Later, when we had both recovered, we lay quietly talking together, about ourselves, a little about our varied pasts, and a bit more about our individual plans and dreams. Later still we got up, cleansed and refreshed ourselves, then rustled up something to eat and sat talking some more long after we had finished the bottle of wine I'd opened.

Then, as neither could get enough of the other, we returned to bed and after another, equally exhausting bout of love-making, we fell asleep in each other's arms.


Chapter 4

A New Chapter

Over the next few weeks I saw her whenever I could, which was not as often as I would have liked. I found that being a model, albeit a trainee was more than a full time job. Apart from her classes and the various exercises she needed to do to keep her figure in shape, there was the general maintenance of herself. As someone who just shaved and threw on some clothes, the idea of spending an hour or two a day in keeping skin, hair and other assorted parts of the body looking good, was difficult to grasp. But although it was an irritation to be restricted from seeing her by such activities I had to learn to accept that it was an inevitable part of the life she wanted.

And although the magazine coverage had helped to get her into my bed, it didn't actually help my ongoing sex-life, in fact quite the reverse.

Her agent used it to get her a couple of pretty ordinary jobs, then the way she performed at those led to something more prestigious, which in turn brought her still more work. Not all of which was locally based.

So the time we had together became more and more restricted by the other things in her life; her ongoing classes, her fitness regime, her personal maintenance programme, her increasing schedule of work, and the travel that began to involve. Even the time wasted in shuttling back and forth between her place and mine began to become important. So I finally summoned up the courage to ask her to think about moving in with me.

It took her a couple of days to decide, and no doubt talk it over with her flat-mates, both of whom seemed to like me, and as I found out much later, actually supported the idea. Then having completely reorganised the stuff in my flat so there was room for hers too, we did it, starting a whole new chapter in both of our lives.

There were some glitches of course, but we were both sensible enough to expect that there would be, and as we were in every other way happy to be together we were always able to find a compromise solution to whatever was irritating the other.

And to be honest, apart from losing much of the spare room, which I had got used to using as a second office, which suddenly turned into a walk-in wardrobe, and being barred from the bath-room for large chunks of time, there wasn't that much to complain about.

And the benefits certainly heavily out-weighed those relatively minor inconveniences.

Just having her around to look at was wonderful, and I took every opportunity her various activities gave me to enjoy doing just that. At first she found it a bit of nuisance, but when I reminded her what she had said that first day, about finding the idea of me masturbating while looking at a picture of her, exciting, she fell silent.

'I'm not going to sit there doing that all the time Tracey, but you do have to understand that guys are very visual creatures, we spend a lot of time looking, just looking. And you are absolutely gorgeous, so why wouldn't I want to look at you, whatever you're doing. And whether you like it or not I'm going to be doing it anyway, if not openly, then surreptitiously.'

'You're quite right of course Jim.' She said, slipping her arms around my waist and pulling me close. 'And of course I like having you think sexy thoughts about me. Apart from anything else, while you're doing that you can't be doing it about somebody else.' She added with a grin. 'So look as much as you like, and sometimes please act on the thoughts that you get from doing it.' She said in a much lower whisper, then kissed me.

And that of course was the other advantage of us being together, the frequency of sex increased dramatically, and much of it was made even more exciting by its sheer spontaneity.

But as well as being able to make love as and when we felt like it, there was the benefit of having time to discover things about each other's special preferences that led to a steady improvement in the quality of sex we had.

Much of that was by picking-up on the other's reactions to certain situations. For instance, Tracey had told me during that first evening together how sensitive her breasts could be, and she quickly observed just how aroused I could get from just doing that, and how strong an erection it gave me.

And although we didn't sit down and discuss it formally, we did get into the habit of exchanging some of our most private thoughts, usually in bed, after we had made love and before falling asleep.

And it was during one of those that I admitted how strongly I reacted to the sight of her triangular patch of pubic hair. 'Just the hair, not my pussy?' She asked with surprise.

'Well of course I react to seeing your pussy. But even when I can't, just seeing your bush gets me going, it always has, from that very first day.'

