tagErotic CouplingsTouchez-moi là! A Woman's Confessions

Touchez-moi là! A Woman's Confessions


Confession: sex is my ultimate obsession. I think about sex with more frequency than a room full of teenage boys watching their first porno flick would. Every man I see, I wonder what his cock looks like. I wonder what they sound like when they come, breathy and low, loud and harsh, silently.

I get a twinge in my pussy when I catch my fiancée masturbating to a glossy porn movie box on the toilet. I love watching him as he caresses his huge, throbbing member, his shiny purple cock head moving around and around...damn.

I love watching us in the mirror when we fuck. Watching his beautiful ass thrusting between my legs in an animalistic rhythm. I love hearing him groan and breathe warmth around my neck. I want him to take me from behind and pound his cock into me hard and fast; he makes this grunting little "uhhn" noise every time he thrusts, as if to emphasize the movement of his thick cock inside me.

He has a beautiful cock. It's thick, the perfect length, and slightly cobra shaped. The head gets bigger right before he comes, and his whole cock gets longer, straining to eject its fluid deep within some wet orifice. Every time I see it I get this urge to put it in my mouth. I will die with this mans' cock in my mouth. I love giving him head, hearing him grunt and groan, licking around the base of his silky head, taking it deep into my throat and swallowing the tip.

He loves to suck my tits. He buries his face in my 40D breasts and sucks any nipple that gets close to his mouth. His cock gets so hard. He moans when I tease him, pulling the nipple away then brushing his soft cheek with it. He likes it when I grip his shaft between my breasts and pump it up and down, licking and sucking the tip when it gets near my lips.

I have had fantasies since I was eleven years old. It was shortly after I started masturbating. I used to get in my parents Jacuzzi tub and put my pussy up to one of the jets. It made me come really quickly, usually within twenty seconds. I used to imagine being in sort of a sex club, surrounded my hot men with huge, hard cocks all dying to have sex with me. I always liked being submissive so I'd imagine I was in this box, with all these holes in it for the hot guys to stick their cocks through. Then I'd fuck one, lick another, grab one in each hand, and rub my ass and tits against a couple more. Then they would all stand in line and I'd pick one and perform some passionate act with him as the others watched, dicks in hand.

I'd always have fantasies about guys I knew or met. Crushes from school became wild, tan sex Gods when I masturbated. I remember one, Zack. He was a football player, and not a very good one. He had bad skin and a horrible, hairsprayed 80's haircut, but I wanted him. I'd imagine him running his coarse, football grabbing hands across my sensitive tits and fingering my pussy.

There were plenty others, usually older boys or any guy that even showed the slightest bit of interest in my hugely developed tits. I was wearing a bra by third grade. They aren't too huge, just big, perky and full. I loved it when my junior high lust-interests noticed that fact. I remember one guy I had a thing for called me "bouncy" as he and an older boy watched my tits. I almost sucked both their developing hard-ons right there. If only I'd known that guys got hard-ons in school, I would have been looking for them the whole time.

I love hearing guys talk about their early sexual development. It's fascinating and a huge turn on, imagining them young, experiencing sexual climax for the first time, pulling at their cocks every spare moment. Not that I get off on kiddie porn or anything, but imagining a grown mans' first sexual explosion is titillating. I imagine what I was doing to myself at the same age.

I like to tell my fiancée that I love sucking his cock. He gets off on that. All I have to do is mention it and he gets a huge erection. He gets hard in public. We were standing in line at the DMV and he starts rubbing my ass with it, in close quarters with about forty other tired people in line. I love that.

I love it when he talks while we're fucking. I wish he'd do it more. I get off on hearing him growl "You like that?" in my ear. I love it when he slaps my ass when he's riding me from behind. Just one good smack is all it takes.

I was a virgin until I met my fiancée. We both were. The first time we had sex he had performance anxiety so he never made it in successfully. We stayed in a hotel that night, and every night after that for about three weeks. He did finally get it up and in and we fucked like bunnies everywhere, in hotels, our parents' houses, our friends' dumpy little Winnebago while he was sleeping in the next bed, his car, the beach, you name it, we did it. Everything was so much fun. The new feeling of him sliding wet between my thighs…mmm.

I love sex in water. We went to the hot springs and he floated me around on his cock. I swear he had an erection the whole time, which is funny because it's a clothing optional place. I guess it's the feeling of warmth and weightlessness. We've tried get it on in the bathtub but it's just not the same.

I love being a straight woman sometimes. It's such a turn-on, the feeling of being penetrated so deep you think he's touching your soul. Love is funny, you just want to absorb the other person, take them inside you, and melt with them. You can never hold them tight enough, kiss them enough, get them deep enough. Sex is the closest thing to becoming one. Rhythmic pulsating love, exploding inside and around you. Sex is great on it's own, but it's true; when that thirsty, self-replenishing, unconditional love is involved, sex becomes a melding of souls. No wonder I'm so addicted.

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