Trish Stratus Is Awesome


"You alright Miz," Riley asks letting go of Trish's standing up looking at his mentor.

"Yes Alex I'm fine just that slutty little mouth nearly made me cum and I don't wanna shoot my first load just yet," Miz says panting and sweating looking down at his sticky spit coated cock.

Riley's face breaks out into a little smirk, "So where had you planned to first cum inside her?"

Miz has his own cocky smile plastered across his face as he turns to a still kneeling Trish, "Get up Trish on your feet."

The brunette quickly obeys getting up onto her feet staring intently at the young fit naked men standing in front of her. Her mouth still has drool rolling down it from her hard face fucking and there is no mistaking the smell or the large wet patch on her panties. Miz and Riley both stiffen slightly at seeing the ultra-hot Trish Stratus standing inches in front of them looking so unbelievably slutty. Miz strides over to Trish staring the Diva of the Decade right in her eye before both his hands move grabbing the sides of her panties. Now it's Trish's turn to have a sharp intake of breath as Miz easily yanks down her tiny soaked thong pulling it down to her knees then letting gravity drop it down to her ankles. The spiky haired young champion helps Trish step out of her panties and admires her now naked body most of all enjoying her shaved pussy with lips shining in her own juices. He doesn't admire for long as he turns a grinning Trish round and bends her over. Trish's hands reach out and slap onto the bench Miz sat on a few seconds ago feeling her face flush as she knows what is about to happen. Miz groans standing behind a bent over Trish admiring her new toned cheeks, not as big as in her heyday but still an ass that could make any man hard. Miz pushes Trish's legs apart spreading them opening up more access to her pretty wet pussy. He can't resist pushing his head down between her legs and taking a long hard lick of Trish's leaking juices. The multi time woman's champion lets out a deep lustful moan as Miz laps his tongue over her most private part. She also lets out a loud groan of disappointment when Miz's tongue moves away from her cunt and stands back up behind her. Trish shivers with lustful anticipation as she can feel the tip of Miz's hard cock pressing up against the bottom of her ass cheeks. Miz leans back pushing his cock in-between Trish's legs and thrusts upwards guiding his cock into Trish pussy. Both wrestlers' groan as Miz enters Trish not stopping slowly pushing higher and higher, his spit stained cock sliding perfectly up Trish's wet hole.

"Fuck Trish you're so tight," Miz moans digging his fingers harder into her hips as he pushes deeper inside her, "Who knew a total slut like you could have such a tight pussy."

"It's the yoga baby keeps me trim and sexy and certain muscles can be toned and stretched so it's almost like they are brand new," Trish moans with a smile as Miz's cock fills her up.

Miz slides up higher inside Trish's wet cunt all the time rocking his hips and bent over Trish presses back against Miz's hard cock. Pushing hard Miz is delighted to get almost all 8 inches inside Trish and now he starts grinding and pumping inside the Diva's pussy. Trish moans as the Miz starts to fuck her, just like old times naked and being taken from behind by the WWE champion. Trish turns her head to the right to see Alex Riley still rock hard rubbing his cock. With a flick of her head Trish motions him over to sit on the bench almost in front of Trish who is grinning at the look of lust in the young man's eyes. Hips held tight Miz starts to pound Trish's tight pussy working at a steady pace wanting to enjoy the moment of fucking one of his favourite wank targets in wrestling. Riley's hands go back to touching his cock but Trish shakes her head no looking down her bent over body at her hanging boobs and Riley doesn't need a better hint. Trish bucks and pushes her body back into Miz's as Riley's hands grab her tits rubbing and groping them. Miz now at a good pace pulling out of Trish a little only to slide deep back into her making the yoga instructor moan at each slow teasing thrust. Alex's hands run across Trish's tits but the young rookie off NXT wants more so he slides down onto his knees by one side of Trish and leans up pressing his mouth against her soft breast. Once again Trish is made a moaning, groaning sex slut as two different but amazing pleasurable sensations run though her body. Riley's mouth presses into her soft tit flesh and Trish shivers as his tongue traces across her tanned skin. Hearing her reaction Riley pulls his lips back and uses solely his tongue to lick Trish's amazing breasts. Tongue flicking her hanging breasts Alex's cock is fully hard and somehow gets even harder licking Trish's tits as Miz pounds into her pussy from behind. Miz grunts pumping into Trish sending his toned hips slapping against her ass making her body shake jiggling her tits against Riley's tongue.

