tagLesbian SexTo Serve A Princess Ch. 03

To Serve A Princess Ch. 03


The morning broke brilliantly across the countryside, striping Rosebud's face with beveled shadows. She stretched and grinned as she moved her fingers down to her sticky pussy, remembering the touch of Velvet's tongue. She wished that she could turn over and see Velvet sleeping next to her, that she could rub her face in her soft black hair, that she could feel the chocolate skin ripple beneath her fingers.

A soft knock at the door interrupted her thoughts and she called, "Come in."

Queen Rosamund swept in, Velvet hovering behind her. "Good morning, dearest." She kissed her daughter's forehead, perching herself on the edge of the bed. "I have some exciting news!"


"Sir Roger is bringing his parents for a visit. He and Lord and Lady Gaufrette are due this afternoon and will be staying for a few days."

No wonder Velvet won't look at me. Rosebud's chest tightened as her eyes flicked to her lover, then back to her mother. "That's great."

"I thought you'd think so." The queen arose, smiling broadly and turning to Velvet. "Velvet, make sure that she's properly attired to meet her future-in-laws. I think the royal blue velvet will do."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Now, the seneschal is waiting for you so get her dressed and report to the yards."

"Yes, ma'am."

Velvet bowed and watched the queen's departure from the corner of her eye, then bent to Rosebud and roughly pressed her lips against her mouth. She felt the princess gasp and moaned as the woman's fingers sought out her slit in the pants.

"I've come to a decision."


"I'm going to run away."

"Rosebud, you can't do that!" She fought the urge to tell her that she would go with her. But Rosebud was not made of the same hearty stock as she was; she would not be able to last long in the open fields and Velvet could not subject her fragile sweetness to that. "You have to stay here and make the best of it."

"And what's the best of it?"

"A man who loves you and a secure future."

Rosebud noticed that Velvet's eyes didn't connect with hers as she presented the argument. "You don't believe that crap!"

"It's not my duty to believe in court politics, princess." Velvet moved in for another soft kiss. "It's my job to love you."

"That's not fair, Velvet." Rosebud pushed the covers aside and strode to the window, not caring that she was naked to the world. "You don't have the same responsibilities that I do."

Velvet thought for a moment. "No, I don't. I just have to watch the woman that I love marry a man that will never love her as much as I do." Her eyes met those of the princess as she headed toward the second chamber. "I'll wait outside while you dress."

Rosebud watched her leave and felt her heart sink. Oh, Gods! What can I do?

King Simon was just setting the chess pieces into place when Velvet came striding into the room. He enjoyed the attentions of the lovely black woman but noticed that she was not her happy self this morning. And he thought that he knew why. He placed the final black rooks on their squares and leaned back in his chair. She approached and bowed, awaiting his command.

"Good morning, your majesty."

"Good morning, Velvet. Have a seat."

"Thank you, your majesty."

The game began. The king watched as his daughter's lady-in-waiting played as if she were asleep. She made rudimentary errors and sacrificed too many pieces, resulting in the fastest loss she'd incurred since she'd been in residence. "Another game?" She nodded dully and the king arose, stretching his limbs. "Let's take a walk in the arbor. I'd like to see the new improvements you've made."

"Yes, sir." Velvet took his arm and they strolled the sunlit property, the king listening intently as Velvet outlined the improvements that she and Sir Gordie had made to the arbor. As they walked, the king observed the young woman, sensing an inner intelligence and a guarded countenance. "Do you like what we've done, sire?"

"Do you love my daughter, Velvet?"

She froze in her tracks, her emotive eyes suddenly evasive. "Of course, your majesty. I love Rosebud as if she were my own sister."

"Don't fuck with me, Velvet." He plucked a thick bunch of blossoms from a tree, shaking the bees off. "I'm asking as Simon, not as your king."

Velvet took a deep breath. "Yes, sir."

"Is that a yes to me as your king or a yes to my question?"

"A yes to both, sire."

"I thought so." He sniffed the flowers, rubbing pollen from the tip of his nose. "You know that she is my only heir?"

