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Travels With Seka, The Beginning


I don't know which caught my attention first, the luxurious motor home, or the angelic face of the woman behind the wheel. I was sitting under the canopy of my 32 foot Dolphin in a KOA campground in Quartzite, Arizona working on a composition on my keyboard when she drove past my site. She looked toward me and smiled as she approached the empty spot next to mine. It was mid January so I had wondered why the site was empty. I figured it had to have been reserved for someone. When she stopped to unhook the bright red Beemer sports job on the tow bar, I couldn't help but mutter "Thank you, God."

I had been in the park for a couple of weeks escaping the cold up north. I chose Quartzite because a musician friend of mine told me that a person could play music all day long, every day if they wished. Being a musician, that was exactly how I was looking to spend my retirement, playing whenever and whatever I chose. I was satisfied to do just that, but if this beauty was going to be my next door neighbor, so much the better.

The angel stayed behind the wheel as a gorgeous brunette came out to unhook. She looked to be about 20 and had one of the most beautiful bodies I had ever seen outside of a magazine or movie screen. She didn't give me a second look as she worked, but I noticed the driver looking my way with that same alluring smile. It was then that I noticed that she was quite a bit older than her companion. I assumed them to be mother and daughter and wondered where dad was. Since the young woman came out to unhook, I figured they were probably traveling alone. Of course my dirty mind went right to work as I began to fantasize about what it would be like to romp with a mother/daughter duo like that.

Now I was in a quandary. The young lady unhooked the Beemer and parked it. I didn't know if I should be politically correct and let them back in and hook up by themselves, or if I should walk over and offer my assistance. I figured they probably got a lot of offers from horny old fucks like myself, but what the hell, I'd rather have the offer turned down that be thought of as an unfriendly neighbor.

As I walked toward the motor home I realized just how fancy it was. It was a 40 foot pusher diesel with two slides. I have been in a number of RVs at the shows and by the looks of it, this baby probably set its owner back a cool quarter million. Depending on how luxurious it was on the inside, it could be worth up to $300,000 or $400,000. "Out of my league," I thought.

As the brunette parked the Beemer, I walked over to the driver's window. The blond watched as I strolled over, still smiling. She opened the window and I extended my hand. "Hi. My name is Jamie. I thought that since we're neighbors, I'd see if you need a hand setting up."

She reached out the window and gave me a firm hand shake. "Hello Jamie. I'm Lynda. Thank you, but Tara and I work pretty well as a team, and we've done it many times." She smiled again and said, "I do appreciate the offer though."

"Fair enough. If you feel like it when you're finished, I have cold refreshments at my place. I'll just be hanging out under the canopy the rest of the day."

"Well, thank you Jamie. We just might take you up on that."

It was then that Tara came around the front of the motor home, and I saw how gorgeous she really was. She looked to be in her early 20s with long black hair, olive skin and the blackest eyes I've ever seen. She was wearing short shorts and a tank top. Her body was a perfect hour glass with two of the most beautifully shaped breasts I believe I have ever seen. It was all I could do to keep my eyes locked on hers, but I managed. I didn't want to screw things up with one of those "my eyes are up here stupid" looks. Somehow I managed and extended my hand and said, "Hi, I'm Jamie. I came over to see if you would like a hand, but Lynda said you have a system so I'll leave you alone to finish."

She was very charming when she reached out and said, "I'm Tara. Thank you, but Lynda is right. We have it down pretty tight by now." She smiled and looked at me with those twinkling black eyes, and I thought I would melt right there. I had no doubt that she knew exactly what kind of affect she had on men. How could she not. This beauty was about as close to a "10" as I have ever seen.

I turned back to Lynda, gave her my hand again and said, "Well, I'll let you go. Welcome to Quartzite. I'll be next door if you need anything."

"Thank you Jamie. We'll be over later to take you up on that offer of refreshments."

I wandered back to my keyboard and honestly tried to work on my composition, but I couldn't keep myself from watching what was going on next door. In all honesty, there wasn't that much to see. Tara was standing behind the RV guiding Lynda into the spot. But God, I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she was so beautiful. I kept telling myself how stupid that was. I mean, she's probably young enough to be my granddaughter for Christ's sake. But what a goddess.

