tagInterracial LoveUnder the Table Deal Ch. 02

Under the Table Deal Ch. 02


I sat there in shock. My cute white wife just had her adorable face fucked by the biggest black cock either of us had ever seen, right in front of me. Still knowing our financial future was in this brute's hands, however, I could only sit there slack-jawed like my wife, while Dwayne zipped up, patted my wife's traumatized head, and stood. He helped her to her feet as well, and motioned for me to rise and follow.

My wife barely had the chance to pat her face with a napkin to wipe off the majority of thick white sperm and spit that had spread across the bottom half of her small pale face when suddenly she jumped with a squeak and froze. A deep chuckle by Dwayne let me know that he had aggressively palmed one of her ass cheeks as she stood, and now held a firm grip on the globe, squeezing it roughly.

"This ass belongs to me now," He openly declared to both of us, "Now let's get back to my limo so I can break it in for ya." Elise looked at me terrified. Dwayne probably could have guessed her ass was virgin. We were not an adventurous couple. I might have suggested it once or twice, half jokingly, but she would never let me near it. Now she looked at me to defend it.

"Bill..." she managed to whimper. I timidly took a step forward, but his instant glare froze me in place.

"Don't get any ideas, white boy." Dwayne growled. "I'm letting you two keep your jobs, for now, working for me. But I could just as easily take everything you've got and leave you broke."

I stepped away and hung my head in shame, unable to hold Elise's terrified gaze. "No..." she whimpered as he led her away by his grip on her ass.

His hand remained locked on her cheek as he escorted her down the stairs, through the restaurant lobby and out the front doors, with me obediently following a few steps behind, too embarrassed to even look up from the floor. I cannot imagine Elise's shame as she attempted to walk straight with his giant hand squeezing and groping her cheek through her sleek purple dress. She made a brave effort to maintain her composure in the public setting, but it was humiliating regardless. She stumbled and made small noises each time he squeezed.

Through all this, I could not believe no one said anything. It's like they were accustomed to such a vulgar display. He nodded to the large black bouncer on his way out, said "Got me another one!", jiggling her ass in his hand for emphasis, and they both laughed deep and strong. Oh God, what did I get myself into?

His driver opened the limousine door and Dwayne nearly forced Elise inside by his grip on her ass alone. When she submitted with a weak groan and climbed in, he finally released his grasp and slapped her cheek twice as he let go. Once again patting her like a pet, to reward her submission. When they were both inside, Dwayne waved me in. His older black driver, tall and thin, looked at me with no expression at all, just waiting for me to do what our mutual boss commanded. I climbed in.

Dwayne gestured for me sit at the farther end, towards the driver's compartment, while he and Elise sat in the back. The door was closed, and the only sound I could hear for a few endless seconds was my heart trying to beat its way out of my chest. The driver started the limo, and just like that, Dwayne reached down and once again began unzipping his fly, and he barely reached inside when out flopped his giant black cock, still wet from my wife's mouth.

I could barely believe it, but just like that, Elise was lost in her own little world again. The moment that thing came out, her petrified gaze immediately shifted. She had been looking at the walls, the floor, anything to keep her eyes off Dwayne and her mind off the situation, but when she heard that zip, her eyes went straight to his crotch, and then she froze again, barely breathing in shallow gasps.

Before she could appreciate the view, however, the limo began moving, and with his cock in his right hand, Dwayne put his left behind my wife's back, and shoved her to the floor just like that. She was able to put her hands out just before landing face first on the floor of the limo. "Hey..." she weakly protested before Dwayne was suddenly on top of her, jacking off his giant cock in one hand, almost fully hard again, and pulling her dress up over her hips with the other hand.

"Now, don't go thinking I have no boundaries, Bill." Dwayne began. "I do believe in the sanctity of marriage, after all. This is about power, not love. After I fill her ass up, this ass and mouth belong to me, whenever I want them, which will be often, but her pussy still belongs to her husband. I just need to break you two into the company without leaving any question about who's in charge here. If I happen to enjoy myself at the same time, well," Dwayne chuckled, "That's just why it's good to be the boss."

