tagNonHumanTo The Palace Ch. 01

To The Palace Ch. 01


Author's Note ~

This particular story is an elaboration of a dream I had not but a mere few days ago. I will be including some sex as the plot goes along but, for now, I feel I should develop the plot first.

The characters are anthropomorphic, or animal with human-like qualities. I've added a few things to the story that veer far off the dream I had. All in all, I think you will enjoy it. Please rate, comment, etc. Feedback is good for the soul! :)


Having forgotten her name in the few months since her capture, the once proud Wolven woman was now reduced to answering only to her number: "13." She was a slave now and had been caged since her first attempt to escape, as well as chained and gagged since she seduced and killed a guard and run off on her last, only to recaptured since running away was hard to do on limited rations. She had known, of course, how foolish that had been, but it had been fun at the very least. She smiled to herself as she remembered making that old lion drool and fumble to find the key to her cage. Thankfully, he had not thought of just buying her outright from the slave merchant at sunrise and leaving her there that night in her cage and that he did not simply rape her when he opened her cage door. Slitting his throat with his own dagger had been a simple task, although she knew just as well that the old codger had not deserved it. She could not afford to dwell on such things this night and she thus shook them off, for with the dawn would bring the day that she would be put up as the main attraction in the capital city of Draconia: Buaic Alex ar, or, in common tongue, Alex's Peak.She would be presented in the town square and was sure to be sold. After all, someone at Alex's Peak would have to be interested in a pure white female Wolven slave.

The Tiger slave merchant was bound to squeeze every copper piece he could out of her and get her off of his hands. He knew he would, too. After all, he himself lay awake almost every night thinking about her body and what he could do to it, as well as what he did manage to do to determine her worth as a slave before she took his eye. He would never let her get that close again, but he could dream. His name was Balthor, no longer a spring cub but certainly not an old geezer. He longed for her to look at him with lust filling her wild hazel eyes instead of the burning pits of fiery rage and hatred she cast his way. To feel her soft fur against his and to caress her perfectly sized, firm breasts in his hands without having to worry about protecting himself from her deadly teeth and claws. He sighed then and rolled over on his mat inside of his tent. 'Oh, well,' he thought. 'At least I will be rid of her tomorrow. She will not be able to torment me in my dreams then!'

The Sun rose and shone down upon the whole of Alex's Peak, everyone rising to greet Him and go about their ordinary daily lives. 13 awakened painfully, despite the beauty of the dawn, while Balthor stretched and rolled, happily dazed, off of his mat thinking of the last wet dream of 13 he hoped he would ever have and of the coin she would should put into his purse. 13 scowled at him when he exited his tent, knowing that she would have to be washed before she could be presented in the town square. She did not appreciate the ogling from him or any of the guards as two of Balthor's personal servants bathed her. Obviously, they would not loosen her chains to do so an only ever took the gag out to feed her stale bread and let her drink the dirty water provided. She was thankful only that Balthor fed her and the others at the very least, even if the rations were shit.

Balthor's servants were coming now with the usual lukewarm water and rags. She did not mind the method, considering the servants were female: one a Doe and the other a Rabbit. They were well-formed, after all, and respected her, although she would give them a wink, when the creeps were not ogling and had to handle something important, so that they could pleasure her. 13 was almost saddened that she would not be able to see them again or play with them, but she had to escape. She only wished to take them with her. 'Today,' she thought, shooting the two girls a wink, 'I will revel in the pleasure that they give me and howl through my gag, long and loud!'

The Doe was the first to start washing her, starting behind her ears. 'Oh, damn... That feels good,' thought 13, as she rolled her eyes back in bliss. The Rabbit began working on her legs and 13 felt relief as the water ran on and through her fur. The Doe was washing and massaging her shoulders as the Rabbit moved up her legs, gradually meeting at 13's torso to pleasure her, as well as each other. As they did so, 13 was beginning to shake with anticipation, enjoying every sensation she possibly could, from the Rabbit massaging her ass to the Doe washing her back and groping her breasts. 13's eyes went wide and she gasped with the Doe when the Rabbit slid a finger inside 13's ass and another inside the Doe's pussy. With her fingers already lubricated, the Rabbit was easily able to finger each of their holes hard and fast, rhythmically pumping and each of the other girls trying desperately to keep her fingers inside them. Meanwhile, the Doe squeezed 13's left breast tightly, pinching her nipple, and used her other hand to start pleasuring 13's neglected cunt. She started by flicking her clit with her thumb and then wiggling a finger inside her hot, wet hole. The Wolfess was about ready to burst as she struggled to hold back her climax, sinking her teeth deep into the shoddy leather gag, so that she could relish this one last time.

