tagInterracial LoveVera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 04

Vera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 04


It was a beautiful summer day in Pennsylvania, my little white fuck-slut, Cathy, and I were visiting her mother. I was lounging by the pool feeling pretty good about myself, what a vacation! I have managed to seduce Cathy's mother and sister; it was like paradise having three beautiful blonde women worshiping my black pussy! Carol and Cathy joined me at poolside and applied tanning-oil on each other. I told them, "No matter how hard you try, you are not going to get a tan like mine. But that is good; I like the contrast. Where is Sally? I want all three of my white bitches together."

Carol went to get us drinks and Cathy said, "Sally went to visit a friend, she will be back later; it is a good thing that we are here, mom is hurting over the way that bastard left her for a younger woman. I don't even want to think about what she would be like if we weren't here!"

"I am expecting a phone call today from a private detective, he is gathering information on them, once we get it, we will devise a plan to get back at the mother-fuckers. So don't worry baby, we will make them pay for what they did to your mom!" Carol brought back drinks; we lounged, swam and chatted the rest of the day.

Later that afternoon, I received my call and made plans for the downfall of the two lowdown cheaters that hurt Carol. The first thing I did was to call Bertha and she promised to be here in the morning.

The next day we purchased two motel rooms near the bar that Carol's husband stopped in for a few drinks every day after he finished work. We made sure that his new main-squeeze was at home. Bertha was sent to the bar to lure the unsuspecting fool to the motel room. There was no doubt in my mind that Bertha could do the job. The ebony stripper was so sexy that she could arouse a dead man!!! Carol's seductive redhead neighbor Tracy and Carol, Sally and Cathy were told to wait in the room while I went to the bar to watch Bertha work.

The tall seductive ebony goddess slid on a bar stool next to the drooling white husband and gave him an enticing smile that made him stutter when he ordered her a drink. Twenty minutes later, I followed them as they strolled arm and arm back to the motel. I watched as the couple entered the room and then I joined the girls next-door. There was a hidden video camera in their room and we had two more cameras just in case. I told them, "Listen to them and I will tell you when to make a move. Timing is everything! I am sheriff Vera and you are my white pussy posse!!!"

I called Ann, the bitch that was living with the fool, and told her that he was in room 224 at the Blue Bird motel with another woman! We listened and waited; I informed the white pussy posse that we would drop a powerful aphrodisiac in her drink when the opportunity arose. Bertha was to make sure that the door was unlocked, so as to assure that Ann could catch them in the act. The bed was banging against the wall and we knew that Bertha was fucking his brains out when Ann approached the room.

The slender brown-haired woman burst in the room screaming, "What the hell is going on here? You son of a bitch!! Get your whore out of here and try to explain yourself!"

Bertha jumped off the bed and threw the 5'5" young woman on the bed. She quickly cuffed the stunned husband to the bathroom door and returned her attention to the white woman on the bed. Just as she was getting up, Bertha grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the bed! "Are you crazy? Let me go or you will be in a lot of trouble, I will have you arrested!"

Bertha looked down at the frightened bitch and said, "You are the one that is in trouble!!! Have you ever had that little tongue of yours up a hot black pussy? I want you to lick and suck my horny cunt until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?"

Bertha moved her shaved black pussy to within inches of the white girl's ruby red lips. The girl pleaded, "No, please doesn't make me do this!! Please stop, I'm sorry, just let me go."

The pleading words became muffled when Bertha kissed the pink lips with her black pussy lips. The black bombshell face fucked the white bitch with fervor. Ann ceased all efforts to resist and sucked the sopping cunt to several cum flowing orgasms. The white pussy posse burst in the room and stared at the lewd display on the bed. Being voyeurs, they fingered their aroused cunts as Big Bertha dominated the white bitch and fucked her face furiously. Ann surrendered her will to the authoritative black woman, she desperately wanted to please her new mistress, she licked and sucked the sopping black cunt with passion!

I told the white pussy posse to take pictures as I fucked Carol's husband against the bathroom door. He was so hot from watching his little woman being molested that he shot his load in my hot cunt right away. When Bertha finally removed her cunt from the white girl's glistening face, I offered her a drink. The thirsty girl drank down the soda that contained the substance that would turn her pussy into a burning lust hole that could not be satisfied!

I then sat on her hungry mouth and told her to suck her man's cum out of my black pussy. She eagerly complied and then drained the cunts of the white pussy posse! I told Carol that I could see what her old man saw in the bitch; Her hot little mouth could suck like a fucking vacuum cleaner!!!

