tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwanted Obsession Ch. 01

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 01


Foreword: last edited December '08, for better sentence structure, grammar etc.

This is not sweet reluctance, this is creepy, dark, non-con, and a work of pure fiction.


Ronald Jackson got up from his chair, saying, "Just a moment."

He moved to a chest of drawers a few feet from the table and retrieved something from the top drawer. Then he turned round, making sure to hide what he had taken behind his back.

"Would you mind coming over here a moment, Louise? I want to show you something." He smiled invitingly, as if hinting he held a gift for her.

Ronald was American and had trouble pronouncing her Danish name properly. At first he had called her Lois, after she had repeated her name a few times he had changed his pronunciation so it sounded like "Lowish-e". She liked the way he said that, so she had stopped correcting him.

"I don't mind," said Louise, a bit restrained.

When accepting his invitation to spend a weekend at his cabin, she had expected non-committal sex and relaxing walks in the surrounding nature. If he was about to give her gifts, it could be an indicator that he was looking for more than sex. She really didn't feel like spending a weekend with a love-sick man; Louise was happy to be single and free.

Louise got up and walked to Ronald.

"What is it you want to show me, Joe?" She thought his name was Joe Paine. That was the name he had told her. Ronald Jackson wasn't prone to taking chances under his own identity.

"Close your eyes." He kept smiling. "It's a surprise."

Louise did as asked. In the past she had often tried to avoid gifts with pre-emptive words but had since realised that such attempts to avoid awkward situations often lead to even more awkward situations.

With one hand Ronald reached for one of her wrists and lifted it.

'If he puts a piece of jewellery on my wrist or fingers, I'm outta here,' thought Louise.

Ronald, however, was not holding jewellery in his free hand. He was holding a pair of handcuffs. He moved his hand a bit up her lower arm, freeing her wrist for cuffing.

He grabbed her arm tighter and snapped the cuff on.

Louise recognised the feeling of hard metal around her wrist, as well as the clicking sounds as he squeezed it to fit. She liked handcuffs. She started smiling as her worries about his motives disappeared but kept her eyes closed.

Ronald grabbed her other wrist and put that in the hand-cuffs too. He was a bit surprised by her reaction. Most of his victims protested the instant he put the first cuff on. A few reacted by opening their eyes and making nervous comments filled with fake coyness. Louise was the first who had ever stood still and kept her eyes closed while he cuffed the second wrist.

Once the cuffs were adjusted, he let go off her and opened another drawer. From that he took a long and strong, yet fairly light-weight, ring-chain. He also took out two small, but sturdy, 'close to lock' padlocks. He deposited one of the padlocks in a pant pocket. The metal bow of the other padlock he pushed through the last ring in the chain.

'Will she let me chain her completely helpless before sensing danger?' he wondered.

Ronald had quite a bit of experience with chaining struggling women. It would almost be an unusual experience to chain a woman who wasn't fighting or sobbing.

He wouldn't mind though.

Sooner or later she would realise she was in trouble. Either way, he would experience a strong thrill when she did. If it was later, well, that would just mean less physical effort on his part.

Louise heard him open the drawer. The metallic jingling of the ring-chain turned her on. She was a big fan of bondage - as long as she was the one being tied up. She hadn't thought Ronald Jackson, the man she only knew as Joe Paine, was into it.

She had gone on this weekend trip with him because she found him very attractive, physically. Louise didn't usually choose sex-partners on looks and didn't usually bother with intimate cuddly sex, but she considered 'Joe' to be very good-looking. Just a few long looks at him had, in itself, been enough to convince her that even normal sex with him would be hot.

Back when she had first seen him, she hadn't thought she would get a chance at even that. He seemed out of her league on so many levels. Louise was fairly young, twenty-five. She made sure to stay close to her ideal weight but wasn't very fond of exercise. Her body was soft rather than firm. She wasn't chubby but wouldn't be eligible to pose for Victoria's secret either.

Her hair was darker than hay, but too light to be called brown. Her eyes were greenish blue. She was neither tall nor short. Rather her height was simply average. She didn't worry much about how fancy her clothes were. Make-up she only bothered with for special occasions.

