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Unfortunate Events


Marie stretched from her chair and yawns. It has been 12 hours since she started to fly the UAV RECON drones. She stood up and walked out of the hangar bay, her brown hair sways as the wind blows it from the breeze, her slender elegant body attracts attention from any guy that she walks pass. Her ivory and peach complexion is an exceptional rarity since she is half British and half Asian, she grew up in the U.K and yet loved Asia so much she returned to the country her half blood belongs and joined the military, for four years she have served as the best intelligence and special forces team leader of the Intelligence Service. After her hearing of the Rim-Cats, she resigned and signed up with Colonel Marcus Dangal and his newly formed mercenary regiment. With the Rim-Cats she has been appointed as Captain Marie Macie Curtiss, commander and leader of the special intelligence/special operations task force of 102 personnel. She never was a girly girl but yet those times get to her. Macie shops and shop a lot. It is her earning as a talented mercenary officer that allows her to live the lifestyle she wants, a lifestyle of elegance, luxury, and comfort. Though at times her work area is not at all elegant, comfortable, and lacking luxury, it is her lust for adventure that allowed Macie to be patient and enduring in her job. To her where else can she do what she does best and gets paid a large sum for it? That is the reason she is with the Rim-Cats and there are no regrets even after the first day of her work.

She walked towards one of the Fennek scout-car she is issued to be used as her transportation. One of the troopers saw her and smiled as she climbed onto the driver's seat.

"Going home Captain?

"Yea, it's been a long day sergeant."

"Well, hopefully you rest well. You deserved it after flying the UAVs and all."

"I will," she turned the ignition and gunned the gas pedal heading out of the H.Q. area.

Macie is happy to know that her duties are now done and that now she is headed back to her small apartment that she is renting not too far from H.Q. Though many of the personnel opted to billet in the base, she wanted the privacy and the feeling of being a normal civilian. There is nothing normal at what she does in neither her profession nor that the events which has transpired during the last 24 hours. The Rim-Cats just defeated three different groups of insurgents and not to mention rip apart the Parthian Army Regiment which was tasked to help their Shiite brothers fighting the infidels occupying Ar'Raq. She is proud of what her accomplishments are. It was her who is responsible of providing information to the whole regiment that made the operation so successful.

"Oh well another day another buck," she muttered to herself finally parking the Fennek in the driveway of her apartment.

She got out of her vehicle slamming the door shut and briskly walked towards the door, fondling in her right trouser pocket for the keys she did not notice three men that followed and entered the driveway. Once she looked up she knew there is something suspicious about the three men.

"Who are you?"

Macie's demands were answered by laughter from the three tall, big, muscular, men. One of them is Caucasian and evidently from either the Balkans or from Chechnya, the other is a black African, while the last of the group is an Arab. She had this spine tingling feeling that these men are from the insurgency, since they were defeated now they wanted to strike those that the Rim-Cats may not know needing some protection.

Hell with it, I can take care of myself.

She thought to herself, though Macie is right about that. She does not suspect that these men have some evil and perverted plans for her.

"Your friends hurt our friends," finally the Arab talked, "now it is you who will have to suffer for what they've done."

Macie kicked the nearest guy, the African in the balls which the foreign insurgent blocked. The Caucasian man grabbed her. She kneed him on the stomach and the man groaned as pain shot throughout his body. Suddenly she felt a needle stuck into her upper back, she turned and saw the Arab raising a tranquilizer pistol and laughed. Macie dropped to as she lost consciousness, before her body could hit the ground, the African caught her.

"Wake up kitty cat," a man in Arabic accent voice called out.

Marie Macie Curtis opened her eyes and is surprised to be laying in bed, she tried to move her arms, a feeling of shock engulf her as her eyes focused on her bounded hands. Her legs are spread apart and bounded. As panic engulfs her, she struggled and shouted obscene languages towards her captor. The only response she got out of her effort to insult and degrade her kidnappers is a loud laughter.

"You're in no position to say such things to us kitty cat," the Arab walked towards her as his eyes burning with desire and hatred for her focused on her lovely body.

"What the hell you want from me?"

"Information and some fun," replied her captor.

Fun, what the hell is he talking about?