After the RV was in place and all the leveling hydraulics down, Lynda stepped out to help Tara hook things up. When I saw her, I was not disappointed. Although she was quite a bit older than Tara, I guessed her to be about 45 or 50, she was still a very beautiful woman. I imagined that in her day she was probably every bit as pretty as Tara. Unlike Tara, Lynda had ivory white skin and blond hair. She was taller than Tara by two or three inches. Even with her age, she had a body to die for. When the two of them stood side by side, my imagination began to wander again. "Oh, if only," I thought. My cock must have been thinking the same thing because it was beginning to strain against my shorts. It really wanted to stand at attention.

As I gazed at the two of them, I couldn't take my eyes off of Lynda. Not for the reason you may think, but because I kept thinking that she looked very familiar. I couldn't help but think that I had seen her somewhere before. And fairly recently at that.

They finally went inside and I was able to get back to what I was doing. Taboo, my black, half Siamese cat came out from under the motor home and crawled on my lap. He is my only traveling companion and has learned to stick close to the RV no matter where we may be at the time. He settled himself on my lap as I worked on the keyboard and actually managed to take my mind off my neighbors for a while. As a matter of fact, I didn't even notice that they had left the RV and walked the other direction to scope out the park. So I was somewhat startled when I heard a female voice say, "Well hello neighbor."

I started, looked up and saw Lynda and Tara standing there. Both of them were wearing very tight short shorts and tank tops, the kind that tie below the breasts. Clearly, neither of them were wearing bras. I almost had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. Before I could say anything, Lynda said, "What a pretty cat."

I said, "Yeah, this is Ol' Boo, er, Taboo, that is. He provides a lot of company while I'm on the road."

Lynda said, "That's nice." Then Tara gave Lynda a sly look and said, "Yeah, some people have cats and dogs, Lynda has me." Then she raised up and kissed Lynda softly on the lips. That really got me curious and also managed to get a rise inside my shorts.

Lynda looked at me and said, "We thought we'd take you up on those refreshments." Tara looked at Lynda, then at me and said, "Why don't you two go ahead. I think I'll go over and take a little nap." Once more she raised up and kissed Lynda's lips.

As Tara sauntered toward their motor home, both Lynda and I watched her. "She's beautiful, isn't she?" I turned and said, "Oh, that she is. Very beautiful indeed." Lynda said, "Yes, men, and women, can hardly take their eyes off of her." I really wanted to go further with that, but decided that if she wanted me to know more, she would tell me. So instead, I invited her to sit down and asked what she would like to drink.

"I have soda, beer, wine or mixed drinks. What's your pleasure?"

"I would love to have a glass of wine, please."

"Red or white?"

"White, please."

"One glass of Riesling, coming right up."

I put Taboo down on my chair and went inside to pour two glasses of Riesling. When I returned I saw Boo sitting on Lynda's lap, purring loudly. "Boy, wouldn't I be purring too!" I said to myself. "If he's bothering you" I said, "just throw him off. He can be quite a pest."

"Oh no. That's quite all right," she said. "He's really quite friendly." "Yeah," I said. "He's never met a stranger."

I handed Lynda her Riesling and sat down. The sight of my coal black cat sitting on Lynda's creamy white lap got things stirring again in my shorts. She was stroking him softly, and I might add, very sensually.

She looked me in the eye and said, "So, what's................" Thus began a long talk about nothing really. Just small talk. As we talked I kept looking at her, knowing that I had seen her somewhere before. We had been talking for about a half an hour when all of a sudden it hit me, and before I realized what I was doing or saying, I blurted out, "Holy shit, your Seka!"

For those of you who are too young to know, in the late 70's and into the 80's, Seka dominated the porn industry. At one time she was the most famous and desired star in the business. She was called the "Platinum Princes of Porn." She was a platinum blond with the face of an angel and the body of a goddess who was famous for doing anything and everything on film. There was hardly anything she wouldn't do and she always seemed to really love it all. In her career she made over a hundred movies. I wish I could say I've seen them all, but I have seen a hell of a lot of them.

Once I regained my composure I said, "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blurt it out like that. It just caught me by surprise."