All in all Louise considered herself to be rather ordinary in appearance. That didn't usually bother her when relating socially to others. She focused on personality and preferred to be with others who did the same.

When she saw Ronald Jackson for the first time, however, she had, for a moment, wished she looked like a model. Of course, at that time she had been more sexually frustrated than usual. This was primarily because she had just spent some days travelling by bus with no privacy to satisfy herself.

Back then she had become horny just by looking at him.

Ronald closed the drawer and looped the end of the long chain around the metal connecting the cuffs on Louise's wrists. He pushed the padlock's bow through another ring on the chain and closed it to lock. Louise's eyes were still closed. A slight smile played on her lips.

"I didn't know you were into bondage, Joe," she said.

'How can anyone be so gullible at the age of twenty-five?' he thought.

"Can I open my eyes now?"

"Wait a little longer," replied Ronald.

He held the unattached end of the long chain in his left hand and savoured the sight of her. She didn't look like a model to him either. But he thought she looked damn cute, as she stood there with her cuffed hands in front of her, her eyes closed, and a happy expectation shining on her face.

He did something he usually never did once he begun chaining a victim. He slipped his right arm around her shoulders and moved his right hand to the back of her head. Pressing his body against hers, her arms between them, he gave her a kiss.

Filled with lust and desire, Louise passionately kissed him back.

Ronald was a bit surprised by her passion. The concept of not having to fight to get her in chains had been unusual. That she was still willing at this point was strangely arousing.

He enjoyed the kiss.

Usually kisses were something he used to lure women to follow him to places where he could abuse them. Or something he did to keep his consensual lovers interested. All those kisses did nothing for him but this one turned him on.

"Come," he said.

He moved around her, making her turn with him by gently tugging her arm, then guided her a few steps forward bringing her closer to the king size bed. It was a single room cabin. Living-room, bedroom and kitchen in one. He stopped her very close to the foot end of the bed.

There, he threw the bundle of chain over a wooden rafter that stretched horizontally below the ceiling. Both he and Louise enjoyed the loud clinging noises when, after having gone through the space between the rafter and the ceiling, the free length of chain hit the floor.

Ronald kicked the floored length of chain toward the corner of the bed closest to Louise. He knelt and shoved the chain around the leg of the bed. Then he started pulling, tightening the chain till Louise's arms were held straight above her. At which point he took the second padlock out of his pocket and locked the chain to itself, so that it formed a small loop around the leg of the bed.

The young woman's legs were still free, but in reality she was helplessly chained. Even if he left, she wouldn't be able to get loose. It would be impossible for her to simply break the chain. Also she wouldn't be able to lift the bed to pull the chain under the leg, not from the spot she was chained to. She wouldn't be able to change her bondage by moving or climbing either. Even if she was able to get up to the rafter, she wouldn't be able to squeeze above it to untangle the chain.

The sight of the woman, who was now fully in his power, sent a rush of blood to his cock. He was looking forward to the other rush, the one that usually came sooner than this. The rush that came whenever one of his victims, for the first time, realised that he was not a nice guy, that the situation was getting out of their control.

'She still looks cute, happy even, and expectant. It's almost a shame to take that look off her face. She is almost beautiful like this.'

He was surprised to realise he felt like kissing her again. When Ronald had a woman in chains, he always did with her as he pleased; he went to her and kissed her again. Her kiss was as passionate and arousing as last. Ronald felt torn between kissing her more or continuing with a more usual routine. A bit longer he kissed her before pulling away.

He moved three steps back to again enjoy the view.

"Do you like to be chained like this?"

Louise opened her eyes.

"Yes I do," she replied with a fresh smile. "I enjoy bondage a lot."

She leaned her head back to look up at the cuffs and the chain going over the rafter. Then her eyes moved along the chain down to where it was connected to the bed's corner leg.

"Nice toys," she stated. Grinning, she continued, "You have done this before, Joe."

"Indeed I have," said Ronald, which was very much in accordance with the truth.

"Do you enjoy roleplaying too, Joe?"

"What kind of roleplays do you mean?" Ronald returned her question.

"Well..." For the first time since they had arrived at the cabin, Louise appeared shy. "Well I like to... uhm."

