her mouth and down her chin.

Angela's cock continued to lengthen. Gwen remembered sucking it for a few seconds in the early hours of the morning and being scared that Angela might cum in her mouth. Now that she had sampled Angela's piss, Gwen was no longer scared of what her cum might taste of. Before that could happen, however, Gwen decided to try something else.

Moving quickly so that Angela wouldn't guess what was going to happen next, Gwen leaned forward and opened her mouth wide to let the venting cock slip between her lips. Angela gasped and drew back, but Gwen had anticipated this and moved with Angela, letting her lips close around Angela's penis as she did so.

Angela moaned in astonishment as her cock became immersed as Gwen's mouth filled with pee. Already stimulated by what was going on, her brand-new plaything hardened. Angela pushed her hand down on the shaft, fighting against it so that it would stay at an angle that felt truly incredible in Gwen's mouth.

Gwen suddenly moved back, making Angela think that she had been too rough. Gwen's cheeks were puffed out like a hamster and suddenly Angela knew what Gwen intended to do.

The feel of the hot spray from Gwen's mouth on Angela's tummy was as exciting as it was delightful; suddenly Angela wanted in on the action. She knelt down, wanting to taste her own piss from Gwen's mouth, but she moved away. Gwen lay back and reached out for Angela's hot, hard, pissing cock and directed the jet at her own pussy.

Gwen pulled her slick lips back, letting the torrent of urine hit her exactly in the spot she wanted.

"Ah, that is so good..." whimpered Gwen. Angela's cock had felt great as it slid up and down that most sensitive part, and the hot stream of piss felt just as good as Gwen's body. "Oh, my Goddess..."

The sensations her clit was feeling had leapt to Gwen's head, filling her mind with an incessant thrumming from which there was no escape. Then a throbbing began, dull at first but building deep inside her, filling her body and soul in waves of bliss. The flood striking against her clit was hot and hard, in stark comparison to the feeling of hot satin slipping down her thighs and washing over her tummy.

Gwen fought against her desire to squeeze into a tight ball, willing herself to stay open to the enormous joy she was living though. Dimly, she sensed rather than felt Angela's flow begin to slow, but nothing could or would stop Gwen as electric sparks played behind her eyelids and her body trembled on the wet floor of the tub.

It seemed to Gwen that a huge bell chimed once at the climax of her orgasm. The sound was at once hollow and crystal clear, from very far away but inside her body, and the echo reverberated through her flesh as she trembled and gasped, trying to catch her breath.

Something stroked across her tummy, like a delicate spatter of paint, and. Gwen's eyes flickered open to find Angela wanking her cock with a look of real pain emblazoned across her pretty face. Angela pushed her hips forward, body arching as her hand flew up and down the shaft of her cock. She released a guttural moan as a fresh stream of cum erupted. The milky fluid arced up into the air before landing on Gwen's tummy, still soaked with piss. Gwen reached down, rubbing the cum onto her tingling young body.

Gwen scooped up a good finger-full of cum. Without stopping to think about it, she put it into her mouth and sucked, almost gagging as it slid down her throat. It didn't taste as nice as she was hoping for, but it wasn't all that bad either. It definitely didn't taste as nice as Angela's piss had.

The two young women stood up, both with broad smiles on their faces. Gwen pressed her body against Angela's, trying to smear as much cum and piss onto her friend's body as she could. Angela reached behind Gwen's head to pull her close for a kiss, her softening cock sliding across Gwen's thigh.

As they lovingly embraced, Angela turned the handle of the water spigot. A rush of fresh water cascaded down their bodies.

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