tagErotic HorrorTicket to Heaven

Ticket to Heaven

byMy Erotic Tail©

(At work one day on a break with my fellow coworkers explaining my involvement with the survivor contest and having to write stories in categories I was unfamiliar with. A fellow supervisor come up with this tale and it was so intense I almost didn't want to write it but after several plots and story lines were hashed out this was the tale we come up with. I give this young man the credit for the idea as I had to create it and fill in a lot of details. But the only category that I could even begin to think about placing it would have to be...HORROR! Thanks L~)

(1) The Club

Her long leg stretched out before the men at the platform's edge while she swayed sensually to the music. She ran her fingers along her inner thighs and smiled at them as they encouraged her more. On center stage, she erotically exposed her tantalizing flesh. Her hard nipples and black thong were making her plenty of tips right now.

The music was deafening while the lights flickered multiple colors in the Gentlemen's club. Dancers throughout the club were bare and working the crowd. Table dances were going on throughout the place while the crowd seemed pleased.

"Check out camera five, Boss," said the large bouncer after barging into the owner's office door. The huge man held the door knob and stood in the doorway waiting for a reply.

"You fucking idiot, don't you ever knock? You fuck-up, you do it one more time and you're history," replied the owner. Lucas Burns was sitting behind his desk in his plush black leather chair. He had been checking out his extra activities and dealings closely. The bar and his ladies were his main source of income but his rat runners were his second and most lucrative business. Drugs were always a quick dollar, especially when there were so many who had to have more and more.

Flicking a switch, a monitor changed screens as camera five showed several tables along the back wall. There was a man sitting alone and waving the girls to go away. He seemed familiar but Lucas couldn't place him. Just sitting there still, the man didn't have a drink or accept the company of the beautiful women that tried to spark an interest. With a long black leather coat on and short hair, the man was seemingly waiting for something.

Lucas pressed his buzzer calling his help. Slurping noises came from under his desk while a knock came at the door. "Get in here, you dumb fuck," he said while the door opened. Lucas pushed his chair back and his pleasing bunny between his legs seemed shocked. "Get the fuck out of here." He said in his normal hateful tone. A pretty petite blonde climbed up from between his legs, letting go of his half hard cock. She wiped her mouth and fixed her skimpy lingerie.

"Yea, Boss?" Asked the big man in a black T-shirt with the word Security embossed on the back. Standing in the doorway, he folded his muscular arms as the pretty blonde jetted past him.

"You get the fuck over there and tell that shit head that this is a club. He needs to order a fucking drink or get the hell out of Dodge." Lucas blurted as he watched the man on the monitor.

"Looks like a cop, Boss." The big man spat, placing his hand on the doorknob, ready to shut it at the first hint of Lucas's order.

"Then tell Beavis and Butthead to hold transactions for a short while until we check him out. Oh, and Jeff?" Lucas snarled.

"Yeah, Boss?"

"Ask him if he's a pig before you throw his ass out. Cover our ass legally." Lucas spat.

"Ok, Boss." Jeff replied while shutting the door.

Lucas fixed his pants and zipped his fly back up, watching the monitor with peaked concern. He could see Jeff walk up and talk to the man on the screen for a few seconds then Jeff waved a waitress over and walked away. Lucas's eyes scanned the stranger's movements while a woman in a short miniskirt come to his table and took his order.

Lucas clicked a button several times, changing the camera's views until he could see his runners and their dealings. Jeff obviously had given the signal because they were refusing any sales at the moment. He clicked the screen back to camera five and watched the questionable stranger. A knock come at the door.

"Yeah," he yelled.

The door opened and it was Jeff, "He said he'll buy a drink. He said he understood. He also said he wanted to talk to Lucas Burns. He said to tell you he had a 'Ticket to Heaven' for ya. A situation of lifetime." The big bouncer stood in the doorway, once again waiting for a reply.

"What the fuck does that mean?" Lucas spat. He raised an eye brow and scratched his chin lightly in deep thought. "Who was this familiar looking stranger," he thought to himself.

"I don't know boss, he wants to talk to you." Jeff stood there patiently. "Want me to send him back here?"

"No, I don't, you dumb ass. Geez." Lucas eyed the man for a while then turned in his chair. "Ok, tell him I'll be there shortly."

