tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTo Take a Wife Ch. 01

To Take a Wife Ch. 01


Jack had completed his preparations. It was time to take a wife.

He sat in the swing chair on his newly finished porch and stared out at the dry dusty land that surrounded his homestead. The burnt reds and oranges of the soil didn't look like they could support life at all but Jack knew that the rainy season would bring a riot of colour and fertility to this little place in the outback. His property was miles from civilization -- a frightening prospect for most people but completely normal for him. Jack had grown up on a cattle station not much different from this one. He'd been raised by his father after his mother died in childbirth. He had no brothers or sisters and had been home schooled so he rarely came into contact with other people.

His father was a quiet man but Jack felt that he had raised him well and had instilled all of his morals and beliefs into his only son. His father now had a new wife and Jack was glad that he had moved out of his childhood home so that they had the space and privacy to iron out the kinks in their blossoming relationship.

The house was lonely at night. Jack had spent every waking minute getting everything ready for his bride-to-be and now that he was finished, he found himself listening to the nocturnal animals, watching spiders make their webs and fantasizing about what it would be like to take a woman to his bed for the very first time. Excitement rippled through him -- tomorrow he would complete the 5 hour drive to the nearest town and become a husband.


A wave of heat hit Beth as she stepped out of the comfortably air conditioned shop. She laughed with her friends as they crossed the road to the diner, laden down with new clothes which they couldn't wait to show off. Beth's eye was caught by the man sitting in the beaten up old Holden Ute parked further down the road. She didn't recognize him. Strangers in this small town were a rarity and she would definitely remember this man if she'd seen him before. His body gave her so much information -- his beautiful brown skin told her that he worked outside, the strong muscles in the arm that rested on the open window revealed that he worked manually and his posture oozed control and confidence. But the most startling piece of data came from his eyes -- he wanted her.

Beth felt her stomach flip. Men had looked at her with lust in their eyes before but this was something deeper, meaner. She hurried into the diner and sat with her back to the window determined to put his image out of her mind. She focused on the conversation and laughed along with her friend's jokes but she couldn't help peeking over her shoulder every now and then to see if he was still looking. He was.

Jack had found his bride-to-be within minutes of pulling into town. It must have been fate. He knew she was 'the one' the second he laid eyes on her. His soon to be wife was smaller than him but not fragile. Jack admired her strong, shapely legs encased in tight jeans. He noticed her child bearing hips that swelled into a firm round backside. She was no stranger to the sun and her nose had a few freckles that only accentuated her natural beauty. She had a trim waist that he was sure he could almost encircle with his large hands and a full bust that threatened the buttons on her knotted shirt. Jack took all of these things in with a glance but what really held his attention was her smile and tinkling laugh which sounded like music. She was his intended and tonight they would honeymoon together in their new home.

Jack watched as she ate with her friends. He was glad she had this final opportunity to be with them -- this would be her leaving party. She was aware of him and he was pleased to see that she couldn't go 2 minutes without reassuring herself that he was still there. Already so dependant. The sun began to sink into the horizon and Jack blessed the cover of darkness for the task ahead of him. When she finally emerged from the diner, she glanced nervously at him as she climbed into her friend's car. Jack smiled to himself -- she was worried he wouldn't follow. He had lots of time to make her believe that he would always keep her in his sight, safe and sound.

He kept his distance not wanting to crowd her friend and when the car stopped to let her out, Jack tried to stay out of sight. Once his future bride had waved goodbye to her friend, she turned towards her front door and began searching for her keys. Jack quickly swung the ute into the driveway and leapt out.

Beth was so startled that she dropped her bags.

"Who are you? What do you want?" she asked angrily. She'd backed into the door automatically but now she was scanning around looking for escape routes. Beth kicked herself -- she knew there was something fishy about this guy, why hadn't she been more careful?

Jack knew he had to work fast - there would be time for explanations later. This was the part he had been dreading. Not enough force and she could escape, too much force and he could do her permanent injury or worse. He reached into the bed of the ute and pulled out the bat. Beth briefly froze when she saw it before her survival instincts took over and she began to run. Jack was quicker. Before she knew it, he had brought the bat down onto the back of her head and the ground rose up to meet her. Her last conscious thought had been to scream but the air had been knocked from her lungs by the impact of the fall.

