tagIncest/TabooUtter Love Ch. 02

Utter Love Ch. 02


Jake was surprised to see his sister waiting for him when he left his socials class, but he said nothing and followed her out of the building and onto the football field.

Safe from ear shot, Jill stopped and turned to brother, "God, Jake, I want to jump into your arms, I want to hold you and kiss you and touch you. How did you do it?"

When Jake began walking, Jill quickly caught up. "I didn't, they did. After I told them how important it was for me to go to that university, they understood and did the rest. We will have a year together, Jill, a year to sort things out. If you want to transfer again, what's to stop you, if you want to move out on your own or with someone else, again, what's to stop you? You'll be away from home, you'll have freedom,."

"I don't want my freedom, Jake, I want to be with you."

"Well, sure, but eventually we're going to have to move on and I'm thinking it will be a lot easier to move on from there, then from here."

They walked about a minute in silence, before Jake asked, "What's wrong?"

"Why do we have to move on?"

This irrational silliness was beginning to annoy him, "Because you're my fucking sister, Jill, are we to live together for the rest of our lives?"

Again, a silence, then Jake became philosophical. "Look, Jill, I love you, I've always loved you and I always will love you. This sex thing, well, it's just been icing on the cake." When he saw her almost angry glance, he added, "oh, don't get coy with me. You know what I mean, don't be difficult. Brothers and sisters aren't supposed to be doing what we're doing. But we're doing it, we're each other's first."

"Not yet." She smiled seductively.

Jake laughed and corrected himself, "Well, we will be each other's first and what we have to do is prepare ourselves for each other's second."

Jill turned away, "I don't want to talk about that."

Jake shrugged, "OK, but the way I've got it figured we can ride out the rest of the school year, hell you've only got another few weeks left in college, and I'll work in that construction camp again this summer. Then we'll see how things unfold in the fall."

They turned back toward the school.

"What I'm saying is that next fall we are both going to support each other to find the right person, and the right person isn't, obviously, each other."

She didn't look at him and her voice was hollow, "You've got it all figured out, don't you?"

"If I had it figured out, I wouldn't be walking across a fucking football field with my fucking sister as the girl of my fucking dreams."

Jill threw her arms around her brother and kissed him passionately. "I love you, Jake."

The round trip to drop his parents off at airport was the longest of Jake's life, or it sure seemed to him to be. When he drove the car into the garage his stiff prick actually hurt and his underwear was wet with pre-cum.

When he entered the kitchen he noticed the sloppy wreckage of a half-prepared dinner, but Jill wasn't there so he looked into the darkened living room and almost didn't see her, but she was there, sitting forward in a chair, her shoulders hunched over hands folded in her lap. She looked nervous and tired, even exhausted, "Oh God, Jake, I just want us to be so happy."

Her words had a haunting sound to them, a hint of desperation and they scared him and he hesitated for a moment before going to her. He stroked her hair, "What's the matter?"

She took his hand and held it to her face, and said in a timid, girlish voice, "I want everything to be so perfect for us, Jake. I've waited so long for this, so long for us to be alone together and now that we are I'm terrified I'll do something wrong, I'll wreck it, you'll hate me."

Jake fell to his knees and brushed the hair from her face. "Wreck what? Why would I hate you?"

"I just want you to love me, Jake, I want to make you love me."

"But I do love you, Jill, I've always loved you, I always will love you."

She looked at him for the first time and there were tears in her eyes, "But you said we have to move on, we can't be together."

"Next fall, not now, we can be together now."

"I don't want to move on, Jake, I never want to move on, I want us always to be together."

Jake felt a sense of panic growing in his chest, his sister had changed, she appeared frail, almost child-like, she wasn't making any sense. "But you'll want a husband, you'll want kids, that's all I meant."

"I don't want a husband, I don't want kids, I want you."

Jake's eye's narrowed in confusion, "You mean you want me now, and next year …" he hesitated for a minute unsure of himself, "and in five years? in 10 years?"

"Yes," she said the words while pressing her mouth into his hand.

"But that's crazy and you know it."

Her words were angry, defiant, "I don't care."

"Jill, for Christ sakes, make sense."