"OHHHHH FUCK YEAH," Trish groans as she is fucked and licked from two different angles so turned on by these two hot young studs.

Miz pounds into the slutty Diva letting her moans and groans fill the locker room as Riley's tongue licks her firm swaying breasts. Alex moves his head closer to Trish running his tongue across her hard nipples getting a fresh and different groan of enjoyment from Trish's lips. Alex moves under Trish placing his face in between her tits licking and kissing her much lusting after cleavage. Pounding hard Miz really picks up his slow pace making sure Trish is shaken and feels every stiff thrust. Trish feels so slutty and horny with Miz pounding hard inside her and Riley kissing and licking her large chest. Looking down she can see Riley's hard cock close to her hand so she lifts it off the bench and grabs hold of it. Riley lets out a deep low moan of pleasure as Trish grabs his cock squeezing the shaft hard. Miz bounces himself into Trish pussy pounding his cock into her hard getting her grunting and groaning. Her grunts and moans however are drowned out by Riley's loud moans of pleasure as Trish slowly strokes his cock. His mouth moves away from her tits as he leans his hips forward pushing his big cock into Trish's fast jerking hand. Trish moans as Miz's big cock fucks her dripping wet pussy, she can feel him thrusting hard inside her as Riley pushes his head back near her boobs his tongue licking her already saliva coated boobs. Her stroking gets harder as Miz pups harder inside her, their intense three way making them all horny and all sweating hard. Riley and Miz share a quick look grinning as Trish lets out another loud moan, Miz presses his hands on her toned ass cheeks groping them. With Riley licking all over her firm breasts and hard nipples Trish starts moving her hand faster jerking Alex off as he pleasures and licks her boobs. Miz pumps and pushes his cock into Trish's pussy looking round and sees Trish's quick moving hand stroking Riley's hard cock and can't help but laugh at the slutty Trish taking and pleasuring two cocks at once. This gives him an idea as he pulls out of Trish making her moan and look round in disappointment.

"I have an idea," Miz says grinning, "A position I've always wanted to see you in, you up for it Trish?"

Both Trish and Alex nod and Trish lets go of Riley's swelling cock with pre cum starting to leak from his cock head. Miz moves over taking a seat back on the bench legs spread waving Trish over, her naked body coated with a light sweat as Miz turns her round. Carefully he guides Trish backwards again entering her wet pussy from behind but this time making Trish sit down right onto his hard cock. Trish groans as she slowly sits down feeling Miz's hard cock sliding up her wet pussy pressing deep inside her. She moans loudly once more as she sits right down on Miz's dick, her ass pressed into his lap and she turns her head round smiling at Miz.

"Not over yet Trish I want you to suck Alex's big cock again," Miz says making Trish nod her head loving the idea.