Jack gathered her into his arms and gently lifted her into the ute. He swiftly picked up her bags before throwing them into the bed and then climbed in himself. Then Jack reached for the sleeping girl and examined her head. There was a bump but no blood and her breathing was even. Jack let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. The signs were good but he continued praying she would be alright. He tied her hands with a soft strip of material and then did the same with her ankles. He fastened the seat belt around her and tried to sit her as comfortably as possible in the seat next to him. He listened to her steady breathing again for a few seconds before the ute rumbled to life and he began the long journey home with his prize.

The fog lifted and Beth began to stir. She'd been jolted awake by the rough ground under the wheels and the shot suspension of the ancient truck. Her head hurt and she knew opening her eyes would make it worse. She had registered that her feet and hands were tied and focused on staying calm -- she didn't know what this guy was capable of yet. Another harsh bump in the road jerked her aching head around and she let out an involuntary moan.

"How's your head?" Jack asked. He'd gone off road a couple of hours ago so there would be no road signs for her to read. He knew this land like the back of his hand and even in the dark he was confident he wouldn't get lost. Beth stiffened at his voice and slowly opened her eyes. She glared at her captor and tried to keep her cool.

"Let. Me. Go." Beth said evenly.

"Nah. Can't do that sweetheart. I know you're angry with me at the moment but you'll get over it. We're gonna be very happy together, you'll see. What's your name?" Jack had seen the fire in her eyes and was secretly pleased -- his dad had told him that a woman with a temper is a woman with passion and he couldn't wait to bring that side out in her.

"What do you want with me?" Beth asked ignoring his question.

"Relax. I'm not gonna hurt you unless you deserve it. I've chosen you to be my wife. I'm taking you home and once you're tame enough, we'll start a family and live happily ever after. Tell me what your name is -- I've gotta call you something." Jack said all of this in a relaxed, almost jovial kind of way. He reminded Beth of a child talking about the Christmas presents he was sure would be under the tree in the morning. She knew she was the gift and she definitely didn't want to be unwrapped. 'Think Beth. Be smart' she told herself. Her thoughts switched to her parents. It would be a few days before they realized she was missing but then they would be frantic. She pictured them making an appeal on TV, looking straight at the camera, using her name repeatedly, trying to convey to the kidnapper that she was a real person with real feelings.

"My name is Beth. I'm the manager of a restaurant. When I don't show up for work tomorrow my friends will start looking for me. My parents are expecting me to call them tonight -- they'll be worried when I don't. You've... I'm hurt and I need to see a doctor. I don't want to be here, I feel frightened. Take me home." Beth spoke as if she were reasoning with a toddler. She kept eye contact and spoke clearly and calmly. She'd almost slipped and placed blame at his door but she thought she'd caught herself in time.

Jack admired his beautiful captive. She was clever and a stab of guilt had twisted at his guts during her little speech but he had to be a man.

"Beth -- nice name. I'm Jack. I understand that you're scared, I'm sure all women are when their husbands take them but I want you to understand that I'm going to be a good man for you. I'll take care of you and treat you well. The next few months are gonna be hard on us both but while I'm training you I'll be as gentle as I can. I want you broken in as soon as possible so we can settle and enjoy our lives. Your parents will miss you but they must have known that this day would arrive."

"What are you talking about? Train me, tame me, break me in? Are you some kind of... (sigh) I don't know you Jack and I don't want to marry someone I don't know." Beth's temper was beginning to show and she bit her tongue. Offending him at this point wouldn't be very smart. Inspiration hit her --

"I'm already married. My husband will call the police when he finds I'm not at home -- quick, take me back so I can stop him."

Jack was chuckling now and shaking his head.

"My dad said you women would say anything to get yourselves out of it and he was right! You're not married -- you don't have a ring on your finger and why would you have been out with your friends instead of home with your man? Lies don't go down well with me Beth, you'll learn that pretty quickly."

