tagGroup SexTraveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 06

Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 06


Traveling New Bi-Ways With Friends Ch. 06

When I awakened, I was still lying between D and Anne. I pushed myself up into a sitting position. I had half a hard-on. D was sleeping on her stomach. Anne was on her back and Ken was on his side, with his back to Anne. All of us were uncovered. Ken and Anne were asleep the minute they hit the bed. D and I also fell asleep before we could pull up a sheet or any of the covers.

Anne’s belly was spotted with wads of Ken’s dried cum. I moved down next to her crotch. Her copper red pussy hair was flecked with dried cum and stiff with her juices and his cum. I nuzzled her stiff hairs and enjoyed the smell of her still fresh fucked cunt. I had a full hard-on.

I got between Anne’s legs and used my fingertips to spread her pussy lips. A mixture of her juices and Ken’s cum had run out of her pussy and down between her thighs. I lowered my face and licked her still wet slit from bottom to top.

Anne stirred and softly sighed, “Oh, yes. That’s nice.” I looked up. She was still asleep, but she had a slight smile and her nipples had hardened to points. I resumed doing nice things to Anne.

After tongue fucking her for several minutes, I looked up to see Ken sitting up and watching me. Evidently, when Anne stirred as I started going down on her, her movement awakened Ken. “Whatcha’ doing?”

“Morning, Ken. I’m cleaning you out of Anne. And it’s time to clean her off of you.” I raised up, leaned over Anne’s thigh and slipped my tongue under his cockhead and lifted him into my mouth.

Ken pulled his cock out from my mouth, “Wait a minute. Did D and you screw?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, we did.”

“Well, I’d better clean her off you. Move so I can get over you.”

I moved around and Ken kneeled over me. I pulled his cock down to my mouth and resumed sucking him. Ken cleaned my cock with his tongue then sucked me into his mouth. I was enjoying our leisurely early morning blowjobs when I heard a voice, “You started without us.”

“’Morning D. Just getting it warmed up for you.”

“Thanks.” I pushed Ken over on his side and held his cock up to his wife. I held it as she pushed her mouth down over his cockhead and down the shaft. My cock cooled as Ken stopped sucking me to see what was going on. I felt light tickling as a warm mouth close around my cock. I looked down to see Anne’s red hair brushing my stomach and thighs.

I pushed D onto her side and moved both of us around so I could bury my face in her pussy. It was a little difficult to do as she continued to suck Ken’s cock and Anne continued to suck mine. Her blonde pussy hairs were also stiff with dried cum and pussy juices. I worked my tongue through her wet lips and savored the flavor of our cum and juices as I tongue fucked her.

I stopped to give my neck muscles a quick rest. Ken was busily munching Anne’s muff. We continued our oral daisy chain for some time before we just sort of mutually stopped.

We lay together and touched, kissed and caressed for a few minutes. D sat up, “I need to pee and we all need to shower.” We all got up and headed for various bathrooms. For some reason we all met at the multi-head outdoor shower.

The sun and water were warm, but there was a slight breeze which cooled everyone a bit. After showering, we lay in the sun to dry. There were a few clouds rolling by overhead. D commented, “Looks as if the monsoon is setting up.”

“It’s about the right time for it to begin,” said Ken. “The clouds will probably continue to thicken and we may have an afternoon thunderstorm.”

“We’ll just move indoors for a while then. But we better get something to eat now.”

“It’s too late for breakfast and almost too late for lunch.”

“Let’s just get some snacks or something, Ken, and barbecue ribs for mid-afternoon.”

“That’s great idea, D. Let’s make some potato salad and baked beans.”

“I think ribs, potato salad and bread should be enough.”

We snacked on fruit, cheese and juice as the four of us got the barbecue fixings together.

“D, Brad and I’ll move a table and chairs into the exercise room. We can eat in there if it begins to rain. After we do that, I make my special barbecue sauce.”

D, Anne and I stayed out of Ken’s way as he carried all sorts of spices, oils, and tomato sauces to the grill. He was happily concocting his barbecue sauce while D and Anne prepared the potato salad and baked a loaf of fresh sourdough bread. I took the opportunity to slip away and shave.

