tagNovels and NovellasUnconventional Awakening Ch. 12

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 12


It has been a while since the last chapter. A lot has happened. Lets see, where did we leave off.

Oh, yes.

I climbed into bed, and enjoyed the feeling of naked skin between the sheets. Time to call my husband. Was he ready for bed? Was he ready to hear about my stay so far in Chicago?

My fingers trembled as I dialed. My breathing was deep and labored. My heart rate felt like I had just run a marathon. The seconds seemed like minutes, and the mental "tick tock" thundered silently in my ears. My lips felt so dry.

But my nipples were hard and jolts of sexual electricity sparked through them as they rubbed against the warm sheets. And my pussy was moist and the sheet soaking up my spreading wetness.



"Hello". And my breathing stopped. A whisper of "Hi" was all that came out.

This was greeted with laughter, and all of a sudden I relaxed. And breathed deeply.

Great! I sounded like a 1-900 number.

Which, under the circumstances, maybe was not off the mark.

"Hello" again.

Followed by "I miss you".

And "I am looking forward to your story".

I breathe deeply, and wonder where to begin.

I begin with what he is doing at the moment.

He is in bed, waiting to hear about my trip so far.

I wonder if he is naked? And ask him.

He asks me if I am. No fair. I asked first.

Ok. He is. Am I?



"And what?"

"And anything I should know about?"

"Like what?"

"Are you horny?"

"Umm, well, err, yes"?

Time for him to ponder that reply.

"Well honey, what's up"?

"Are you"?

"Am I what?"



"Should I be?"

"I hope so."


"You've got my full attention honey."

I Pause.

"I met a couple of gentlemen here."


"Sunday night we bumped into each other at the registration desk. They were in front of me, and were looking for a place to have dinner. They turned around and didn't realize that I was behind them. And one of them bumped into me. We just smiled and laughed, and introduced ourselves. Peter and Paul are from Indiana and attending a program too. We realized that we were all looking for a place to eat, and would I care to join them. We waited for a cab and began talking. The conversation came so easily dear. I sat between them on the way to the restaurant. Time flew by and we nearly closed down the restaurant. One the way back, I was seated between them again."


There was a pause on his end.

And then a tentative "Yes?"

This time, I paused.

Time seems to be standing still.

"Honey, do you remember your fantasy that you have about me and two men?"

Pause and a slow, faint, drawn, questioning "Yessssssssss?"

"Does it still turn you on?"

Again, a pause followed by a slow, faint, drawn, questioning "Yessssss?

"Honey, is your cock hard"?

I can hear his breathing deepen.

"It's getting there."

"Would it help if I told you that my nipples are soo stiff and aching to be sucked?"

"And that my pussy is dripping wet?"

He gasps, as we have never engaged in phone sex. Who am I? Stiff nipples aching to be sucked? Dripping wet pussy? Who is this woman? What happened to his wife?

The seconds crawl by.

His voice is raspy - ‘Honey?"

"Tell me" is all he can say.

And then.

"My cock hasn't been this hard for a while darling, thank you".

I can almost see his cock, and my pussy twitches as I think about my desire to feel his cock fucking me. I want him. I want him close to me. I want to feel his body pressed against mine. I want him to feel my warm wet pussy wrapped around his cock. I want to feel his cock sliding in and out of me. I want to feel his cock twitch and throb, and then feel his cum flooding my pussy. Feeling his cock spurt jet after jet of his cream into me. My pussy twitches imagining him making love to me. My mind is a swirl of emotions. My nipples throb. I have a mad desire to see his cock slip out of me, and I want his cock in my mouth. I want to suck his slippery cock. To taste us. I want to let him know there is a new me.

"Honey, I want to make love to you so badly. I wish you were here. I am feeling so horny. I want to fuck you, and make you cum inside me, and then suck you."

"I want to suck your cock, and taste your cum and my juices." I want to be a slut!"

"Honey, I want to feel your cock fill my pussy. And my ass".

"Yes honey, I want to feel your cock slide into my ass and fill me."

"I want to be completely yours."


And then a long moan.


"I came" in a raspy voice.

And I can just imagine his stomach covered with droplets of thick spunk. And a growing pool like a lava flow from the tip of his cock as the after shocks continue to ooze out, flowing down his softening cock. Umm, how I want to lap up his pool of cream. Before sliding my sticky tongue upwards, licking up droplet after droplet.

With a start, I realize my fingers have been busy sliding in and out of my feverish pussy. My fingers are just slick. I slide them out and bring them to my lips. The aroma is heady, as I slide them into my mouth.

He can hear me sucking my fingers clean. I don't care. I am moving back and forth as if I were in the middle of making love. My eyes closed. My breathing becoming more labored.

I begin to moan, as I realize that I am about to cum. My stomach spasms, as does my pussy. I moan deeply into the phone. I can't believe that I am in the midst of a mind blowing orgasm.

After what seems like an eternity, my breathing slows. My pussy slowly stops to throb and tingle. The jolts of tension ease in my nipples. I am flushed!

And through the fog I hear a voice.

"I love you."

And I whisper back "I love you."

And I wonder who is this woman? And does my husband want this woman that I am becoming? Will he truly enjoy having the woman of his dreams? Or will the fantasy be more than he can handle in reality.

"Honey" I say, before the nerve to continue escapes me, "I think I have fulfilled your fantasy, do you still love me?"

A slow yes for a response. And then, "Honey, I think I love you more than ever before."

I ask him if he is feeling jealous. Or angry.

The seconds pass once again.


"I don't feel jealous. Or angry. It feels odd to admit, but I am feeling excited. I do love you, more than ever. And I want to hear more. Fess up honey."

Now my turn for the seconds to pass.

"Well, after dinner we decided to have a nightcap before retiring. And, well…."

My mind is a whirl as I try to remember.

Not sure how to capture it all and say it on the phone.

"Honey, I made love to Paul and Peter."

I can't believe I said that.

I hear the sucking in of air, and silence, then –

The big question, "Did you enjoy it?"

I saw the night fast forward in my mind, and felt high tension voltage surge through my breasts, pussy and ass as images bombarded my over stimulated mind.

A whisper escaped my lips, "Yes", was all I could say, as I was trying to picture my husband on the other end of the line.

Our relationship was about to take a new turn. But where?

To be continued -

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