Riley starts to move over standing close to Trish but Miz is busy moving Trish's legs pulling them up and over his own meaning most of Trish's weight is now supported on his cock. Trish groans at the shift in weight and facing forward her hands shoot out grabbing Miz's knees for balance scared she will fall face first to the floor. Riley rubs his cock a little wondering what his mentor has in mind as he hooks Trish's legs around his own and takes a firm grip of her hips, his cock still almost fully inside her tight pussy, he starts pushing on Trish's back leaning her over and Trish looks scared as Riley steps forward getting in line as Trish is pushed forward. Still sitting on Miz's cock Trish groans as her upper body is pushed down, Miz keeping a tight hold of her hips holding her up as Trish keeps her hands on Miz's legs finding her body pointing out away from Miz's body. It's almost like a seated wheelbarrow but Trish has never felt anything like it as she looks up and sees Alex's thick cock hanging inches away from her face. The brunette can't help but smile as Riley brushes his cock head against her sexy lips and then moans as Miz holds her body up then pumps his hips once more driving his cock hard inside her. Trish groans from the pleasure as a lot of her weight is held up with her cunt resting on Miz's cock and to feel him thrust inside her is a deeply hot feeling. Riley combs Trish's hair out of her face and impatiently pokes his cock against her lips waiting for her mouth to open. Trish quickly opens her mouth moaning as Riley for the second time pushes his dick into her mouth however this time he is doing more of the work. In her vulnerable position Trish is nothing more than a few holes for their big cocks and just the thought of that makes her pussy even wetter. She feels so helpless hanging between two cocks, Miz in her pussy and Riley thrusting into her mouth. Trish has to just cope and let the two men do what they want to her and it's been a long time since Trish has been made to feel this powerless. Two thick cocks pound into two of her holes, holding her up and stiffly fucking her naked body and it's making Trish horny and wet as her mouth fights to suck as fast as Alex is pumping inside her. The young rookie is grabbing her hair properly face fucking her, her eyes closed as he is lost in erotic pleasure.

"MMMMMMM you enjoying this Trish," Miz cockily asks slapping his hand onto her tanned hip as sitting down he bucks his hips up fucking her wet pussy.

She can't answer but groans with lust into Riley's fast thrusting cock making her dribble spit out the corners of her open mouth. This has always been one of Alex's biggest fantasies with Trish to be fucking that slutty mouth and even though she changed her blonde locks nothing is better than this moment for Alex. With Trish having to hold herself up with her hands on Miz's knees she has no way of controlling Riley's fucking allowing the rookie to slam into her mouth as hard as he wants. He is thrusting pretty hard, hand in Trish's hair keeping her head as still as he can as he drives into her mouth hard looking to hit the back of her already overworked throat. Riley is rock hard and pumping in fast feeling Trish's mouth all wet as his cock slides in and out and her teasing tongue flicking across his shaft any chance it gets. Trish moans and groans at Riley's hard cock fucks her face but it's hard for her to forget she is being double teamed as Miz is holding onto her hips tight pounding into her tight pussy. Miz's big thick cock feels so good inside her and Trish loves the way the young stud is fucking her. Miz groans pumping harder on his soles leaning back hard, his naked ass barely touching the seat as he pounds upwards fucking Trish's soaking wet hole. Trish loves having her pussy pounded and adding it to the abuse her mouth is taking from Riley; Trish can feel an orgasm building up inside her small frame. Miz grunts with pleasure and Riley is just moaning eyes closed mouth open as he fucks Trish's face while the helpless hanging brunette is shaking and moaning harder than anyone but her pleasurable sounds muffled. She groans and shakes being pounded by two big thick cocks in her mouth and pussy fucking her relentlessly and not stopping has a helpless Trish on the edge and it isn't long before she grinds her pussy down onto Miz's thrusting cock. Trish screams her mouth opening wider and she screams into Riley's thick cock as she cums hard, her cum dripping down soaking the Miz's thrusting cock. Her whole sweaty body shakes a little out of control as she has a big orgasm yet the cocks fucking her don't stop. Miz can feel Trish's pussy getting wetter and looser to his pumping hip movements, he looks up at Riley confused who looks down and sees the pleasurable look on her face.

"I think she just came boss," Alex says with a little smirk pulling his cock out of Trish's mouth, "Is that right Trish did you cum?"

Trish nods and her hands finally loose grip on Miz's knees and she falls forward right into Riley's arms.

"Awwww Miz I think she's had a big tiring orgasm she can barely support herself," Riley says lifting Trish up so she is back sitting upright on Miz's lap.

Miz wraps his arms around her skinny waist and starts bouncing her on his cock again but Trish groans in pain as he does, her soaking wet cunt too sensitive to take hard pounding.

