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"Excuse me ladies," I said as dignified as possible. "But I really gotta use the bathroom." Tracy had moved off me by this time, and I extricated myself as delicately as possible from beneath Stacy. I quickly headed for the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door, though I at least lifted the seat up, and began to relieve myself in another, though certainly different pleasurable way at that point. Hearing movement behind me, I turned my head just enough to see Andrea standing in the doorway watching me pee into the toilet from behind.

"I'm next," she stated, smiling a mixture of excitement, and still a little apprehension perhaps as I looked briefly into her eyes.

It seemed I always had to pee like a racehorse afterwards, and this time wasn't any exception. "I'm sorry for taking so long," I said, standing there continuing to urinate. "But I really had to go."

"I do too!" She exclaimed somewhat more urgently now. Can you stop it for just a split second?" She asked me, the question so curiously strange that I actually did.

Andrea suddenly moved in front of me, and in one swift motion had put the seat back down, sat down, and spread her legs. I began to move away from her as she began peeing herself, figuring her need had obviously been even greater than my own.

"No. Here. There's plenty of room," she indicated pointing. And the "V" gap between her legs as she sat relieving herself was an interesting sight. I carefully walked over, positioned myself once again, and ensured that my aim was perfect before continuing myself. Andrea laughed, watching me as I watched her, our streams nearly colliding and splashing against one another in the bowl.

Moments later I had finished and stepped away to wash. Washing not only my hands, but also grabbing a hand towel I quickly soaped up my cock as well.

"Here. Let me do that for you," Andrea washed herself as well as me, and we'd both nearly and completely forgotten all about the twins until we once again turned and headed back into the bedroom. I nearly stumbled when we entered the room. Stacy and Tracy were engaged in an extremely sensuous sixty-nine on the bed with one another. It was clearly obvious that the girls were oblivious to our even being there.

"They do this often?" I asked turning towards Andrea. She looked at me, nodded her head.

"Nearly about every chance they can get. For about as long as I've known them anyway. Stacy said it was the closest she'd ever come to licking her own pussy."

Even I had to agree with that statement, and watching them, I felt my somewhat flaccid cock twitch with renewed arousal. "Shall we?" I indicated pointing towards the bed.

"Thought you'd never ask," Andrea stated, bouncing on ahead of me and jumping up onto the bed next to the girls. "You guys having fun?" She questioned, getting two half mumbled faces full of pussy responses from the twins in the process.

I joined her, and as she opened up her legs to me, I eased into Andrea once again. Slowly, very slowly as I knew she would no doubt still be a little tender. "You doing ok?" I asked her.

"Fuck me!" Andrea said looking at me directly in the eyes. "Fuck me until I cum this time," she spoke to me softly with an urgent tone to her voice and what could only be described as a newly borne womanly maturity about her now. And so it was, that I slowly began to ease myself in and out of Andrea's quickly lubricating cunt. She began to match my stroking, rising to meet me as I quickly began sliding in and out of her with a lot less friction and a lot more slippery sensual trusting inside that silky soft passage. Even the twins took a moment to look over at us, each one of them smiling, and each one of them with the female 'dew' of the other glistening on their respective faces.

I don't know how long the girls actually stayed. I seem to recall dozing off at one point, the three of them still stroking, sucking, licking and touching one another nearly most of the night. I had finally collapsed exhausted and spent after one last incredible orgasm when each of the three girls had begun a 'sucking' game of who got the cum-shot. I have no clue who the eventual winner was. In actuality, you could say it was me of course, for truly I had been. And though the orgasm felt nice, it was about all that I had left in me. I doubt seriously there had even been enough ejaculate to warn any one of the three of them to even be worried about if they had any kind of aversion to having done that. Too tired to care at that point anyway, all I knew was that they had eventually left at some point, and I had immediately fallen right back to sleep and didn't even bother to try and get up until late in the afternoon.