She smiled at me and said, "Oh no problem, really. Actually, it was kind of refreshing. I see that look on men's faces a lot. You know, the look that says they recognize me from somewhere, but they're not quite sure where. Of course I know, but I rarely say anything. Sometimes it comes to them. Oftentimes it doesn't. When it does, they are usually embarrassed. They seem to be ashamed to let anyone know that they masturbate while watching pornography". Then she looked at me and said, "Somehow I sense that you're not embarrassed or ashamed."

"Heck no, I'm not embarrassed at all. I love porn. I have a pretty extensive collection in my motor home. It ranges from some newer collections to quite a bit of classic stuff. I love the classics. Classic books. Classic movies. Classic music. And most of all, classic porn. In my collection are about a dozen or so of your movies. I watched one just the other night and trust me, I'm going to watch another tonight. You have always been one of my favorites."

This last comment actually made her blush a bit. "May I ask why you like my movies so much?"

I didn't know how far to go with this, but since she asked I figured she really wanted to know. So I said, "Oh, where do I begin? To start with, there's your beauty. So angelic, yet such devilish behavior. You're famous for doing just about anything on screen. I love to see your lips wrapped around some lucky dude's cock while you gaze up at him. Sucking like a wanton woman. I love it when you wildly bounce up and down on his cock, again looking at him with those eyes. I don't know if its because you're a terrific actress, but in all your films you seem to really enjoy it, love it." Then I held my hand out, palm up and said, "Many's the night you made me a very happy man."

She was blushing again. "I like to think that I'm a good actress, but I never had to pretend that I liked it. I feel blessed. I was able to work in an industry that I love, doing what I love to do. And I made a lot of money doing it. I met a lot of great people, and a lot of ass holes, but mostly good people. I got to have great sex and frankly, I got to fuck some of the hottest cocks, and pussies, in the business."

I noticed that as she was talking, her hand had moved to her shorts and she was lightly rubbing herself. I'm not sure if she even realized what she was doing. All of this talk was also getting a rise out of me. She looked over to me and saw the tent rising in my shorts. She said, "You can fix that if you want to. It looks pretty uncomfortable. You certainly won't offend me."

With that I undid the top snap and reached inside my shorts to put it right. Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately, when I get an erection it sticks a couple of inches above my belt line. When I straightened it, there it was in all it's glory. A couple of inches breathing the warm Arizona air. I quickly lowered my shirt to cover it, but not before she muttered "very impressive."

We continued to talk for another half hour or so. The topics ranged from sex to the mundane and back again. When it migrated back to sex again, she said, "So, you're going to watch one of my movies tonight, huh?"

I nodded and said, "Count on it."

Then Lynda, no this time it was clearly Seka, slowly set Boo on the ground, got up and came over to my chair. "So how would you like to screw the video and experience your fantasy for real?"

She was so close. She smelled wonderful. God, I wanted it to happen. "You know, I'm just an old retiree with few resources. I want to believe this is happening, but what's the catch?"

"Oh sweety, there's no catch. We've been traveling for a couple of weeks now. Tara is a wonderful traveling companion. She's beautiful. She's sexy and sensuous. We have sex every day and she knows exactly how to push all the right buttons. But I need a cock. When I saw you as we drove in I thought you looked pretty good." Then she knelt down to my level, raised up my shirt and slowly and lightly traced the head of my erection and said, "and this one looks as good as anything I ever got on film." Then she leaned in and gently kissed my lips.

When she moved back, the only thing that could escape my lips was a very weak "Jesus Christ."

I got up, reached down and picked up Boo and put him in a cage I kept by the door. I opened the door to the motor home and Seka entered. As she walked up the steps, there it was. I was face to face so to speak with that famous Seka ass. It was all I could do to not lean in and kiss it right then. "Hold it dude," I thought. "Patience."

I entered and turned to close the door. When I turned around Seka had already untied her shirt. She was standing there massaging her breasts. I couldn't even begin to remember how many times I had imagined my cock between them, getting a wonderful tit fucking. My very hard cock was straining to get out. As she massaged herself, I unbuttoned my shirt. Then she reach over and started to massage my breasts, and I reciprocated. Then our arms went around each other and we kissed passionately. Our tongues explored each others mouths. Our bodies ground together, pube to pube, humping each other frantically.

