Toy Pictures


Taking pictures thrills me. That is not true of my generally indifferent wife, depending on mood and lighting. A flash going off is an unnecessary distraction from her intense concentration, as capturing her cumming is one of my major pursuits.

She doesn't mind the occasional session, and I can't resist them. Admittedly, my picture taking skills suffer markedly once my cock begins to be stroked. Jacking off while taking pictures of reality entwines the visual and sexual, the immediate and the longer term. We've been taking - and sharing - pictures for over 15 years.

In bed, outside though not really in public, around the house, in the shower - different settings have different charms. In bed with her toy is a long running variation, in part because how horny we both get right from the beginning. Trying to capture orgasm is not easy - however, since the trying is so enjoyable, no reason not to do it over and over.

Or to come up with new ideas, though progress after discovering an idea tends to be slow. Like finally trying to take pictures underwater at our local lake. Or in the shower, from any number of angles as she cums, including grinding her ass against my turned on cock, often unable to resist cumming myself, both of us moaning under the sound of pulsing water. Wetness and bare skin is wonderful, especially with a hard cock.

My photo skills have not really improved over the years. We've gotten older, reducing our enthusiasm and changing our appearance. But sometimes, just as in the past just starting out, everything comes together. Even when the images don't, the orgasms involved make the time spent more than worthwhile. This explains why so many of our sex pictures over the years have involved her three toys.

Convincing her to allow pictures of her using her latest nobbed magic wand attachment was trivial, especially this being only the second time she had played with it. In other words, almost a beginner, one unable to resist the temptation to become more skilled. A beginner unconcerned about people watching her become an expert, something we've shared over the years as she developed her skills on two other vibrators.

Preparing everything, including towels, only requires a minute. She lay down after removing her bra, skirt and panties, taking a few minutes to relax after work, an hour before bicycling to her fitness class. The room was a bit cool, her nipples poking against the somewhat sheer and somewhat tight shirt she left on.

I kneeled, settling my weight on the carpet edging the bed, leaning forwards against the backboard as she turned the wand on. The scent of her pussy, near the peak of her cycle, was unmistakable. My reactions were predictable, stretching closer, breathing deeply, cock growing delightfully heavier as her natural perfume spread it effects through me. We were both becoming comfortably aroused, following a familiar path. A straightforward part of our shared marital interests, most of my basic knowledge originally learned from another married couple I had lived with, before meeting my wife.

Quickly, the wand wasn't the only thing turned on, her eyes shutting, legs spreading as the vibration's power began to overwhelm her. Watching her surrender to such primal sexual pleasure led me to doing the same, my right hand beginning to pump my hard cock. I still managed to take a couple of pictures, but my ability to concentrate on such complicated actions was dwindling.

This is a major reason I remain so addicted to taking pictures - it makes me really, really hot. Since it is just for my own pleasure, lack of technical focus is just part of the process, a benefit, not a problem. I've worked at a TV studio, though never misusing any cameras or decks to create video porn. Though I did enjoy the facilities repeatedly, after hours with an old girlfriend - fucking in master control while watching a porn satellite feed in the mid-80s. In the personal digital age, I discovered that creating porn turns me on as much as watching ever did.

At some point, her legs now wide open and pussy lips glistening, the camera dropped on the piled feather blanket. We were both panting and saying 'yes .. yes' as her first orgasm occurred, almost leading me along the same path. One I try not to follow too quickly, since this was undoubtedly just her first orgasm, ensuring that at least 3 or 4 more would be coming. My cumming later certainly increases my total pleasure, allowing me to at least approach the sort of fun she is having. Not to mention allowing the opportunity to take more erotic pictures along the way.

The view was raw, pure porn, causing the thought to bubble up that now was picture taking time again. I clumsily turned the camera on, pointing it more or less in the proper direction, moaning as I fisted my rigid shaft. Her moaning grew louder as her pussy lips began to spread, showing off her pinkness. She was getting wetter, her expression turning wonderfully animalistic, eyes closed, grunting as she jammed the vibrator at an angle, letting me see and capture the nobs getting her off.

I could only take a couple of pictures before the camera slipped again from my relaxed grasp. The spreading pre-cum over my cockhead overwhelmed me, the friction changing wonderfully along my shaft as I kept jerking off, right on the edge of cumming. Moaning distracted me a bit, causing me to notice how she was now riding a wave of orgasm, about to cum again.

The effort of taking up the camera allowed me to postpone orgasming long enough to pull myself back a bit, thoughts churning as I snapped a couple more pictures of her hot hairy orgasming cunt. After cumming several more times while I watched, she sighed, then turned the power off. In the silence, I moved into the bed next to her, the camera in my hand.

'Let's switch the attachment,' I said, and as she turned to get it from her side, I turned the camera back on. 'And maybe you can take a couple of shots of my cock?' I was a bit nervous asking, since generally, she has no interest in images, and is somewhat dismissive about whether anyone else is interested in an older middle aged couple.

She handed me the somewhat U shaped collar, an attachment she had noticed among the variety of attachments included with the vibrator, cleverly figuring out what it could be used for. This would also only be my second time experiencing what this vibrator could do, my own eagerness quite apparent to my wife. The first time, my wife had been the one handling it as she used it on my cock, admittedly less than expertly. Of course, the pleasure made me cum, even as the occasional crushing sensation or lack of contact made the ride a bit bumpy.

Today, I was the one doing the playing. Adding to the newness of the experience was feeling her settling in to take pictures of me getting off. I brought the toy into contact against my rod, the sudden intense pleasure making me moan and slump, my horniness growing quickly, especially as the flash went off.

As my legs began to spread wider, I heard her ask 'do you like that?'

'Oh fuck yes' I groaned, feeling how she bent closer, making me move the wand off my cock as the flash went off. Touching my cock with it again, the sensations were unbelievable, along with the occasional flash showing that my wife had taken another opportunity to snap a picture off.

Dirty words were flowing over my tongue and floating past my lips, building orgasm overwhelming any attempt to understand them, much less control them. Her toy was incredibly powerful, sweeping me into total ecstasy, pressing as the first jet inexorably rose from between my legs, slowed by the force of the toy's plastic edge.

I was rigid, moving my hips much she had before, experiencing total orgasm, unable to stop or resist, needing to do nothing but keep feeling the vibrator's magic on my rod as hot cum pumped, coating my thigh in liquid warmth. Finally, completely drained, I moved the vibrator away, fumbling it off with my weak fingers.

'God that was good - thanks for noticing that attachment,' I said, mind returning to a state of contented sleepiness.

'I took a cum shot, you know' was her reply, making me realize how completely the toy had dominated my awareness, taking away all control.

'Really? - I didn't notice.'

'I sure did - you really like my toy, it seems.'

'Definitely - especially when cumming with it involves pictures. Even if I didn't realize it - that toy is fantastic.'

'Yes it is.' At which point, we snuggled into the sheets, then went back to sleep, relaxed and utterly content.

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