tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 11

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 11


Tom said, "Paul, I went to the flower store and bought three roses. We can give one to Brenda and one to each of our dates."

"Tom, what a sap you are!" Paul responded.

"Why? Just because I want to be nice?"

"Nice? The only thing nice about those two gimpy nudists is how hot the rest of their body is! And if they jacked us off this afternoon, you know it's a sure thing we're getting laid tonight!"

"Don't talk that way. I like Abby," an exasperated Tom said.

"You like the way she stroked your dick!" Paul exclaimed

Tom could see it was pointless to continue the conversation with Paul. Paul was his college assigned roommate and they had become friends due to convenience, but he didn't like the way Paul talked about women. This would be the first time they had double dated.

Tom reached into his duffle bag looking for a clean shirt as Paul took off his shorts and shirt.

"This dinner is going to be a great warm up. I can't wait to see Brenda nude again. She was hot! Remember how she spread her legs so we could get a better look at her snatch!"

"Paul just because they're nudists doesn't mean they're naked all the time."

"You heard her dude, 'house rules'..." Paul removed his underwear. Nude he said, "Get undressed. I'm hungry for some High School pussy."

"You're kidding right? We're not going to show up for dinner naked."

"When in Rome.....You don't want to insult our hostess, do you?"

Tom mulled it over. Paul was right about respecting the customs of people. Was this any different than when he took off his shoes before entering a friend's house because that was their "house rule?" Maybe Paul was right. Tom shrugged his shoulders and took off his clothes.

The boys left their date clothes on the back porch and slipped through the bushes. Sporting smiles and hard-ons, they knocked on Brenda's sliding glass door.

A fully clothed Brenda opened the door for them. Tom had a fit about being naked in front of the un-naked Brenda. He dropped the roses.

Smirking, Brenda bent down to pick the flowers up. Soon she was eye level with the two young, hard cocks. Looking directly at their dicks she said, "Are these for me?"

Flabbergasted, Tom dropped his hands in front of his crotch.

Paul attempting to be suave said, "We brought a rose for our dates and one for our beautiful hostess."

Brenda stood and handed the roses to Paul saying, "That is very gracious of you. Let me introduce you to your hostess. Janice, come here and let me introduce you to our guests."

Janice hurried over to greet the boys. "Oh my word..." was her shocked response upon seeing the two nude boys and their erections.

Brenda addressed the boys in a serious tone, "Boys, I'm sorry you got the wrong impression. I am a nudist and I like to sunbathe nude, but I'm not naked all the time. Please go get dressed and join us for dinner."

As soon as the two bare ass boys turned and ran away, Brenda's stern face burst out in a huge grin.

^^^^ Compared to meeting Brenda and Janice while nude, the boys found dinner to be uneventful and soon the youngsters were off on their date. The twins were a little intimidated and quiet. However, that wasn't a big problem because there really wasn't that much time for talking before or during the movie anyway.

After the movie Paul said,

"Let's go for a drive. I know a place where we can get to know each other better."

Paul drove them to the local lover's lane. He grabbed a blanket and Beth's hand.

"Tom, we'll let you and ...and...your twin... have some privacy in the back seat. Beth and I will sit out under the stars and TALK."

Tom and Abby did talk. Abby discovered that Tom was as nervous and shy as she was. That helped her become more comfortable and soon they had a nice conversation. Hesitantly, Tom kissed her a couple of times and Abby was thinking "This is so wonderful."

Paul led Beth to a secluded spot and together they lay on the blanket and looked at the night sky.

"Do you know much about the stars," he asked.

Beth shook her head no. Pointed above the horizon Paul said,

"Look over there at that really bright star, that's the North Star. Do you see the line of stars below it? They make a handle and then there's a cup. That's called the "Little Dipper."

"Yes, I see it. Wow. That's cool." Beth was nervous, but she was enjoying her date. Paul had been polite and nice to her all evening. She was impressed by Paul. He was tall, smart and good-looking.

Paul rolled over on top of Beth scaring her a little with his sudden move.

"Then there is the "Big Dipper". You know all about that one because you had it in your hands this afternoon."

Paul grabbed her hand and brought it to his groin. She could feel his hardness through his shorts. Beth was uncomfortable and quickly moved her hand away.

Laughing he said, "Don't be a baby. It's the same dick you played with this afternoon."

Paul kissed Beth roughly and he grabbed her breast squeezing it hard.

"Please don't. You're hurting me!" she called out.

Paul lifted up so he was sitting on top of her straddling her slim hips. He said, "I'm not going to hurt you. You and I are going to have a great time."

Paul had Beth pinned underneath him. He pulled her top and bra up exposing her breasts. "You've got some great tits for a High School girl. See, you like it. Your nipples are getting hard for me." Paul pinched her left nipple hard causing Beth to cry out in pain.

Holding down her struggling hands, Paul leaned over and licked and kissed her boobs. He was rough. He sucked too hard on her tender nipples and bit them too. Beth was crying.

"Don't fight me," Paul demanded.

Beth was scared and sobbing. Paul unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. Then he undid hers and yanked her jeans and panties down in one motion exposing her bare pussy.

"Let me taste your cunt. It looked pretty good today. Almost as good as Brenda's snatch. She's one hot chick."

Beth screamed "No! Stop it!" And then she just screamed as loud as she could.

Tom and Abby heard the scream and they came running. What they saw shocked them. Paul was on top of Beth. She was crying and he was laughing.

Tom shouted, "Paul! Stop it," as he pulled him off Beth.

"You've got your peg-leg piece of ass. Leave me alone with mine!"

"No way Paul. You're hurting her."

Paul stood and took a swing at Tom. He missed, got tangled in his drooping pants, and fell. Tom pounced on top of him and pushed his face into the ground and said,

"Stop it. It's over. We're all going home. I'll beat the shit out of you if I have to." Looking over to Abby, Tom said in a softer voice, "Abby, go help your sister."

Paul tried unsuccessfully to free himself. Giving up he said, "All right. Damm it. I should have known. She's just another High School tease."

"Shut up Paul! You're such a prick. I'm through with you. Find yourself a new roommate.'

Abby helped Beth dress and they got into the backseat. Abby soothed her sister the best she could on the ride home.

Tom drove the girls home while a surly Paul sat silently in the front seat.

Tom walked the twins to the door.

"I'm so sorry this happened. Do you need any help?"

"No, I can manage things from here," Abby said adding, "Tom, we know it isn't your fault."

"Abby, can I call you?"

"Yes. Goodnight Tom," Abby replied.

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