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Tim Shuts One Door


I want thank Wolf Vixen for her help in catching all the errors I never see.

Going foreword I'm going to rate my stories in this way, curb or reconciliation. This way if you don't like one or the other you don't have to read it or, are warned in advance so you aren't blind sided.

With that said, this one has both in a way. So grab a beverage and read on.


I saw all the signs from day one but was too dumb and in love to care. I would love to say all the problems in our marriage were Shannon's fault but my stupidity and gullibility had a lot to with it also. The cracks in our marriage started in this way.

For the second time this week, my blood pressure is elevated and I'm hot under the collar again. For the second time my wife, Shannon, said something stupid that set me off. Some times I think she does it on purpose just to get a rise out of me. And they're not crisis items either, just dumb stupid things that get blown way out of proportion.

For example, my wife cooks probably ninety percent of the meals in our house. After dinner, I clear the table and do the dishes. Well I put them in the dishwasher anyway. It's my job and I always get it done but some times I don't do it right after dinner, like tonight.

After dinner I was reading an article in the newspaper about an upcoming festival in town. It was describing the event and the food they were going to be offering. I was about half way through the article when Shannon walked back into the kitchen.

"I thought you were going to do the dishes?"

"I will as soon as I finish this article," I replied.

"Well, I want to run the dishwasher tonight because it's almost full."

"Just I second hon, I'm almost done," I told her.

Shannon then proceeds to grab the dishes out of the sink and put them in the dishwasher and not gently.

"I told you I'd do that as soon as I'm finished."

"I can't wait all night for you to finish that damn article, I've got other things to do," she said sarcastically banging the dishes around and slamming the door on the dishwasher shut.

"Whatever," knowing she was in one of her moods again tonight.

"Can you at least take the items out to the recycler?" she said in a condescending manner.

"I will, in a minute," is all I got out of my mouth before she grabbed the bin and headed out the back door.

"I said I was going to do it," I told her when she came back in slamming the door.

"Don't bother, I guess if I want anything done around here I'll just have to do it myself."

"Shannon, is the earth going to stop revolving around the sun if the dishwasher isn't started this very second. And what difference does it make if the plastic and newspapers aren't at the curb until I go to work in the morning?"

"Our pickup is tomorrow morning," she shot back.

"So? If they're not picked up this week, they'll be in the bin for next week's pickup. What's the big deal?" I asked.

"It's a big deal to me. Ok?"

"Whatever," I said for the second time in our short conversation. "I guess you'll just have to do it all yourself," I said in a joking manner.

"What else is new? I do most of everything else around here anyway."

After she fired that volley across my bow it set me off and for the next twenty minutes we argued about what we each one of us did around the house and such.

"If you two are going to argue, take it outside. I can't hear the TV above your screaming," our daughter Kim, yelled at us. "Act like adults for a change will you," she said as she turned around.

"See what you started?" Shannon yelled at me.

"I started?"

"Yes you! If you'd just do what I asked of you, we wouldn't have to go through this every night," Shannon said as she stormed out of the kitchen towards our bedroom.

See what I mean? It's like this at least three days a week and don't get me started about our weekend projects together. Like I said, its just Mickey Mouse bullshit things that set her off and then everyone else pays. Lately I'm asking myself more and more, why in the hell did I ever marry her?

Shannon wasn't like this in college. We were two hot-blooded college kids who couldn't keep our hands off one another. It was never a question of "if" we were going to get married but rather "when."

It was the beginning of my senior year that I really screwed up. One of my frat brothers was getting married and a bunch of us were throwing him a stag party at the house. It got more than a little too wild between the booze and strippers, and the cops busted us.

The three of us who had put on the party were hauled in, along with the strippers. I had already passed out in my room earlier and was in just my boxers when everything came crashing down. That's how they hauled me away to the station.

To make a long story short, we got a slap on the wrists and were given a warning not to try that again. The college was not so lenient. Our frat house was put on probation for six months and we were told that another infraction would mean the suspension of our chapter.