I decided that beer would be the drink of choice so I kept myself busy stocking the coolers. I filled an ice chest with ice and beer and dragged it into the exercise room. I also filled an ice chest with chilled beer and set it near the hot tub. Just in case. And of course, I handed out glasses of brew so we could maintain our bodily fluids as we worked.

Ken announced the barbecue sauce had to simmer for a couple of hours so we should retire to the hot tub and relax. The clouds continued to slowly thicken as we relaxed, chatted and drank beer. Occasionally, the light breeze would waft the fragrance of the simmering sauce over the hot tub.

“We certainly can’t soak and drink beer until your barbecue sauce is ready, Ken.”

“You’re right. We haven’t used the sauna in quite a while. I’ll go fire it off.”

D stood up in the hot tub, “I’ll go start it. You should stir your sauce.”

We watched D step up out of the tub and walk towards the sauna. Anne moved over next to Ken. “Your wife surely is a beautiful loving woman.” She kissed him on the cheek.

“Yes, she’s beautiful and I’d better go check the sauce.” Ken seemed a little flustered, as if he wasn’t sure where the conversation was headed. He stood and turned. As he turned, he swung his soft cock and relaxed dangling ball sac right in front of our faces. Anne and I watched as he walked over to the grill.

Anne looked at me, “I want us to suck off Ken to completion before we leave. I want to watch him shoot cum into your mouth so D and I can lick it out.” She pushed her hand between my legs and gripped my cock.

I turned to face her, “Sounds like fun.” I ran my hand down her belly and between her thighs. Anne spread her legs so I could cup and squeeze her cunt.

“Boy! Leave you two alone and you start making the water even hotter.”

We looked up to see a laughing D standing above us. She stood with her feet slightly apart and with her hands on her hips.

I looked up at her, “You know, standing there like that, you’d give a dead man a hard-on.” I stood, kissed her belly just above her pubes then extended a hand to help her down into the tub.

D continued to laugh, “I hope I wasn’t interrupting something serious.” Then she sat down next to Anne, put her arms around Anne’s shoulders and pulled Anne to her.

They were engaging in a pretty serious French kiss when I heard Ken, “Isn’t anyone going to give me a hand?” He was standing, like D had, on the edge of the tub.

Anne broke the kiss with D. She had a wicked grin as she looked up at him, “Sure, give me your short arm.”

Ken laughed, sat down and slipped into the tub. He launched himself across the water and into the two women. They all hugged and wrestled and kissed and laughed, and probably groped each other, for a couple of minutes before settling down.

D moved over and settled down next to me. Ken moved next to her and Anne floated on her back. The water quickly calmed as we watched Anne float. Her long red hair was fanned out around her face. Her breasts looked like two island hills rising from a lake.

Ken reached out and took her ankle. He pulled her over so she was floating above our laps. D leaned forward and ran her tongue around a pebbly areola. Anne smiled. We all raised our arms and cradled Anne.

Someone grasped my cock. D stopped tonguing Anne’s areola and began to suck her hard nipple. Ken lifted Anne’s hips up. She let her legs drift apart as Ken moved around between them. He put his hands under her butt and held her just above the water as he lowered his face to her copper haired pubis.

Anne began thrashing. She lost her floating equilibrium when Ken buried his face in her crotch. D and I held Anne as she settled to a sitting position. “What you guys were doing was sensual and so nice.”

D looked around. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I’ll go to the sauna to cool off. I stood and watched her step up out of the tub and walk towards the sauna. My semi-flaccid cock began to rise as I looked at D’s butt as she walked away. Ken stood also. He had a full erection. Anne smiled and touched both of our cocks as she stood. “We’ll save those for later.”

We each kissed her and lifted her up onto the deck. She walked in front of us. My cock continued to rise as I walked behind her and admired her freckled butt.

We entered the sauna and D handed us towels. Anne wrapped one into a turban for her wet hair. We stretched out on the benches and relaxed. As we began to sweat, D tossed a dipper full of water on the hot stones. We were all really sweating when the steam cleared.