13 lost it then. as did the others. As sworn, 13 had thrown her head back and howled through her gag, easier to do now that she had nearly destroyed it. Her howl was long and loud, mournful and beautiful, with hopeful and free-spirited undertones; one might question whether she had been gagged at all. The Rabbit and Doe were stunned, having only ever heard growls, snarls, and curses from her toward their master Balthor. Although they had her moan before when they had played and a chuckle when 13 had done something rebellious, they had never thought she could do that.

Balthor stood there, less than ten feet from 13's cage, staring wide-eyed with his mouth hanging open, sporting a rather obvious hard on. He wanted her now more than ever and his eyes gleamed with lust, wanting to take 13 whether she liked it or not. He tried to recover his composure then, desperately trying to ignore his throbbing erection. "Whether someone buys you today or not, 13, you will not be doing anything other than getting tied down to my bed and ravaged until dawn. I don't care if the Dragon Prince himself pays gold coins for your pretty Wolven cunt! You're mine tonight, you filthy bitch!" Balthor proclaimed to her with a wicked grin and spat at her feet..

Turning to his servants, he ordered them to opposite ends of the display line and marched his merchandise into the town square with 13's cage on a small cart being pulled along by the other slaves ahead of her. 13 hated that she had practically forced the others into this by not successfully escaping or even trying to escape in the first place. At this, she hung her head in shame and stayed that way until Balthor cracked his whip to make them move faster.

Not too long afterwards, there they all were, 13 front and center with six slaves to her left with the Rabbit and another six to her right with the Doe. Guards stood behind them, four on either side: three for each set of six slaves and two behind 13. Balthor stood to the front and left of 13 and began shouting at people walking passed, advertising his wares, especially his prized Wolven woman, asking for "ONLY 12 COPPER PIECES!!!" Quite a few stopped and looked at 13, but contemplated exactly why she was worth so little as rare as her coat and breed were and why she had been caged so. Many moved on and others bought one or two of the others, saying that they needed male slaves to work in fields rather than keeping a tasty treat about the house. And so this went on for about an hour and a half, with only 13 and 4 other slaves as well as Balthor's personals on either side.

13 could see Balthor rubbing his hands with anticipation as his work was half complete and felt a very distinct chill run up her spine. Balthor turned to her, taking a short break from his work and began to taunt her. "Not long now, wench, until I have Threk and Dorn strap you to my mat for the night," he loudly whispered so that the two middle-aged Lions behind her could hear over the crowd. "How does that sound, boys?" He shouted to them normally.

Threk and Dorn grinned maliciously and looked at every inch of 13's body, wanting to know exactly what was hiding beneath her luscious tail. "Sure thing, boss!" they shouted in unison. A pang of fear struck 13 and had almost overcome her, when she heard gasps from the crowd and saw them all bow, even Balthor and all of the slaves. Soon after, she heard the hoof beats of a Lower Horse coming closer and a gentle, rich voice addressing the citizens kindly, but certainly not in such a way as to not command respect. She knew quite quickly that this was indeed the Dragon Prince himself and did the closest thing she could to bowing: hung her head with her ears back in respect.

"You there! Slave merchant! Rise, as well as your guards and wares!" the Prince boomed. As was his word, so were their deeds; they all rose at his command. 13 looked straight into the Prince's dark red eyes, beholding his long, black horns, copper and golden scales, and his magnificent wings. He was taller then her by about a foot, with broad shoulders and a strong chest. She could not help but to run her eyes down to his very well-toned legs, feeling her own turn to jelly and her pussy becoming incredibly wet. She shook off the fantasies running through her mind and tried to focus.

"Yes, m'Lord?" replied Balthor meekly.

"Why is the Wolfess caged, good merchant?"

"She is a rather rebellious one, m'Lord. She took my eye the day I bought her."

"With good reason I would hope." At this, 13 had to stifle a laugh. She was liking this Prince even more. "Any why be she so thin?"

