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Thunder Rolls


Lacy looked at her date sitting across the table, pondering what he thought of her. Although pretty, she was no bomb shell that his cheerleader ex-girlfriend was. With her blond hair that fell just past her shoulders in golden ringlets that seemed to majestically blow in the wind; when she was sitting in a room with all the windows closed. To her perfect make-up when she wakes up in the morning. The kind of girl that doesn't even has to try, and she wasn't just a pretty face either, she was 5'8 110lbs and a D-cup. Jarett was just the type to go perfectly with her, although not into sports like most in his frat he had the body of a pro. He stood about 6'0 was 160lbs with short black hair that he would spike on a regular basis. His eyes were a pretty shade of green, and he had a miraculous smile of bleached white teeth. At least that's what most people looked at when they saw him. Lacy however liked his smile yes, but not the bleached one. She liked the half grin he did and the way he nonchalantly raised his left eyebrow when he would say one of his sarcastic remarks, one thing that set him apart from his frat buddies. Sarcasm to her at least meant he had brains.

"I'm going to pay go the check" Jarret said, breaking her out of her train of thought.

"Ok, I'm going to run to the ladies room" she said sliding out of her chair, taking care that her dress didn't pull down as she moved. She hated that damn dress it wasn't her style but her roommate insisted that she wear it.

She scurries into the ladies room and looks at her self in the mirror. Lacey had black hair, dyed black to be exact and blue eyes. She liked the way they contrasted each other. As she looked she realized she had smudged her eye liner.

"Shit, how long was that like that?" she whines as she hastily wipes it away as if her swiftness would make him some how forget that it had ever smeared.

As she steps back from the mirror to get a look at the damage she whispers to herself "What am I even doing here?"

Her image in the mirror brings no comfort, at least in her mind. Cass, Lacey's roommate pinned her shoulder length black hair up in a pretty bun, with a few stray curls falling on her silky pale skin. Her hair was the only thing she liked about the whole ensemble. The dreaded dress she was wearing was Cass' other not so bright idea. Earlier in the day Cass dug through her closet, pulling out a bright blue strapless dress with a black sheer lace over lay, Lacey thought it was pretty when Cass wore it but now on herself she was having second thoughts. It had a fitted bodice that pushed her B-sized breasts up into perky mounds of pale cleavage, that part she liked at least. The blue fabric on the bottom of the dress was pleated, with the black over lay. She thought she looked like a cocktail waitress instead of the graceful beauty that Cass had looked in it. She does one last look and quickly sprays some body spray into the air and walks through as she leaves.

Jarret had been waiting for her in the corridor that leads to the restrooms. As he had been waiting he thought about how they had met. Class had started 20 minutes prior to her walking in, she made her grand entrance by letting the door slam. Every one turned to look at her and as she grew bright red in response he knew he wanted her. She was different, usually shy until you set her off on a topic that mattered to her; she broke out of her shell with a fiery passion on any thing that had to do with politics, religion, and oddly enough, tattoos. From what he could see she only had one, a wispy colorful design of flowers and vines with shades of red, orange, and green that took up the better part of her upper right arm, he liked it.

"Hi! Ready?" she says a little surprised that he was on the other side of the door waiting for her.

"Yep, let's go before it rains" he says with a smile.

They walk out of the restaurant into the growingly cool night. As they cross the parking lock the only sound between them was the sound of her 2 inch black sandal heels hitting the black top and the thunder slowly creeping up on them. As they reach his car he opens the door for her. She slides into the black Thunder Bird. The leather catches the fabric of the dress sliding the hem up just enough for him to catch a glimpse of another tattoo all he could see were wispy lines with a few tiny purple and pink butterflies, this one was on her inner thigh.

"How far up does that go" he wonders to himself. Aloud crash of thunder stirs him from his thoughts, he closes her door and climbs into the drivers side.

Five minuets into the drive he breaks the silence by asking "Did you have a good time?"

She was starring out the window at the on coming storm; "Nope not at all" she jokes sarcastically as she turns her gaze away from the storm and rests it on him with a smile. He wasn't the only sarcastic on in the car that night.

He responds with a smile.

His hand was resting on his leg; she stared longingly at it, wanting desperately to lace her fingers with his but to shy to make the first move. His eyes were on the road but he could feel the warmth of her gaze on him. His pulse began to race as he felt that all too familiar feeling well up in him. He pushes it back; it wasn't the right time for that, yet.

