tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 04

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 04


Previously in Tomb Raider Uncharted:

Sailing her expensive yacht on the sparkling seas of Miami, Florida served as a luxurious diversion for Lara Croft as she waited for a gangbanger who carried an ancient Assyrian key she required.

On boarding the boat with gangsters and drug dealers Ms Croft acquired her little trinket by force, and when she went below deck, she found a man who had been beaten up there; that man was an adventurer in his own right, Nathan Drake, descendent of famous explorer Sir Francis Drake...

On freeing Drake and entertaining him on her yacht Lara told him that she required the key to free a friend then left the conversation hanging in the air as she retired for an evening of "private time", but not without Nathan getting an eye full...

Lara then told Nathan he would accompany her to Egypt to free her friend Professor Von Croy from an Arab arms dealer and Jihad leader.

Lara and Nathan then made their way to Atbara, Egypt, where she met Abdul bin Adlah in the town square. A gun battle ensued ending in a narrow escape from an exploding chopper. Seeing as how Adlah thought Lara and Nathan were killed in the blast he took off leaving the two to enjoy some R&R in a small house...

Now free, Werner Von Croy took Lara's sea plane and flew to India. Meanwhile Lara told Nathan that the coffin of Artaxerxes the Assyrian king lay in India. Nathan learned that what was in the coffin was the scepter of an ancient god-king of Acadia and the two took off in Lara's private jet to find it.

On arrival in India Lara and Nathan found a new player in the game, Someone from Lady Croft's past; the mercenary, Larson Conway. Once again Lara's passive-aggressive demeanor saw a volatile situation defused. And Larson and his men retreated...

Lara had figured out that Von Croy was the one that hired Larson, a fact that he confirmed. He then revealed that his whole capture by Adlah was a rouse orchestrated to coax Lara into obtaining the key to Artaxerxes' coffin.

Since Werner was the one who knew how to get to the coffin Lara had no choice but to work with him; so Lara, Nathan, Werner, and Larson started their journey into the Jungles of India...

The herd of elephants roamed deeper and deeper into the lush jungle, trudging along through the thick grass. The humid air caused clothes to stick to damp, sweaty skin making the expedition very uncomfortable.

Nathan Drake slapped the back of his neck again; the bugs were a constant irritation. Up front, Werner Von Croy held up his hand, signaling the group to halt...

Lara Croft jumped off the pachyderm and walked up to the front of the group. She pulled a hanky out of her pocket and dabbed her sweaty brow. Putting it back in, she fixed her holster-rig cocking her hip.

"Why are we stopping Werner?" she asked.

He nodded his head, motioning her to look ahead of him a head.

The thick bushes allowed no way for the massive mammals to pass.

"From here we go on foot", Werner said to the group.

Larson Conway walked up next to him then looked back at his men, Get 'em machete's out boys and start hacking."

"Well, at least we'll have a work out, don't you think Mr. Drake", Lara said teasing Nathan as she walked past him, playfully bumping her shoulder into his.


If the group was hot and bothered before, the sweat was now running down their backs and foreheads. They had been moving and hacking through the thicket for over two hours.

"Don't you think this is rather odd?" Lara asked, huffing slightly.

"Odd?" Nathan asked.

"Yes odd, this isn't a natural thicket. This has been purposefully grown."

Nathan stopped hacking and looked around him, Lara was right. The vines seemed to have been twisted together, the bushes placed to grow as they were, nothing was so much, overgrown, and it almost appeared, cultivated.

Even Larson seemed to catch on, "why the hell would someone want to grow a thicket?"

"Isn't it obvious", Nathan replied, "to keep people out."

Werner Von Croy looked at the growth, unlike the others; he didn't have a surprised look, "the Vash'i people."

"Who the fuck is the Washy?" Larson asked.

"Vash'i", Nathan corrected, "a tribe of mixed culture, Chinese and Indian."

"Yes", Lara confirmed, "they live in the jungles here, their lives are simple, their actually a very humble and subdued group."

Just then the whipping sound came from the left, an axe flinging out of the thicket; Lara bent over backward bending her knees, the axe just missing her cheek as it flung past and lodged into the tree behind her.

The man in the loin cloth looked Indian with his dark skin and shiny hair, but his small eyes gave him a Chinese feature. He had come out of the thicket holding tight thick ropes; tied by the ropes, were five Bengal tigers.

"Tukaal umtunah, Tukaal umtunah", he yelled.

"Lara, I hate to argue with a lady, but he doesn't look too subdued", Nathan said backing away.

"His a Washy!" Larson said raising his shotgun.

The Vash'i man saw Larson's movement and yelled as he released the ropes, the five tigers charging.

One darted toward Larson ready to pounce; but Larson raised his shotgun and fired the force of the shot flinging the beast back.

Behind him the other beast struck jumping on one of the mercs, he yelled as the tigers teeth sunk into his neck as it jumped him to the ground.