When I finally did wake up, I immediately began to worry and fret over what had happened the night before. Not only had I taken my neighbor's daughters virginity, though I had not known it initially, it wasn't exactly something that would be that easy to explain away under any circumstances. And then of course there was Jill. I had also fucked and sucked both of her daughters, and if she happened to learn I had also done that, I felt that our relationship would come to a quick and sudden end. I was reminded however of her own bold suggestion about getting involved with her as well as Pete, but even though she appeared to be interested in me as well, there simply was no telling how a mother would react towards me under those circumstances.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, heading into the bathroom. And staring down at the toilet seat I was once again reminded of the craziness of the evening. I didn't bother lifting the lid up either.

I spent the remainder of the day watching T.V. and generally trying to hide out after a fashion. I didn't see any of the three girls, and was having mixed emotions about that. On one hand of course, I was glad that I didn't have to confront any of the girls. I wasn't sure I was quite prepared for that, nor how they might react now that we'd all had a chance to have some time to think about what had happened. On the other hand, I was also concerned that I hadn't heard from any of them either. Perhaps even now they were confessing everything they, no make that, we had done. So I was half expecting either Jill, Pete, possibly even both to angrily come knocking at the door.

I jumped. Someone was knocking. (I had locked the door by now), but it wasn't an angry or insistent knock. That was something at least. I knew I must have looked like shit; I hadn't even bothered to shower yet. I caught a whiff of myself as well, and realized I smelled pretty ripe. As soon as I'd manage to get rid of whoever was at the door, I decided to run upstairs and shower immediately. I'd caught a brief lingering odor of something else as well. A faint trace of the twins perfume they'd been wearing all mixed in with a jumble of other erotic lingering odors on top of that. I definitely needed that shower.

I cracked the door, peered out, and saw Jill standing there. At least she was smiling.

"Haven't seen you all day!" She stated, and then opened the door the remainder of the way and more or less barged in carrying a Chinese take out sack full of all kinds of good smelling dishes. "I always get way too much of this stuff," she said setting the large bag down on the counter, and then holding up a nice bottle of wine, which I hadn't seen until now. Only then did she turn to face me and see that I was pretty scruffy looking, and even held her nose to pointedly inform me that I smelled bad as well.

"Dinner will keep until after you shower," she stated flatly. I wasn't about to argue with her on that point, but I also wasn't too excited to see her there either. At least she wasn't tearing my head off. That was something I guess. But feeling like I had just run out of options, I turned and headed immediately upstairs to take that much needed shower.

The stinging spray of the hot shower felt good against my skin. With sufficient soap added to that, I began to feel almost human again. Though I had spent a considerable amount of time in the shower, I had no doubt that Jill would still be waiting for me. We'd often spent evenings together sharing dinner, so there was nothing unusual about that of course, and Chinese takeout did sound really good. My stomach had already begun grumbling earlier as I had realized I'd not eaten a single thing all day long. Stepping out of the shower and toweling off, the tantalizing aromas of Chinese were strong as they filled my nostrils. Wrapping a towel around myself, I ventured into the bedroom. Sure enough, Jill was there, a large tray of delicacy's spread out on the bed along with two glasses of wine. Several candles had also been lit, the only source of lighting in the room, and Jill was on the bed naked, fingering an egg roll as I walked in.

"Hungry?" She asked. But I got the distinct impression she was offering herself up for dinner more than she was the food.

"Famished," I replied, but immediately realized it probably wasn't the best response I should have given her. I was honestly referring to the food, but her lying there naked had obviously taken it the way she'd originally thrown it out to me.

She patted a spot on the bed with her hand, indicating for me to come over, sit down and join her. Even removing the towel to attempt to get dressed was out of the question for the moment. Once I'd done that, it would be as good as accepting her invitation to join her. Keeping the towel on, I did cross over to the bed and grab one of the egg rolls however; they did smell wonderfully delicious.

"What about Pete?" I questioned as non-committal as possible. Still trying to pretend not to take too much notice of her bare erotic looking breasts. "Won't he wonder why we hadn't invited him over for dinner too?" I was still trying to think of an easy way out of all this, but wasn't having a lot of success at the moment in coming up with a solution. My cock wasn't helping much either as it had already begun to stiffen with interest, and was another reason why I quickly sat down on the bed next to her. It would be 'tenting' up the towel in a few more moments.

