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Tied & Teased


Sunday afternoon....raining again. You are at the sink washing dishes. I come up behind you and wrap my arms around you....kissing you on the back of the neck as my hands gently massage your big beautiful breasts. You turn around. Your look says it all. Taking your hand we go upstairs to the bedroom.

Once inside, we embrace. Our hands roaming all over each others bodies. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths. I begin to undress you. First your shirt, your pants then your bra. I lower my head and begin to lick and suck on your nipples. I can feel them grow hard in my mouth. Pushing you back on the bed, I give you a sly little look and say that I need to get something downstairs and that I'll be right back.

I return in a couple of minutes, you look so sexy as you lay there stroking your nipples. I'm carrying a tray. On it you can see an ice bucket, a bowl of fruit, a large feather, a video tape and some of your nylons. You ask what that stuff is for. All I do is smile. I take the nylons and begin to tie your arms and legs to the bed. You protest but not enough to make me stop. I really don't think you want me to anyway. Now you're lying there on your back, tied spread to the bed wearing only your panties. I bend down and give you a gentle kiss on the lips then turn and leave the room. You ask me where I'm going and not to leave you tied up but I ignore you.

I come back a few minutes later and without saying a word I pick up the feather and begin to run it all over you. Starting at your neck, I slowly move it down your neck. Down across your ample chest, making sure to tickle your nipples to erection. I continue downward. Down your soft belly to the tops of your panties. Then down your thigh, your knee, your calf. I run the feather up and down the sole of your foot. Your squirming, begging me to stop. But I don't. I tickle your other foot then begin to move up your other leg. Slowly, up your calf, your knee, your thigh. I trace the edges of your panties with the feather. I can see a little wet spot forming in your panties. I put the feather down. Moving up to you, I bend down and kiss you lightly on the lips. Then, despite your protests, I turn around and leave.

I return to the room. You ask me to untie you. I just smile and walk toward the tray. This time I go to the fruit bowl and take out a nice big juicy strawberry. Moving towards you, I bite into the strawberry, letting the juice dribble onto your chest. I squeeze the juice all over your tits. They become covered with the sticky liquid. I bend down and gently begin to lick it all off. First one then the other. Ignoring your nipples, for now. Raising myself up, I reach into the bucket and pull out an ice cube. Popping it into my mouth, I lower my head once again and begin to lick and suck your hard nipples. The sensation of the ice on your nipples make them grow even harder than before. The melting ice mixing with the juice from the strawberries tastes so good. I continue to devour your tits until the ice is completely gone. I kiss each nipple one more time.

Returning in about 5 minutes, I reach into the bucket one more time. You are anticipating another ice cube. This time I take out a chrome tipped vibrator. Buzzing sounds fill the room as I turn it on and move toward you. Starting at your neck I begin to run the frozen vibrator down. The sensation of the cold vibrator makes your nipples stand erect as I run it all over them. I continue to move it down your body. Down your belly, your legs. You squirm as I reach the insides of your thighs. I brush it against your panty covered crotch. Letting it linger on your pussy. Moving away I place it back in the bucket, I pick up the video and pop it in the VCR. It comes on, there are a man and woman fucking and sucking in every position imaginable. I leave again. Leaving you to watch what you want to be happening to you.

I come back in about 15 minutes and walk over and shut the tape off. I take a chair and place it at the foot of the bed. Standing in front of it, I look you straight in the eyes as I begin to undress. Slowly I unbutton my shirt, exposing my hairy chest. Running my hand across it pinching my hard nipples. Then I move them down to my jeans. I rub the growing bulge in my pants. Watching every expression on your face I undo my belt. Then unsnap them and slowly lower the zipper. Turning around I bend over lowering my pants. I'm wearing a pair of red silk boxers. I pull them tight so the cheeks of my ass exposed to you. I kick my pants to the side and turn around. You can see bulge made by my hard cock. I sit in the chair directly in front of you, my fingers trace the bulge beneath the silky material. I grasp the tip of my cock and using it like a lever, slowly lowering my boxers. I'm totally exposed to you now. I gently begin to stroke my hard cock. Our eyes are locked, I'm watching every expression on your face. My hand moving slowly up and down, you can see the head of my cock begin to shine from the precum. I get up from the chair and leave the room.

When I return, I walk directly to the tray once again and reach into the bucket. This time I pull out a pair of scissors. Walking towards you, I take the scissors and begin to run the cold steel down the sides of your tits. Down the side of your belly. Down your thigh. I open them and slide them under the sides of your panties. I cut away your panties exposing your very wet pussy. Placing the scissors back on the tray I begin to massage your legs. Kneading your thigh, I can feel you quiver with anticipation. Closer and closer I move my hands to your pussy. Ever so lightly I stroke the lips of your pussy with my fingers. You jump at my touch. I lower my head and begin to lick your inner thigh. Licking and nibbling down your leg. Down your calf to your foot. I take your foot in my hands and lift it as high as the restraints will allow. I begin to lick your foot. Swirling my tongue in and around each toe. Taking each one in my mouth and suck just like they were your nipples. One then the next then the next. I make love to your foot. Then repeat it with the other one. I begin to lick up your leg. Your calf to your knee to your thigh. I'm now face to face with your sweet wet pussy. Lowering my head I gently lick the lips of your cunt. Up and down the length of your slit each stroke of my tongue getting deeper and deeper into you. You taste so good. I take a finger and gently rub your clit as I lower my head to your ass. I take my tongue and begin to eat your ass. Fucking your ass with my tongue. You're gyrating like crazy. My finger playing with your clit as I eat your ass. I stop and move back up to your pussy. I take your clit in between my lips as I flick my tongue across it. Inserting 2 fingers in your cunt, I begin to frig your pussy as I increase the sucking pressure on your clit. Harder and faster my fingers move in and out of you. I can feel your body begin to tense as the first wave of orgasm hits. I can hardly control you. I raise myself up and smile at you.

My cock is rock hard as I walk over to the tray and pick up the scissors. I cut the restraints from your legs...then your arms. You pull me down on the bed and begin to kiss and caress me all over. Pushing you back I move between your legs and run my cock up and down your wet slit. Slowly I enter you. I can feel the heat inside as you wrap your legs around my back. We begin to fuck. Slowly our bodies move together. My cock pumping in and out of you. Our mouths locked in passion. We begin to pick up the tempo. Faster and harder I fuck you. You match me stroke for stroke. I'm pounding my cock harder and harder into you. I can feel my balls begin to tighten as your body begins to tense. Harder and faster. Suddenly both our bodies tense as we both begin to climax.

We lie on the bed, me on top of you. Kissing gently. My cock softens and slides out of your pussy. Looking in each others eyes. Holding each other. Now we don't mind the rain too much.

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