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Unquenchable Desire


I had trouble deciding in which category to submit this story. I finally settled on Loving Wives, although the couple in the story isn’t married yet. This story contains elements of BDSM and power exchange. If these elements offend you, find another story. I dedicate this story to Tammy, the first truly free-spirited openly sexual woman I dated, and Amy, who I recently had the pleasure of meeting.


Tammy gazed across the restaurant table directly at Harold, her hands held within his. “Are you sure you want to marry me, Harold? I can be a very demanding bitch.”

Harold smiled and tightened his grip slightly. “Yes Tammy. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Tammy lowered her head; her voice dropped to a near whisper. “I’ll have to think about it. I care deeply about you Harold, but we both know you can’t fuck me like I need.”

Harold winced. He knew his bedroom performance, or more accurately lack of performance, was the reason Tammy hesitated to say yes. Yet, he loved her. He loved all of the passion and excitement she brought into his life.

Harold thought back to when he’d first met Tammy, almost a year ago, in the same shopping mall. She’d responded to his listing on an Internet singles site. They’d communicated by email for a week, sharing their desires, hopes, and dreams, before they met at the Books a Million bookstore.

Tammy mentioned sex in the second email. Harold was delightfully surprised. Usually women wanted to know about your job or hobbies at first, not your sexual fantasies. Through the next several emails, Harold and Tammy found that they shared several domination and submission fantasies.

The first time Harold and Tammy met, they walked over to the center of the food court, and sat down. He was happy to meet a beautiful woman seven years younger than him with shoulder length wavy red hair and deep green eyes. He shared his fantasies and experiences with her, thoughts that had been bottled up inside him for so long. Tammy not only listened, she understood the desires behind the thoughts. She was pleased to get to know a distinguished gentleman with graying brown hair and brown cow eyes, taller, older, and more experienced. Harold enjoyed listening to her experiences and understood her desires. The time flew, and it came time for her to leave. They hugged and said goodbye.

Even though Harold and Tammy shared a passion for sex, the first couple of months were amazingly chaste. She let him hold her hand, hug her, and kiss her goodnight, but she did not want to go any farther. He did not press her. They sometimes talked about their fantasies, but mostly they talked about the movie they saw, the dinner they ate, or the trees and squirrels as they walked through the park.

Harold was surprised and delighted the first time Tammy invited him in to her home. They shared a cup of coffee, and she led him into her bedroom. She undressed him, and he undressed her. They embraced and fell into bed. The sexual tension that had been building between them was released in three hours of sensual passion. Lips met in long kisses. Fingers and hands roamed over bare skin. He fingered her pussy for a while before he licked and sucked her clit. She relaxed and enjoyed the sensations pulsing through her body. Ultimately, her body could remain still no more. She climbed on top of him and rode his cock to several forceful orgasms before he exploded in ecstasy.

Sadly, that was the only time Harold performed so well in bed. For some reason, probably his diabetes, he had trouble maintaining an erection. He tried valiantly to satisfy Tammy with his fingers and mouth, but she craved more. Vibrators and dildos helped some, but she wanted, no she needed to feel a warm hard cock driving furiously in and out of her dripping pussy.

After a couple of months of frustration, Tammy couldn’t stand it any more. She called Chuck, an old boyfriend from several years back. They’d broken up because she couldn’t stand his selfishness, but he was a fantastic fuck. He came over, fucked her hard and long, and left. She lay spent on the bed, feeling a little guilty, but the tingling in her pussy soothed her thoughts.

Tammy kept Chuck’s weekly visits a secret from Harold. Her mood brightened considerably. Harold gave her the intellectual stimulation and the comfort she desired so much, while Chuck gave her the raw, animal fucking she so desperately needed. Now that Tammy stopped pressuring Harold so much in the bedroom, he could relax and they enjoyed their sexual time together more.

Tammy and Harold took turns dominating each other. Tammy would tie Harold to the bed and sexually tease him, sometimes for hours, before she’d drop her pussy on his face and have him eat her for as long as she wanted. Harold liked having Tammy wait on him naked. He’d sit on the sofa and turn on a baseball game, while she’d get beer and chips from the kitchen. He loved the way her breasts swayed and how she leaned over right in front of him to put the beer and chips on the coffee table. He loved the way she caressed him with her hands and lips while he watched the game. After the game, he’d tie her hands behind her back and have her kneel in front of him. She would lick and suck on his cock until he came.

