tagLoving WivesTo Cum or Not To Cum

To Cum or Not To Cum

byRed Lavish©

After 20 good years of marriage with a normal and slightly boring sex life, my husband and I decided to spice things up. We mutually agreed that since the kids have grown up, we need a new hobby to occupy our recently acquired free time. After a little discussion, we concluded that sex was the obvious answer.

To ensure this would not be just a passing phase but become our new way of life, we have developed a fool proof system for having sex almost every night of the week which keeps us both more than satisfied. We now have sex five to seven times per week in which I have multiple orgasms during every session. This took some time and a great deal of practice on my part. I had to learn how to keep cumming over and over again. I am proud to say that after 2 months of practicing, I can have him eat me for a solid hour and then have him fuck me for a second hour. I can no longer count how many orgasms I have but rest assured it is so many that I fall asleep from sheer exhaustion.

As for his part, we keep his sexual drive at a maximum by limiting his ejaculations to once per week. We learned that if he does not ejaculate during a session, he becomes dramatically more and more hornier until his cock eventually becomes the center of his universe. This keeps him so horny that his cock and balls throb and burn most of the day. He says the hornier he is, the better it feels when I play with his balls or allow him to fuck me. He loves the feeling when his cock throbs throughout the day and he jerks off every chance he gets. He sometimes gets like a dog in heat and humps everything and anything. He has also learned to have multiple orgasms and he dry cums during some sessions. But he is never allowed to ejaculate until I give him permission. Which only happens when I can't take anymore and need a rest.

So we started having multiple sessions every night and he would make me cum 5 to 10 times. I would bring him right to the edge of cumming several times but not allow him to ejaculate. Following these sessions, I would roll over and fall asleep. He holds me, rubs my back and rubs his cock against me all night. If I wake up, I sometimes, start rubbing his balls and cock, let him fuck me or just get out of bed and ignore his advances. He is always rock hard during these times which is very convenient for me to ride his big cock when ever I want. If I prefer a tongue lashing on my pussy, all I have to do is point his head towards my pussy and he anxiously does the rest. Believe me, having a hard cock and willing tongue begging to please you 24 hours per day is the only way to live.

We have developed a scale so we know how horny he is and when he will need to ejaculate. The scale ranges from 1 to 10. Under no circumstance is he allowed to cum with a rating of less than 10. The scale charts his behavior changes as he becomes more and more desperate to have sex. Every time you bring him to the brink of cumming, the sperm in his balls moves up his cock shaft. The closer you get the sperm to his cock head, the more excited he gets. Now imagine bringing him so close that you can actually control how many drops of sperm drip out. Then slowly squeeze his balls to calm him down until your ready for more. Which may be either a few hours away or the following day. The more you do this, the higher he will rise on the scale. The scale is a means to help you understand at what level your husband presently is and how to escalate him to the next level in order to achieve your goals with him. Men are exceptional beings to be with but when it comes to sex, they are animals who's only goal is to cum and go to sleep. A few days later, they wake up and want to fuck again. Women need to realize this and steer them into your sexual world. You will be very pleased when he treats you like a Queen and begs you to let him please your pussy.

The scale is fairly simple, a rating of 1 through 3 means he is not very interested in sex and even less in the mood for going out of his way to please you. This is the low point of the scale where the journey begins, immediately after you allow him to cum. As we know, once they orgasm, they no longer have interest in sex. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 vary slightly but still mean you have very little chance of getting your pussy serviced with his cock and less of a chance of getting him to eat you. At this level, he would rather watch a football game or work on cars. You need to start teasing his cock as quickly and often as possible. The faster you raise his meter, the faster you can put down your favorite vibrator. I find that waiting a few minutes after he cums and then gently squeezing his balls or nibbling on his nipples helps raise that number 1 to a 4 or 5 by the following day.

At 4 through 6 he is on the fence and can be coerced into pleasing you but don't expect it to be thrilling. When you have sex at the lower end of the scale, you want to provide him with more pleasure than he provides you.

Number 5 is where he starts to take interest in sex and can be persuaded to slip you some quick cock. This will be more of a slam bang thank you mame kind of a fuck. Not really what we had in mind. 5 is the turning point. When you have sex at this level it is important to suck his dick and play with his balls and ass for a long time to bring him to the brink cumming several times.