"Ok, Boss." Jeff exited the office and shut the door. Lucas reached into his drawer and pulled out his .25 semiautomatic pistol and checked the chamber for shell positioning. He clicked his button several times and scanned the club on his security screen before he stood up and adjusted his clothes.

Walking into the loud and crowded club, Lucas made his way slowly along the back straight away. He smiled big and waved at the patrons that frequented his establishment, pouring on the charm and kissing 'his' girls as he passed them.

The stranger saw Lucas but didn't move. Lucas walked up to him and sat at his table, waved at the waitress and signaled for his usual drink. "What can I do for you, Mister...?" Lucas asked kindly and professional like, looking the man directly in the eyes. He was still unable to place the man but checked him out carefully.

"You know Billy Watson?" The man asked with a very serious and nervous tone.

"No, should I?" Lucas asked, still watching him close.

"Yeah, well...I didn't think so," The man replied in a hateful tone. "He's my son." The man said while shifting in his seat. Lucas noted that he looked as though he was ready to pounce physically or orally. Lucas motioned for Jeff then turned back to the man.

"What does all this got to do with a Ticket to Heaven or a situation of a lifetime? I'm a busy man, Mister...Watson is it?" Lucas asked again.

"Yeah, well my son died from an overdose on your fucking drugs, you scum sucking pusher." The hate in his voice rose as the man sprang quickly towards Lucas while violently swinging his tightened fist. He caught Lucas off guard as the his fist crashed into Lucas's chin and cheek. Several blows were swung before Lucas hit the floor with a crash. A scream cried out from a nearby dancer.

Jeff was at a full run now towards them as the man stood over Lucas, swinging away. His right fist rapidly swung towards Lucas's face. Jeff wrapped his big arms around the man, yanked him off of Lucas and pulled him towards the front door.

"Bang," a gun shot rang out as Jeff hit the floor with the man in his arms. They both crashed into some tables and the sound of breaking glass and over turned chairs barely rang out over the loud music. Screams of the people as they ran from the club, pushing and shoving, filled the air. The man scrambled to get back up with a pistol in his hands. He stood over Jeff who was deadly still.

Lucas was now on his feet. He tackled the man and began swinging violently at him. The two exchanged blows and jabs until another shot rang out. Lucas fell to the ground with a thud. He reached into his inside pocket and pulled out the .25 semiautomatic pistol and returned fire. "Bang bang bang."

Lucas jumped to his feet and the two men began wrestling and exchanging crushing blows. Clinched fists swung back and forth between the two, each taking mighty powerful punches. They rammed into each other like two mountain goats clashing, pulling and stepping to gain footing while the two men wrestled with each other for a moment.

It was about the same time that the two men seemed to figure out something was different. Lucas looked down at the body on the floor thinking it was Jeff when he noticed it looked like himself. The stranger did the same, looking at his own corpse on the ground at his feet. The two men looked at each other then back to their bodies, stunned. Letting go of each other, they were mystified at the situation.

"What the fuck?" Lucas blurted when it sunk in he was looking at himself lying on the floor. A pool of blood was growing around the body. A pistol was inches from the hand that lay flat out on the carpet.

"Huh?" The stranger seemed lost to the fact that he could see two Lucas Burns. One on the floor dead and the other just as puzzled as he was, looking at himself on the ground lifeless.

The walls seem to move slightly as the men looked up and were almost instantly surrounded by entities in black hooded robes. Their faces were unable to be seen in the deep black hoods. Quickly they were grasped and pulled down into a black void that seem to melt reality and the club seemingly disappeared.

They were unable to struggle and stricken with confusion as many hands pulled the two men tightly downwards.

(2) The Choice

"Do you understand the choices I've explained to you?" A hooded figure sat before Lucas asking. The depth of his situation coming to light.

"Sure, I go through this program and in 13 days I get to go back to Earth reborn, destined to become a lawyer or a politician. Seems simple enough. Now you say it's tougher than the other choices but as a Lawyer, hell, I'll become wealthy and live in comfort." Lucas replied.

"Lucas Burns you're given many choices. You can choose the simplest path if you want. You could be a street bum and I'll put you into a series of trials and you'll be sent back as a baby that's battered confused and flat out don't give a fuck if you want. But I recommend you do better than your last occupation which was quite reputable from our stand point here in hell." The entity chuckled with a deep and bellowing sound.