'I must remember that Jim.' She'd said thoughtfully.

So the cumulative knowledge we acquired in various ways gave us both the ability to arouse and please the other ever more successfully.

But as well as all that was a mutual willingness to allow each other to continue enjoying what often remains secret between many couples. That private, and deeply buried fantasy world we all have. Tracey and I not only realised that we each had such a world, and respected the bounds that each had been put around them, but when in the course of sexual activities the occasional tip would sometimes break through, we allowed the other to decide if it should be talked about openly.

What happened between us early one morning is a perfect example of what I mean.

It was a Saturday, so I wasn't working but she had a job to go to that morning, and I was still sound asleep when she woke. But as she got out of bed she disturbed me enough to bring me half awake, making me aware of her movement, and also aware of the erection the pressure in my bladder had given me. But right then neither of those was strong enough to prevent me slipping back to sleep again.

When I woke up again some time later I presumed that by then she had showered and left for work, and as the pressure in my bladder had increased I got up and went through to the bath-room.

I'd been wrong about the timing, she was still applying her make-up, and seeing how she was dressed stopped me in my tracks, and made me forget all about my original reason for my being there.

She had just panties and bra on, a new set I'd not seen before, made of some thin, silky, peach-coloured material. The panties were cut high to the waist, the vee shaped slice of fabric actually covering very little flesh and clinging tightly to what it did. But it was what I saw when I looked in the mirror that really got to me, and started giving me a different sort of erection to the one I'd had earlier.

Being taller than Tracey I was looking down over her shoulder, and as she was leaning forward to apply mascara I had a view straight down at her breasts, down the deep, creamy valley between them. I felt my cock filling and rising as I stared down at the way they stretched the wispy fabric of her bra tight, making it look more like a second layer of even silkier skin.

As I continued staring down that lush valley I reached out and touched her, my fingers slipping off her panties and over her even softer skin, then curling to fit the firm curve of her arse, and gently squeezing it. As I squeezed I closed my eyes momentarily and recalled what we'd done just a few hours before, how wonderful it had felt when she pushed those cheeks back against my stomach as I slid my cock up into her pussy.

I felt it straining higher, then starting to throb as I continued stroking and squeezing, and when I opened my eyes I saw she had bent further forward, so she could see my face through the mirror. She obviously saw the hungry look in my eyes, and gave me a sympathetic smile as she said. 'I'm sorry, but not now Jim, I have to leave for work.'

'That's not fair Tracey, not with you looking the way you do.' I replied without thinking.

'Of course it's nice to know you like how I look, you know I like that. But I'm already running a bit late.' She said as she turned to face me.

The effect of having the reality just inches away was even more powerful than the reflection had been. The bra used a minimal amount of material, leaving most of the full, creamy flesh of her gorgeous breasts exposed. The silky fabric stretched tight by their size and shape, her nipples making tempting little bulges in it. And apart from what the sight of her did to my cock, I had an almost irresistible urge to lift my hands up and touch them.

Something made Tracey look down, and she saw the way my shorts were being stretched equally tight by the size of the erection I'd got. 'Shit!' She said under her breath. 'I wish you'd woken up half an hour ago Jim, but I really do have to go in just a few minutes.' She added, still staring down at my crotch.

Like her I was still staring, but in my case also recalling the intensity of pleasure I'd had the previous evening, when I'd kissed, licked and nuzzled those breasts. Remembered the feel of their firm weight in my hands, remembered how she'd reacted when I fondled and squeezed them, nipped their spiking nipples between my finger-tips.

The sight of her, plus those momentary flashes of memory were enough to make my cock jerk even higher, and seeing the movement made Tracey realise just how strongly aroused I'd become. 'Oh you are in a bad way!' She exclaimed, then paused for a moment. 'I really do have to go Jim, but I'll do it for you this way, and I'll make it up to you tonight.' She said, reaching down and tugging at the shorts.

As she pulled them down over my hips my cock sprang upright, quivering from the pressure inside it. She looked up into my eyes for a moment and I saw from her expression that the sight of just how excited I'd got was affecting her almost as strongly.