Tammy found herself falling in love with Harold. She wasn’t surprised when she heard Harold ask her to marry him over dinner; she was confused. After dinner, he took her home, kissed her goodnight, and left. She felt a little disappointed that he didn’t want to stay, although she wasn’t going to invite him in tonight. He went home and had trouble getting to sleep. She sat up all night and thought about her future with him.

After a few days Harold couldn’t stand the waiting any longer. He calls Tammy.

“Hello Tammy, it’s Harold.”

“Hi Harold.”

“Well Tammy, will you marry me?”

Tammy sighs. She’s afraid of losing his companionship. “Harold, I love you, but it hasn’t been an easy decision.” She takes a deep breath. “If you pass my test, I’ll marry you.”

“Test? What test?”

Tammy hesitates. “You have to let me tie you up and watch another man fuck me. If you can do that for me, I’ll marry you.”

Harold cannot believe what he heard. He is shocked and doesn’t know what to say.

After a while Tammy asks, “Harold, are you there?”

Harold finds his voice. “Yes Tammy, I’m still here.”

“Will you take my test?”

Harold pauses. “Can I think about it first?”

Tammy smiles. Harold didn’t hang up or say no. “Yes Harold, you can think about it. Call me when you’re ready. Goodbye.”


Harold tries to keep his mind from spinning out of control. He loves Tammy, but can he watch another man fuck her? Can he watch her enjoy it? The thought sickens him. As he thinks about her request, he realizes that the reason she stopped expecting him to fuck months ago is that she’s already fucking some other man. He's angry with her, and the anger washes over him.

After a couple of days, the anger subsides, and Harold recalls all of the good times he and Tammy had these last few months. He misses her, and struggles to decide whether sharing her is better than forgetting her. After a week of soul searching, he realizes that he still loves her, and is willing to submit to her desires.

Harold calls Tammy. “Hello Tammy, it’s Harold.”

Tammy’s heart leaps. She wasn’t sure if he’d ever call again. “Hi Harold.”

Harold realizes how much he missed hearing her voice. “I’m ready to take your test, Tammy.”

Tammy smiles. “Are you sure, Harold?”

Harold takes a deep breath. “Yes Tammy, I’m sure. I love you and I want to marry you.”

Tammy grins. She knows he loves her and decides to have some fun teasing him. “Ok, my little pussy boy. Come over Saturday at five.”

Harold fondly recalls the times Tammy tied him to the bed and grins. “Yes mistress. Thank you mistress.”

Tammy laughs. “Great. See you then. Bye.”


Harold hangs up the phone. He knows that Tammy will enjoy teasing him. He wonders if he’ll pass her test, or if he’ll still want to marry her if he does.

The week goes by slowly for Harold. He wonders how he’ll react while he’s watching Tammy fuck another man. He goes through the motions at work, and spends Saturday morning sitting on the deck, thinking. Finally, he takes a shower, gets dressed, and arrives at her house at five. She answers the door wearing sweats.

“Come in Harold.”

Harold kisses Tammy and follows her to the bedroom. She turns to him, and casually remarks, “We might as well get started. Put your clothes on the floor over there, and put on the leather cuffs and cock cage.”

Harold hadn’t seen the cock cage before. He picks it up and looks at it. It’s a cylindrical steel enclosure about four inches long held together by leather straps. Harold takes off his clothes and puts them on the floor next to the bedroom dresser. He struggles for a little while with the cock cage, and finally gets the leather strap behind his balls locked with the little brass padlock. He buckles the leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles.

Tammy locks Harold’s wrists to two chains four feet apart hanging from the ceiling. Harold spreads his legs, and she locks his ankles to a three-foot wooden spreader bar. She stands in front of him, and ensures that his body is taut. She runs her fingernails up and down the sides of his body and watches him squirm.

Tammy grins. “Chuck will be here at seven. I had you get here early so you could watch me get ready.” She takes a step back, and peels off her sweatshirt and pants. She isn’t wearing any underwear. She tosses the sweats in the hamper and goes into the bathroom to take a shower.

Harold is glad Tammy left the room so quickly. His cock presses against the top of the cage. He listens to the water run in the bathroom and shifts his weight from one foot to the other. Tammy has never bound him standing before, and he wonders how stiff his arms and legs will get before she releases him.

Tammy finishes her shower and resists the urge to play with herself. She turns off the water, dries herself, and comes into the bedroom to put on her makeup. Harold can see her face in the mirror as she sits in front of the vanity across the bed. Her happy humming annoys him a little.