I had Carol's husband eat Ann's steamy cunt while I took a couple of her pictures down to the bar. A group of men came back to the room and paid one hundred dollars each to fuck Ann. As they left, they were encouraged to tell others and send them back to the room. Carol's husband was used as a douche bag and he kept Ann's sloppy cunt clean!!! It was a very good day; I made a cool$3600.00. Our little fuck-slut took on 36 guys and still craved more cock!

I sternly informed Carol's husband to start divorce proceedings and to give Carol whatever she wants or the pictures will turn up everywhere! I took off his handcuffs and sent him home, telling him that I would send him his little whore when I finished with her.

We went to an all black bar and I put all five white bitches to work, some went back to the motel room, some took a white bitch to the men's room and others got blow jobs in the booth. I am not going to say how much money they made for me; suffice to say that it was the most money that I ever earned in one day. We stayed until closing time and I could have used a brinks truck!! I handed Bertha a grand for her help and thanked her. We even discussed her quitting her stripping job and her working with me full-time!

When we got back to Carol's home, I handed them all a thousand each and that did not even put a dent in my earnings!!! The five white sluts did a fantastic job. They took on all the men and woman at that black bar and could have handled a lot more if the bar didn't close. They all did good but I was not surprised that my little Cathy was the most popular of them all.

Ann was told that she could stay or leave, the choice was hers, I was pleased when she decided to stay with us. They all cheered when they were told that tomorrow would be a day off and we would have a pool party!

The next evening we all gathered at the pool, we sipped drinks, enjoyed each others company and splashed in the water and we even danced with each other. Ann borrowed a bathing suit from Carol and Tracy was the sexiest of all in her pink bra and panties.

A young man and woman next-door were staring at us and I waived at them. They were invited to join us for a drink. The young couple easily stepped over the small cement yard-divider. I asked them if they were brother and sister. The girl replied, "We are husband and wife; why would you think that?"

I said, "It's just that you are both tall with blue eyes and blonde hair, you both look fit and you are both beautiful. The old saying that opposites attract definitely does not apply to you two." The attractive couple sipped their drinks and talked freely. They introduced themselves as Tom and Susan, who were both twenty years old.

Tracy grabbed the handsome young husband and danced with him. The alluring redhead held her sexy body close to him. Susan was clearly unhappy watching the seductive dance and when Tracy pressed her ruby red lips to his, the young wife was going to break it up when I put my arms around her and began dancing! I pressed my big boobs into her nice size tits and whispered in her ear, "You are one hot little white slut!! I want to fuck you!!!" Bertha followed my lead and danced with the young blonde wife from behind, Bertha was grinding her horny twat into the girl's buttocks and her huge tits into her back.

The girl was trembling with fear and pleaded, "Let me go, you are both women, what are you doing? Please let me go to Tom!!"

Bertha told her' "Your husband is busy right now, look over and see for yourself, he is sucking a big tit and soon his dick will be shoved up that hot redhead's flaming pussy! So just relax and let us show you the joys of black cunt. I can tell that you are hot and want to try something different!"

She panicked when she saw her husband go to his knees and lick the smoldering pussy surrounded with red hair! She struggled to get free but we held her tight. I told her, "You are the cream in the center of an Oreo cookie. Your pussy is going to gush cum, when you see the voluptuous redhead show you how to fuck your husband and he is going to cum when he sees us fucking his sweet little wife!!!"

Bertha and I slipped out of our bathing suits and removed Susan's clothing; she turned her head and stared at Tracy sucking on her husband's stiff cock. Berth got down and kissed all over the blonde wife's shapely buttocks and I gave her sweet blonde pussy a tongue-lashing. We vigorously tongue fucked her horny holes until she reached a rousing orgasm. We laid her on the grass and Bertha ate her pussy while I straddled her sweet face and lowered my sopping cunt to her waiting mouth!

The sweet little white wife took to my black pussy like a kid takes to candy! She gobbled up my whole box of chocolates. She feasted like it was the best meal of her life, no doubt, it was! My juices leaked down her face as Bertha tongued her to another orgasm. Bertha and I switched places and fucked her for another hour.

As soon as she was able to move, the young wife looked over at her husband and watched Sally mount his cock as Tracy rode his face. Cathy and Carol licked her pussy while she watched her husband shoot his load up Sally's cunt as he lapped Tracy's smoldering slit.