'Shit that feels hot!' She gasped when she curled her fingers around the already throbbing shaft. 'I really do wish you'd woken when I did. But this might help to cool him down a bit.' She added with a tense but cheeky grin as she scooped a liberal amount of hand cream from an open pot.

Then, having spread it over both hands she linked her fingers, leaving a space between her crossed thumbs, and reached forward. 'Now, close your eyes and imagine you're doing it to me. No, wait, I have a better idea. Imagine you're doing it to somebody else, anyone you like.

I have no idea why it was that particular girl that immediately sprang into my mind. Like any red-blooded male there were plenty of women I had fantasised about at various times, film stars, models, a few of the girls at work, and even a couple of Tracey's modelling friends. So I was surprised to find the image of one of the check-out girls at the local supermarket floating inside my head.

Admittedly she had often caught my eye and on more than one occasion I had tried to imagine stripping away the stupid uniform the store provided, and see the actual shape of the body beneath it.

It couldn't conceal or disguise the prominent swell of her breasts and her skirt seemed to expose just a bit more shapely length of leg than the other girls' uniforms did. But it wasn't just the provocative shape that had got me going, it was her eyes, and the look I'd thought I'd seen in them on more than one occasion. They always had a cheeky twinkle and I'd noticed how they flitted around, sometimes focusing on some young guy's particularly appealing bum, other times just simply crotch-watching. But a couple of times she had caught me looking at her, and on each occasion she'd given me a positively wickedly mischievous smile.

So, as I pushed forward and started sliding my cock back and forth between Tracey's linked hands I found myself imagining I was with that girl.

The supermarket had been in virtual darkness, only a couple of lights left on for security, but for some reason she was still there, maybe she was responsible for closing up that night, maybe she was actually waiting for me. Anyway, when she'd seen me outside, watching her, she'd opened a door and let me in. Then immediately, and without saying a single word, took my hand and led me to the back of the store.

There had been no preliminaries, she had been so hot for me that she'd simply ripped her panties down, then hoisting up the skirt of her uniform she'd lifted herself on to one of the counter-tops and spread her knees wide apart. As I frantically undid myself and pushed my trousers and pants down I stared at what she'd exposed for me, noticing that she'd been in such a rush that she hadn't completely removed her panties. They had got caught on one foot and were still hanging from its ankle, they were black, made of some sort of lacy material.

But it was her body that held my complete attention, her legs were as long and finely shaped as I'd imagined they would be, the rounded thighs smooth and firm, and the sight of that length of pale flesh made my cock spring upright. Then it immediately started throbbing jerkily as my eyes followed the line of her thighs, drawn upward to where they joined, to the succulently moist, fleshy slit nestling amongst the dark curly hair.

I saw that its outer lips were puffy, glistening, and realising she was already just as aroused as I was I wasted no more time, moving forward, then hearing myself grunting at the thrills I felt as her cool fingers guided it and I plunged my red-hot cock deep inside her waiting, welcoming pussy.

The feeling was sheer bliss! I slid all the way up in one single thrust, opening her up like a hot knife slicing through butter. The friction between the sizzling hardness of my cock and the slippery, yet still clinging lining of her pussy sending excruciating thrills back up through my body.

When I felt myself jammed tight up against her, and I knew she had all of me inside herself, I paused for a moment, relishing the sensations that continued to ripple up into my brain. Then, as I felt her arms wind around me and her hands gripping my bum, urging me on, I began to fuck her.

Initially I drove in and out with long, slow thrusts, drawing all the way back until I felt the resistance of her pussy-lips in the deep groove just behind my cock-head, then driving powerfully forward again. Her cunt fitted me like a glove, clinging to the shaft each time I thrust back and forth, and the ripples I'd felt as I pushed into her grew even more powerful.

I had one regret, and that was because we hadn't had time to undo the top of her uniform I could neither touch nor even see her breasts. As I watched the twin bulge heaving up and down as she sucked in breaths of air, I tried to imagine their actual size and shape. They were obviously big, set high on her chest, and I felt sure they would be incredibly firm. Would her aureoles and nipples be big too, a dark brownish red - or would they be small, perky, a pale blushing pink? Would I ever get to find out?

