Trailer Trash Ch. 03


"What now bitch?" Brandy giggled as she stuck her nose right up into Missy's face. "The days of me kissing your ass are over." Missy struggled to get free but Allison held her tightly.

Emily peeked through the closed stall door and waited until Brandy and Allison were turned away. She quietly opened the door and moved up behind Allison. "Did you just call my friend Trailer Trash?"

Allison tried to twist around but Emily was too fast. Allison felt her short skirt being pulled down to the floor and then her panties.

"HEY!" Allison cried out as she let Missy go and turned to run at Emily. However the panties and skirt around her ankles caused her to trip and she fell face forward with her shiny pink ass pointing upward.

Brandy stood watching and not expecting Missy to attack. Before she could react Missy rammed her forehead forward into Brandy's face. The sound of the girl's broken nose echoed through the restroom. "OUCH!"

Emily jumped down on the backs of Allison's knees and pulled the panties and skirt from Allison's kicking feet. "HEY YOU WHORE...GIVE ME BACK MY PANTIES!"

As Brandy moved back with her nose pouring out blood Emily grabbed Missy's hand and they ran from the restroom laughing. "I don't think they will call you Trailer Trash again," Emily said before opening a garbage lid and tossing away the skirt.

Missy stopped and looked at Emily. "No one has ever done that for me before."

"It was nothing," Emily smiled. "I've been waiting to do it to them for some time now." She turned to walk back into the mall when Missy grabbed her and pulled her into her body. They hugged.

"Thank you."


Brandon had been waiting patiently for Emily and Missy to return and had already finished his drink. He picked up their drinks and walked down the hallway towards the restroom. He turned the corner and saw Missy and Emily hugging. "Are you two having fun?"

Emily and Missy turned and smiled. "Yes we just had a lot of fun in the restroom," Emily giggled.

Brandon thought they were joking until he looked at what Emily was holding. "I don't believe it." He turned and threw their drinks in the garbage can and hurried away from them.

"What's wrong with him?" Missy asked.

"Shit," Emily said as she looked down at Allison's panties in her hand. "He thinks these are yours."

Missy started laughing but realized Emily was taking it seriously. She tried to catch her new friend but Emily was running full speed out through the food court and down the wing. She caught him at the exit door. "WAIT!"

"Emily...get away from me," Brandon said before turning and glaring at her.

"These are not Missy's," Emily said trying not to laugh.


"They're not. They are Allison's. She and Brandy jumped us in the restroom and I took them as a souvenir."

"And I'm supposed to believe you," Brandon said as he saw Missy running up to him.

Emily smiled and turned to Missy. "Show him your panties."

"WHAT?" Missy asked thinking Emily had gone nuts.

"He thinks these are yours. Show him your panties." Emily smiled.

Brandon was speechless as Missy looked around and then pushed down her running shorts until her white lace sheer panties appeared. "TA DA!" Missy giggled.

"We have to get out of here," Emily said as she grabbed Brandon's arm.


"Because Missy broke Brandy's nose and I took Allison's skirt and panties."

"Oh...OK right...makes sense to me," Brandon said. It was so weird being with his girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend after they just beat up on two other girls. "Where are we going now?"

"To my home," Emily smiled. "I want to make sure my Mother doesn't buy a house somewhere besides the Creek."


As they pulled up to Emily's trailer they saw Maggie on the porch. The shorter girl stood up when she saw Missy. "What's she doing here?"

"I asked her to be here," Emily said knowing Maggie hated her.

"Don't hit me," Missy said remembering the punch and the black eye.

"Come inside and I'll tell you about our day," Emily said while guiding Maggie into the trailer. Thirty minutes later Missy and Brandon left.

"I thought I was your best friend," Maggie said.

Emily smiled. "No one will ever take your place. You're like my sister." She hugged her cousin into her. "So how are you and Bud doing?"

"Good...really good," Maggie smiled. "I almost gave in to him last night."

Emily smiled. "You did better than I did last night."

At first Maggie didn't get it but she suddenly realized that Emily was not a virgin anymore. "Oh my God."

"It was unbelievable," Emily gushed.

"It had to have hurt."

"At first...but then Willie felt really good."

"Willie? I thought it was Brandon."

"Nope...definitely Willie." Emily laughed. She spent the next ten minutes telling her every detail including the Willie and Wonka parts.

