tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTo See or Not To See

To See or Not To See


Adam's proposal to his wife Julie came almost by accident as they were enjoying a beautiful California sunset in a San Jose restaurant. Neither of them expected anything like this to happen.

She had made reservations at their favorite Italian bistro in town, a place called Il Boccio. And she had made sure they were seated at the nicest table in the outside court. She wanted their celebration of his promotion to Vice President of Arrow Electronics to be perfect.

"Here's to your most recent success, Mr. V.P.," she said, raising her glass of wine. "Let it be a toast to our success, sweetheart. We're partners, you know. I would never have made it this far without you. You've stayed home and made a perfect mother for our kids and the ideal wife for me. You've made our family everything I'd ever hoped it would be. And you've never complained about all the business trips I've had to take out of town. How could I ask for anything more?"

They toasted each other and traded a romantic smile as the waiter delivered matched servings of linguini with clam sauce, crusty Italian bread and tossed salad with blue cheese dressing. Adam would never have remembered this, Julie thought, but this meal was exactly what they'd ordered when they came to this Il Boccio ten years ago, the day Michael began his career at Arrow.

Julie remembered romantic experiences, savored them. "Do you recall how we celebrated that night--the day Arrow hired you?"

He paused a second. "Oh, now I get it. That's why you suggested we order linguini with clam sauce. We came here that night didn't we? And that's what we had. Am I right?"

"Adam you amaze me. Yes, we did. I didn't think you'd ever remember that."

"That's not all I remember, Julie. Remember how we made love that night?"

"Yes, definitely. At home, outside on the patio. I thought the sounds we were making would wake up the Madison's next door." She laughed quietly, winking at him.

"I'll never forget how you turned me on during our dinner here."

"I figured you'd remember that. God, ten years ago. We were a little wilder in those days, weren't we, Adam?"

"You were wearing a really low cut blouse, kind of a see-through thing, I think. And that full black skirt. You had thigh-high black stockings on. And no panties."

"Down, big fella. I don't want you to get too excited. Eat your linguini. I have plans for dessert at home. It's something you've been asking for."

"Dessert can wait. Julie, just for the hell of it, would you do it again, just for old times sake? You know, do now what you did in here that night ten years ago?"

He refilled her glass with wine.

"You can't be serious, Adam. I mean that was ten years ago. We were a little bit more adventurous then, wouldn't you agree?"

"Please, baby. For me? Would you?"

"Well, I must say this table is perfectly situated for it. The wall is right behind us. But, we're sitting in the wrong chairs. You're not serious, are you?"

"Come on, please," he pleaded, "I'll go to the bathroom and while I'm gone you can just change places with me so you're facing me and I'm sitting with my back to the wall. No one will notice us. You can do it just the way you did before."

She hadn't expected this but she had no plans to disappoint Adam this night. "Well, this isn't exactly what I had in mind during dinner. But by coincidence, I have no bra and panties on tonight, just like that night."

"Julie, you are such an exciting woman. I want you to kiss me now."

She leaned over the table to him and their lips came together. His tongue slipped inside her mouth. She closed her lips around it for a a second. When they sat back down, she could see the excitement in Adam's eyes.

"Ok, Mr. V.P., isn't it time for you to go to the bathroom?"

"With pleasure," he said. As he rose from the table she noticed a bulge in his pants. As he walked around her, she caught his arm, "Oh, Adam. I forgot something. Here, let me whisper?"

He leaned down and she whispered in his ear, "That was a wonderful kiss, honey. But when you're in the bathroom, only touch it to relieve yourself, ok? I wouldn't want you to waste any of your seed in there. Ok?"

"It's all for you, baby, only for you."

When he came back to the table, she had taken his chair so that she now faced Adam and the wall behind him.

He sat down and smiled at her, enjoying the anticipation of what was about to happen.

She wrapped some linguini around her fork and put it in her mouth, lowering her eyelids at him as she enjoyed it. "If I remember right, the way we got into that before was you got me all excited talking sort of nasty to me, but without any really gross words."

"I was telling you how much I love your breasts. That night you had this see through blouse on and I couldn't keep my eyes off your nipples. They're like little roses. They were so erect that night, so outstanding."

"And when you talk to me like that, I can feel them getting hard right now." This shirt top isn't see through but I'm going to try to unbutton most of it to give you a little better view. I think I can do it so nobody notices."

"Oh, baby. Do it."

"Eat some of your pasta while I do it, so we'll look like any other couple if anybody glances over this way."

He took a bite of bread and then forked some salad. She had her eyes locked onto his, smiling as she opened her crisp white top by two buttons.

The waiter approached their table almost without warning, saying, "Is everything all right here?" Julie's hand pulled her shirt closed almost Instantaneously but surreptitiously.

Adam answered, "Perhaps a bit more wine, another bottle of the same."

"Very good, sir." He left their table with a flourish.

Adam assured her. "He didn't notice you were unbuttoning your shirt, baby. Not at all. Please, let the show go on."

Julie picked up the light sweater she had on when they arrived and pulled it around her shoulders, giving her more visual protection from the other diners in the restaurant and all the wait staff walking around.