Elise squirmed and whimpered, but the weight of Dwayne's body must have been enormous. He quickly had her dress up onto her waist, then reached down and with one strong tug, tore her panties straight off her body. "Here, a little souvenir." Dwayne said, tossing the frilly pink and white panties into my lap. I groaned.

"Dwayne, don't do this. I'll do anything..." but I had no way of finishing my own sentence. I had nothing of anywhere near the same value to offer in replacement.

"What you'll do, white boy, is lie back and watch while I stretch out this tight little white ass for ya. She might not walk right for a week, but you'll damn sure know who's in charge when I drop you off at home." He was growling like an animal as he looked down at the back of her trembling head, watching her useless attempts to squirm free.

"Now down to business." He declared, and lowered himself on top of her until his giant black body almost eclipsed her small pale girly frame right in front of me. It was like he'd swallowed her up.

"Nooo..." I heard Elise whimper from beneath him, but it looked as though the only person with me in the back of that limo was Dwayne, lying face down with his pants around his knees.

I wouldn't hear about it until later, but he wasn't inside her yet. Elise was sprawled out on the floor, defenseless, when she suddenly felt something long, thick and hot between her spread thighs. It was not touching either of her legs, but the heat the thing was giving off alone was enough for her to guess what and where it was. She froze until she sensed it moving upwards, towards her vulnerable crotch.

Her hands and mouth remembered the size of it, and now that familiar size and heat was moving towards its new target. The tight white ass he seemed obsessed with. "No, please... don't do this, I--UNGH!" Contact. She swung her head back and clenched her face tight when she felt the huge fat slimy black cock head press up against her asshole. She squeezed her little sphincter shut as tight as she could, but it was hopeless. The pressure was building, and it was greasy, strong and it was never going to quit.

She panicked as she realized it was only a matter of time now, and the inevitable was about to occur. "No..." she sobbed, "No no nonono—NNGH!" With one last groan of humiliation and defeat, the fat black head popped inside her ass. "Ughhhnnnn..." she groaned weakly as inch after inch of fat black cock slowly and confidently slid inside her ass. At that point she gave up and braced herself for the brutal ass fucking she was about to receive. She had lost their struggle, and now he got to claim his reward.

"That's right... open that ass baby, open up that ass... let Big D inside." Dwayne groaned victoriously down to my wife. His eyes were closed, his facial expression one of focused concentration. He really was determined to enjoy every moment of this. Elise's face was still clenched tight as Dwayne's hips slowly slid forward atop my wife. Her eyes were shut tight and her lips drawn back, bearing her teeth to me while she felt every last detail of the foot long black cock slowly filling her ass.

The further Dwayne's hips moved forward, the more whimpers and groans came from Elise. "Ngh... ngh... ah, ah, ahhh... UGH!" She was breathing so hard through her clenched teeth, little strings of spittle were swinging from her lips. Her pale face blushed red. When she let out a small cry and Dwayne finally stopped pushing, I knew he had done it. He had slowly and deliberately pushed a foot long black cock up my wife's narrow white ass.

"Ahhh... now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Dwayne laughed from above her. My Elise only whimpered and sobbed beneath him. "Well then hold on bitch, because it's about to get a lot worse!" he sneered and pulled back. Elise was so small, his attempted to retract his giant cock dragged her thin body an inch or two along the carpet with it.

Then he pushed back in. He grunted, she groaned and they slowly set up a rhythm. His massive body pushed and pulled her tiny frame, her violated ass stretched thin around his giant cock. She whimpered and groaned in defeat while he only enjoyed himself more and more.