She was holding him, clutching him, crying, but he pushed her away and when he did she turned in the chair and brought her knees to her chest and with her shoulders hunched in despair, she began crying.

Jake rushed from the room.

He was relieved to see that the house was dark when he walked through the kitchen, heading for his room. He didn't know what he was going to say to her, he could think of nothing he could say to her. Why must he convince her of the obvious? But he didn't have to, "Sorry Jake, I don't know what got in to me."

He could barely discern her but when he turned on the lights she was sitting on his bed and he was relieved to see she was smiling.

"God, Jill, you scared the hell out of me tonight. Don't do that, it's weird, it's freaky."

"Ya, I know, I felt that, too."

"What happened?"

"I don't know, my exams, the excitement about next year, the pressure, the waiting, the expectation, the wanting to be with you, I just felt a little lost, I got a little scared." She shrugged her shoulders, as if by doing so her problems would slip away, "But I'm sorry, Jake, it will never happen again." She had been talking to the floor but now she looked up at him, "Honest."

Jake physically sagged in relief and crossed the floor and sat down beside his sister and kissing her softly on the cheek. "We are happy, Jill, and we will be happy — we will help each other be happy, don't worry."

Jill turned her head and kissed her brother lightly on the lips, "Thanks, Jake, thanks for understanding." Then she pulled back, "Do you want me to leave?"

He gave his sister a brotherly one-armed hug, "I want you to be all right."

She threw her arms around him and hugged him, "I am alright," and she held him for a moment then slowly released him, "but I know how I can be all righter."

Her face was glowing with a seductive smile now and to her brother she appeared to be the girl who had come to him each day after school, sexy, loving, fun and adventurous and she excited him and he pulled her down onto the bed. But he felt the need for caution, too, "Promise me you're OK, Jill, promise me you understand."

"I'm OK, Jake, honest, and I know we'll have to …" but she couldn't use the term 'move on,' so she said "find our way," then she added, kissing him on the nose, "but that's next fall, tonight is ours," and when she pulled herself from his grip and straddled him, sitting on his stomach she could feel his penis begin to harden as she slowly undid the buttons on her blouse.

He watched her fingers part her blouse, showing her delicate, almost transparent rose coloured bra, "You're beautiful, Jill, I'm the luckiest man alive."

"It's your favourite, Jake and I bought cotton panties to match."

When she undid the last button Jake reached up and cupped both of her heavy, excited tits and as he rubbed the nipples with his thumbs through the gossamer thin bra she glowed at the intimacy, as she always did and she slowly undid his shirt.

Jake didn't know if it was his pent up sexual excitement or his relief that his sister was OK but when she started to pull his shirt away from his shoulders he almost tossed her to the bed and was on his knees, pulling at her pants and when they were off, he jumped from the bed, pulled off his shirt, pants and underwear and kneeled at the end of the bed and roughly pulled his sister's panties from her and pulled her sex to his face.

But she pushed at him, "Slowly, Jake, we want to remember this."

He smiled and kissed her on the stomach and laughed, "For the past three weeks I've told us to go slowly and look what I do."

Jill looked at her brother's head between her legs and physically shuddered with her love for him. "I will remember this night for the rest of my life."

Jake said nothing and stroked his sister's thigh.

When she said, "Look at me, Jake," he looked up and she smiled and shook her head, "no, look at me down there. Look at me, describe me."

Jake kissed again at his sister's white, soft thigh and then pulled back a little and pushed at her legs so she would open further, and she did.

Jill was still studying her brother, "What do you see, Jake, tell me what you see."

"You are just so beautiful, just so pretty and you smell so unbelievably sexy." He put both his hands on her thighs at her groin and he used his thumbs to part his sister's lips and when he did he leaned in and kissed her, pushing his lips into her pink, wet interior, and he left them there and licked and when he pulled back he licked at the hair around her pink opening, smelling, tasting.

"What do you see, Jake, please, tell me."

Jake reluctantly pulled further back and studied his sister's sex. "Light brown hair … just a little on your stomach and in your crotch and it grows more denser over your mound. Oh, God, Jill, this is just so hot."

Jill moved a little towards him and opened herself as wide as she could. "Tell me more Jake."