"I'm jealous," Maggie grinned. "I think I'll go and give Bud a call right now."

"Do you want to do it here?" Emily asked. "Mom and Dad are out for the night."

"Do you want to watch?"

"Could I?"


Bud didn't even have his shirt on as he sped up the dirt road to Emily's trailer. Maggie had said Emily's parents were not going to be at home and that it would be his lucky night. He expected to see Brandon's car in the driveway but it was empty.

"Hello!" Bud said after knocking on the door. Emily opened the door. "Is Maggie here?"

"Yes...she's in the shower," Emily smiled. "Come in."

Bud hesitated because he couldn't tell if Emily was wearing anything under the long black tee shirt. "I...uh...can wait out here."

"Don't be silly," she grinned. "She told me to keep you occupied."

Bud stumbled over the doorway and followed her to the large TV. He saw her large hard nipples pressing out the top of the shirt and knew she was not wearing a bra. "Is Brandon coming over?"

"No, he had to do something with his parents tonight," Emily said as she sat down on the sofa and pulled her legs up under her ass. The shirt opened enough to expose her white panties to his eyes. They could hear the shower still running when he sat down next to her. He peeked at her panties again before jerking his eyes away. She laughed.

"Bud you've seen me naked before."

"I know...but...Brandon...will kill me."

"I've seen you naked before too," she giggled. She could see him squirming in his seat. "So I hear tonight is your lucky night."

"She...told you?"

"We don't have any secrets. She wants me to watch."

"No way," Bud said. He knew he would be nervous enough.

"I'll be naked too," Emily teased as she pulled the shirt up over her panties.

"GOD!" he cried out when seeing her pink slit through the thin material.

"She wants you to be naked before she comes out here."

Bud's body trembled. "I don't think I can do this."

Emily smiled as she peeked at his swollen prick under his shorts. "Take off your shirt."

Bud pulled his tee shirt over his head. "You're right...I mean...we have seen each other naked." He stared at her shirt hoping to see those nice puppies again. She giggled and pulled the shirt up over her pink globes and off her head. "Your turn."

Bud's fingers were shaking as he unzipped his shorts and pushed them down over his briefs. His six-inch hard-on pushed them outward proudly. "Your turn," he smiled.

"That's not fair," Emily grinned. She saw his eyes on her crotch as she lifted her hips and pushed the silky undies down over her nearly bald pussy lips. "It's different than last time."

"I like it better," Bud smiled as he looked at her shaven lips and swollen clitty. He quickly pushed his briefs over his rocket and kicked them aside.

She could see he was already about to pop. "You need to cum before she comes out. It will be better."

"Are you going to help?" Bud asked suddenly not fearing death from Brandon.

"I can't do that," Emily smiled.

" want me to...jerk off in front of you?"

"Yes," she giggled.

"OK...but you have to do it too."

Emily had not even done that for Brandon. She heard the shower turn off. "OK hurry." She opened her legs and rubbed over her raised clitoris.

"OH FUCK!" Bud laughed as he stroked his meat. Only ten strokes later his hips shot upward.

"HERE TAKE THIS!" Emily grabbed a pile of paper towels and yelled as his hot white lava was about to erupt.

"You do it," Bud smiled. He moved his hand away and watched.

"I'm going to kill you," Emily giggled before reaching down and cupping the tip of his red cock with the towels. She couldn't believe she was actually touching his hard penis even if it was through the paper towel.

"OH GOD!" Bud cried out when he felt her hand squeezing him.

"Empty it," she giggled. They heard the bathroom door open and Emily jerked her hand and filled paper towel away. She stood and walked to the garbage can. When a naked Maggie walked in Emily said. "He's ready."

"Does he have anything left?" Maggie asked as she dropped to her knees in front of him and grabbed onto his red semi-hard prick. Only ten seconds later its head was peeking over her tight fist. "He's got a lot left."

Emily was on fire as she sat on the sofa and watched them kiss and touch each other as if she wasn't there. She felt guilty for touching Bud and hoped he wouldn't tell Brandon. Her head tilted to the side as his hard shaft pressed into Maggie's virginity.

"OH BUD!" Maggie cried out when she became a woman. Emily's finger was doing the same thing as Bud's cock while they all raced towards completion. Screams of satisfaction and pleasure filled the air of the small trailer.


