Toni Braxton


Toni Braxton waved a last time and walked down the stairs. She had another great performance and she could leave the stage happy. Walking down the hall, she was suddenly accompanied by her boss and her songwriter.

"You did a great job out there!", they said.

They both were trying to screw Toni for a long time but she has decided not to give him her pussy for career like some chicks did. Feeling good about herself she entered her dressing room. The room wasn't big, but it was clean and she was alone. Sometimes after a Agig@ she felt horny and wanted time to play with herself. Now she felt realy horny so she took clothes off and started playing with her small tits. Sitting in her chair, gently playing with her tits and reliving every minute of tonight's performance, she heard a knock on her door.

Who could it be when she specifically told everybody she wanted to be left alone. Feeling a little angry she dressed up and walked to the door to answer it.

She asked who it was, leaving the door closed.

"I'm your biggest fan in the whole world!", a voice answered enthusiastically.

Toni was surprised and asked herself how the hell did he get past the security? She opened the door and saw the deep brown eyes of a 20-year old guy. He gave her flowers and started apologizing for the trouble, but he just wanted to say how beautiful she looked and how good she performed tonight.

Toni blushed and accepted the flowers. As the conversation furthered, the man noticed her panties and braw in the corner. That made him horny too and he got more bold. He asked Toni if he could come in. She replied that that wasn't a good idea.

At that point he was too horny to stop so he got angry so he pushed her inside. Then he closed and locked the door behind him and walked towards Toni. She got scared and tried to run away, but the man grabbed her. Toni started pounding the man with her fists, but the man was much bigger than her, and he probably didn't even notice her resistance. Suddenly, she felt a burning pain in her stomach. Grasping for breath she slowly, collapsed onto the floor.

The man grabbed her chin and told her that they are going to have some fun. If she resisted it will hurt her otherwise she will enjoy it.

Toni was now terrified, but slowly knodded. Tears were in her eyes, but she just wanted to survive this. Then he started touching her face, her neck, slowly lowering to her chest. His face came close to hers as he kissed her.

In some weird way Toni almost enjoyed it, as he cupped her breasts with his hands. With his right hand he pinched her nipple and Toni couldn't surpress a little scream but she wasn´t sure is it from pain or plesure.

"Quiet!", the man said, and smacked her gently in her face.

Tears rolled down her eyes, but this time she didn't make a noise. She just had to survive this. With his hands he ripped her sweater open and started kissing her neck. Toni wore a white lace bra, which pushed her tits a little more together. This sight made him even hornier. He tore the bra away and Toni's small, firm breasts bounced up. With his tongue he started sucking Toni's nipples. It was heaven, and Toni felt that her pussy became wet.

While sucking and biting her nipples, he unbuttoned her jeans. Then he stopped and ordered Toni to get undressed. Slowly, Toni complied to the man's order. She took off her jeans and hesitated for a while.

"Your panties too!"

Knowing now what the man was capable off, she lowered her panties and took them off. A little line of brown pubic hair became visible, as well as her fine small pussy.

Then he ordered Toni to lay down on her back. She hesitated, but followed the man's order, because she knew that resisting had no use. The man took her anckels and gently spread her beautiful, long black legs wide apart and lowered his face onto her sweet pussy.

The smell made him crazy. So pure, so clean, but still a little sweaty from the exhausting performance she just gave. He loved it. He started licking her inner thigh, climbing up to her pussy.

"Please don't", Toni asked, but the man ignored her completely and continued to lick her outer lips. Then, with his thumbs, he separated her outer lips and started licking her clit and inner lips.

Tears rolled over Toni's cheeks but now in some kind of pleasure. As much as one part of her hated to, another wanted to so her body reacted to the sexual impulses from his tongue and her pussy got moisty and hot.

"Wow, someones cunt is liking what I do. You are getting wet, little Toni!", he said surprised. Toni stared sobbing, but couldn't deny the sexual arousment she felt from her pussy. He kept licking and sucking her clit, and Toni's pussy became more and more receptive and wet. The man inserted is tongue inside her pussy and tonguefucked her a couple of times. Toni now got really turned on. Her dark, chocolat nipples became stiff and her lips parted, the juices flowed freely. She started to moan, as she felt an orgasm approaching. The man noticed Toni's reaction and increased his speed. Then he inserted a finger in her wet pussy. Toni just moaned and arched her back. At this time, she didn't want the man to stop, she wanted to come.

When he inserted his finger into her he found out how tight was she and this surprised him because he thought that she was some more of a whore.

After a couple seconds he started to fuck Toni with his finger now, while licking her clit. Toni started wiggling and moving her slim, black body to give access to his moving finger. Then suddenly her body froze in a huge orgasm, bigger then anyone she had alone.

But the man was already among her legs. He placed his rock hard cock onto her hole and stuck the head against her yearning, wet lips. He needed both his arms to keep all of his weight off from her so Toni used her small hand to guide his big, rock hard cock in to her. She only stuck half of the tip in when she started whining in another orgasm.

He pulled back a little just so that she can calm down a second. Then he slowly moved forward again this time getting the entire head in. Toni screeched and dug her nails into his back.

He slowly pulled his cock a little bit out and pushed back in her this time getting another inch inside of her. She still moaned so he relaxed for a minute waiting for her to adjust to his big cock inside of her. He then pushed in another inch or so and pulled back. Finally after few minutes of playing he buried himself, balls deep, inside of her burning hole. She was out of breath just from the struggle to get his big cock in her all the way that the man thought she would pass out on him.

She had her 3rd orgasm with just him sitting inside of her that was so intense that her eyeballs could have come out of their sockets.

The man proceeded to thrust into her being no more so gentle. In and out in and out for a few minutes he kept a steady pace going. Then he reached down under her legs and lifted them up to where her knees were against her breasts. And he felt himself get in a little bit further than he was.

That's when he felt this strong rush of warm fluid hit his cock. He enjoyed that so much and started fucking her with more force. He pounded her black pussy harder and harder until he shot his load deep inside of her. It felt like he was in heaven.

Then he got up, dressed himself and went out leaving Toni fucked like she was never before.

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