Adam's eyes widened as she raised her arms a bit and spread the shirt wide open to show him more of her breasts. They were her proudest assets, so round and full and firm.

Adam was mesmerized. "God, look at those nipples, baby. Look how they standing up for me. God, I want to kiss them, have my mouth on them. Do they want me, Julie? Do your breasts want me to lick them?"

"You know, Adam. Like always."

She pulled her sweater around her shoulders, covering up without buttoning up. "Do you think anybody noticed that?"

"Not a chance. To anybody sitting around this room it was just like you were raising your arms to stretch or yawn or something. But I saw them. And it's even more exciting for you to offer them to me in public like this."

"They're all yours, sweetheart," Julie said, flashing her shirt open again.

This time she closed it quickly, teasing him. "And you know what else is all yours, don't you."

She edged her chair slightly out to the side of the table and spread her legs a little.

"Show me, my sweet baby Julie. Show me."

"Have a little more to eat. We don't want to draw attention to ourselves. Have some pasta while I look as if I'm talking to you."

She raised one arm up on the back of her chair and moved the other beneath the table and pulled up her skirt. Adam moved his chair slightly aside for a better view. Her long tanned, well-exercised legs looked as sexy to him now as they ever did. She bended her knees and tipped her pelvis slightly forward. He could see the soft mound of pubic hair that covered her soft mound. She traced around her exposed labia with the fingers of the hand under the table.

"Julie, if you knew how hard I am right now, you'd want to take me to the ladies room, baby. Your love is open to me, so open. You're dripping, baby!"

"I've been wet since you brought all this up, " she said. She was breathing heavier now. "Look at it. Watch my fingers."

She plunged one finger inside her hot, dripping hole and inhaled sharply. "Umm..." Then she pulled her wet finger out and reached across the table, "Here, have a taste, Adam." He sucked her juices from her finger and she returned it to her love box.

"That is the taste that drives me mad, turns me into an animal. God, your aroma does it for me, Julie."

"Oh, I know. What turns me on is seeing how hot it's making you." She was using two fingers now, her arm moving up and down, in and out of herself fast enough to attract attention from others in the restaurant now. But she didn't care now.

"Adam, I think you need something more than that taste of juice. I think you need some solid food. I think I know what you need."

She took a bread stick form the table and put it in her mouth, pulling it in and out, licking it with her tongue. Then she put it under the table and pushed it into her vagina. The bread stick was about seven inches long. She sighed and murmured as it sank into her. The she pulled it out, brought it to the table and offered it to Adam.

His eyes were as wide as the bread plates. He ate the bread stick savoring her juices, smacking his lips.

Out of the corner of his eye, as he was swallowing the bread stick Julie had flavored so deliciously, Adam noticed the waiter approaching with the bottle of wine.

He gasped, "Julie! He's coming!"

She moved her legs together and pulled the sweater around her shoulders again.

"Here you are, sir. Mouton Château, 1995. Very good choice." He topped off their glasses and said, "If there's anything more I can get you, ..."

"No, that will be all. Thank you."

Julie didn't need Adam to encourage her now. She was becoming increasingly more excited. She looked at Adam and asked, "Is the coast clear?"

"Yeah, baby, all clear. Do it for me again."

She opened her legs again and Adam's hungry eyes focused on her wet womanhood. Her love petals were puffed, spread wide for the eyes of her lover. Her love juices spilled around her dancing fingers.

"Julie, baby. I don't know if I can stand much more of this." He couldn't resist moving his own hand to his lap, gently massaging the erection that strained to be released.

Julie whispered in a low voice, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, no, don't stop. Nobody's even looking over this way. Oh, if I could only lick it, make love to it with my tongue. If only my mouth were between your legs."

As he said this, Adam felt an electric signal from his brain to his penis. It tingled, and he could feel it move with his increasing heartbeat. He wanted to touch it. He needed to be deep inside her.

"Julie, I can smell your perfume. You know how that makes me crazy. Oh, God, it smells like ginger and sea spray and pepper and exotic oils. When I smell it I can hardly control myself. You know that, Julie."

"I know, baby. Your sense of my aroma is different than mine but I, too, can smell it. Ummm, oh, yes..... "

Her fingers brushed lightly over her extended clitoris. It was so erect, it resembled a tiny penis. It glistened, a shining love button.

Julie began to pant in quick breaths. "Adam, I don't want to stop. I know I can't cum here but oh,,..baby, I ...."

She forced herself to close her legs and return her arms to the table.

"Look, I have an idea. I want you to follow me to the ladies room. It has a lock. I need you now. I want your tongue in me. I can't stand it any more. I want to suck it, and eat me like only you can do. Oh, Adam I know we didn't do this before but this is different. I need it, baby, can't you see?"

Adam said, "I'm right behind you, baby."

Julie opened the unoccupied women's rest room and led Adam in. She locked the door and wrapped herself in his arms, opening her mouth as wide as she possibly could to his mouth, sucking his tongue inside her. As their mouths became one, her hands were unzipping his pants, pulling them down and away, pulling his shorts away from his long, hard cock. Its head was shaped like a mushroom, dark purple, very wide and thick, like the long shaft it crowned. She dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth, all of it, sucking so hungrily, so wet and hot in her mouth, sliding down her open throat.