"Tell me what you like, Lowish," said Ronald, making sure to mispronounce her name even more than usual. Her sudden self-consciousness made her appear more vulnerable, hence more attractive to him.

"I like rape games," said Louise, regaining her usual frivolous ability to speak freely about sex.

Ronald stared at her, his mouth almost gaping with astonishment. None of the victims he had taken under a false name. Nor any of his many more or less random lovers, whom he had taken under his real name, had said that before. He had been with women who claimed to like it soft as well as women who claimed to like it rough, had also been with women who said they liked to be on top. He had even been with women who claimed they liked to be spanked or tied up. But he had never, ever in all his years, heard a woman say she liked to be raped.

He had raped many women over the years. Even though he had forced some of them to orgasm as a further humiliation, he knew for a fact that none of them had enjoyed it.

"So you go out and get yourself in situations where you are likely to get raped?"

"No. Of course not," she said, frowning a bit at his strange question. "I just search for a guy who gets turned on by force-play and then I ask him to pretend to rape me."

"Pretend to rape?"

"Yes, a bit like we are doing now. Except that we'd agree up front when I should start struggling. Most guys don't like too much of a struggle. It's a lot easier to be a pretend-rapist if the girl is at least partially tied up when the game begins." She winked at him.

"Indeed." Ronald had a hard time preventing himself from laughing at the irony of the situation. "If you like to struggle, go ahead," he offered. "I don't mind."

A little puzzled, Louise looked at him. There was something about the way he said that, something about the way he didn't stop to consider before saying it, that brought a chill to her bones. It also caused a fire between her legs, however, a fire so strong that she, almost instantly, forgot the chill.

She leaned her head back again to inspect the cuffs and chain. The hand-cuffs looked like genuine police quality. The chain appeared fragile, though. Louise had no clue how strong it really was. She was used to sex-shop chains, toys made of cheap materials. This chain was made for industrial purposes, not for games.

"I'm afraid I'll break your chain," she said.

"If you break that chain, I'll give you three-thousand dollars," Ronald stated confidently.

"I don't want your money," replied Louise.

"All right, if you break that chain, I'll buy you twenty new ones. And then you can give me one of those."

Comforted by those words, Louise pulled her hands down a bit, tugging at the chain. The handcuffs bit into her wrists even at a slight yank. She tried to get a good grip of the chain itself with her hands instead. She got up on her toes to loosen the chain enough to get a good grip. The chain, however, was too slick for her to get a hold sufficiently strong to use much force.

Thinking up alternatives she decided to instead attempt to use her legs to get loose. She moved as close to the bed as she could, making sure not to pull her wrists too hard against the cuffs. She reached towards the bed with one leg.

Her foot could reach the side of the bed. Her toes on that foot could even reach below the bed, but it was impossible for her to pull the bed closer with her toes. The bed was old and made of many pieces of solid heavy oak. It was several times heavier than her.

"Are you ready for me to begin the pretend rape thing now, Lowish?" asked Ronald.

"Oh yeah," grinned Louise.

'I wonder, how long it will take before she realises I'm not pretending,' thought Ronald, stepping back to her.

With both hands he took a good hold of the collar of her blouse and ripped it apart, tearing the front of her blouse. He let go and grabbed anew, this time at both sides of the tear. He pulled to the sides again till the tear was complete, leaving her chest and stomach bared.

Louise was a bit surprised when he destroyed her blouse like that, but she had packed spares. 'A nice blouse is a small price to pay for a sex-game like this.'

Under the blouse she only wore a bra. Ronald grabbed the thin part of the bra, right between her breasts. He forcefully pulled it away from her and upwards, making her breasts fall out of their cups.

'Joe' dragged at her bra with such force that Louise had trouble stemming against his pull with her feet. She wanted to stay on her spot to avoid tugging against the cuffs. She knew she had to protect her wrists from pulling against the handcuffs; thin metal bracelets wasn't proper bondage to dangle by. When he finally released the bra, it smacked back to her chest with a nearly musical elastic sound and curled up above her freed breasts.