"Hell? It figures." Lucas thought scratching his chin lightly in thought. "Well, hell yes. Why wouldn't I want to be wealthy and a lawyer? Wow, cool sign me up." Lucas spat. The entity arose in a floating fashion and moved towards an archway, motioning Lucas to follow, so he did.

Screams and yells could be heard louder as he followed the man to a waiting area where he was instructed to wait. Several others were waiting too, as three at a time they were taken down a long hall into darkness. Slightly scared, Lucas wiped at the sweat beads that poured from his forehead and brow as the heat was intense.

Not that the screams got any louder but they seemed more intense as Lucas focused on the shrilling sounds. Waiting with discomfort from the unbearable heat that seem to just get hotter and hotter. Another blood curdling yell came from the depths of the abyss.

"God, I hope I made the right choice," Lucas questioned to himself while listening to the cries. He grew more and more apprehensive of his situation.

"Let's go," a hooded entity called to Lucas. He and two others all began following the black robed entity. It was dark with a glow of deep red coming from the end of the hall. The three men and the guide went through an archway as the screams and cries got louder.

Lucas looked around and saw that one of the other three men he was with was the man he had fought with at the bar.

"Mr. Watson?" Lucas asked as the man finally recognized him too. Ralph Watson was an ex-cop and loving father and husband. He seemed to be accepting his fate pretty well considering where he had wound up for his actions. Ralph Watson almost teared up when he saw Lucas and charged at him hatefully. Lucas threw his arms up in defense but Ralph was thrown across the hall and held at the wall by the entity with an outreached hand and fingers.

Nobody was touching Ralph, he was held by a power of suggestion it seemed. The robed entity lowered his hand as Ralph fell limp to the floor. "There will be none of that here, you understand?" The entity asked. Ralph just climbed slowly to his feet and glared at Lucas. The three men turned and followed the entity as they came to and opening.

The first thing they saw were several robed entities with deep dark hoods standing before a table. The screams cried out with hair on end shrills. All three men looked at each other with peaked curiosity. On the table was a small tube, a paper clip, and a long strand of what appeared to be a piece of straw off a broom or hay.

One of the entities raised a hand and all three men were pressed against a wall that was full of shackles and chains. Another began binding their hands and feet while all three men began to become uncomfortable with their situation. The entity swiped a hand before them and all clothing instantly disappeared. The three men now stood shackled and bound naked against a hot wall.

"Life is about making choices," The lead entity began his speech. "It's really simple, what happens to you is from some choice that you've made along the way. So here we begin by teaching you to make choices." The tall dark robed entity went to the first man and pointed at the table before them. "Choose one," he said.

The man was trembling with fear and stuttered as he chose the very small tube that was rolled up. The entity waved his hand and another entity quickly took the tube, walked up to the man, and stuck the tube with no hesitation into the head of his penis. Ramming it hard and deeper into the man as he screamed out in pain from the insertion. Ralph and Lucas looked at each other and they could see the fear in each others eyes.

The screaming man glared at the entity as he took a small funnel and placed it at the end of the tube. Then taking a small jar that seem to be full of liquid and floating jalepenos, he poured it into the funnel. The fluid swiftly ran down the tube and as soon as the colored fluid reached the mans penis he began screaming in agony.

"Holy shit. Is that jalepeno juice?" Lucas asked Ralph. Ralph didn't say a word as he began to struggle and fight with his restraints. The man cried out loudly and jerked and thrashed at his bonds. The entity finally quit pouring the liquid into the tube and the lead entity stood before Lucas and pointed at the table. Lucas shook his head, "You've got to be kidding."

"Either choose or I will choose for you," the entity said loud enough to be heard over the whimpering of the first man. Lucas looked at the table long and hard. "Quickly," the entity spat.

"Ok, the paper clip," Lucas said reluctantly. An entity picked up the paper clip and straightened it out into one long straight piece of wire and from his finger tips a flame come out. He began running the stiff paper clip rod along the flames, heating it up. "No way, oh, shit stop no...no...NO!" Lucas cried out as the hot rod was inserted into his cock's opening. His yells were painful and unnerving. Ralph looked on in stunned disbelief but the loud cries of the other two men were as real as his restraints.