As she moved up and down on it she moaned small cries. "Umm ahahduummooowwawa."

While she moved his shaft in and out of her throat, Julie cupped his testicles in her hand, playing with them. She could feel them tightening, his sperm building up inside.

She ran her tongue around the crown of his penis, alternatively sucking, and then licking its head. Adam's hips thrust forward uncontrollably, pushing it deeper into her throat.

"Oh, baby, baby, I'm coming,. coming now...oooh.. hoooo."

He shuddered, the muscles all over his body contracting, then expanding, his hips jerking into her. She could feel it coming. She pulled his penis away from her mouth just as it began to spurting white foamy cum she loved so much. Even more than that, she loved to see his hot seed gush from his pee hole, all over her face. As the volcano in her hands erupted, she raised it so his liquid splashed on her face and lowered it so spurts of it washed over her neck and down her breasts.

Her love box was seeping her honey down her legs. "Oh, oh,...I need to......"

She left her lover's rod and lay down on the floor. She raised her legs high in the air and looked at Adam, "Eat me, Adam, Do me, sweetheart!"

Adam dropped to his knees and began lapping her softly and slowly. She raised her pelvis to meet his long tongue and felt it sink deep inside.

"Oh, yes, you know the way I love it. Yes, Adam,....more."

He swirled his tongue around her labia, spread it wider with his hands and spread her juices all over his face. He licked her slowly, slowly, just as she liked it, slowly building to her crest, her point of no return.

Finally, when he could tell she was ready, reading her rhythms, he moved his mouth to her hard little clitoris. As soon as he sucked it, Julie exploded.

Her hips bucked high in the air almost throwing Adam's head and hands away from her. "Oh, yes, Adam, yes, oh, oh, oh.....I, ohhh." She spasmed beyond control, quivering, shaking for what seemed like an eternity.

As her epiphany subsided, Adam continued to lick her. She relaxed, her legs flat on the floor, her arms weak.

Just when she reached up to hold Adam closer, someone tried to turn the knob on the locked door. The rattling of the doorknob made a devastating sound. Both of them jumped up and buttoned up their clothes in a flurry.

"Just a minute, please. I'll be right out," Julie yelled.

She then guided Adam inside one of the other stalls, shushing him quiet with a finger held to her lips. She closed the stall and unlocked the door to the rest room.

An overweight woman with a bleached beehive hairdo stood outside with a scowl on her face. As she moved by Julie she growled, "You're not supposed to keep it locked, you know."

"Sorry, I wasn't aware of that," Julie said as she passed through the door toward the restaurant dining room.

The woman didn't notice Adam in the stall. She picked a different one and as soon as she was safely inside, he opened the door and left the room. No one seemed to notice he came out of the ladies room.

He sat down with Julie at the table and they both heaved a deep sigh of satisfaction and relief.

"She didn't see me. It's all right. We're cool."

"I'd say we're both hot." Their faces were flushed with the red blush that follows sexual climax.

"Was that exciting or what?" he asked.

"We did it, baby. Oh, I cannot describe to you the intensity of the orgasm I just had in there. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just couldn't control myself. Now I'm afraid neither of us will want the special dessert I had planned."

"Special dessert?"

"Remember when we were on the beach in Cancun when we went to Mexico? Remember when you told me about your secret fantasy--you know, watching me having sex with another woman? Obviously, I've never forgotten that. I've thought about it for years, resisting it I suppose, in my own way.

"Well, considering this was such a big evening for us and all, well, let's just say I brought it up to Peggy Norman the other day at the club. You know, she's my best friend and I know I can trust her to not violate our confidence.

So I was telling her about your fantasy of watching me have sex with another woman. All of a sudden, she volunteered. It about knocked me over. She and I have hardly ever even mentioned sex, let alone this. But she said she shared your fantasy, has had the same one for years but never knew how to make it a reality. Can you believe it?"

Adam was aghast. "Peggy Norman!! You're putting me on. Come on, Julie. Peggy Norman!"

"Yes, Peggy Norman. I couldn't believe it myself when she suggested it. Her husband Perry is out of town and she's supposed to come over to the house for dessert and a nightcap at about ten o'clock, 20 minutes from now. But you know what, Adam? After what we just did, I don't know if I want to do that now. I'm so completely wasted from that climax in there, you know what I mean?"

"Julie, let me just say how much I love you, how exciting you are to me. You just never cease to amaze me. And after all you've done to prepare for this, you know discussing it with Peggy Norman and all, I think we have to go through with it. Don't you?"

"I thought you'd say that. O.k., let's go have another adventure, Adam, give ourselves something even more to remember about this night. Besides, I know you've always been attracted to Peggy Norman. I've seen you looking at her.

To tell you the truth, I've been looking forward to seeing her take off her clothes myself. Let's go."

"Another fantasy coming up," said Adam, hugging his wife, best friend and lover.

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