Two things happened after that. My buddy Ron ended up not getting married, something about being caught with a girl in his bed. And Shannon dumped me, claiming that someone at the party told her I was screwing one of the strippers. As I said, that night didn't go as planned.

I got testimonials from the strippers and the guys at the party that I hadn't done anything with anyone but Shannon didn't believe me. I begged, pleaded and ate a ton of crow to no avail. Shannon was not going to forgive me and I felt lost and stupid. I was pissed that I'd screwed up a good relationship, but was also angry that Shannon didn't believe me.

After two months of groveling I said the hell with it and took up with a sweet little thing living in the same sorority house. Where Shannon was 5'7" and weighed 125 pounds, Kathy was only 5'1" and less than one hundred pounds wringing wet. One of the only redeeming factors was that Kathy had no sexual hang-ups where Shannon had more than a few.

Kathy made it a habit to spend the night at my place and on weekends we drank and screwed the nights away.

Shit hit the fan after about a month and a half after I took up with Kathy. We had had gone out to dinner at a really nice place and spent the rest of the night in bed having one hell of a lot of fun. I made sure Kathy got off at least twice that night and once more in the morning. She left my place with a huge smile on her face and went back to her sorority house.

There she proceeded to tell all her friends about the fantastic time she'd had with me. What a great lover I was and how our relationship was progressing nicely.

"I can't imagine Tim's last girl friend dumping him. She must have been a real moron. Everyone knows he didn't do anything wrong at the party. Well her loss is my gain because he's mine now and I'm not giving him up," Kathy told her friends.

Well someone said something to somebody else and so on until the story got back to Shannon. She'd heard the same story but now her nose was being rubbed in it. And she didn't like it.

"Tim I'm sorry, I was wrong. Tim, can you forgive me for doubting you. Tim I was wrong, can you give me another chance." Were all the lines she was practicing for when she talked to me the next time.

Shannon caught up with me just outside of the student union after class a week later.

"Hi Tim," she started. "You got a minute?"

"Why?" I replied.

"I just want to talk to you for a minute that's all."

"I'm asking again, why?" I wasn't making it easy on her.

"I just want to tell you I was wrong about you. That's all."

"Wrong about me in what way Shannon?" I asked making it more and more unpleasant for her.

"You know, about that party."

"What party are you talking about?" I said fully knowing what she was talking about.

"The damn stag. That's what party," she said more than a little agitated. "I was wrong ok? I listened to a bunch of idiots and didn't believe you. Are you satisfied? You were right and I was wrong," she said almost yelling at me now.

"Well thanks for the apology. A little late but I'll take it anyway," I said as I started to walk away.

"Wait a minute. You want to talk or go out sometime?" she asked.

"I don't think Kathy would like me going out with my ex-girl friend again. Why don't you e-mail me and we'll talk. I think you still know my e-mail address."

And talk we did for the next couple of weeks. I took my time answering Shannon's e-mails but she never gave up. I was still pissed at her but my heart finally softened and we became an item once again. Now Kathy was angry with me.

Shannon and I got married shortly there after. I guess she didn't want to take a chance of losing me a second time. We set up house and two years later Kim was born. We were now a family.


How Shannon turned into "queen bitch" I haven't a clue. She'd always been a little head strong and forceful but we could always talk about our differences.

About five years ago we had a rip-roaring drag out argument. She called me everything but a white boy. When she threw up my cheating with Kathy I almost lost it.

"If you weren't so quick to convict me back then, there wouldn't have been a Kathy," I told her.

"If you wouldn't have hired those strippers we wouldn't have had to have that conversation years ago and Ron would have gotten married," she replied.

"Ron decided to sleep with one of the strippers on his own. No one twisted his arm or told him he had to," I told her. "Deb, like you, assumed the worst and tossed our asses to the curb. At least you finally listened to reason, Deb never did. Her loss."

"I didn't say I totally believed you, I just forgave you. That's all."

That's when I got angry and lost it.

"What do you mean you forgave me? I didn't do anything. Shannon I forgave you for being such an ass. If you didn't believe me, why did you want me back? To make my life hell?"