"Fuck Trish why did you have to cum and ruin it you dirty little slut," Miz moans disappointed.

"I'm sorry Miz I'm sorry I couldn't help it you two were fucking me so well," Trish whines still rubbing her own body the aftershocks of her orgasm still tingling.

"Yeah but what am I going to do now I'm on the edge," Miz complains lifting Trish up off his cock and putting her down on the floor.

"You could face fuck her Miz, Trish has the best fucking mouth to pound into," Riley says.

"MMMMM yeah Miz fuck my face, please Mike I'm sorry so sorry I cummed before you please fuck my sweaty slutty face," Trish begs in her weakest cutest voice making both Miz and Alex's cocks twitch.

"Well I didn't really want to cum in your slutty mouth first but if I fucked you hard made you swallow it maybe that would teach you a lesson about cumming first," Miz says sounding more dominant and bossy.

Trish pulls herself up to her knees nodding, "Yes Miz that's what I need a good hard face fucking to teach me my place I've been away so long I forgot my place."

Miz grins stepping forward stroking his slick cock wet with Trish's juices and pokes it right at Trish's mouth. The brunette doesn't waste any time opening her mouth letting Miz's cock push inside her slutty mouth. Miz shoves his cock into her mouth letting it slide down Trish's throat once more as he rests one hand on her forehead and looks down grinning at Trish. Trish is scared and being scared of a big hard cock in her mouth makes her horny and her right hand naturally moves to her wet leaking pussy carefully rubbing her sore pussy lips. The WWE champion slides most of his big cock into her mouth then powerfully bucks his hips forward bouncing his cock head off the back of her throat making both he and Trish moan with pleasure. Trish tries to tighten her lips to suck Miz's cock but his thrusts are too fast to get a real grip so Trish opens her mouth wider and lets her young fuck buddy get his pleasure from pounding her sexy mouth. Miz moans fucking Trish's hot face feeling his cock twitch inside her wet mouth knowing he is so close to cumming and he can't wait to see Trish swallow his cum maybe even his load being too much for her and some of it dribble out staining her pretty pink lips. Alex Riley watches stroking himself when he remembers what he was doing last time Trish's mouth was pleasuring Miz's cock. He kneels behind her wrapping his arms around her chest and grabs two big handfuls of Trish's breasts. The brunette groans as Riley once again squeezes her big bare breasts almost massaging them slightly roughly making Trish's hand work a little faster on her sensitive pussy lips. Riley's hands roughly rub and grope Trish's big tits as Miz bucks his hips fucking her face hard. Sweat drips down his naked tanned body as he loves the feeling of hard fucking Trish's slutty mouth hearing her choke and moan at each rough thrust. The back of Trish's throat is sore and Trish knows from experience she will be talking a little hoarse for the next few days after an intense throat fucking like this. The head of Miz's cock shining wet with pre cum bashes against Trish's throat thrusting hard fucking Trish's pretty face as hard as his hips can pump. She gags harder on Miz's fast moving cock, Trish's spit covered mouth making louder and louder noises as Miz almost humps Trish's face. Miz's hands grab both sides of Trish's head holding her still as his cock pistons in and out of her mouth. Riley keeps up the groping on a moaning face fucked Trish, rubbing her firm tits and lightly squeezing his fingers down on her hard nipples. Trish is still horny for this two on one rough fucking but her pussy lips are now a little raw so she has to move her hand away and just take the touching and fucking without any way to self-pleasure.

"OHHHHH OHHHHHH FUCK TRISH MMMMMMM YOUR MOUTH IS SO FUCKING GOOD I'M SO CLOSE," Miz moans his hips bucking faster slamming against Trish's throat, the choking brunette can only drool and hold her head as still as she can for Miz's pleasure.