He slowly finds her hand that just happened to be resting on the edge of the seat next to him. He laces his fingers with hers, it sends a wave of warmth through his body again and he can't push it away.

As she sits there her hand in his she is in disbelief that this was all happening and that it would all be over in a few short minutes. She didn't want it to end, but she couldn't possibly invite him in, could she?

The Thunder Bird rolls up the drive way, the gravel cracking underneath its weight. Jarett puts the beast in park and gets out to open the door for her. She slides out of the car and he gets another glimpse of the tattoo on her thigh.

He walks her to her door. Lacey's mind is racing, as they stand under the porch light. Thunder cracks in the background, it startles her. Jarett puts his hands on her arms to steady her gently rubbing his thumb against a red flower in her tattoo.

"Your not afraid of the storm are you?" he whispers as he leans into her.

"Not any..." he cuts her words off as his lips meet hers.

Her heart is racing and she can't help put wrap her arms around him and pull him close, he gently slides his tongue across her parted lips. Excitement runs through her as she relishes in how his hot wet tongue dances and flicks against hers,

Aloud crack of thunder that rattles the ground breaks them from their kiss.

"Damn thunder!" he says laughing.

"Yeah really, do you want to come in?" she asks.

He nods as she puts her key in the lock and opens the door to her group house. Lacey lived with 4 other girls and they were all at the football game that night and would be attending the parties afterwards. She had the place to her self. She sets her purse down on the black fake marble counter top. Her house was nice in general for a college group house, but there was still paint chipping here and there and a few stains on the blue carpet from many years of college students.

She slips off her heels and leads him to the couch. They both sit down and she turns the T.V on for background noise. She looks up at him, for the first time she is close enough to actually notice his green eyes. They mesmerize her, beautiful, wise, slightly untrusting eyes. He leans down and kisses her again, passionately and deep, she understands now how different he really is from his friends and how perfect they are for each other.

His lips move from hers to her neck leaving soft kisses and licks in their wake, the smell of her skin, like fresh rain, sends the blood flowing to the already half hard bulge in his pants. She glides her hands down his red silk shirt that made him look like such a gentleman with a black tie and black pants a few hours earlier. He was still a gentleman but in a much, much different way.

He slowly unbuttons his shirt and reveals his perfect body to her; the tie had been lost some where in the beast he called are car in transit. He had muscles and curves in all the right places but not enough to show that he spent his whole day in the gym, she liked that, she wanted him on top of her, in her.

While he slid out of his shirt she watches the way his body moves, graceful yet strong the way his well defined muscles moved in unison, the bulge in his pants made her wet just thinking about him thrusting deep into her; caressing every inch of him as he moved. She pulls him close and glides her tongue through his soft lips. As their tongues dance together Jarett reaches behind her and slowly unzips her dress which falls just enough to reveal the caramel color of her perky nipples. She stands and lets the dress hit the ground revealing a delicate sheer thong that glistened against her porcelain skin.

He stands with her kissing her neck softly, biting gently fighting the urge from his hardening cock to just take her now. The warmth of his breath against her naked body made her shiver made her pussy drip with longing.

"Lay down" he whispers to her. With her breath quickening from the mystery of what's to come she lays down.

Jarett leans over sucking her left nipple and playing with her right between is fingers. A moan escapes her and she squirms as she feels the warmth and wetness against her. Sensing her pleasure he bites, making her gasp in pleasure and only a little bit of pain. His cock ached for her, but it still wasn't the right time to take her.

He traces kisses and licks down her stomach. With the waist line of her sheer thong in his mouth he looks up at her for approval.

Lacey nods and between heavy breaths whispers "Please."

Jarett slides the sheer panties down her soft skin, the tattoo he was so curious about earlier was staring him right in the face, a fairy with purple and pink wings surrounded but the wisps and butterflies that he saw earlier. The thought of her lying there with her legs spread for hours getting it done made his cock dance. Directing his attention to what was in front of him however made him quiver.

"Have you ever had this before Baby?" he asks in a sultry voice.

A meek "No." manages to escape her.