Beth heard the hint of a threat in his voice and felt her panic rise. He was going to hurt her, rape her and keep her locked up. She had to get out. Beth reached for the door handle hindered slightly by the restraints. The door was locked and she fumbled with the button to release it.

"Hey!" shouted Jack as he slammed on the brakes. If she threw herself out of the ute at this speed, she'd do herself some serious harm and what use would she be to him then? As the truck rumbled to a stand still, Beth flung the door open and hopped out getting tangled up in the seat belt. After being so calm and rational her brain overloaded and she could no longer think of anything except escape. She hopped a couple of steps but Jack was racing around the ute and had her on the ground before she could breathe.

"GET OFF ME! LET ME GO! I DON'T WANT THIS!" Beth screamed. He was lying on her back and his weight crushed her into the dry, stony ground. Beth bucked under him and kicked but she was getting no-where.

"Sshhhh, sshhhh, it's ok, I've got you, it's ok." Jack soothed as he stroked her hair, he was reminded of a skittish horse and kept his voice calm and low. It would take time for her to adjust -- perhaps he shouldn't have talked about punishments so early on. She'd been so calm that he'd let his guard down and he mentally congratulated his clever fiancé for lulling him into a false sense of security. He vowed not to make the same mistake again. She had been struggling under him for a few minutes now and he blocked his ears to the stream of abuse that flew from her sweet lips. He focused on the way her hips were brushing rhythmically against his cock and felt himself stirring. Beth felt it too and stopped abruptly. Jack knew when her body admitted defeat and whispered to her as she started to cry.

"I know, I know, it's all new to me too. We'll get through it together Beth, you'll see. Sshhhhh, don't cry. I'll take care of you. We're gonna be happy. Sshhhh..." He pulled her to her feet cautiously and lifted her back into her seat. Pulling another strip of material from his pocket he swiftly tied her hands to the handle above the door. She didn't struggle. Instead she kept her head down and continued to sob quietly. Sympathy wrenched Jack's heart. His father had told him there would be a few months of tears and resistance but a good husband would stay strong and firm -- that's what she needed.

He climbed back into the ute and resumed the journey.

"Not long now Beth. Only about 40 minutes I reckon. You'll love the new house -- I worked so hard on it for you. Obviously you'll wanna put your own touches to it, cushions and that, but all the basics are there. It's got running water and a flushing toilet. There's a brand new generator for electricity and a fridge freezer out the back. I've started a herb garden for you but of course it's the wrong time of year for planting -- by spring you'll be tame enough to choose which seeds you want though."

Beth stayed quiet listening to him talk. Her mind was working overtime formulating plans and wondering what his weaknesses were. She couldn't fight him tied up like this so she was better off conserving her strength.

"How many kids shall we have Beth? I need some boys of course to help me with the cattle and I suppose you'd like at least one girl. We'll have to start thinking of names. The eldest boy will have to be named Jack, it's a tradition in my family, but I'm open to suggestion for the other ones. I've built a nursery next to our room and there are empty bedrooms upstairs for when they get older. I could get an old tire and make a swing from the big gum tree ..."

On and on he talked. She may as well have not been there. He spoke about their lives as if it was all planned, mapped out and inevitable. Beth didn't get the impression that Jack was a mad man. Maybe a bit stupid but not mad. It seemed he had been raised to believe that this was how a man and woman should behave. Was it possible that he had lived such a secluded and sheltered life?

"Tell me about how you grew up Jack." Beth interrupted. Jack was pleased she had spoken to him and seemed to be taking an interest. He wondered if there was an ulterior motive but couldn't fathom out what it could be. Where was the harm in telling her about his childhood?

"I grew up on a cattle station with my Dad. Mum died giving birth to me so I didn't have any brothers or sisters. I was alright though -- Dad kept me busy and taught me everything he knows. We went into town maybe twice a year but apart from that I really didn't see anyone else."

"Where's your Dad now?" Beth asked. Despite herself she was getting curious.