"Yes, sire, but I wasn't thinking about that."

"I know you weren't." King Simon walked into the next grouping of apple trees. "But as the king, I have to think about everything." He paused, turning to Velvet. "I'm only interested in her happiness."

"Yes, sir."

"But we have to have an heir." He turned around and headed back towards the castle. "You understand?"

Velvet paused. "Yes, sire ..." She nodded, despair furrowing her brow. "I understand."

Late afternoon brought the cries of the bridge guard, announcing the arrival of Lord and Lady Gaufrette and the bridegroom, Sir Roger. Velvet watched their approach, marveling at the beauty of the shiny black carriage with four appointed horses wearing gold-tipped leather bits. Sir Roger followed behind on a cream-colored charger, his formal leather armor gleaming in the waning sunlight.

King Simon and Queen Rosamund waited in the courtyard, gaily welcoming their counterparts while Rosebud hung back, eyeing her intended as he slid down and embraced her warmly.

"Did you miss me?"

Rosebud laughed as Roger swung her in a circle. "Hmm, I didn't know that you were gone."

"You minx!" He bent her backwards and leaned in for a kiss. His lips met the cool skin of her cheek and she smiled into his face. "And no kiss for your future husband?"

"Not until we speak the words. Would you besmirch my virtue?"

"No." He answered easily, setting her down. "I'm only too glad to hear that it still exists."

The joyous group moved into the castle and out of Velvet's sight. She stood for a moment, contemplating the state of her life before heading inside to meet the new arrivals.

"Ah, here she is!" The king's voice rang through the hall as she descended the stairs into the main hall. "Lord Gaufrette, Lady Gaufrette, may I introduce Velvet. Sir Roger, this is Rosebud's principal lady-in-waiting, Velvet."

She bowed deeply, her heart wrenching in knots as she saw Roger pressing kisses to Rosebud's hands. "Glad to meet you."

Sir Roger sat in the king's chair and pulled Rosebud onto his lap. "Get us some wine, Velvet."

Her face hot with anger, Velvet did as she was told. She stood by and mechanically answered the rude warrior's requests, even at the sake of her own pride, grinding her teeth whenever she saw him touching the princess. Sir Roger insisted on her service for dinner but she was able to disappear with the king's winked blessing and joined the seneschal on his nightly rounds.

Roger seemed to be peeved that he could no longer bend her to his will, but did not let his anger impose on the hospitality of the king and queen. He kept pouring his charm on the princess, happy in the knowledge that he would soon have two women to fuck.

Velvet conducted the rounds with the Sir Gordie, taking in as much information as she could, asking questions and making suggestions when she felt necessary. The seneschal was fast becoming one of her best friends and she was pleased to note that he treated her as an equal. Hours later, as she made her way to her bed, she noticed that Rosebud's outer door was open. Roger's voice caught her ear.

"Come on, darling. We are to be married soon. What's the harm?"

"I do not wish to say my vows with a blemish on my soul. I intend to remain a virgin until that time."

Through the crack in the door, Velvet saw Roger move closer to the princess. "You are my property, dear Princess. I can do whatever I want with you. Now strip off that gown and let's get started."

"Princess?" Rosebud's features flooded with relief when Velvet strode into the room. "It's late and I saw that your door was open. Are you ill?"

"No," Roger snarled. "She's not ill. You may leave."

"I cannot leave, sir. I am bound to the princess's service by the king and queen and I take my vows of service very seriously." Velvet moved between them, gently herding the trembling princess toward her bed. "It is much past the princess's bedtime and if she is to be hostess to you and your family, she must get her rest."

"I will put her to bed." Roger growled with a smile, his teeth gritted. "You are not needed here."

"Sorry, sir, but I cannot allow you to do that. Rosebud is not yet your ladywife and until such time, it would be improper." Velvet bent to tuck Rosebud into bed. "I will escort you out, sir."

Sir Roger threw a look tinged with hatred at his soon-to-be bride and turning on his heel, stalked out of the rooms, slamming the outer door as he left. Velvet quickly threw the lock and returned to Rosebud's side. She ran her fingers across her forehead and cheek, wiping tears away as she went. "Are you all right?" Rosebud nodded. "Why did you let him in?"