"When I part your hair I can see you lips, they're like heavy folds of skin and they're thick and puffy …"

"… because I'm so aroused …"

"and when I pull your lips open you are bright pink and wet and you have a hood on the top …"

"My clitoris, Jake …"

Jake looked up at his sister, "Does it make you hot when I describe you?"

Jill squirmed, pushing her ass forward a little more and driving it into the bed, "Oh, God, Jake, this is just so intimate, I'm so glad you can see me, I want you to know me, know all of me." Then when she leaned forward and gently stroked his hair, he took her by the hips, "turn over, let me see you from behind."

And she did and was kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air. "Tell me, Jake."

"The folds of skin are loose and hang down a little, you have a little hair, not very much, around your asshole, it's brown and puckered." He gently parted the folds of her pussy and slowly pushed two fingers in her, "How does this feel?"

"How do I look, Jake, please tell me, do you like it, do you like me, do you like how I look?"

He didn't take his fingers from her as he guided her to her back on the bed and her hands were back on his head, pulling gently at his hair when he pulled his fingers from her and pushed his face into her sex, feeling the heat, smelling her arousal, tasting her excitement. Then he pulled from her, wiping his face against her thigh and then sucking on it, sucking on the soft white flesh, listening to her moan and when he brought his mouth down again to her crotch and pushed his mouth and tongue as deep into her wet cunt as he could, she twisted on his face, bringing a leg around his head and she bucked her hips at him a few times, easy and deliberate and when the little cry came from her she quickly swung her leg over his head and lay on the bed face down with her ass in front of him, white, round and welcoming. He nibbled at it, nibbled around the cheeks licking beneath the buttocks, into the groin. When she spread her legs wide he pushed her up on the bed so she could kneel and he stretched her cheeks apart, roughly, spreading them as wide as they would go and then he licked her, gently, licking around the bud all the way down to her juices and back, to stab at the bud, first tentatively but then more insistently, stabbed as far into her as he could, then he licked his lips, making them as wet as he could and he kissed her anus, four or five sucking kisses and then he held his lips to her sucking hard while poking her with his tongue. She was yelling when she turned over again, quickly, in a single motion and reached for his stiff prick. "Now, Jake, now, OK?"

Jake felt a wave of dizziness pass through him as he knelt on the bed between his sister's legs. "Oh, Jake," she reached out to him.

"Will this hurt you?"

"I don't care, Jake, I just want you, please, put you in me," and she pushed herself along the bed towards him until she was close enough for him to direct it to her.

"I'll just put it in a little, OK, and you can push until it happens," and he did, but she didn't wait, as soon as her brother's prick was at her opening she thrust herself at him, thrust him deep into her, expecting the pain, getting it, but wanting the intimacy, wanting to be connected, joined with her brother in a new way, a way that will bind them for life.

And then he was gone. He yanked his prick from between her legs in a sudden, almost angry jolt. "Protection!"

His prick sucking from her cunt was as startling as his barked order, and she only slowly understood its meaning and then she reached out and took his hands, "I have it, Jake, we're safe," and she wiggled her ass in welcome.

"What?" he said as he placed his slimy prick back in his sister.

"The pill," she said, as she squirmed against his head, pushing him deeper inside her. "I got on it the day after that movie."

Jake snickered, "You were pretty sure of yourself, weren't you."

Jill didn't see the humour, "When I sat there in that theatre with my hand in yours I just couldn't imagine not being with you."

Jake was moving very slowly, carefully, "Does it hurt?"

"No, Jake, it feels wonderful … tell me you love me."

Jake wrapped his arms around his sister's neck and thrust more quickly as she wrapped her legs around his ass.



"Do you love me?"

"Oh, fuck, yesssss," and at that moment he exploded into his sister as she yelled into his ear, "Oh, yes, Jake, yes, yes, I love you …"

Jake's family was there when he walked in. He hadn't seen them all summer so his parents peppered him with questions while his sister sat in the corner, saying nothing, "You'll have your turn when we leave," her father had said. She just looked at him, looked at him with a hunger she couldn't disguise.

"Your bedroom is there," she pointed when they left. "I brought what you asked me to bring and it's all put away." She was nervous, not looking at him directly, they hadn't seen each other in two months, time enough for things to change.