She thought and then the man slowly undresses her and tossed the clothes aside.

Oh shit, I am going to be raped.

A part of her got excited, because of her job, many men shy away from her. True she can kick anyone's ass, but in this situation she is helpless, she cannot help but get excited at the thought of someone over powering her and having their ways with her beautiful, fit, and slender body. As her captor got rid of the bra that hid the true form of her gorgeous and busty breast, the man smiled in approval.

"You are a beautiful girl," said the Arab man.

"When I get out of here I will chop of your dick and shove it up your ass," she shouted in defiance.

His strong arms cups her breast, going around in circles he massages the big pink mounds. Macie, bit her lip as the man started to kiss her neck, licking her flesh, sucking it, and slurping at her neck.

"Stop it you fucking bastard!"

He kept going as one of his hands ceased playing with her breast, his tongue slides towards her throat, to her cleavage, then to the expose breast his hand just vacated. The man's mouth greedily devoured the big mound, his tongue flicking Marcie's erected nipple. The freed hand glides slowly down to her stomach then inches slowly to her red fiery pubic hair until the fingers of the hand started to touch her sensitive lips.

"No, don't touch me there!"

Macie protested and struggled to no avail, the fingers started to brush up and down her sex making her body react in a way she does not like, her pussy started to get wet.

"You know you want it don't you, you mercenary slut," the man grinned as he spoke.

The Arab man's strong hand glided up and down her pussy slit, and then his two fingers started to rub the sensitive bud of her clit.

"No, please stop it!"

Her protest fell onto deaf ears as the man plunges his index finger into her tight pussy. Macie screamed in protest as her pussy wraps around the man's finger tightly, slowly her captor withdrew and started to allow his finger to slide in and out of her sensitive and beautiful sex.

"Ooohhh! Sssstoooop Pleeease," the female mercenary pleaded moaning in the pleasure she is experiencing.

Suddenly two other men came through the door. She turned her head and recognizes them as the Caucasian man and the African male. They smiled and jeered seeing her in such a position

"Hey I want a piece of her Abdul," the white insurgent said.

"Me too, I want to fuck this girl until she can't be fucked no more," added the black male.

"She is all ours for the taking," replied Abdul as he wiggled his finger deep inside of Macie's cute and adorable pussy.

The two other men took off their clothes, the black man moved on top of her head as she saw the huge bulging cock above her. While the second man started to lick her plus size tits, then he started to suck on them hungrily as his hand grabs the other mound and squeezed it playing and toying with her breast. Abdul started to piston her pussy faster, her wetness started to lubricate the finger and suddenly his index finger is joined by Abdul's middle finger. The two fingers worked on her pussy, stretching her as she moan louder.

"Aaaahh aaaahh ooohhh aaaahh nyaaahhh!"

Her alluring moans of pleasure drove the three captors over the edge as the black man stuffed his protruding cock in her mouth. Macie gags and shook her head but the dark skinned man held her by the hair and started to fuck her face, deeper and deeper the huge cock slides in her mouth, to the back of her throat, and finally slides down her throat. She gags and gasps for air as her tears fell while the black insurgent fucked her mouth groaning in delight.

"Let's get her in a better position I wanted to fuck all her holes," said the white captor.

Immediately she was moved to her stomach as Abdul lay down next to her, she then was placed on top of the Arab man, her legs spread while her mouth is still stuffed by the huge black meat.

"Nooorrrgghhh," Macie gags trying to utter the word of defiance as Abdul's hung dick plays with her pussy.

"You know you like it you little slut," the black man degraded her as his hand clasp at her hair, pulling it up to see her tears run down the two beautiful cheeks.

The mercenary captive shut her eyes shut as a pair of arms grabs her breast and started to pull on both her nipples. Rubbing her pussy and getting the huge dick wet is the Arab man as the white guy started to play with her ass using his tongue.

"Aaagghhh," Macie shrieked at the touched of his warm and wet tongue.

The Caucasian insurgent darted his tongue in and out of her bum-hole and started to lick around her anal opening. He loved the taste of her so much that the man started to experiment using his finger to enter her tight ass. Suddenly Abdul's cock forced its way inside of her tight pussy, she bucked and struggled to no avail as the Arab's cock and the white man's finger started to rub in the middle, sending indescribable sensation throughout her body.