"He's back at his place. When I told him I was moving out, he decided to get a new wife -- thought he'd be lonely I guess. She's still a bit wild at the moment but I reckon Dad'll sort her out."

"Was your Mum taken like this?"

"Yeah -- course! How else?!"

"Jack, please listen to me. This isn't how it's done. You're doing what your Dad has told you is normal but it really isn't. Women don't get kidnapped when a man wants her to be his wife. They're not forced to submit and they don't need to be 'tamed'. Women have the same rights as men and we're equal. In the real world a man and a woman get to know each other and accept each others flaws before they decide to get married. They both have to agree to it. What you're doing is against the law and the police will arrest you for it. Jack you've got to..."

"Well, that's quite an imagination you've got there Beth! I can't quite see it happening though sweetheart -- how can a man and a woman be equal? It doesn't make sense. Men are stronger than women for a reason and why would a real man let a woman tell him what to do? Someone's gotta be in charge. It was a nice try though. No more lies thanks."

Beth slumped back in her seat and stared out the window. Her hands were starting to go numb and she flexed her fingers. She had no idea how long they'd been travelling. It was still dark outside and from the moon's position Beth guessed it was the early hours of the morning. She lapsed back into her own thoughts as he continued to tell her about the house and surrounding land. Tears rolled silently down her cheeks as she thought of her family and she tried to make out landmarks in the darkness to help her find her way back to them.

Jack studied her. She'd gone quiet again but that was understandable. He loved the way her hair flopped into her eyes. She would give her head a gentle flick every now and then to clear it from her sight but within minutes it was back in place. She had the cutest nose and he imagined kissing it and counting her freckles after making love. He hoped he would be able to please her in bed. His father had given him lots of books and magazines on the subject but his only practical knowledge of the act was what he had witnessed in nature and what his own hand could provide. They had forever to get it right.

"Welcome home Beth!" Jack had pulled up outside the spacious homestead that was lit up in the moonlight and was watching her reaction. He looked like a puppy waiting to see if his owner would be pleased with the stick he had brought them. In truth it was a beautiful house. He'd clearly paid a lot of attention to detail and the carpentry was flawless. He'd run a clichéd white picket fence around the perimeter and had done his level best to keep the plants alive despite the hot Australian summer. Beth could see a large water tower behind the house and there was a welcoming swing chair for two on the porch. 'Humor him' she thought and gave a weak smile.

Jack grinned and ran around the ute to open her door.

"Oh you're gonna love it here Beth, I promise." he said as he released her hands from the handle. Without ceremony he hoisted Beth over his shoulder and carried her towards the front door.

"It's so beautiful when the rains come. The creek rises so high that we're cut off completely -- like our own little island. Everything turns green and lush. It makes the summer dust and heat all worthwhile." he continued talking to her as if he hadn't noticed her embarrassing position and strode through the unlocked door. He gave her the grand tour of downstairs with enthusiasm until there was only one room left. A wave of nausea hit Beth when she realized what it was.

"and this... is our bedroom!" he said flinging open the door. He carefully lowered Beth onto the huge bed and stepped back to gauge her reaction. Beth scooted backwards as best she could with her wrists and ankles tied. She managed to get to the iron bed frame and sit up. She curled her knees up and kept her arms tight to her chest watching him warily. Jack sighed.

"OK. You know what's going to happen next Beth. I'm going to marry us and then consummate this union. It will be both of our first times so I'll be as gentle as possible but you'll only make it worse if you struggle."

Beth wondered how he knew she was a virgin. It was unusual for a woman in her 20s these days but then she realized that Jack was so out of touch he would assume that all unmarried women were virgins. Could this be her escape route? Would he reject her if he thought she was a slut?

"I'm not a virgin." she lied.

"What?" he was sure he'd misheard.

"I'm not a virgin. I've had sex before with lots of men. I've probably got a disease or something."

A grin spread over his face. She was lying again. As if any man would take her and then let her go free? -- absurd. And then she'd well and truly given herself away with that 'disease' line! He wagged his finger at her.

"I think you're telling me tall tales again sweetheart. I reckon we're gonna have to work very hard on that."

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