tagFetishUnder Lock And Key Ch. 04

Under Lock And Key Ch. 04


A huge knot immediately formed in my stomach. I fought the urge to throw up, which was already a hard enough task given the sticky residue of foreign cum still coating the inside of my mouth and throat. The shock in my eyes gave Evey a dark sense of satisfaction. I turned my head to Gabby, searching her eyes to see if this was some kind of wicked tease. who looked a bit scared but held her gaze steady with mine. She said nothing, but nodded slightly. My stomach lurched again, and I opened my mouth to speak only to have it slapped shut. Evey wanted control of this situation, wanted to make sure that Gabby went through with their plan. "Why don't you sleep on the guest couch tonight?" Evey suggested lightly. She ushered Gabby out of the room, preventing me from having a word with my wife. Gabby reached down and brushed the side of my face sweetly as she left. "Sweet dreams, baby..."

It was only 8pm, but I was ignored for the rest of the night. Frustrated, my mind hazy from my first taste of an orgasm that originated from a man, I could think of nothing besides Evey's threat. Of course I had thought about Gabby fucking someone else, women and men, but always just as a fantasy, and always as equals in a threesome. I had never really considered her doing it without me. Suddenly, I realized that I had never really gotten her to admit her fantasies. I had only asked her to indulge me in mine. My stomach twisted itself even tighter. I pictured her lusting after someone else. She had never really complained about our sex – I'm sure I wasn't the best, but I knew I wasn't terrible. She had teased me once or twice before that my cock could be thicker, but it certainly wasn't tiny. And I had offered to buy her the thickest dildo out there! She refused...but then again, that was before we jumped off into this adventure. Ugh. This is exactly what Evey wanted, me sitting here, making myself crazy. I went to the guest bathroom and washed myself off. Gabby was on the pill, she wouldn't get pregnant. And I knew neither of them were stupid enough to have unprotected sex with some stranger with crabs or something worse. If it wasn't a stranger, then it would have to be someone they knew, maybe someone I knew. Jesus, what a mind fuck.

Sex with someone. My wife. I shook my head, trying to clear the thought from my mind. Television offered no relief, failing miserably to distract me from thoughts of my wife wrapping her beautiful lips around an enormous, stiff cock pumping into her mouth. Gabby, bent over in front of a tall, muscular , in her favorite position, his hands gripping her hips and he slammed into her, Gabby moaning and begging him to finish in her...I knew she loved that, feeling that hot mess shoot into her, God how she hated when I used to pull out. And I knew it then. She wanted this badly. I thought I'd never be able to sleep, but I dozed off hours later, the lights from our bedroom – their bedroom now, I guess – still sending long shadows down the hall, muted voices talking and laughing.

I woke up naked on the couch Saturday morning, instinctively grabbing my dick thinking it was once again mine. Memories flooded back the second I felt that thick plastic still in place. I sighed. Without really thinking, I put on a pair of shorts and went about my typical weekday chores. Cleaning the dishes, vacuuming, cleaning up the bottles left over from the previous night. It was past noon once I finished. The girls door was still closed. I knocked on it lightly. Evey answered, dressed in a tank top with her nipples poking through and a very tight pair of boy cut panties. My dick stirred.

"Why are you wearing shorts?" she asked sharply. I apologized, quickly sliding them off. "Make me breakfast. You're my bitch for the day." she said, revealing more excitement than I think she intended me to see.

"For two?" I asked.

"Oh no...you didn't hear Gabby leave this morning?" Evey inquired, studying my reaction closely. I couldn't think of a response.

"She's gone. Now get your ass in there and make me breakfast."

I spent the entire afternoon catering to Evey's every command. She first had me finish cleaning the house after serving her an elaborate breakfast, then ordered me to stand by the tub, handing her face wash, shampoo, body wash, and various other items while she showered. She allowed me to towel dry her gorgeous body. She had me hold out her bikini bottom, stepping carefully into them, ordering me to slide them on. She then had me to beg for the privilege of putting sunblock on her. I gave a very sincere effort, staring up at her majestic breasts, salivating at the sight of her still hairless mound. Her tone had softened considerably from the morning, I hoped because I was pleasing her. I lovingly applied the lotion up her endlessly long legs, taking longer than necessary when I reached her ass, perched perfectly above my face. I wanted nothing more than to slide the thin strip of fabric aside and caress my tongue against her clean skin, but knew such an act would not go unpunished. Reluctantly I moved onwards and upwards, gently rubbing it into her toned stomach, my cock again jumping lustfully as I moved past her belly button ring, up underneath her full breasts...