He went over to her and held her briefly then pulled her over to the couch and when they sat down her hand was in his and she was leaning on him, leaning close to him with her legs curled and a dreamy look on a face pressed tight against his chest. "Did you miss me?"

He put her hand on the stiff prick in his pants and said, "I thought of you every day."

"Oh, Jake," she said, as she snuggled into him further, trying to feel his heat, trying to breath in his scent.

But when she brought her hand up to his face he grabbed it and placed it back on his stiff cock, "Bring me off, Jill, I can't wait." And he tore at his belt buckle and pushed his pants down around his ankles and when she touched him he shifted down on the seat and let out a moan, "Oh, God, yes, stroke it." And as she did, she buried her face into his chest, feeling his excitement, feeling their closeness, their intimacy.

It was over in moments, with the deep, guttural moan came a long rope of cum that shot up to his shirt, with a little on her cheek which she rubbed against his shoulder while she continued to stroke the wet, sticky prick.

"Oh, God, thanks Jill, I can't tell you how much I needed that."

"Kiss me, Jake."

He pulled the pants from his legs and turned on his sister and his mouth devoured hers, sucking at it fiercely, with an almost angry hunger, "Blow me, Jill, I need it again, please, blow me."

When Jill pulled away and looked at her brother she could see the insistence in his eyes and when he put his hands on her head and pushed her down, she went willingly, pleased that her brother wanted her and she was on her knees before him, before his long wet prick, glistening with cum.

"Take it, Jill, hurry," and he forced her head down and when she took his prick in her mouth he thrust it at her, like a knife stabbing into an open wound, four, five times and as he neared his orgasm he pushed her head down further and shot his load into the back of her throat while letting out a long animal grunt that rolled from out his chest.

She was on her hands and knees now, coughing, trying to catch her breath, a drool of white cum hanging from her mouth like snot. She wiped it away and sat back on her heels, panting, looking up at her brother whose eyes were watching his hand run up and down his still stiff cock, slowly.

"Take your clothes off." The demand shocked her, it was so foreign, so remote, even angry and she just sat there on her heels and stared at him. "Take them off," he said, flashing her a look of irritation and she did as he demanded, standing and pulling her sweater over her head and then pushing down her pants and kicking them away. "The underwear, Jake, do you want me in my underwear?"

Jake sprang to his feet and headed for the bedroom, "Jesus, Jill, take them off, I don't want to admire you, I want to fuck you." And she quickly stripped and followed him to the room.

She held him that night while he slept, curling her body around his back and holding on to him with a desperation that scared her and when he awoke, it was to the aromas of breakfast, which she had carefully prepared, as she had practiced so often in her dreams. When he called her name she went to him, beaming, their life together was about to begin, "Take your clothes off."

"But Jake, I have cooked breakfast," but she could read his eyes and she quickly unbuttoned her shirt.

He had agreed to go, just this once but when they returned to their apartment he was steaming mad and as soon as he threw the groceries on the kitchen table he turned on her, "Don't you ever do that again," he yelled. "You're my fucking sister, not my wife, don't take my hand in public and don't look at me the way you do, it's sick." And without waiting for a reaction he rushed past her and out the door.

When he returned later that night, he was drunk and didn't see her, didn't care to see her. He went directly to his room and fell on the bed and was only faintly aware of hands pulling at his shoes.

He flinched at the light streaming in the window and only then did he feel the hand stroking his head, "Hi," she said, "how do you feel?"

"Like shit," he said, rolling off the bed, almost knocking her over, then padding to the bathroom.

"Would you like something to eat?" she called after him, but he didn't answer, and in five minutes was out the door.

When he returned later that night he was with a girl and his hushed words in her ear, "Leave us alone for awhile," stunned her and she grabbed her jacket and left.

He read the note on the kitchen table when he awoke at noon the next day, "I love you, Jake," and he was relieved when he noticed that her things were gone.

The card came as he knew it would, as it always did at New Years, Easter, the anniversary, his birthday, Thanksgiving. When he opened it, he knew what it would say, it always said the same thing, always the same simple phrase in her neat, even handwriting: "I love you Jake." But this time it was different, there was a phone number beneath the words, that's all, just a phone number, as if it was time that he called.

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