"I heard a knock at the door and I thought it was you."

"Oh, my darling." Velvet captured Rosebud's quivering mouth with her own, willing the love that she felt to be transferred in that kiss. "I would have died had anything happened to you." She rubbed her nose against Rosebud's soft skin. "Now, get to sleep."

"I wish you could hold me until I fell asleep."

Velvet arose, checked the locks on the doors and doused the lights. "That, I can do, my love." She shucked off her boots and put her arms around the princess. She didn't trust herself to lay alongside Rosebud's alluring warmth and so she remained atop the covers instead, contented to be able to hold her love and chase the bad dreams away while she slept.

An hour later, Sir Roger still could not sleep. No matter how much whiskey he imbibed, he could not release the image of sweet, palpable fear in Rosebud's angelic face. He imagined what her face would have looked like had he gotten his way. Grimy and streaked with tears, his handprint etched in flaming red on her cheek, sobs constricting her throat as he ruthlessly shoved his penis down it. That's what he wanted. He wouldn't have deflowered her tonight. He was only concerned with his own pleasure and having his penis in her mouth would have taken care of that. Rotten bitch!

His thoughts turned to the princess's intrusive lady-in-waiting. Her chocolate skin and muscles made his penis twitch. She would be a worthy adversary and would become a welcome mistress. He would make her angry enough to fight him, then he would take her by force, reveling in her utter humiliation. Oh, yes. He gave his rock-hard penis a squeeze, dreaming of her submission, of plunging into her chocolate maw, of her blood on the sheets and the sweet taste of her tears on his victorious tongue.

Oh, yes! You will both get your day!

When Rosebud awoke, the space next to her was warm but empty. She sighed, thinking about how wonderful it had been to sleep within Velvet's protective embrace and her fingers brushed her nipple, sending tingles down her spine. Mmmm ... She imagined Velvet's thoughtful fingertips rubbing her heated flesh, the work-roughened pads stroking and pinching until the nubs tented the gossamer silk of her nightgown. Then Velvet would move to the other breast, making sure to give equal time to both, keeping Rosebud's toes curled tightly as a welcome heat began to roar in her belly.

Rosebud raised her right breast to her mouth, her eager lips suckling on her own nipple, drawing the hard bud in and swirling with her tongue as her fingers pinched her other nipple. A deeper tingle rushed through her and sweet pussy honey began to drench her slit. Oh, Velvet. Yes, suck my nipples! She let her teeth rake along the hard pebble, moaning in delight, mimicking her lover's firm touch. Her body quaked as the sensations began to build and she fought to keep quiet.

Her left hand stole down her flat stomach, pausing to encircle her belly button and continued downward. Her fingers spanned soft, shaved flesh and she remembered what Velvet had done to her. She sucked a hard nipple into her mouth as she pressed against her engorged clit, her body arching as pleasure flooded her senses. Pussy cream seeped from her as she spread the fat lips open, searching for and finding the hot, wet hole.

Biting back a cry of passion, she slipped a finger, then two inside the warm heat of her dripping pussy. Oh, Velvet! She imagined what it would feel like to rub her pussy against Velvet's, their clits grinding against each other, their mouths fervently pressed together as they shared inhalation and exhalation. She lightly bit her nipple and gasped, her juices now sliding down her palm. Velvet, my love! Velvet's strong body would respond to hers, holding her hostage as she rode them both to ecstasy.

She squeezed her nipple painfully, her breath coming in short gasps as the warmth in her stomach flamed into a volcanic eruption. Her breasts tingled, her nipples tightened even harder and her pussy walls rippled as a breathtaking climax moved through her. Her fingers wiggled, heightening her pleasure as the muscles held them captive and gave herself over to the sensations, gasping for air and stifling another moan.

It took a few moments before she returned to herself and withdrew her drenched fingers from her trembling pussy, her eyes closed as she imagined Velvet's sex-sweaty weight on top of her, her fingers wrapped in her soft, black hair and Velvet's warm breath against her neck. Oh, Velvet. Soon. I have to have you soon!