"I loved you even with all your short comings and knew over time I could change you," Shannon said like she was talking to our daughter Kim.

"You bitch. You fucking bitch. You played me, and like a sucker I believed you," I screamed at her.

"Don't yell at me. If you would have kept your dick in your pants we wouldn't be having this argument right now," she said now in a defiant tone.

I wanted to hit her so bad. I wanted to take my fist and drive it right through her face but I didn't. I clenched my fists, got my jacket and left for three days.

There were no phone calls, text messages or even any e-mails from Shannon. She was one cold-hearted bitch.

I showed up Saturday morning just before 8:00 am. I made coffee, had myself a piece of toast and wait for queen mother to wake up. She showed up about 9:00.

"I thought I heard you down stairs. Are you ready to apologize to me yet?"

"Shannon you have two choices and only one hour to make your decision," I told her. "Number one, we can start couples counseling next week and get working on our issues. Or two, we can chuck it all and get a divorce. Your choice, but like I said you have only one hour to decide," I told her as I walked up the stairs to our bedroom.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Shannon said following me up the stairs.

"I don't think I stuttered and I know I made myself perfectly clear. You have two choices and an hour, I take that back, fifty two minutes, to make your decision," I said getting out a pair of shorts and a tee shirt from my dresser.

"You can't just walk in here and start throwing out ultimatums. We need to sit down a discuss this."


"What do you mean? No!"

"It's pretty simple. No. No discussions until you make your decision. At that point we'll either be talking about resolving our marital issues or talking about how we're going to split up everything."

"Tim, you're blowing this way out of proportion. Lets just sit down and discuss this matter like two adults. It's not just us, we've got Kim to consider," Shannon said trying to diffuse the situation.

"Not going to happen. You think I'm a liar and I now know you're a conniving bitch. If I was smart I'd divorce your ass and cut my losses but I'm willing to give you one more chance," I told her.

"Screw you," she shouted walking out of the room.

"I haven't seen a lot of that either," I said to myself as I watched her storm out.

I listened to her crash around down stairs as I watched the clock in our bedroom. I laid out my work clothes for next week and started packing up my shaving kit, toothbrush and all the necessary items. I had my suitcase on the bed and had started packing when I noticed Shannon's reflection in the mirror. I acted like I didn't see her and continued. Next time I looked, she was gone.

I was completely packed and sitting on the bed when the hour ran out. I knew she was downstairs waiting for me, but I wasn't going to play her game. Not this time. I grabbed my suitcase, backpack and walked down the stairs.

She started to say something but I stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Shannon, I said an hour and it's ten minutes past that. If you thought I was kidding guess what, I wasn't," I said as I grabbed my stuff and walked out to my car. I heard Shannon screaming at me from the door and then start to cry. I was unmoved for the first time in my married life. I drove back to my motel and put my clothes away. I guess I kind of knew this was coming but I for one didn't want it.

This time, however, the phone calls and e-mails came fast and furious. I listened to all her voice messages and read her e-mails. Shannon still had that defiant tone in her voice and I was still the asshole for walking out on my family. Her attitude changed when I had her served with the initial divorced papers.

Kim not Shannon was the one who contacted me this time.

"Dad mom's a wreck. She hasn't been to work all week and all she does is cry. She hasn't been out of her bedroom in two days and I'm getting really worried about her," she told me. "I know you and mom are having problems, but can't you give her one more chance?"

"I tried that honey, but she just had to play her stupid games and she blew it. She wants to be in charge and that's not going to happen any more. I know it's been tough on her but it hasn't been a picnic for me either. So unless she changes her damn attitude, we're just postponing the inevitable. I'm willing to talk and try again but only through a marriage councilor," I told her. "Sorry sweetheart."

"I'm sorry too dad," she replied.

I knew it was tough on her to but I wasn't going to stay married just for the sake of Kim. Life's too short to be miserable all the time.

"You win, I'll go to counseling," was her short e-mail the next day.