Jill already had a wanton naughty look in her eyes as she sat staring at me. "If you'd like, I can certainly call him and invite him over. I already told you he said he might be interested in doing something like that. But I thought that you might prefer to be with me alone the first time, sort of a get acquainted 'session' between us before including Pete. But if you prefer?" She'd made a motion to reach over to the nightstand to pick up the telephone when I stopped her.

"!" I shot out saying. She turned back, leaving the phone alone and waited.

"Maybe we'd better talk about this first. The last thing I want to do is complicate things, ruin our friendship, or cause any problems between you and I and Pete."

There, I'd said it. Managed to get my worries, concerns and fears out on the table. Maybe she'd stop and think about things too.

"Oh, I think we're 'way' past that now." Jill stated smiling, but it was a wickedly mischievous little smile, and I knew she was leading up to something.

"The girls told me what a marvelous time they had with you last night," she stated off handedly. There was no 'edge' to her tone, or hint of anger in it at all, if anything, she was obviously aroused while sharing this tid-bit of information.

"They what?" I stammered.

"Don't worry. I'm certainly not mad about it, a little jealous maybe, but certainly not angry. The twins are old enough to make up their own minds about who they go to bed with, and the fact they managed to get to you first isn't really surprising. I figured as much when they snuck out of the house last night. Hell, I almost got up and came over with them!" She chortled.

She hadn't mentioned anything about Andrea. Maybe the girls hadn't either, but I wasn't about to bring that subject up either. I was already squirming with the uncertainty of this new development as it was.

"The only way I would be angry," she continued, "Was if I wasn't able to have a little fun with you myself. That certainly wouldn't be very fair now would it?" Jill reached over and placed her hand on the towel and began pulling it away from me. I even rose up off the bed a little so that it would slip out from underneath me without her having to yank it. Whatever concerns I had previously were now a thing of the past. I didn't exactly feel trapped necessarily either. Jill was an extremely attractive looking woman. I'd only not pursued her earlier because of what I had initially seen between her and Pete. All that had suddenly changed now, except perhaps for one small detail.

"What about the twins?" I questioned.

"Oh...they know I'm here. Even told me to tell you how good a time they had last night and that they're looking forward to doing it again soon. Told 'me' to have fun and tell them about it later after I get home."

I breathed a sigh of relief at that. No complications at least. I didn't want to become embroiled in some uncomfortable confrontation with the girls over this either.

"As for Andrea? I didn't figure it was my place to say anything to Pete. Even I didn't know she was still a virgin until the girls told me what they'd done, tricking you into deflowering her. And Andrea's her own woman now anyway. What she chooses to discuss with her father is her business, not mine."

"Well so much for that." I thought to myself.

The feel of Jill's hand on my cock told me that dinner might have to be re-heated. The heat between her legs was telling me that I'd be dinning there instead, and soon, very soon!

Jill was twenty, perhaps twenty-five years older than the twins but no more than that. And I took notice; perhaps for the first time really as how I now envisioned the girls would look when they were their mother's age. Jill was a voluptuous looking woman. She had perhaps put on a few extra pounds over the years, but then again hadn't we all? Jill seemed to radiate her sensuality however, a maturity that came with age and experience, and though the twins had certainly been exciting in their enthusiasm and youth, there was something about a woman who knew what she was about, and knew what it was she wanted from a man. And Jill fit that description perfectly. I rolled over, reaching for and capturing one of her incredible looking tits. One again I was briefly reminded how the twin's might mature in much the same way as their mother had. As pretty and as firm as their young breasts were, caressing their mothers as I also began to kiss and suckle them was far more stimulating and erotic to me. Jill placed her hand behind my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked her taut hard nipples. A subtle, simple thing perhaps, but it proved my self-made point. Experience and the understanding to sometimes take things slow and smooth and enjoy the moment was a far more rewarding pleasure for me than the rushed frenzy I'd experienced with the girls last night. Though that was ok too. Everything had its place and time. And I had certainly enjoyed myself. But this, the gentle touching, the obvious unspoken confirmation that Jill was enjoying what I was doing to her by the simple placement of her hand upon my head was what I had missed doing with the girls last night. And I found myself rapidly getting even more aroused and looking forward to this experience with Jill more than I realized I might have.