Licking her fingers as Velvet had done, she stretched, smiled and arose to dress and head down for breakfast.

The wedding was to take place in three weeks and the remainder of the Gaufrette's visit kept Sir Roger busy with nuptial details and legalities. Banns were posted and the castle began its metamorphosis from ordinary royal estate to exceptional royal estate. Velvet kept herself away from Sir Roger, except to escort Princess Rosebud to her rooms and to make sure that she was comfortably and safely settled in each evening.

Velvet found that most of her time was spent in the company of Sir Gordie, tending the stables or attending conferences on the security measures involved with the wedding. Velvet spoke polite goodbyes to Lord and Lady Gaufrette and graciously accepted their compliments on the service she provided the princess and looked forward to the pleasure of her company during and after the wedding. Lady Gaufrette's emphasis on the word after had drawn her attention but she made not outward notice of it, graciously accepting the confidence that they had verbally placed in her.

When Sir Roger sought to say goodbye to the staff that had served him, he pointedly requested that Velvet be brought forward so that he could compliment her face-to-face. Velvet and King Simon knew that his intentions were otherwise and she had been allowed to slip out to inspect the new weapons that had arrived from the smithy.

King Simon never spoke with the young woman but he had noticed that Roger's attentions were becoming more and more violent. He did not give a voice to his fears, in case his daughter actually loved the scoundrel but he remained observant. He watched the spoiled, only child of the Gaufrette household as he commandeered the royal household, treated the servants like animals and manhandled his daughter, barely reining his baser instincts back as he fondled Rosebud at every opportunity.

Then, one day, he noticed a glance, a quick furtive look exchanged between the women and realized that his suspicions were correct. His daughter, the princess was in love with her lady-in-waiting, Velvet. But this relationship might not be accepted in royal circles and with no heir, it would not last. These thoughts occupied his mind as he sent his future-in-laws off.

Queen Rosamund was saying her goodbyes and accepting the hand kiss of Sir Roger while her mind was wandering. When Sir Roger Gaufrette had asked for her daughter's hand in marriage, her heart soared. Not only was he handsome, but he was wealthy. However, she had seen things that had changed her mind about the marriage.

Before the visit, her lovely daughter was a vibrant as the cluster of jewels at her throat. Rosebud had been pampered and fussed over, true, but the girl was far from a prissy, arrogant child. She loved the land and her people and it was hard to keep her from the companionship of a good book. But when she had met Velvet, she had changed ... for the better. Rosamund watched as the black woman's soul seeped into her daughter. If it was possible, she became even more sensitive to people's feelings. She smiled without a reason and she teased everyone without measure.

All that merriment had come to a halt when Sir Roger had arrived. Rosamund had suddenly become withdrawn and mousy, choosing to retreat to the solitary comfort of her rooms instead of mingling with her soon-to-be parents and bridegroom. Then she witnessed something that she wished she hadn't. Rosebud had gone to the kitchen to request a special pepper relish that Sir Roger loved. Roger had magnanimously offered to accompany her.

In the hallway outside the kitchen, Queen Rosamund had seen Sir Roger grab her daughter, fling her against the wall and hump against her like a crazed animal. She hid her face behind her hands, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight. He mercilessly pounded Rosebud into the wall, forcing his will upon her as he sought his climax. He stiffened, obviously cumming in his pants and released her, not caring that she may have fallen to the floor. "Thanks." The queen had heard him say. "Now get my relish."

Could she have been mistaken in trying to increase the wealth of her lineage by choosing Sir Roger? Could she have been mistaken in ignoring the obvious signs of Rosebud's disinterest in the opposite of her sex? Could she have been ... mistaken?

As soon as the Gaufrettes departed, King Simon turned to his lady love and touched her cheek. "I fear that we have made a mistake, my darling."

"Oh, Simon." With a gasp of pain, Rosamund collapsed into her husband's arms, her tears wetting his shoulder. "I think so, too, but how do we fix it?"

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