As he parts her legs a little wider he stops for a second to take in what is before him. She had shaven every hair that her arms would let her reach, her pussy was dripping to the point that the couch was damp with her juices, she had a small clit that he couldn't wait to suck on but he would start slow at first since this was her first time.

He kissed the inside of her thighs with his tongue occasionally brushing across her skin slowly moving towards it's target, he could smell the scent of fresh rain again on her skin, it enthralled him . As he got closer her scent got sweeter and he could almost taste her.

He started out with long slow licks against her little clit, delicately like licking an ice cream cone. After a minute or so he could sense her breathing had hastened and he could feel fresh wetness on his chin. He looked up at her slyly just to see her face, she had her head slightly back with her eyes closed, innocently biting her bottom lip. With this encouragement he slowly slips one finger into her, the feeling of her warm pussy against his finger urged him to quicken his pace, he ignores this; for now.

Slowly he moves his finger in and out of her while he continues to lick her gently. He doesn't look up this time, no need to, he can tell she is ready for more as her breath quickens. After sliding his finger out slowly; he licks her juices off, the sweetness that he's been wanting the whole night is finally his.

Lacey can't believe what she's feeling when he slides his tongue into her, warm and strong thrashing wildly against the walls of her pussy. A moan escapes her as her hand flies to her mouth, a second too late. Hearing this Jarett slides his strong arms under her and lets her porcelain legs rest on his broad shoulders so he could push his tongue deeper into her. She was moaning loudly and digging her fingers into his arms as she tried to control her self from moving her hips as she was nearing what she assumed was her first orgasm. She was at the point where she though she could take no more when Jarett quickly pulled his tongue out and started sucking hard on her clit. The switching of sensations was too much for her, breathing heavily and feeling like her heart would explode; she arches her back as every muscle she has tenses into a sensation that she has never felt before. It over comes her and she cries "I'm cumming" she takes a quick breath holds it and collapses onto the couch as she breathes out.

Jarett quickly wipes the rest of her off his chin as he rushes up to hold her. No words were needed they both knew what just happened, Jarett held her until she was ready again.

She looked into those brilliant eyes once more as he kissed her deeply. He was caressing her cheek when she surprised him by undoing his belt buckle.

"Are you sure you want to?" He asked with an unsure look on his face.

"This baby" she says grasping is rock hard cock through his pants "won't be my first time" she replied with a grin.

They both laughed a little as he leaned in and let their lips meet again in a soft kiss. Feeling safe in his arms he gently leaned her back so she was lying on the soft well worn couch. Staring lustfully at him she watched as he slid is pants down. He was hard but he gave him self a few swift jerks with his hand as he climbed onto her. To her relief he was 5" with a girth that would please her with out much discomfort, she liked being able to take all of her mans cock into her; past five was a waste in her mind.

Jarett's lips rested softly on her neck as he eased himself onto her. He places the head of his dick against her pussy. As he moves up her hard nipples graze his skin sending shivers through her whole body. To his surprise she wraps her delicate hand around the base of his penis and guides him into her. A gasp escapes his lips as he feels the tightness and warmth surround his cock. Slowly he begins to move in and out of her tight pussy, he looks down to watch as her lips hide when he pushes into her, and stretch when he pulls back out. Lifting her hips to bring him in deeper when he thrusts, she catches his rhythm and pushes back against him. Wanting to feel his body against hers she wraps her arms across his shoulders and pulls him back on to her. He buries his face into her shoulder as his pace quickens. She can hear the muffled grunts and it turns her on to hear his pleasure after he heard hers so loudly a few minutes before. With her legs she starts to pull him into her. That familiar feeling creeps back into her as her breath begins to quicken. She welcomes it, she needs it. She was hooked and Jarett knew it. He begins to grind his hips wildly against hers as his dick pushes deep into her wet pussy, Lacey's heart is pounding out of her chest again, she knows this feeling she wants it again, more this time, stronger

She screams "Harder!"

Jarett grabs her hips and thrusts as hard as he can into her. Her pussy contracts around his cock as she cries out again in pleasure.

He can hardly contain him self and as soon as her pussy relaxes he pulls his aching cock out and shoots rope after rope of hot sticky cum onto her pretty chest. He collapses onto her, suspending himself just slightly over her stomach with his tired arms.

"I love you" he whispers.

"I love you too" she says with a sigh as thunder rolls in the distance.

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