tagRomanceUnleashing the Tiger Ch. 04

Unleashing the Tiger Ch. 04


Her eyes were wide, trying to take in all the sites of the city at once. The driver of the carriage spouted off fact after historical fact about each location that we passed. The Georgia Dome, CNN Center, Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coca-Cola. I had been to all these places before, and I had no real interest in any facts about them. I was only interested in one thing tonight: owning her.

"Sherman and his army passed down this very street." The driver said with a thick southern accent as we turned down Alabama street to get to MLK Drive. "All these buildings, they survived the fire and Sherman led his army to the capitol building right over here."

We turned down another street, then onto MLK drive and finally Memorial drive, putting us right in front of the capitol building. The soft reds and oranges of the sun setting behind the building, glistened on the gold dome of the building.

I leaned over to her, placing my hand on her leg and kissing her softly on her cheek. "Are you having fun, my Love?"

She turned to look at me, a grin encompassing her entire face and nodded quickly. "This is so wonderful, Zack. Thank you so much." She scooted across the carriage, leaning against me, and placing her head on my shoulder.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close and kissing the top of her head. "I'm glad you're having a good time. I wanted to do something special for you, ya know, that you'd remember for a long time and I figured what's more special than a carriage ride through the city?"

Her hand went to my knee and then moved up my thigh. She turned her head to kiss me just below my chin. "Zack, just being able to finally be here with you is special, Sweetie."

I smiled again, squeezing her gently in a tight embrace and kissed her forehead before she placed her head back on my shoulder. "I love you, Sandra."

"I love you too, Zack. I love you so much that sometimes it hurts. But it's a good kind of hurt, you know what I mean?"

I nodded, releasing her from my embrace, my fingers moving up to gently run through her hair. The carriage turned again, coming back up Courtland Street to Edgewood drive. The clip clopping of the horse's hooves on the pavement was somewhat hypnotizing and I could feel my body begin to relax. I inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of Sandra's hair and the flowers and realized that I was possibly the happiest man on earth.

"Here we are, sir. The City Grill. Finest restaurant in the city." The driver said, pulling on the reins and bringing the horse to a smooth stop in front of the tall glass doors of the building.

I hopped out of the carriage and turned around to grab Sandra by the waist, lifting her out of the carriage, and placing her gently on her feet. She kissed me softly, running her fingers through my hair on the back of my head. "Mmmm. I love it when you do that, San."

She smiled, looking into my eyes and pressing her thigh in between my legs. "I know you do, Honey. I know exactly what you like..."

Her leg moved up, pressing and sliding against my cock. My eyes closed briefly as I tried, with great difficulty, not to let her movements arouse me. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer to me and placed my chin on her shoulder.

"God I love you so much." I said, opening my eyes and glancing up at the driver that was staring at us with a smile on his face. I parted from our embrace, blushing, and took her hand in mind, leading her to the doors. I opened the doors for her, bowing and motioning for her to enter. "After you, my Love."

"What about the flowers?" She asked, turning back intent on retrieving them from the carriage.

"Oh it's all right, ma'am. I'll be here when you get done with dinner." The driver said, tipping his hat, climbing out of the carriage, and offering the horse a treat.

She smiled, turning back around. I motioned for her to enter the building again. "Thank you, Zackary." She said, running her index finger lightly from my chin down my neck as she passed me.

I straightened my posture immediately, her touch feeling like silk on my skin, and glanced back at the driver of the carriage. He gave me a "thumbs up" and I smiled, shaking my head, and followed her into the restaurant.

"Ah yes, sir, very good. We have your reservations right here. If you will be so kind as to follow me please." The maitre d' said, motioning for us to follow him.

Sandra put her arm through mine, placing her hand on my forearm. My hand instinctively moved to cover hers, patting it slightly and turning to smile at her as we walked through the tall white columns at the head of the stairs leading up to the restaurant.

We were seated in a quiet corner of the restaurant. The table seated 2 and had a slender vase containing a single white rose in the center of the table as I had requested. On either side of the vase were 2 red candles, their flames flickering in the breeze of the air conditioning.