"That's right, that's right... taking that ass like I told you I would! I just grabbed that cute little cheek... told you what was gonna happen... led you down here like my own little bitch... and what did you do about it? Nothing! You and your wimp-ass husband just did as you were told, and now here you are... laid out with my cock up your ass! How did you think this would end? Huh?" He laughed more and more as he gloated. He was still fucking her ass slow enough that he could talk between thrusts.

"No... no... it wasn't... we didn't... NNGH! Oh god..." Elise couldn't seem to form a sentence to defend us, and neither could I.

"Didn't what? Huh bitch?" Dwayne interrogated and slapped her pale ass cheek for emphasis. Elise groaned again but barely noticed. "Didn't want to stop your ass from getting plowed is more like it!"

"Fuck that's tight!" Dwayne commented, the effort to pump faster and harder clearly evident on his face. "Bet you never got any of this, did ya white boy?" Dwayne smiled toward me, thrusting a little extra hard to gesture towards the subject of his statement. "Too bad man, this ass is sweet! And now you'll never get any. Even if I allowed you to borrow it, this tight ass won't be so tight by then. I'm stretching... this girl's ass... out!"

"Ahhhh!" Elise cried out. His thrusts were getting harder, faster and crueler. Dwayne just held her down and went even faster. I could see my wife's poor ass raise up between them each time he pulled back, just for a moment. I still think it was just the suction between them, not her own defeated attempt to keep him inside her.

"Taking that ass... taking that ass..." Dwayne chanted between thrusts, nearly out of breath. He had a grip on each of her arms just below the shoulder, and her arms and legs were spread wide and her head thrown back in total surrender while she groaned and screamed.

"My ASS! Bill, he's so big, it's so deep... oh Bill, what did you let him do to my ASS?!" Was all she could grunt and yell. She looked possessed, and I was trembling in my seat. They were like a single massive body, squirming and thrusting, faster and harder toward a single, inevitable end. As inescapable as his cock originally forcing its way inside her ass. Now it was going to finish what it started.

I vaguely heard the vulgar slapping of his swollen balls smacking into my wife's neglected pussy, and Dwayne shifted just enough to bury a hand in her thin brown hair, pulling her face up to meet me. Then he began bouncing his full weight on her stretched ass, putting everything into each thrust as he approached his victorious orgasm.

"Yeah... yeahhh... open that ass up, bitch... you my bitch now, your ass is mine... and I'll take it whenever I want, so you better watch out... every time you turn around... or bend over... I might be just around the corner, waiting to FILL... THAT... ASSSSS!!!" With all his future conquests of my wife's taken ass clear and vivid in his mind, Dwayne ground his entire body against hers and growled out an extremely intense orgasm.

He pushed so far in that there was no clear space between where her body stopped and his began. He just mashed himself up against her, holding her by the hips, and flooded my wife's bowels with his giant load of cum. "Filling it up... filling that ass..." Dwayne sighed peacefully while my Elise just groaned and took it. All she could do any more was just lay there and take it all.

With one long groan, Dwayne finally lifted himself off my wife and laid back in his seat. He didn't even bother to put his cock away this time, it just hung from his lap, as arrogant and satisfied with itself as he seemed to be. Now I was the one who couldn't look away. That giant ugly thing had burrowed itself inside my wife's previously tight ass. Every inch of it.

Poor Elise just lay there on the floor, groaning and panting. Her ass still humped the floor just a little, unaware that the fucking had finally ended. Sperm poured from her stretched ass, and it just kept coming.

The limo pulled up to our house. "Pleasure meeting you." Dwayne smirked, exhausted. "Don't forget to pick your wife up off the floor. I'll be around to inspect my new business... soon." As I tried to help Elise to her feet and out of the limo, her eyes still wandered to his giant spent cock and her head turned as she made one last weak attempt to take it back into her mouth, maybe to obediently clean her ass off his cock or just to taste and feel it back on her tongue.

I pulled her away and out onto the street. Just as he said, she could barely walk and his seed dripped down her thigh. She was humiliated enough, and so was I.

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