"Sorry Shannon, too late. It's not about one or the other of us winning or losing but getting back to where we were when we first married. It now sounds like you're being forced to do something you really don't want to do, but will do it just so we don't get divorced. Like I've said all along, I want my loving partner back not some cold hearted stranger sharing my bed."

I was having dinner alone in the motel restaurant, reading the paper when Shannon sat down at my table.

"Tim, you're a hard man to find," she told me.

"Hello Shannon, how have you been? Would you like something to eat?" I said passing her a menu.

"No more phone calls or e-mails. We do this face to face or not at all. I was wrong, stubborn and a few other things I won't mention but I do love you and don't want a divorce. I'm willing to do anything to put everything back to where it should be if you give me the chance," she said holding my hands.

"That's all I've wanted since day one. I don't want a divorce I just want my wife back, that's all," I said bending over kissing her.

We skipped dinner and went back to my room. Did I hear bells and whistles? No, but we did make love like we did on our honeymoon, all night. I licked her clit until she pulled my head away and said no more and then pounded her pussy like it was my last day on earth. Shannon woke me up the next morning with a blowjob and even swallowed for the first time in years. It was a great new beginning but rocky roads were ahead of us.


The counseling sessions were harsh. I never knew she had so many resentments. She still had anger over Kathy and for the first time, I found out that she'd been with two other guys when we'd separated.

"They were animals. All we did was fuck. Their main concern was to get themselves off and if I climaxed, well that was a real bonus. I felt so dirty afterwards I just wanted to scream. When I heard the stories of you and Kathy I wanted to die because I knew I'd driven you away."

"Why didn't you just talk to me? I would have listened."

"I guess it was my stupid pride. If you haven't guessed it by now, I have a hard time admitting I'm wrong and have little or no patience," Shannon said trying to pour out her soul. "At the drop of a hat, I can be swayed and talked into doing something even if I know it's totally wrong. All my supposed friends told me to dump your cheating ass and I did just that Tim.

Even though I knew deep down inside of me that you never would have cheated on me, I did it anyway. You married one sick puppy Tim."

"I guess I'm still in love with that sick puppy or I wouldn't be here," I replied.

We went through six months of counseling and it did wonders. At least for a while. We had a couple of relapse but managed to pick up our marriage and ourselves again.

We got along marvelously again and the sex was out of this world. We were a loving family again and life was good. But I did one stupid thing, I let my guard down.

It took three years for Shannon to slip back. It was slow but methodical. I let the first few incidents slide because I was happy and didn't want to make waves. Then she became a little too demanding and we had a little tiff, had great makeup sex and life was good again for a while.

When it started happing on a regular basis I figured it was time to have a talk with her. I told her I was concerned that we were sliding back and didn't want to go through what we'd endured over again. Shannon said she didn't realize it and was glad I'd brought it to her attention.

"You know I'd never do anything like that again. After dinner lets go upstairs and let me apologize to you properly," she said with a wink.

"WOW!" is all I can say. Last night was the best sex I've ever had. She did things I'd only dreamed about even when I was banging Kathy. We did anal and she even let me tie her up to our headboard. When I thought she was done, she gave me the best blowjob ever and even reamed me. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Hell I was going to need surgery to remove the smile from my face.

Then on the way to work it hit me. All the years we've been together, even through the six months of make up, we never came even close to doing what we'd done last night. I'd been turned down for anal so many times I'd given up asking. Why the change of heart all of a sudden? I got my first clue six weeks later.

One of the things we continued to do religiously was to have a date night every week. It was normally on Saturday but sometimes she'd surprise me during the week, especially if Kim was going to be out of the house. Thursday when I got home, there was a note on the front door.

"Go upstairs, shower, put on the silk boxers I've laid out and come into the den."

"Looks like Kim's gone for the night," I said to myself. I followed her instructions to the letter and walked into our media room. She had dinner spread out on the floor and was in an outfit that brought me to attention immediately.

"I thought we might start off with a movie and a little finger food," she said handling me a glass of wine.

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