Her tongue pushes up lapping the underside of Miz's cock as the young man closes his eyes and hammers in grunting hard. His breathes are getting shorter and Trish feels his cock pulse in her mouth and she knows any second she is going to be getting another hot load of cum shot into her mouth. Miz cries out with pleasure making a loud moaning noise as he pushes forward one last time his hard cock finally gives away pumping a hard cum shot right down Trish's gullet. Trish swallows the first load in one and starts moving her head sucking Miz's cock trying to milk more cum out of the WWE champion. Miz groans as Trish starts sucking him, his hips stop moving and he lets Trish's expert mouth pleasure him and draw more spunk from his balls. Trish's warm wet mouth works quickly teasing his hard dick and Miz groans appreciatively to Trish's touch lets out a deep low cries and firing a few extra loads of cum into her sucking mouth. Eagerly Trish catches the cum and swallows as Miz pulls out grabbing his dick and jerks hard firing one last shot of cum blasting over Trish's pink lips. Trish giggles with her spunk covered lips smiling up and Miz and then uses her tongue to clean his cum off her lips. Miz smiles and moves to sit back down on the locker room bench taking a towel to wipe down his sweaty head and chest. Trish is about to get up and join him when a hard cock pokes against her inner thigh from behind.

"MMMMMMMM you're not finished yet Trish," Alex Riley moans now harder than ever having watched Trish's amazing face fuck then her sexy blowjob on his mentor the Miz.

Riley gives Trish's boobs once last squeeze and then pushes her forward forcing Trish onto her hands and knees on the locker room floor. He brushes a hand up her leg and pushes it against her still wet pussy making Trish groan in pleasure.

"Still sore Trish?" Riley asks not caring for the answer as his cock is raging hard needed to fuck her.

Trish nods, "Yeah but I'm so horny, I'm such a little whore fuck me Riley pump your big cock into my sore wet pussy, oh Alex fuck me."

Riley moans his cock twitching at Trish's sexy pleading as Miz sits a few feet away smiling putting his hands behind his head ready to watch the show. Grabbing her hips Alex spreads her legs a little more before lining up and in one push rams his hard cock right into her pussy. Trish moans loudly as Riley shoves into her roughly, the young man not able to wait any longer at the chance to fuck her. She groans deeply with pleasure feeling like such a whore, nude on a locker room floor being pumped doggy style by a rookie wrestler. Looking up Trish sees Miz watching adding a new element to her humiliation; she thinks back to Miz's words earlier making her feel even more embarrassed that everything he said was true. Trish gets wetter as her slutty treatment turns her on as does Alex Riley's hard pumping cock pounding into her at a fast pace. Riley can't believe he is here inside the wet cunt of one of his jerk off idol's growing up, hearing Trish's sexy moans only fit to turn the young tanned wrestler on even more. Trish moans panting the stale taste of both men's spunk lingering in her mouth, her body soaked in sweat and no doubt stinking of sex makes Trish moan loudly as it's been too long since she was afforded this kind of sexual treatment. She is so hot and can feel herself already building towards the edge of a second orgasm as Riley is somehow pumping faster. The spikey haired rookie on his knees is just thrusting faster and harder really driving his entire cock deep inside Trish's body. A real pussy pounding and Trish just holds on swaying on all fours as her body is building to yet another pleasurable end and she hopes she can last out for more cum from the hot young studs penetrating her. Trish groans as Riley increases his pace slamming in and out of her fast, his hips slapping against her sore asscheeks bringing Trish closer to her orgasmic edge and without even thinking it Trish starts pushing back against Riley trying to feel more of the young man's cock inside her. She is so hot and horny, on her hands and knees with a hard cock pounding her insides pressing into her wet pussy lips and the more she gets wet the harder Alex thrusts into her using his cum soaked cock to pleasure her even more. He presses forward rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit and Trish really loses it with a deep cry that can probably be heard out at ringside. As her body shakes with lust she looks up into Miz's eyes and Miz can see how horny Trish is and how close to her second orgasm she is getting. Riley pumps in hard, sweat pouring down his muscles as he fucks Trish Stratus wanting the brunette to moan and get every pleasure she can from his horny thrusting cock.

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