Tammy gets up and gets a red bra, garter belt, and stockings from the top dresser drawer. She sits on the side of the bed in front of Harold and puts the stockings on. She stands up, and puts on the garter belt and bra. Watching Tammy get dressed has Harold’s cock pressing firmly against the cage. He can feel the pressure, but it’s not painful.

Tammy goes into her closet and comes out with a red sheer top and red pumps that complete the outfit. She slips into the pumps, puts the top on, walks over to Harold, and poses for him.

“Do you think Chuck will like seeing me in this, Harold?”

Harold smiles. “I guess so Tammy. I sure do.”

Tammy looks down at Harold’s cock. “Yes, I can see that. Your cock fills the cage nicely.” She presses into her pussy with her fingers, and licks the wetness from them. “Too bad you can’t fill my pussy.”

Harold’s cock shrivels up. He slumps as much as the chains allow.

Tammy runs her fingernails along Harold’s side. “Oh Harold, don’t feel so bad. You can still use your fingers and your tongue to get me off.”

Harold’s cock responds to her touch and voice by expanding until it fills the cage again.

Tammy smiles. “That’s better. I’d kiss you, but I don’t want to mess up my makeup.” She gets a leather ball gag from the dresser drawer and buckles it on Harold’s head. “Chuck will be here soon. I don’t want you to say anything to him.” She goes to the living room to wait.

Harold wiggles his arms and legs as much as he can. He can feel the stiffness developing, and Chuck isn’t even here yet. He closes his eyes and thinks about Tammy, until the pressure on his cock gets too intense. He wonders what Chuck looks like, and how he treats her.

Chuck rings the doorbell, and Tammy answers. They embrace and kiss.

Tammy steps back and twirls. “How do you like my outfit?”

Chuck grins. “You look fucking great, Tammy.”

Tammy smiles. “Thank you. Would you like anything?”

“A beer.”

“Coming right up.” Tammy leaves and returns with a couple of bottles of Coors. They sit down on the sofa. Chuck puts his arm around her shoulders and plays with her breast through the bra. They finish their beer, and she leads him into the bedroom.

Harold heard the doorbell. He wondered what they were doing and what was taking so long. His cock pressed against the cage and the pressure started to hurt. He wonders if watching Chuck and Tammy fuck will arouse him more.

Tammy and Chuck come into the bedroom. She sits down on the bed and takes off her pumps, but he stops when he sees Harold suspended in chains.

“Who the fuck is that, Tammy?”

Tammy glances up at Harold, and back at Chuck. “Oh, that’s one of my pussy boys. He hasn’t been too attentive lately, so I decided to punish him by showing him how a real man takes care of a woman.”

Chuck grins when he hears Tammy refer to him as a real man. “What’s a pussy boy?”

Tammy smiles. “A slave that worships my pussy. I tie him to the bed and drop it on his face. He licks and sucks my clit for as long as I want.”

Chuck laughs. “What’s in it for him?”

Tammy grins. “He’ll do almost anything to be near my pussy. Like I said, he licks and sucks my clit for as long as I want.”

Chuck steps over to Harold. “You like licking her pussy, pussy boy?”

Harold shakes his head yes. He hopes that Chuck doesn’t hit him.

Chuck takes off his clothes while Tammy takes off her sheer top and bra. He looks over at Harold. “You can lick her pussy after I’m done with her. I’ll show you how a man fucks his woman.”

Harold watches Chuck push Tammy down and climb on top of her. Chuck’s cock is a little longer and thicker than Harold’s. Harold feels the discomfort from his throbbing cock while Chuck drives his rigid shaft into Tammy’s pussy.

Tammy’s body quivers while Chuck thrusts his cock into her wet warm pussy. Her breathing becomes more and more rapid, until she’s panting. Her first orgasm, which causes her body to pulsate, is quickly followed by a second.

The pain from Harold’s cock intensifies. He looks up at the ceiling to try and calm down, but he can still smell Tammy’s scent, and hear her moans and the slapping of skin against skin. He’s surprised at how excited he is watching Chuck fuck Tammy.

Chuck pulls out and turns Tammy over so she’s on her hands and knees. He swings his hips back and forth while she thrusts her pussy onto his cock. She rocks her body back and forth, stopping and shaking during her orgasms, until she’s exhausted and falls onto her chest.

Chuck lies down next to Tammy. She cuddles him while he squeezes her breast and nipple. His cock is stiff and throbbing as she caresses it with her hand. After she’s rested a while, she climbs up on him. Leaning forward and resting her palms on the bed by his head, she slowly rocks back and forth. Gradually, her pace quickens and she pants from the exertion. The rocking stops, her body shivers, and she yells as another orgasm rolls through her body. Her head drops and she slowly picks it up. She rocks her body, slowly at first. This time, his hips bounce in time with the rocking. He stops and moans as he pumps his cum. She shivers and slowly lowers herself onto his chest, his softening cock remaining buried in her pussy.