I had been looking around at everyone. I had given myself another hard-on while thinking about licking their sweaty bodies. D reached over a squeezed me.

“Nothing, not even debilitating heat, can keep you down, Brad.”

I grinned, “I can’t help it. I was thinking how much fun it would be to eat sweaty, salty pussy and cock.”

Anne groaned, “The only thing I would like to eat right now is an ice cube.”

Ken turned off the gas to the fire heating the stones. “It’s time to hit the pool.”

We all stood and held hands as D opened the door and we ran towards the lap pool. The air had cooled some since we had entered the sauna. Steam rose from our wet skin as we ran to the pool.

We hit the cool water with a big splash and a yell. Everyone surfaced at the same time. We were gasping and laughing at the same time. More clouds were moving across the sky.

“We’d better get the grilling done now. It’s probably going to be raining in a couple of hours.”

“Ken, I’ll light the grill. You know how you want to get the ribs ready.”

“The ribs are almost ready to put on the grill, D. I’ve got them wrapped in foil. All I need to do is add a little water and close the foil. The ribs will parboil while the grill heats.”

We all got out of the pool and toweled ourselves dry. The water on our skin and the slight breeze gave us all goose pimples. The women’s nipples were all hard and the men’s balls were tucked up tight.

“I think I’ll go dry my hair.”

I watched Anne walk towards our suite. D started the grill. Ken went into the kitchen. I busied myself by picking up the empty beer bottles and restocking the coolers.

Anne returned. She had her hair up in a pony tail. “If it gets any chillier, I may put on some clothes.”

“We’ll be inside in a few minutes.” I hugged her. Her body felt good against mine. “Let’s get the dishes and silverware and set up the table in the exercise room.”

Anne and I got the table arranged just as Ken yelled the ribs would be ready in a couple of minutes. I carried the bowl of potato salad from the kitchen. D brought the bread and Anne took a platter over to Ken at the grill.

D dished up the salad as Anne carried in the platter with four racks of baby back ribs. Ken followed her. He was carrying a pitcher filled with warm barbecue sauce. I got out four bottles of beer and filled a glass for each of us. We sat down at the round table and began to eat.

Anne was across from me. There were all the usual comments about the food and the usual chit chat, but it got quiet as we tucked into the food.

“Oops.” A dollop of sauce had dripped off the rib Anne was eating. It landed on her breast and ran down over the nipple. “Well, I’d didn’t stain a blouse.”

“And it’s easy to clean up.” Anne caught the drop of sauce on her finger. She licked her finger clean then leaned over and licked the remaining sauce off Anne’s breast.

“Hey!” Ken objected, “That’s Brad’s or my job.”

We all laughed and continued eating. Soon there was nothing left except four plates of bones. I pushed back from the table. “Anyone want another beer?” I stood up.

D was licking her fingers. She dipped her finger in some sauce on her plate. “I know of a bone that this would be good on.” She wiped her finger on my cockhead then she licked off the sauce. “Yum. I was right.”

She took some more sauce and liberally covered my cock. She cupped my ball sac as she sucked the sauce off my rapidly hardening cock. I looked at Anne. She had smeared sauce on one breast and Ken was busily licking it off. She did the same with her other breast. Soon the four of us were busily licking barbecue sauce off of each other’s various body parts.

The sauce was quickly forgotten as the oral foreplay got more serious and more heated. Anne interrupted a tongue lashing she was receiving from Ken. She walked over to a massage table and moved it from away from the wall. The three of us watched as she lowered the table to just below waist height.

“Come over here, Ken.” She indicated the end of the table. As Ken stood by the table, Anne lay down on her back and scooted around so her head was hanging over the end of the table. Anne untied the ribbon holding her ponytail in place. As her copper red hair fanned out, she reached over her shoulder, found Ken’s cock and tugged him to her.

His hard cock jutted over her face. She licked up and down the underbelly then opened her mouth and pushed his cockhead in and down into her throat. She moved her hands to her breasts as Ken began to fuck her face with short strokes.