She reached down and unzipped my shorts and they fell to the floor. Almost free, I stepped back to remove my undershorts. As I did so, she removed hers. Unlike me, she wasn't wearing anything underneath. There we were, both naked. Ah, Nirvana. We ground into each other again. Mouth to mouth. Breast to breast. Cock to clit. Grinding. Humping.

I moved her toward to sofa. "God, I've got to taste that sweet Seka Nectar," I said.

She laid back on the couch, spread her legs wide and said, "Come to mama. Show me what you can do with that tongue of yours."

I started to move down, but got an idea. I got on the couch and straddled her. "In good time. First, I want to see those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. Just like I've seen it around so many other cocks. But don't let me cum. Not if you want to feel it in your pussy."

She looked up at me with her angle/devil eyes and started licking up and down the shaft. Then she licked my balls, one at a time. When she took one of my nuts into her mouth, I thought I'd die. She then looked at me again and licked her way up to the head. She kissed the head, licked my pee hole and wrapped her lips around me. She tried to move up and down, but couldn't.

She pulled off and said, "Baby, in this position, you're going to have to do the work. So fuck my mouth." I grinned and started to invade her lips. She stopped me and said, "You're setting the pace love, so its up to you now to not cum." She started to wrap her lips around me again, then said, "I want to taste your cum in my mouth, but not till you give me the fucking I deserve."

Then I entered her. I braced my hands against the wall and started fucking. I had seen her do it on screen many times so I knew she could take it. I hoped she really liked it as much as she intimated when we were talking. God, that woman could take a lot of cock. She kept looking up at me as I fucked her mouth. When her finger started probing my ass, I had to stop. I pulled out and said, "No fair. That's going to make me cum for sure."

I would have mounted her and fucked her right then, but I needed to give my cock a rest so I could last when I finally did enter her sweet hole. I moved down and stopped to kiss her on the way. "Now," I said, "let me taste your sweet nectar." I kissed and licked my way down. I stopped at her tits for a while, kissing, licking and sucking each nipple. My hand on one tit, my mouth on the other. Back and forth. One to the other. Then, as I worked her tits my hand moved to her pussy. I started massaging her sweet lips and clit as I sucked her nipples. Sucking. Licking. Kissing as my fingers began to probe her inner depths.

My fingers worked inside of her. First one, then two and finally three fingers. I kissed my way down some more until I finally reach my goal. I raised up to look. To see the sweet cunt I'd watched so many times on film. You know what they say about looking better in person than on film? Believe it. This was beautiful. I just watched for a while. My fingers working in and out of her famous pussy.

As my fingers worked, I began to kiss all around her pubes. I kissed her thighs as my other hand rubbed just above her pussy. I licked all around her pussy, but not there, not yet. I wanted to tease her. I raised up again to look once more, then spread her lips open to expose her clit. My fingers were still working her pussy, searching for the Sweet Spot. I lowered myself and kissed, then licked her clit. I would kiss for a while. Then I would lick for a while. Fast, then slow. Fast, then slowly. I wrapped my mouth around her lips and sucked. My fingers found the Sweet Spot and she began to really rock.

"Oh yeah. Suck that thing baby. Fuck me and suck me. Yes. Yes."

I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she exploded, cumming hard. Her hands moved to my head and she pushed it down to her pussy. I pulled my fingers out and grabbed on to her pussy with my lips. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could. I probed her. I licked her. I sucked her. I did everything I could to prolong her orgasm. I wanted, no needed to taste her cum. I wanted her cum to cover my face. To fill my mouth. She kept pushing my face into her. My cum covered fingers found her ass. Without thinking I plunged one into her. She screamed, "Oh shit," and the flood gates opened. She was squirting now, her cum filling my mouth, covering my face just as I had fantasized so many times.

She pushed my head out from between her legs. "Let me rest a bit lover." I stayed there for a while, licking up as much of the juice as I could. Then I moved up to mount her. My face was covered with her juices. I kissed her hard, sharing her cum with her. She gladly took my tongue and then kissed all around my lips cleaning herself off of my face. My cock reached it's goal. When I reached her lips it entered with ease. God, she was well lubricated. To my great delight, given all the huge cocks I had seen her take on film, she still felt snug on me. So far, my fantasies were as good as I had imagined.

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