Harold is moaning into the gag. The sharp pain in his cock hurts. He closes his eyes, but he can still visualize Tammy’s orgasms in his mind. Her scent fills the room. He breathes slowly and tries to think about anything else. His erection subsides. The pain recedes and is almost gone when he hears Chuck say, “I want to watch your pussy boy lick you.”

Harold opens his eyes to see Tammy getting up from the bed. “Sure, why not. Would you go get a couple of beers while I tie slave to the bed?”

Chuck grins. “Sure.” He gets up and leaves.

Tammy walks over to Harold grinning and takes the gag off. “So, did you like the show?”

Harold frowns. “No I did not.”

Tammy tickles Harold until he giggles. “Bullshit. I could see your cock and hear you moaning.”

Harold sighs. “Why does Chuck want to watch us?”

Tammy unlocks Harold from the stretcher bar and chains. “Who knows? Please don’t embarrass me, Harold. We don’t have a lot of time. Get on the bed.”

Harold resigns himself to performing for Chuck. He wiggles his arms and legs to stretch them a little and lies down on the bed. Tammy locks his wrists to the footboard and his ankles to the headboard. He’s relieved to be lying down after standing for four hours. She climbs on the bed and kneels so her pussy is perched over his face.

Chuck comes back and hands a beer to Tammy. “I see you’re all set.”

Tammy smiles and takes a sip. “Yes, slave can’t wait to start licking me.”

Chuck squeezes Tammy’s breast and fingers her nipple. “Maybe I want to make him wait.”

Tammy tosses her head back and moans. “Oh, that feels so good Chuck.”

Chuck fondles Tammy and sips his beer. Harold watches a string of pussy fluid mixed with Chuck’s cum ooze down to his face within a couple of minutes. He catches it with his tongue. His cock gets hard and he feels the constriction again. Chuck laughs.

Tammy pants and catches her breath. She looks up at Chuck, smiles, and sips her beer. “You are so wicked.”

Chuck acts surprised. “Me? I’m not the horny bitch with a pussy boy.

Tammy acts coy. “I am a horny bitch, aren’t I?”

Chuck finishes his beer. “Damn straight.” He puts the bottle on the dresser and looks over Harold. “He’s helpless, right?”

Tammy tenses. She wonders what Chuck has in mind. “Yes, I locked him to the bed. He can’t move.”

Chuck grins. “So you can tease him with your pussy indefinitely.”

Tammy relaxes and takes a sip of beer. “My knees’ll get tired eventually, but yes, I can hold my pussy over slave for a long time.”

Chuck comes over to Tammy. “Good.” He takes her head into his hands and kisses her. She puts her arm around him. Their tongues dance around each other. He gets hard again from the kissing. Harold catches more pussy fluid and cum with his tongue. He wonders when Chuck will sit down and let him eat Tammy’s pussy. The ache from his cock has him hoping it will be soon.

After a long time, Chuck stops kissing and stands up. Tammy pants to catch her breath. She takes a few sips of beer and grins. “You almost made me drop this.”

Chuck smiles and takes the beer from Tammy. He takes a sip. “I’m ready to watch now.” He sits down on the vanity bench, his cock stiff. He strokes it lightly while he watches.

Tammy lowers her pussy onto Harold’s face and lies on his chest and stomach. He gingerly licks up all the pussy fluid and the salty cum. It doesn’t taste as bad as he fears. He roams his tongue through her pussy. She moans and wiggles her hips at his touch. He moves his tongue down and touches her clit with the tip. She drives her clit into his face as he sucks and bites her clit. She smiles seeing his cock fill the cage. Her body shivers and she squirts pussy fluid into his mouth while she orgasms.

Harold swallows the pussy fluid and drives his tongue deep into her pussy. She humps his tongue until he nibbles on her clit. She moans, wiggles her hips, and has another orgasm. She slides forward and rests on his stomach, her wet pussy just out of his tongue’s reach. Her strong scent keeps him aroused, and he whimpers from the pain.

Chuck finishes the beer and asks Tammy. “Why do you have his cock locked up? To keep him from fucking you?”

Tammy grins and looks at Chuck. “No. The cage keeps him from getting fully aroused. When he’s horny, like he is now, it’s painful for him.”

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