The third tiger ran for Nathan, also pouncing for him. He fell down flat on the ground rolling forward, the beast flying over him. He got to his feet and ran, falling forward, and almost losing his footing as he reached for his gun while running into the jungle.

Lara Croft was a lot more graceful, she ran toward the tiger and when he tried to claw her she leapt into the air, tramping on the animal's back and using it as a spring board to shoot her body over and behind the Vash'i man.

The man spun around pulling out two axes and swinging wildly. Lara moved her body, weaving and dodging the swings as she stepped back, finding space; she threw her body into a cartwheel then into a back flip. Landing she pulled out her guns, took aim and fired, pelting the axes out of the man's hands.

Nathan Drake panted as he pushed his body, the tiger catching up. In front of him was a cliff, he was coming up on a dead end...

"C'mon Nate, c'mon", he egged himself on as he reached the cliff and flung himself off the edge. The tiger sprang after him. He threw his hands out grabbing wildly at the loose vines; finally, luckily, grabbing one he twisted his body, swinging around back to the cliff. He kicked the incoming tiger, and it fell down to the crashing river below. Nathan let go of the vine and dived onto the cliff falling into a roll and standing up, only to stand face to face with another tiger.

The Vash'i man looked down the barrel of Lara's guns; he placed his fingers in his mouth and gave a sharp whistle.

Nathan heard the whistle, then watched as the tiger in front of him backed away then ran back into the jungle. He let out the breath he had been holding as he got to his feet and jogged back to the group. He saw Lara standing with her guns pointed at the Vash'i man.

"Tukaal umtunah, Tukaal umtunah", he repeated.

Larson came up to him with the shotgun raised.

"NO!" Nathan yelled reaching out and pulling the barrel down as he fired, the shot making a hole in the ground. The man took his chance and fled into the jungle.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, darn it, that savage might make trouble for us again."

"Tukaal umtunah", Nathan said, "run, flee", he translated.

"That ain't much of a threat", Larsen said holstering his shotgun.

"It wasn't a threat. It was a warning", Nathan said looking down at the dead Bengal tiger on the ground in front of him.

"We camp here for the night", Lara said passing the boys.

Larson walked up to Nathan, stepping into his personal space, "you ever touch my gun again boy, and I'll kill ya."


Larson walked through the jungle smoking a cigarette. He stopped dead in his tracks as he came to the riverbed. He swallowed hard as he looked into the water seeing the shimmering form of Lara's naked body swimming just under the surface.

As she came up she flung her hair up over her head giving a long sigh. She fell back into the clear, cool water into a back stroke swimming toward the shore. Larson gave another groan as he saw her large breasts jiggle as she swam on her back. She turned around and walked toward her clothes. Her firm, tight ass swaying as she shifted her weight.

"Are you enjoying the view Mr. Conway", Lara yelled out as she bent and pulled her shorts up her wet legs.

She then proceeded to pull on her top, then turned and flung her gun holsters over her shoulder. Her top stretched over her soaking wet breasts, and without a bra on her light brown areolas and hard nipples were slightly visible.

She smirked at the flustered look on Larson's face as she passed him.

"Careful, you might just swallow that cigarette."

Back in the little clearing in the jungle the tents were erected. Nathan Drake stood over a steel tub rubbing his face and arms with water. Lara walked up to him smiling. He also gawked at her damp body.

"I don't think you told me how you know the language of the Vash'i."

"I don't, I only pick up a few things. It's not that different from some of the Indian dialects."

"Well, I do love a man who knows how to use his tongue", Lara smiled wickedly.

Nathan swallowed, "E-hum, so maybe I can come to your tent, later, and..."

Lara ran a finger over his cheek as she strutted to her tent. She saw Larson looking at her and winked at him.


Lara rolled around for the fifth time in her cot staring up at the pitch blackness inside her tent. Her body was clammy from the humidity again. She lied with a blanket over her leg, with only her midriff top on, her bottom half of her body naked; her shorts far too constraining to sleep in.

She opened her eyes as she heard someone shuffle into her tent, and then took in a breath as she felt a hand touch her calf.

"I was beginning to think you weren't going to come."

The hand skimmed up her leg then rubbed around the side of her thigh and gripped in the join of her hip. Another hand gripped her other side, and she hissed as a mouth covered her core.

Lara ripped her top off and squeezed her over-sized breasts together and arched her back as she felt his wide tongue dart into her pussy. It licked inside her then withdrew to lap at her soft delicate labia.

"Oh, lover, this is so naughty", Lara moaned as her pussy grew more and more moist. She started to grind her hips into the man's mouth, and he circled his head following her movement while he sucked and licked at her heating cunt.

The soft moans and breathing grew louder in the darkness as the slurping and squelching sounds grew. Lara shaking her head from side to side as she pinched her nipples hard. Her body shuddered as she felt two fingers slip into her pussy and push in deep. She bit her lip as it moved in and out of her rapidly.