D and I moved up to the table to watch. Anne spread her legs and let her legs dangle off the sides of the table. She slid her hands down her belly to her crotch. She spread her pussy lips wide then returned her hands to her breasts.

Anne was splayed wide open in front of us. She was twisting and squeezing her nipples as she swallowed Ken’s cock. We watched her pink inner pussy moisten as her lubricating juices began to flow as she was face fucked.

D was squeezing my hand hard. She looked at Anne’s hot wet wide open pussy and licked her lips. “I’ve got to have some of that cunt or I’ll die.” She moved to the end of the table and got up on it. She kneeled at Anne’s crotch and licked Anne’s hot wet slot from bottom to top.

I heard Anne sigh around her mouthful of Ken’s cock as D began to tongue fuck her. D’s ass was invitingly close to my face. I thought about getting upon the table, kneeling behind D and slipping my hard cock into her pussy, but I didn’t think the table would be able to support the three of us.

Instead, I stood behind and licked her exposed pussy. D put a hand back between her thighs and touched my face. She ran a finger up and down between her pussy lips. I sucked her finger.

I walked to the head of the table and watched Anne slurp Ken’s cock. He would pull his cock back until it rested on her upper lip. Anne would breathe and run her tongue around the cockhead then Ken would slide his cock back into her mouth and down her throat until his ball sac rested against her nose.

Ken looked at me, “Do you want to take over?”

“No, you both look like your enjoying yourselves.” He grinned as he pulled his cock out. Anne smacked her lips and sucked him back in again. “Besides, when D is finished, I think I’ll try some of that hot pussy there on the table.”

D tilted her head and looked up at us. She had her lips sealed around Anne’s clit, but she looked like she was smiling. I leaned over Anne and began to lick, kiss and suck one of her breasts. She touched my face as I sucked on a nipple.

D straightened up and climbed down off the table. Anne indicated to Ken that she wanted to stop. She sat up, stretched and rubbed her neck.

I looked at her, “If you’re ready to go again, I have an idea.” I picked up an exercise mat and rolled it up. “Turn crossways on the table.” Anne swung a leg over so she was sitting on the edge of the table. I put the rolled mat on the table behind her. “Now lay back.”

Anne lay back over the mat. Her back was arched and her head hung off one side and her legs hung off the other. I moved so I could pick up her hips and spread her legs. I splayed her legs over my thighs and pushed my hard cock into her open wet pussy.

She adjusted her position a little. I held her hips and began to fuck her slowly. Ken fed his still hard cock down her throat.

D watched for a few minutes then she left the exercise room. She returned a few minutes later with a digital video camera. “This is so hot, it’s got to be saved. She walked around the table with the camera recording the scene.

She pulled two chairs together side-by-side and stood on them. “I hope there is enough light.”

Anne’s legs and long hair were swinging slightly as Ken and I pushed and pulled our hard cocks in and out of her cunt and mouth. Anne was rubbing her breasts and twisting and pinching her nipples as we fucked her. She would occasionally touch Ken’s hip and cock with one of her hands.

D stepped from the chairs onto the table. She panned the camera back and forth then stepped back onto the chairs. Ken pulled his cock out of Anne’s mouth. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and began to pump. Anne kept her mouth open as he began to shoot his load.

D zoomed in as he unloaded in Anne’s mouth and on her face and neck. I wasn’t far behind him. I pulled my cock out of Anne’s hot cunt and began to shoot my load onto her red pussy hair and onto her thighs and belly. After we both finished cumming, we helped Anne turn around so she could sit on the table.

D got a shot of the three of us. Anne with her cum sprayed face and crotch and Ken and I with our slick hard cocks. D put the camera down and sat down on one of the chairs. She gestured to Ken and me. Anne lay down on the table and we both walked towards D.

She grasped our cocks when we got close to her. D licked each of us then she alternated between us as she sucked the remaining cum out of us and licked our cocks clean.

I thought to myself, ‘It’s only early evening and I think we’ve only gotten started.”

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