This can't be happening! Why am I feeling this way? Fuck, I am going to kill these bastards when I get the chance.

Macie's mind races to find a way to escape, however there are no way of escaping what is happening to her.

"Use your tongue on my dick slut," demanded the African.

Hesitantly she obeyed as her ass and pussy is being rammed, her tongue works their wonders around the huge fat meat in her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, fuck, that's so damn good," the three captors jeered and started to utter obscene and degrading comments to her as they violated all the holes of her lovely body.

"Yeah bitch. You're so fucking tight."

The two cocks inside her pussy and ass pistons in and out faster and faster, they rammed it deep into her to the hilt that she thought they will split her apart. Muffled moans and shriek escaped from her mouth as the two dicks were enveloped with her lovely juices. Macie's mouth gets pounded deeper and faster than before until.

"Oh shit I'm going to cum!"

Gushes of sperm filled her throat, to top it all. She never thought that a man can cum so much. The African's seed overflowed and drips from her lips as the African's cock slide out of her mouth. Finally freed to moan and scream freely she coughed out the remaining sperm as her body is pounded in her ass and pussy.

"Nyaaahhh! Aaaaaahhhh. Ooohhh. Nyaaaaahhhh!"

Macie tried to hold herself but her body won despite of her self-control.


She screams a loud and pleasant moan as her body convulses and gave in to her orgasm while the African started to stroke his growing meat.

"Finally she came," said the white guy.

"Oh fuck she felt so good and her juices ripple like a gush of water from a waterfall," added the Arab man.

"Nooo! Pleaaase stoop," she begged and pleaded weakened by her sexual ordeal.

"Not yet slut, we haven't cum yet."

The two remaining captors kept up the pace and increased their pounding of her two sensitive holes. Macie moaned and screamed as another orgasm rocked her tender and lovely body.

"Shit I'm about to cum!"

"Aaarrrrghhh," the Arab and the Caucasian groaned as they released their seed deep inside of her body.

The two men pop their dicks out of her holes panting and exhausted. Out of a sudden the African took hold of Macie's waist and impaled her pussy with his now very much engorged and erect cock.


Macie was rocked back and forth by the big giant African she cried as her pussy is stretched further by the large cock. The dark skinned man pulled her to him hard as he thrust his dick inside of her to the hilt.

"Aaaaaahhhh Shit!"

The mercenary woman screamed not knowing is it pain or pleasure she is feeling, all the sensitive linings of her pussy is given attention by the big engorged cock. Her g-spots were brushed with every stroke, thrust, and impalement, she moans loudly while the alluring sound of her voice drove the African to his sexual lust.


Another ripple of cum rushed out of her pussy, bathing the large dark cock in her as she lay limp unable to fight it anymore letting the man just do what he wills with her.

"Oh yeah baby you're so fucking fine, I love the feel of your pussy," the African whispered to her ear, each word punctuated with a thrust of his cock.

The dark skinned captor increased his speed as he rock her back and forth hard and fast, their flesh slaps at each other with every thrust, her tears falls continually as he thrust inside of her one last time.

"Oh yeaaahhh!"

His large dark cock shot out his load of sperm as Macie's juice and the man's sperm drips from her violated pussy. The African took out his cock and then plunges it deep in her anus.


She tried to defy him but her exhaustion overtook her drive of defiance, her ass slowly gets pounded by the large cock which once again slowly hardens with every thrust.

"Nyaahh. Aaaaahh. Fuck!"

Macie bit her lower lip trying to ride out her ass fucking, but the sensation is too much for her as she moans loudly, gasping for air whenever she can, she panted and yet the huge dark dick kept on pounding her ass as another moan escape her lips.

"Aaaaghhh, aaaahh, oooohhhh, nyaaaaahhh!"

Finally the African thrust one last shuddering thrust into her ass and his cum shot out of his cock, giving in to her climax as well her body shivered and she came.

"Oh, yeah baby," her black captor said to her as his dick slides out of her dripping ass.

The three captors uttered out laughter of success as they dress and left her panting, naked, exhausted, violated, and full of hatred.

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