Just as the stimulation grew to breaking point the fingers slid out of her. She breathed heavily as the teasing stopped, making her even more lustful. She heard the distinct sound of a zipper pulling down then the warm male body climbed up on top of her.

"God I'm so randy lover", Lara purred as she wrapped her arms around the male body and spread her legs open.

She breathed in a deep breath as a hard cock pressed against her pussy lips then grit her teeth as it eased into her pussy, stretching her open. Lara swallowed as more of the seemingly huge cock filled her. She pushed her hips forward, and the cock pulled out of her then slammed in completely.

The motion caused a tremor to shoot through Lara's body and she gripped the man as her pussy tightened up and she shot into a powerful orgasm.

The cock deep inside her withdrew slightly then pushed back into her convulsing sex, and she felt sloppy licks covering her nipple and a large portion of her left tit in spit as the tongue slid over it then up her neck.

A hand gripped her left leg just under ass then she was pummeled as her pussy lips wrapped around the cock as it thrust in and out of her fast. Her body rocked against the man as he fucked her with hard, deep strokes, her body shuddering as another orgasm budded.

She struggled to breathe as she tried to meet the incredible thrusts slapping in and out of her pussy, her vaginal excretions seeping out and trailing down her ass crack.

"God, oh shit", Lara moaned. She raised her head into the crook of the man's shoulder to muffle her pleasurable moans. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and if her face was visible in the darkness the contorted creases would be clearly seen, a sure tell sign of her orgasm starting.

The man was giving it to her so hard and so fast now that her pussy ached, but she loved it, it felt so good. She rocked her body running her pussy over the hard, throbbing cock.

"AHH", Lara couldn't muffle that scream as she came again, her body shuddering under the man, her toes curling, and her eyes driving to the back of her head. She came so hard that she felt the liquid of her own juices pool in the cot under her ass.

Lara grunted as she felt the throbbing cock pull out of her vagina. She raised herself on her elbows, but was unable to see in the dark. She heard a groan, and then felt warm splashes of thick sticky globs burst into her face.

Covered in cum, she felt a bulbous cock head push against her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed the dick in feeling it twitch as she sucked on it as it deflated in her mouth.

She breathed heavily again after the cock pulled out of her mouth, she heard the man shuffle around again.

"You can stay if you like Nathan", she said huskily, but he had already left.

Lara struck a match and lit the lamp in the tent. She got up and got the handkerchief out of her shorts pocket, then used it to clean the drying cum off her face.

"Didn't know you were that eager", came the voice from behind her.

She turned to see Nathan standing at the tent entrance, eyes roving over her tight and sweaty naked body.

She smiled, "Back for more lover?"


Lara looked at him confused, if it wasn't him that had just shagged her?

"Lara?!" Nathan tried to get her attention, seeing the confused look on her face as she zoned out for a moment.

Lara looked back at him; there was a massive bulge in his jean.

"Never mind darling, why don't we get too it shall we?"

She walked back over to her cot, lied down and spread her legs.

Nathan groaned as he looked at her cute pink pussy, her opening slightly agape.

He smiled as he walked over to the cot...


Lara walked out of her tent and looked at the men that were packing up their equipment. It would be obvious who had snuck into her tent last night and shagged her. The mercenaries were just going about their business; then from the corner of her eye she caught Larson smirking as he looked over at her.

Lara walked up to him, and before he could react, she had pulled out her gun and hit him through the mouth with then handle.

He stumbled backward, and then fell down on one knee. He coughed twice, the first was blood and the second was a tooth. Larson wanted to get up and retaliate, but Lara shoved her gun against his nose grabbing the color of his shirt.

"If you ever touch me again, all I'll need is three shots to ensure that you are a castrated eunuch without any genitals at all."

She holstered her gun and left him beaten and embarrassed in front of his men.


It was midday when the group reached the tomb entrance. In front of it was a huge statue of a woman with six arms, and a large sword in each hand

"Kalika", said Werner, a reverent look on his face, "more commonly known as the goddess Kali."

"Yeah", retorted Larson, "so where's the damn scepter?"

"The scepter, if it exists", said Nathan, "will be in the tomb, the statue blocks the entrance."

"Granite", Lara added looking up at the imposing sculpted deity, "the statue is made of granite; it really is quit magnificent."

"Yeah, well enjoy it while ya can, we gonna blow it", Larson said. He turned to one of his men, "Rex, the C4."

The mercenary pulled the explosive out of his backpack and moved toward the statue.

"NO, DO NOT!" Werner yelled.

The man turned to see the others looking past him their eyes wide. There was a loud groan and he turned to see the statue's top half move, its hand swinging the massive sword down.

Lara covered her face as the blade split the man's body in half, some of his blood spilling on her.

The group looked up as the statues hands swung around readying its swords to obliterate the intruders.

"Not good", Nathan whined.


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