Monday at school was weird for Missy because she rode the school bus while sitting next to Maggie. She knew the girl didn't really trust her yet so she didn't push it. When the bus pulled into the discharge area Missy ducked down hoping the Hillers wouldn't see her riding the bus.

Maggie laughed. "You might as well just face it. Today will be a worse day if you try to hide it."

"You're right," Missy whispered. She sat up and stared out the window at Brandy who was wearing a bandage over her nose. "I might need your help if they jump me."

" pleasure," Maggie laughed.

The trip from the bus to her locker was tough because Missy could see and hear the Hillers talking about her. She kept her chin up and hung close to Maggie who pushed her way through a bunch of Hillers at the door.

"Hey...let the Creekers through," A sophomore football player laughed. He didn't see Brandon moving up behind him.

"What was that about Creekers?" Brandon asked before grabbing the kids arm and twisting it behind his back.

"Brandon!...I was just...joking around," the kid groaned.

"Brandon let him go," Emily said as she grabbed her boyfriend's wrist and pulled. "It's not worth it."

After he released him the kid took off but the rest of the morning went pretty much the same for Missy. By the time lunch rolled around she had pretty much gotten used to the stares and whispering. She took her lunch tray and stood smiling at the Hiller girls where she used to sit and then at Emily and Maggie.

"I was wondering where you were going to sit," Maggie whispered to Missy after she sat next to her.

"Those days are over," Missy said glancing over at Brandon and Emily who were holding hands. She felt the table move next to her and turned to see Scott Miller sitting next to her.

"Hi Missy."

"Uh...Hi Scott," Missy smiled. She had met Scott a few times at the football parties and had always liked him. Missy turned and looked at Emily who smiled back. She could feel a set-up.

"So how do you like the Creek so far?" Scott asked. He wanted to make sure that the old Missy was not sitting next to him.

They all looked at Missy to hear her reply. "Actually I like it. The people are so much nicer."

Scott put his huge hand around her shoulder and pulled her to him for a hug. "Good. I think you will fit in nicely."


"OK, we've done enough practicing." Coach James said to the bunch of girls and guys standing around him. "Today is our first scrimmage and Ridgewood High beat us in the State Final last year. I hear they expect to win it again. What do you think about that?"

"No way!" Missy cried out. As team captain for the year she knew she had to take charge. "This is our year!"

"YEAH!" One of the senior hurdlers yelled.

"OK listen...I've seen what you can do in practice but now it is fish or cut bait time. They are cocky and won't be expecting you to kick their asses. Let's go show them what Glendale High School can do."

Missy noticed that Emily looked nervous as they stretched in the infield. "You know if I was Sarah Jenkins I would be the one nervous."

Emily knew Sarah held the State record in the half mile and mile and was the big favorite again this year. "Thanks," she said smiling. She looked over at the stands and saw her mother and father sitting next to Bud and his father. Behind them were Brandon's parents. She hoped she wouldn't disappoint them.

The start wasn't what the coach had hoped for. Missy was the only winner in the sprints for the girls, two girls had won the hurdles and Brandon won both the javelin and the discus. Glendale was five points behind when Emily stepped up to the starting line for the half-mile. On her left was Sarah Jenkins who smiled at her. "Good luck."

"You too," Emily smiled back. The half mile was twice around the quarter mile track so she wanted to get out of the gate fast to not be stuck in the crowd of runners.

Sarah Jenkins figured this was going to be a cake walk since Glendale's only good distance runner had graduated last year and Missy had moved entirely to sprints. The only competition she expected was another girl on her team Cindy Williams. She took her mark and smiled when the gun sounded and then bolted from the line. About 40 yards out she turned to her left and smiled since the group was way back. But when she looked to her right she saw the new Glendale girl on her heels. "Shit," she thought.

"GO EMILY!" Janet Miller screamed as she jumped up and down on the metal bleachers. She had never seen her daughter run before and was amazed at her speed. "OH GOD She might come in second!" She said aloud.

Brandon's father had watched a few practices and knew Emily was really good. "Second...hell. How about first?"

The two runners were way out in front of the pack and Sarah maintained a lead mainly because Emily hung back wanting to know where Sarah was. As they approached the quarter mile line Emily glanced up at Brandon who was standing next to the track waving his arm. "GO WONKA!"