He placed a hand on each of her breasts and massaged them, not hard enough to be painful. He was just enjoying how they felt. It was as if they had been created just for his hands, each filled a hand almost exactly, with just a tiny bit to spare.

Hands on her breasts, he pushed her back a bit.

"Auw," exclaimed Louise, as the cuffs started gnawing her wrists.

His push had forced her too far back for her to keep the chain loose. It didn't hurt yet; her outburst was pre-emptive, meant to remind him that her wrists would get hurt if he didn't let her keep the chain loose. A little trick she was accustomed to using, when she needed to communicate something to the one playing the dominant part in her sex-games. Interrupting a game to make explanations was a turn off.

Ronald pushed her chest a bit further back.

"Wait!" Louise's wrists already hurt from the pull, and she felt the sides of the cuffs gnawing into her skin now. "You need to stop the pull at my wrists."

"Do I?" Ronald pretended to ask.

"Yes, handcuffs aren't suitable for leaning any weight on," she explained, frustrated that he still held his hands against her breasts. His hold prevented her from getting back to a position where she could keep weight off the cuffs.

"Really?" Ronald pretended ignorance. He knew exactly what handcuffs did to soft female skin and tissue when exposed to pulls. He had seen it many times.

"Yes really! Move and let me get back in position." Louise was so frustrated at having to interrupt what she still thought was a game that she forgot to be polite.

"Give me another one of those kisses, then I will let you move back," said Ronald, and moved forward.

He bent his arms while moving. His movement didn't push her further back, but didn't allow her to move forward either. Her raised arms were a bit in front of her. He ducked his head between them and moved his lips towards hers. Just before their lips would have touched, Louise moved her head to the side.

"If this was a real rape I would have used this chance to put my knee in your balls," she said. "Just move, ok. I don't want my wrists to hurt for days. I need to be able to use my hands after this weekend."

For a moment, Ronald stood entirely still with his face right next to her turned head. He realised he was disappointed. He hadn't just been playing, he actually wanted another one of those intoxicating kisses. His eyes narrowed. Ronald wasn't used to desiring a kiss, so he wasn't used to being deprived of one either.

He moved his right hand from her left breast to the back of her head. There, he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled down, slowly forcing her head back. Louise resisted the pull as best she could. Her hair-roots weren't all that sensitive, so the pain wasn't bad. Nonetheless, he was strong, and she was not. Fairly easily, Ronald forced her head back, giving Louise a good view of the ceiling.

Then he spoke to her. His anger clear in his voice, but not overstated.

"You have no idea. How ironic it is that you are trying to teach me. How to rape a woman."

He lowered his head and licked her throat, which was now completely bared to him.

"Let go of me," demanded Louise.

His behaviour turned her on immensely, but she wanted to pause, or end, this game, which she thought they were playing. She didn't mind bruises from rough play but did mind the risk of hurting her wrists. Most certainly, if it was to a degree that would give her less than full use of her hands for a week or more.

Ronald continued licking her throat, then pressed his lips firmly against her skin and started sucking with force to make a mark.

"LET GO OF ME," yelled Louise, while trying to shake him loose.

Ronald lifted his head and looked at the hickey he had made on her light skin. Again he lowered his head, and started making a new one.

"STOP IT," screamed Louise as loud as she could with her head bent back.

Completely unimpressed, Ronald continued. They were in a desolate cabin, nearest neighbour several miles away, and there were no hiking paths in the area. She could scream her lungs out, no one but him would hear.

Louise lifted one of her feet and stomped down on one of his as hard as she could. With absolutely no effect. His shoes looked like normal businessman leather shoes, but they were actually tailor made safety-shoes. The front of his feet were protected with a hidden metal cap, which could resist a temporary force of 300 Newton. He could rest a 600 pound concrete block on his toes, without getting hurt. Through that cap a woman, wearing soft walking shoes, could never do any harm to his toes.

Louise had been wrong, she could not have used the opportunity she mentioned to knee him in the balls. When he was that close she could get no force behind such a move. Not even if he stood still and let her do it.

Although his balls were safe in this particular position, Ronald would have preferred to wear some kind of genital-protection for hunting. That, however, would have been too visible through normal pants, hence he had not added that kind of protection to his rape-kit.

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