The entity looked at Ralph, "Yours is a different situation. You may still one day yet receive a Ticket to Heaven. But for the act of murder you must pay penance. You do not have a choice." With that, an entity took the broom straw and ran it up the opening in Ralph's dick. Ralph struggled and grit his teeth hard but refused to cry out. The entity broke the thin straw off and walked away.

All three men in agony lashed, jerked, and quivered in pain. The wall rotated as they all moved to another area. They stood bound to the wall as it moved slowly to a larger opening.

(3) Hell's Fury

The cries and screams seemed to be second nature now. The three men were more worried about their own pain and situation than anything else. Their eyes were darting across the new arena and it's objects that were before them. A wooden cross, a chair with straps and a table that seemed to be a flat surface.

The entity floated seemingly to Lucas who was still distraught from his pains and pointed to the new choices. "You get first choice, choose one," the entity said and awaited his decision. Lucas was reluctant to say anything nodded to the cross. Perhaps in some way he was hoping to redeem himself from his situation.

Entities came to his side, unbound him, and moved him to the cross, tying him to it securely. His nakedness didn't seem to be an issue but his fate most definitely was. After they tied him to the cross, the cross began to shift as cables drew it horizontal with the floor, Lucas hanging from it as it began to rise to the ceiling. His hair, cock and balls hung as it slowly raised higher.

The entity went to the next man as Ralph watched closely. The entity gave the man the choice of two remaining situations. "Choose," it blurted. The man was riddled with discomfort but managed to gesture to the table. Perhaps he wanted to lay down and sink into death but the choice was made and the entities drew him from his shackles at the wall and moved him to the table. Laid out flat, they tied him to its surface and went to Ralph next.

Untying him, they placed him in the last of the options, the chair. They didn't tie him, strap him or shackle him in any way. They allowed him to sit in the swiveling chair unbound. The entities left except one that stood there as a guard. Screams and yells came from the depths of the cavern like abyss. It was a long time before they finally came back.

"You cock sucker, if I get out of this I'm gonna kick your ass you..." Lucas blurted nonstop obscenities to Ralph who just took it all in with a grain of salt. His main worry was his current situation and the fact he was facing these trials bestowed upon him by purgatory.

The entity come over to Ralph and handed him a paddle that was the size and shape of a ping pong paddle. He pointed to Lucas who hung from the ceiling, tied to the cross. His balls had sagged downward a bit more from the time he was first raised upwards. Pointing to Lucas's balls and cock the entity stood to the side. "Inflicting pain is an animal trait whether we accept this theory or not. There is an art to giving pain and pleasure can be derived from it so hit them and feel the pleasure deep within. You hate this man right? Then fulfill your hatred," he said.

Ralph was a bit confused but the thought of inflicting as much pain as he felt inside, upon the man who had sold his son the drugs that took the young man's life, seemed rewarding. "Perhaps this is my heaven?" Ralph thought for a moment. "Perhaps karma has a way of working things out." At that point Ralph drew back and slapped the paddle hard across the nut sack of Lucas and screams of pain were cried out as the sound rang out loudly. "WHACK."

"Slap, whack, pow." Again and again Ralph slapped the dangling balls of Lucas. Hitting his cock and nuts with greater and greater force. Ralph was losing himself in the act, becoming more and more aggressive with each painful blow. "Whack," the paddle slammed against the reddened balls and cock of Lucas. Lucas screamed and cried for forgiveness and mercy but Ralph continued until he was stopped by the entity.

The entity gestured him to the chair and had Ralph sit again, then strapped him in tightly. The third man's table began to slowly raise into the air towards the ceiling. The man's eyes grew wider as his anticipation grew and his fear rose too. When the table was almost to the ceiling the until then unnoticed small chains that hung from it became evident. An entity floated effortlessly to the man's side and began hooking the skin with small fish hook like objects at sensitive areas. Between the toes, the nut sack, ear lobes, the lips and tongue. His penis and nipples were pierced by the hooks as well.

The man began lashing out and screaming in pain from the small hook's punctures. His binds were transferred to his own body as the table began to slowly sink back to the floor, leaving the man still attached to the chains and hooks which he was now hanging from. He at first fought the hooks and chains but soon realized it was more painful to fight the chains that supported his body's weight.

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