She abruptly grabbed my hands and threw them down. "I"ll take care of the rest. Go outside and get on all fours in between the lounge chairs." she commanded, her voice stern but not unkind. I obeyed, disappointed. Not that I was complaining, but other than tasting her literal and metaphorical sex, I had never been allowed to worship any other spot on her body.

I walked out to the back, grateful for the tall fences separating our yard from the neighbors'. I got on my hands and knees, waiting for Evey. She walked out minutes later, margarita in hand, looking absolutely stunning – nude save for a dark pair of sunglasses and snug black bikini bottom, those long legs strolling confidently to the lounge chair to my right. She smiled down at me as she laid on her back, easing into the chair. She leaned over and placed her ice cold drink on my back. I shivered, almost knocking it over, but held still. Evey ignored my discomfort, picking up her phone and immersing herself in it. She reached one hand over to my crotch and began slowly stroking my balls. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the insane pleasure this incredibly demeaning act gave me. A vibration and a giggle from Evey brought me back to reality. She tightened her grip on me, still stroking, but leaned over her other hand showing me her phone's screen. A thick, veiny cock filled the screen. I opened my mouth to ask what exactly she was showing me, then my heart leapt into my throat. A tiny, dark hand was wrapped around the base, almost completely overshadowed by that enormous monstrosity. Gabby's sapphire sparkle fingernail polish was unmistakable.

Evey expertly swished a finger across the screen, still gripping my balls extremely tight, and another picture appeared. There was my wife, completely naked and bent over against a bed, spreading her ass with both hands. Another flick of the finger and there was a close up of Gabby's ass and pussy, her fingers still spreading both of them wide. Both holes were filled with thick, creamy white pools of cum. One drop precariously hung from the bottom of her pussy.

Despite feeling nauseous, my dick sprang to life and became harder than it ever had managed to get while still imprisoned. It strained so hard that it might have forced the plastic sheath off if Evey hadn't been gripping my balls, keeping the bottom of the restraint in place. Evey felt my instant arousal, leaning into my ear and whispering, "Don't worry, pet...you've already tasted what his cock has to offer. You'll soon get to taste it again..."

My dick somehow began to steadily leak a mixture of built up semen and pre-cum. Evey leaned in again, biting my neck softly, stroking my balls...tickling my ear with her tongue... "We picked him because his cock is thick...oh my god is it thick, pet...and he can cum over and over again, so she could fuck him all day, since before you even woke up..." She moved closer still, barely an inch away. "She loves the feeling of a man filling her up, and she couldn't wait to try someone besides you. The only thing that got her more excited was the thought of you waiting here to clean up his messsss..." her voice trailed off. She got up, taking her glass off my back, pulling me to my feet by my hair. "Get your ass inside, and lie down on the floor in the living room."

I walked inside, shaking from head to toe in anticipation. He must have sent the pictures from his phone after she left, as she arrived home only minutes after I laid down. Her face was still flushed. She was dressed only in a pair of shorts and a tank top, still barefoot. Evey looked at her questioningly. Gabby nodded, "It's all still inside...it's starting to slide out though..." she murmured, even as she slid out of her shorts and straddled my face.

I had no hesitation this time. I buried my tongue in her pulsating cunt, and could not believe the amount of cum inside her. I greedily sucked it out, having to swallow several times before I could even taste Gabby's pussy even a little. I lost all control, swirling my tongue around, cleaning every bit I could find, and even as I began to concentrate on getting her off copious amounts of sperm still slid out into my mouth. "Oh Evey..." Gabby said, moaning between words. "7 times! He came in me 7 times today..." she grinded her crotch against my insatiable mouth, almost breathless. "The last 5 times he forced my legs up and just buried his cock...in me..." she was gasping now, on the brink of the most intense orgasm she'd ever had while sharing the most intense orgasm she'd had before now. "And he...OHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as I inserted two fingers to coax out the last remaining bit of cum into my mouth.

Gabby came violently, jerking her body on top of mine. Evey had to pull her away from me, as I was in a separate world - on a mission to devour her pussy and make sure I sucked every drop of his semen out of her until she was spent. After Gabby caught her breath, she jumped on top of me and kissed me deeply. Even her mouth tasted like him. I wanted more.

I was addicted.

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