I made love to her breasts for a very long time, alternating back and forth between them. As I kissed, and then sometimes sucked on one, flicking her incredibly fat nipples with fleeting light feathery touches, then stabbing at them instead suddenly with hard lapping licks of my tongue, I would also caress and pet the other breast. Back and forth I continued to feast, erotic visions dancing in my head, my prick throbbing almost painfully so with lustful need and desire.

"Move up," she whispered to me, guiding me upwards between her legs as she pulled me towards her, spreading herself open to me as she did. "I want to tickle my clit with your cock." Taking my hardness fully in her hand, I posed myself, kneeling before her wide-open pussy. She took me and began rubbing the blood-engorged head of my prick against her wet open slit. The feel of her silkiness was like pouring warmed oil over the tip of my cock. Taking my penis, she slowly and oh so teasingly drew me up and down herself, taking frequent moments to circle and quickly rub my cock against her own swollen exposed little nubbin of super-sensitized flesh. Breathlessly, she would then repeat the procedure all over again with near maddening slowness, bringing me constantly to the very brink, as well as herself, and then pausing until the waves of pleasure died down to a controllable level once again.

Hands free, I knelt above her, teasing her nipples in much the same way that she teased her clitoris with my cock. Rolling her nipples' sometimes pulling on them or gently squeezing them to coincide with the same erotic thrills she was causing each of us to feel and experience. But seeing her face, looking into the various expressions that I saw etched there, constantly changing as each sensation was felt, achieved, and explored was as exciting as the actual feelings themselves. Something about watching a woman actually enjoying her self, uninhibited, allowing her vulnerability to show through her emotions. Seeing that, watching Jill now as I was, increased my own pleasures ten fold, and heightened the desire as well as the need beyond my wildest imagination.

The juices between us were becoming slick near syrupy in volume as well as texture. Intermingling together, my cock leaked as though it was ready to spew at any moment, which it very nearly had several times already. Jill's own pussy was lubricating in such quantity that the moisture was seeping out of her in tiny little rivulets of thin creamy streams that ran down her slit, and on down to the opening of her ass and onto the sheets beneath us.

I'd been fighting the "moment" holding back and willing myself not to cum too soon, but I was rapidly losing ground over that one. Each time I had thought myself a goner, Jill had sensed it, stopped, pausing just long enough before continuing to allow myself a few moments to collect and re-gather my strength. But Jill was now unable to go on much herself, each tiny delay building towards that even greater, higher level of pleasure, until we were both standing on the precipice.

Without warning, she took me with her hand, slid me in, and humped herself against me. My cock slid quickly and easily inside her, sheathed in a fiery white-hot sensation that enveloped me and caressed my cock beyond the ability to withstand. I came with unbridled hot spurting passion. Torrents of my cum filling her cunt, bathing her in my juices, and serving as the ignition for her own deep felt orgasmic enjoyment.

We both moaned in unison, my hands still cupping her breasts digging into them as I came in a long single drawn out penetration of cunt that gripped me in a vise-like contraction. Holding me there and milking every single delicious precious drop of cum that I possessed, and to which she now was in possession of.

Even long afterwards, collapsing atop her, and now quietly nuzzling and kissing her neck, I still felt her cunt contracting around me, as though it were kissing me in some special way, as I was kissing her. It was the faintest of pulses, like a beating heart that I felt rhythmically expanding and contracting, almost near soothing, relaxing, sensual.

"Bet the twins didn't fuck you like that," she spoke with confidence.

The whispered moan I gave was her only answer. But it was the answer she'd hoped for and expected. Any more would have taken, not given to that exclamation of pure and complete satisfaction.

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