The secret here is to raise his level by 1 or 2 notches every day. Day after day he will become more and more desperate to be with you in bed and start doing anything he can to please you sexually. Just for the chance that you may slip and let him cum. Remember you must remain strong and never let him cum until you get him to a solid 10. When your satisfied, tell him no jerking off and we'll continue again tomorrow.

Number 6 is where it starts to get interesting because they are now very horny and will begin to initiate sex by rubbing and holding you. I try to never let my husband drop below a number 6 for more than 1 day. I get him back in bed and go to work on his cock hard to raise his horny meter quickly.

Now 7 through 9 is where you would like to keep him at all times. It is here that his balls begin to ache and his cock begins to throb all day long. This increasing pressure in his groin forces him to think about sex all day. He will even rub or jerk his cock every chance he gets. It's a viscous cycle, because the more he rubs his cock, the more he needs to have sex. He will start to give you the special attention you deserve. He is ready to provide you with the pleasure and satisfaction you love. The closer he gets to 10, the more sex begins to control his every action. He will soon do anything to get your attention and start to plead with you to have sex. At 9, you own his soul. He is your own personal boy toy who will do anything you want, just so you might give his balls and cock a quick squeeze.

He spends most of the day thinking about getting you in bed. It is here that you can pay less attention to his cock and more attention to his balls. You should notice the more you squeeze his balls, the more he wants to lick your pussy. There eventually becomes a direct correlation between his balls and his tongue on your pussy and ass. At the high end of the scale, you can easily manipulate him into becoming your personal sex slave. Test this theory by alternating between squeezing both balls and then just one ball really hard. Watch as he tries to go down on your pussy. If you refuse to let him, he will start begging to lick your pussy. When this happens, you own him. This is a special moment where you can now control his every move. Make him plead, beg and promise to fulfill your every desire. You are the stronger sex and here is you chance to prove it. Make him your slut boy who will do anything for a chance to lick your tits, pussy or ass. He will do so willingly and love you for it. Squeeze 1 ball hard and watch him jump out of his skin.

Their desire to have sex has now become a need which must be satisfied. As you entice him through the scale you will notice his transformation from no sexual interest, to well if you really want to it's OK with me, to our ultimate goal of him wanting to touch and hold you all day. Which inevitably ends up with him begging and pleading with you to touch his cock. Most women do not realize that when you get him to this stage, he will behave exactly as you wish. He will be eager to perform every sexual task you give him.

Number 8 is where his cock will have a low sexual ache all day. He will enjoy the feeling he gets when he crosses his legs. He'll take the opportunity to play with himself every chance he gets. In the bathroom, office or in the car. He rubs his cock several times per day until he can get you to do it for him. When in bed, you will not have to do very much to make him crazy. Just putting your hand next to his cock will make him climb the walls and beg to eat you. I usually let him eat me to a few orgasms before letting him fuck me. This takes a lot of practice to ensure he doesn't cum. But remember, practice makes perfect.

Number 9 is where we separate the men from the boys. Or should I say the men become boys. He will have a hard on all day and his cock will throb steadily. He will have to fight off the urge to stroke his cock or rub up against desks and such objects. When ever in private, he will grab his cock and squeeze just to try and slow down the throbbing. His balls will begin to ache and become tender. He can not focus on anything but your pussy and can't wait to get you in bed.

He is now crazed with sex and your every wish becomes his command. You will notice that he disappears often, usually to the bathroom to jerk off for a while. You may also notice your skin lotion disappearing. While in bed, he will immediately start jerking himself off as soon as you take your hand off of his cock or balls. He will beg and plead with you to play with him.

At this point he has no limits and will do absolutely anything for the chance to eat your pussy or put his burning cock in your pussy. Be creative with your pet slut as he begins to loose control. He will promise you everything and anything you want. You need to be very careful to make him last one or two more days. He will not get much sleep tonight as he constantly tries to rub his cock on you and everything else. He will brush his cock against you as he holds you. Let him squirm all night so he understands he can only cum with your permission. For fun, have him make some wild promises before allowing him to fuck you. Be sure he keeps all promises he makes at this stage and warm him of the consequences if he tries to renege. Give him some pleasure for making the promise but if he breaks it, he must be punished the next time you get him to this level.