I pulled her seat out for her, pushing it back in as she sat down. I took her napkin and placed it flat across her lap, smoothing it down with my palms and kissing her lightly on the cheek. I sat down across from her and she laid her arm across the table, motioning with her hand for me to give her mine. I complied with her request, placing my hand in hers and rubbed the top of her fingers with my thumb.

She smiled at me, her eyes soft and staring into mine. "This is such a nice place, Zack." She said, taking a slow glance around the room. "It's probably too expensive, I'd imagine."

I smiled, knowing she would say that. I looked down at my napkin, placing it in my lap. "Be my good girl and enjoy yourself, Sandra." I said, slowly looking up and waiting for her facial expression to change upon hearing me call her "my good girl."

Her eyebrows raised, a small look of surprise washing over her face before quickly disappearing. I knew she was still intent on keeping control of not only herself, but me as well. I, however, had very different plans.

I lowered my voice to a near whisper, noticing how much deeper it was than normal, and leaned closer to the table. "You want to be my good girl, don't you, Sandra?" I placed her hand down on the table, releasing it from my grip and patted it softly, raising my eyebrow and waiting for her response.

She paused for a moment. Perhaps she didn't know what to say. She just smiled at me and shuffled briefly under the table, moving her foot up my leg, bringing my pants leg up with her movement. "Is that what you want tonight, Zackary? Or did you want to be my good boy?"

She smirked at me, thinking she had won control of the situation. I sat back in my chair, closing my eyes as she moved her foot all the way up my leg and started moving it down my thigh towards her goal. She certainly knew exactly how to have me in the palm of her hand and she was very good at it.

"That's what I thought... What a good boy, you are for me, Zackary." She said, her words spinning in my head.

Her foot moved to my cock, her toes pressing and wiggling against it. I could feel the heat begin to stir in my balls as my cock started to rise. As much as I didn't want her to stop, I knew I had to if I wanted to keep the night in my control. I placed my hand beneath the table and on the top of her foot, pushing it away, feeling her slowly let it fall back down my leg.

"You're not being a very good girl right now, Sandra." I said, opening my eyes and leaning forward again. "I didn't ask or tell you to do that. Now, I hope you can redeem yourself by being good the rest of the night...or you might not get what you want."

I saw her eyes flash and I knew in an instant that she realized I was very serious about owning her tonight. "I want to be yours, Zack." She said, her voice very quiet, almost pleading with me.

"I know you do. However, you're not doing a very good job convincing me." I said, smirking at her. "But it's not too late."

She smiled, pleased that she still had a chance. "I'll prove it to you. I'll be your good girl."

Dinner was wonderful. The driver had been correct in his statement that the city grill was the finest restaurant in Atlanta. We ordered the Chef's Tasting Menu and received a sample of Maple Duck Breast, Foie Gras, Veal Sweet Breads, and Pear Strawberry Cardamom Crisp. Each small meal was served with a different wine and I couldn't imagine the night being any more perfect.

After the meal, we returned to the carriage and rode back to the parking deck. I thanked the driver and he wished us a good night, handing Sandra the bouquet of roses. We got back to my car and I made a quick glance that all my hubcaps were still in tact. It was a running joke between my friends and I.

I put my seatbelt on and sat back in the seat for a moment with my hands in my lap. "That food was good, huh?"

Sandra nodded, smiling. "It was so good. I had a good time watching you try to eat those vegetables." She said, laughing.

I raised my eyebrow and started the car. "Very funny. I thought I might try them, ya know, just in case my tastes had changed. Apparently, they had not."

She laughed again. "You should have seen your face when you bit into that asparagus!"

"All right, all right. I think you've had enough fun at my expense." I said, pulling the car out of the parking place and driving down the deck to the cashier.

She calmed herself down and stopped laughing, wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes. "Oh, that was funny. So where to now, Stud?"

I smiled, pulling the car out into traffic. "Neutral ground..."

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