The girl had shut her eyes and started mumbling as my cock plunged into her, and although her words were sometimes indistinct and sometimes broken by her intermittent gasps of pleasure, I could hear most of what she was saying.

'Oh yes, that's what I needed.' 'It's even bigger than I'd thought, harder, stronger too.' 'Lovely cock!' 'Dig deep. Yes that's it. Now, deeper still.' 'Oh shit that feels so good!'

'So good' was no way of describing the feelings I was getting, they were breath-takingly sensational, and as I powered on, maintaining that steady pace but putting more power behind each thrust, they got even more incredible, even more intense.

Even though my brain was flooded with the image of the girl in the supermarket and the feelings I was getting as I fucked her luscious pussy, in one small part of it I still knew it was Tracey's hands that were actually providing those. I even realised that the sharpening intensity of the sensations I was getting as I thrust back and forth resulted from the cream she'd put on them being absorbed into her skin, the slowly decreasing amount of lubricant increasing the friction on my cock.

But it was only a very small part that retained a hold on reality, and most of the time it was swamped by the overwhelming force of the fantasy I had conjured up.

And as my excitement increased, so apparently did hers too. I could feel her pussy flexing, clinging more tightly to my cock, then, as her gripping hands urged me on, I heard her voice again. 'Faster! Go faster now!'

Her urgency was contagious and irresistible and as I increased speed, thrusting faster and more vigorously, I felt the pressure inside myself rising higher. Then, even though I knew it was coming, I couldn't believe how quickly and how powerfully the unstoppable rush hit me. One moment I was still enjoying the incredible sensations coursing through my body, the next, I was exploding, violently, squirting gouts of semen deep inside her.

When they finally stopped, I stood there, still shuddering from the force of it, each breath making a rasping sound as I desperately gasped for air.

'Well that seemed to work pretty well, in fact I think you came even harder than you did last night.' I heard Tracey say, then adding. 'There certainly seems to be far more of this stuff.'

Reaching for a towel she started to wipe the messy splodges of semen off herself. 'So who were you thinking about?' She asked, mentioning a couple of film stars she knew I fancied, and when I shook my head adding another couple of names.

'No, nobody like that.' I answered truthfully but somewhat sheepishly.

'Who then, not one of my friends?'

'No, just a girl I've seen, a girl at the supermarket.' I blurted out.

'A girl in the supermarket! That's really classy Jim! Damn, I really do have to go now, but you can tell me more about this undiscovered sex symbol tonight, O.K.'

Now I can't imagine many girls actually suggesting their boy-friend fantasise they are fucking somebody else while having their needs taken care of, and even fewer who would then actually want to talk through that situation. But Tracey and I found we could do that, and, even more importantly, use whatever we said to each other to improve our already terrific sex-life.


Chapter 5

Our Special Pleasures

The conversation we had the evening after my early morning fantasy about the girl in the supermarket added a new dimension to the until then half-whispered confidences we'd exchanged late at night.

At first I found it a bit difficult to talk about, unsure of just how to begin, then finding it hard to explain the why's and wherefores of what had happened. But when I did get started I found it wasn't just me that felt like that, Tracey was having similar difficulties too.

Initially I thought her reluctance was caused by some sort of peevish jealousy, which would have been perfectly understandable. As I've said, although I'm sure most of us do it sometimes, I doubt there are too many people who actually like knowing their lover is really thinking of somebody else at those times.

But in fact that wasn't what was causing her hesitation, it was the thoughts and feelings she had experienced herself that were doing it.

I started off by admitting I had been as surprised as she was at finding it was the image of that particular girl that popped into my head. 'I've noticed her around.' I said. 'What first caught my eye was the way she was staring at some guy's bum, doing it quite blatantly. Then I caught her at it another time, and I suppose from then on I sort of kept half an eye out for her. She seems to be an inveterate crotch-watcher too.' I added.

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