Number 10 is the final straw. At this point, he can not hold back and will cum with or without your permission. He will not be able to take his hand off of his cock. He has lost all control and it doesn't matter if you jerk him off or he does it himself on the roof. I'm sure he would prefer to fuck your pussy but of course he will not last very long so be sure you got all of your orgasms before he puts his cock in you.

The golden rule which you must never ever break under any circumstances is that he does not get to cum until he reaches number 10. The ideal scenario is a 7 day cycle. If you allow him to ejaculate on Sunday then he will be at the beginning of the cycle on Monday, number 1. You now have to work at getting him back to your pleasure zone which begins at the number 6. So as you see, this is a long way to go and will require a lot of work on your part. Begin with mild cock teasing practices along with rubbing his back or ass but don't crowd him. If you can get him to 5 by the end of day 2, you are an excellent cock teaser. Either way, when he is at 5, you must turn up the heat in the bedroom and go to work on his cock with everything you have. Suck, fuck and jerk his cock to bring him to the brink of cumming several times. For every minute you invest working on his cock now you will get back 10 times in pussy pleasure over the next 3 or 4 days.

Over these 4 days, he will quickly go from a 6 to a 10 with very little effort on your part. So be very careful with his cock. Since my husband has such a great big cock, I prefer to save every stoke for my pussy. Don't waste it on jerking him off, he will do plenty of that himself. In fact he won't be able to keep his hands off of his dick. I sometimes enjoy brining him to a 7 or 8 and then give him a night off with out sex. He's like a little boy begging for candy. He holds me and rubs his cock on my ass all night as I fall asleep. The following morning he is climbing the walls and begging for attention. Your husband has now transformed into your very own boy toy and your personal sex slave who will beg for your pussy. Your wish will be his command. He will gladly perform every perverted act you can think of just for the chance that you might let him stick his dick in your glorious pussy. So be creative and enjoy the moments as he squirms. Keep him like this for as many days as possible. Have him perform shows for you and beg to lick your pussy for hours on end. Fuck him as much as possible but be sure to stop just before him cums. When you have had enough orgasms, be sure to slowly bring him back down to earth. As you become tired from multiple orgasms, you need to squeeze his balls and cock lighter and lighter for a few minutes so he can ease himself down and adjust to the sperm building in his cock.

His cock has become the center of his universe and can not be ignored. It will throb constantly which forces him to rub, grab and squeeze his aching shaft. His cock demands his full attention and he will not be able to stop jerking off.

When he reaches 10, not 9 ½ or 9 ¾ but truly a 10, you need to act quickly and allow him to cum. Either let him jerk off or help him out anyway you like. But he will need to cum within minutes or possibly go insane. There is no mistaken a 10 and you will quickly learn the difference between when he wants to cum and when he absolutely must cum.

He will not be able to function because his balls and cock are throbbing and burning so much they feel like they are going to explode. He will not take his hands off of his cock, (if he's not tied up that is). He will start jerking off with a vengeance. You can suck him, fuck him or just watch as he jerks his cock wildly until he cums. Any man who reaches 10 will admit that he would jerk off in public, suck another man's dick or do anything else you might command just as long as you let him cum immediately. It brings a new meaning to the term "I will do anything if you let me cum." Believe me, I tried to bring my husband to 11. Forget it, because it is not possible. If he doesn't cum when he reaches 10, then he will go insane.

Sometimes, I have him jerk himself off very slowly and tell you exactly where his sperm is as it flows from his balls. Make him stop when it's half way up his shaft. Squeeze his ball and watch as his cock spasms uncontrollably without any contact. When he calms down, let him start again. This is a dangerous game so be very careful he does not cum. Continue with this until you can get a few drops of cum to drip in your hand. Squeeze the head of his dick and wipe off the pre cum and feed it to him right before you say good night, roll over and fall asleep.

As you can imagine there are unlimited possibilities of what he will do when his need to cum is as important as his need to breath. I've told my husband to fuck himself with dildos, lick my pussy and ass. I even made him promise to beg me to let him clean my pussy with his tongue if I would let him fuck me until he cums.

Life is great when you have complete control over your husband's cock which means you have complete control over him. He is now what I call pussy possessed. I love living like a true queen. It will take some time for you and him to master my scale but think of the fun you both will have while practicing.

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