"I cannot spare more coin on rations for slaves, m'Lord. These be hard times, you see."

"Yes, yes... I see... And how much are you asking for her?" The Prince asked. I also see that you can find no trouble in spending more than enough coin on feeding your belly, the Prince thought to himself.

"12 copper pieces, m'Lord." Balthor was rather nervous now.

"For such a fair creature! You should be ashamed of yourself! Slave or not, a lady such as she ought to be treated with some respect! As a slave, she should cost at least 30 silver, minimum." 13 was stunned. She had never heard anyone say such a thing and had never expected to since her capture, especially not from the Dragon Prince himself! "I will pay you 50 gold pieces for the Wolven woman and all of your wares!"

13's eyes went wide. She could not have asked for anything better until she remembered Balthor's promise to her. Then the Prince continued, "Also, I would like to purchase your two personal servants, which should be no problem to replace, since I will be paying 30 silver each, and I want you to follow me back to the Palace immediately, if you please, Merchant."

"Thank you kindly, m'Lord!" Balthor groveled at the Dragon's feet. "But wouldn't you like me to prepare them for entry into the hallowed halls of your Palace?"

"No, thank you, good sir. I would like to have them at the Palace where I can have them properly bathed and fed. First, before we go, release the Wolfess. I want her unbound and the gag out of her mouth so that she may walk at my side as my personal servant."

"Of course, m'Lord." Balthor turned and motioned for the guards to do as the Prince bid him and grumbled a little, frustrated that he had just eaten his own words from earlier.

13 fell out of bounds and coughed, rubbing her jaw after the gag was removed. She did not dare attempt an escape now, for she actually wanted to serve the Prince's every whim. She couldn't explain it if she wanted to. She felt drawn to him. She knew quite well that there would be no way they could ever be together, but something deep inside of her felt that this was what should be done. And, she thought, if my hopes are shattered, I shall shatter his world and escape with enough gold to take me wherever I wish to go.

She stood shakily and scampered over to the Prince's side, gave a proper bow until permitted to rise, and looked up at him with a humble smile. "I am ready to serve your every whim, m'Lord," 13 said with as much grace as she could muster with her hoarse voice.

The Prince bent down and gave her a drink of water from a flask. "Try that again, Wolfess, and, this time, tell me your name."

"I have not a name, m'Lord. I have forgotten it. All I know is my number 13 and that I am ready to serve your every whim, m'Lord," she said thus, with more luster.

"No name? Very well. I shall call you Vorel. I am Prince Seian, heir to the Draconian throne. Come." She was elated to finally have a name again and even more pleased to see that he knew that, in Wolven culture, no one had any worth without a name. With this she followed him at his side with the others trailing behind them toward the Palace gates.


13 remembered little of her own culture, but she remembered the most important aspects of it, such as a Wolf's worth and the ranks and how to achieve each one. She grew up learning these things as well as attending Howling and Joining ceremonies and the annual Night of the Yellow Moon. She had started to forget her name long ago as she started to feel a loss of self-worth and a strong sense of self-loathing. She had once lived in the lap of luxury as the heir to the Wolven throne, but had been forced into hiding when the Draco-Lupine War erupted. After about 3 months of hiding, she joined the ranks as a warrior. She harboured some arcane talents as well, but hardly ever used them. She fought in many battles, climbing the ranks as she went, only to see her people fall to the Dragon King. Any left alive were either executed or captured and sent into slavery.

When she had gotten captured, she had not eaten nor slept for three or four days and had been caught by surprise by Balthor and his men. 13 had been unrecognizable as Wolven royalty, although one of Balthor's men seemed to almost think her such, but was quickly silenced -with a dagger to the heart. Balthor had tried to take her then and there, but failed to even think that maybe the hunger-crazed Wolfess would do something to stop him. This error was soon corrected when 13 started clawing at his eyes and biting at his throat. Balthor had nearly pissed himself that day as he watched her great jaws as though they were the jaws of Death himself. her claws connected and swiped one eye right out. She held the bloody, twitching thing in her hand and snarled, "Try it again and it'll be your innards I hold in front of your face. Maybe I'll eat them in front of you, too." With that she threw Balthor's eye into the air and caught it in her mouth, letting the blood from the eye run warm and metallic down her throat, followed by chewed up eye itself.

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