Emily started laughing and saw Sarah glance back to see what was so funny. As they headed to the next turn she heard the other kids yelling, "GO WONKA!"

"What are they yelling?" Janet asked Maggie who was sitting in front of her.

"Just a knick name," Maggie giggled.

"GO WONKA!" Janet screamed.

Emily thought that she had the State champ but suddenly the girl turned on something and took off. They still had half a track to go but time and track was running out. Emily took off too and made up some ground but the girl had such a smooth stride. Emily was about three paces behind her when she heard Coach James.


Emily giggled and pretended she was on the dirt road on Jacob Creek.

Sarah Jenkins never looked back but she knew the other girl was close because the whole Glendale stands were standing and screaming. She heard the footsteps as they approached the finish line and then saw the girl's body fly past.

"SHE WON! SHE WON! SHE WON!" Janet Miller kept screaming and screaming.

Emily didn't believe it when she passed Sarah and made it over the finish line. She would normally keep running but she knew she had another race to run and was somewhat in shock. She pulled up short and saw Brandon running over. He picked her up and twirled her around. "Put me down," she said embarrassed. When he did she saw Sarah walking over to her.

"Nice race," Sarah smiled. "What's your name?"

"Emily...Emily Miller," she replied.

"I'll see you in the mile," Sarah said before turning and running back to her coach.

"She was nice." Emily said surprised. She kissed Brandon and headed over to the coach. "The dogs?"

"Hey it worked didn't it?" Coach James smiled. He held out his watch. "If this had been a regular event you would have set the State record."

"Really? I think I can do better."

"Good," The coach said smiling. "Now go and rest before the mile comes up."

"WONKA! WONKA! WONKA!" The fans cheered when she walked over with Brandon.

"I'm going to kill you later," she whispered.

"With chocolate I hope," he chuckled.

"I'm so proud of you baby," Jim smiled at his daughter before giving her a big hug. "Me too," Janet grinned while hugging them both.

"It was just a scrimmage," Emily said embarrassed that they were all making such a big deal. "Besides I still have another race."


Missy came over and congratulated her and gave her a hug. Brandy and Allison were on the team but neither had placed in the top five of their events. Missy saw her mother walk into the seating area and waved up at Emily's mother. Being a Creeker wasn't as bad as she had thought.

"Hey...nice race," Scott Miller said as he stood behind the chain link fence.

"Thanks," Missy blushed. After going out with Brandon for so long and taking him for granted she was finally feeling excited about a boy coming on to her.

"A bunch of us are stopping by Arnie's after the scrimmage. Do you want to come?" Scott asked.

"I'll need a ride home," she smiled.

"No problem," Scott grinned.


"Now pace yourself," Coach James whispered to Emily as she prepared herself for the mile run. He knew she would put up a good time but she had never run a mile after doing a half-mile.

"Coach...the dogs remember?" Emily giggled. She walked up to the line of girls and saw Sarah waiting for her.

"Who do you train with?" Sarah asked.

"Elvis and Boner," Emily smiled.


Emily ignored her as she took her place and waited for the gun. "BANG!" She heard the "WONKA!"chants again but kept her composure and remembered what the coach had said. Sarah again jumped out to a good lead but Emily stayed about eight paces back running with another Ridgewood girl.

"You were lucky last time," the girl said to Emily.

"You're right," Emily smiled. "And, I'm going to be lucky again." They made it around the first lap in record time and Emily glanced up at her mom who was again screaming and jumping. She made a mental note to tell her later to calm down.

The three girls again out ran the pack and were almost half the track in front of them when they sped by turn number two.

"PACE EMILY...PACE!" Coach James yelled.

She wanted to take off and catch Sarah but held back. She could see the State Champ periodically look over her shoulder and it caused her to smile because she now knew who Emily Miller was.

As they completed the third lap the other girl slowly fell back away from Emily and it became a two horse race again. But this time Emily knew Sarah would take off when she had a half lap to go. As they approached that point Emily smiled and raised her chin. Sarah didn't know she was coming until Emily passed her on the outside. "Shit...who is this girl?" Sarah took off but it was too late. Emily continued to build speed and distance until it wasn't a close race anymore. When she passed the finish line the whole stadium was standing with most of them in shock.

"HOLY SHIT!" Brandon screamed as Emily continued to circle the track. He ran after her but couldn't catch her so he cut across the infield.

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