Tracy and Sally sat on the young wife's face and made her eat their pussies. She recognized the taste of her husband's cum in Sally's cunt! Bertha sucked tom's cock hard again and fucked him passionately while I sat on his face and fucked his tongue with my pungent pussy! We all relaxed with a drink after our outrages orgy. Tom jumped at the chance to spend some time with the white pussy posse while Bertha and I took Susan out for a drink.

WE went back to the same black bar and I told all of the customers not to mention money to Sally. I took her back to the men's room and watched two black studs fuck her pussy and ass. Bertha watched the door and sent in new John's as the old one's left. We charged $200.00 each for the beautiful young white housewife and earned $4600.00, not bad for three hours. The well- fucked wife could hardly walk after taking on all of the black cocks, so we helped her walk to the car.

As we approached our vehicle an uptight nosey white bitch asked, "What's wrong with her? What did you do to the poor girl? I'm going to call the police and we shall see!" The 41 yr. old stringy haired bitch removed her cell-phone from her purse.

Before she could dial, I snatched it from her hand, grabbed a fist full of her long brown hair, and pulled her kicking and screaming into the alley. Bertha and Susan followed us to the back of the alley. I slapped her face and punched her stomach, demanding, "Strip bitch, or we will rip that stupid suit off of your sorry ass body.

The slightly overweight woman suddenly froze with fear and cowed. Saying, "I'm sorry, I should never have got involved in your business, please forgive me, I'll just go now."

I ripped her suit coat off and her buttons popped, I sternly told her, "You better strip naked right now or I will rip it all off and you won't have a thing to wear when we get through with you." The frightened white woman quivered, and nervously disrobed down to her underwear.

I angrily tore off her bra and panties, forced her to her knees and held the back of her head in place as she licked and sucked all of the cum from the young wife's cunt and ass!! Susan produced more juice for her to lick up. I almost smothered her as I furiously fucked her face. Then Bertha had her turn and squeezed her long black legs so tight when she was about to cum that, I thought that she was going to crush the white woman's skull!!!

I almost let her go when I noticed two cheap looking black hookers on the sidewalk; I waved my hand and beckoned them to come to me. The young skinny girls asked me what I wanted. I asked them how much money they got for sex? "WE get $20.00 each, why do you want to know? Do you want us to eat your pussies?"

"No, thank you girls, but this little white fuck slut wants to suck your cunts dry! Would $40.00 be ok?"

They grabbed the cash and exclaimed, "Sure, that would be great!" We could smell the stinking cunts from where we were standing, no wonder the white woman was choking and gagging! After that, we led the disorintated woman to the bar. We took her to the men's room and charged $50.00 each. We only got 7 takers, Oh, well, $350.00 is better than nothing. The bitch started crying and said she had to go home and cook dinner for her husband. I laughed and told her that he could eat all of the cum out of her stinking cunt! I told her that I would send someone back with her clothes. I handed her clothes to one of our clients at the bar and told the men that the rest of the night was on the house and that the whore was waiting in the men's room for some more black cock. I told him that he could give the bitch her clothes when they were finished with her!

It was late when we got home but the girls were still having their way with Tom. Somehow, it did not bother Susan anymore. I was proud of her, getting over of her jalousie like that. There was a message on the answering machine; it was Tony, and he left the number of a rich black couple that would pay considerably for the pleasure of a white blonde girl or two in their bed! I called them and agreed to be at their house at noon tomorrow. Susan gave me a sultry smile and said, "Let me go with you, Tom will be totally worn out and it sounds kinky!"

The next afternoon, a big black maid ushered us into a spacious and elegant mansion. The maid's name was Mona, and I could not help but think that she was much too sexy to be a maid! We sat in the living room and were served drinks, introduced and were told that we would be given ten thousand!!! Fifteen if Mona could join in.

Leo and Martha Johnson led us to their master bedroom, I instructed Cathy and Susan to disrobe. Leo and Martha were a black couple in their early forties', both were slender and fit and the wife had small but perky tits. It turned out that Mona was an exotic dancer, had an affair with the couple and was offered more money than she earned as a dancer to live with them. As they undressed, I noticed that Martha had an extremely hairy pussy, Leo had a huge black cock and Mona had gigantic breasts, wide hips, was very black and had the biggest black buttocks that I had ever seen.

The two black women lay on their backs, Susan and Cathy feasted on their sizzling slits and Leo took turns poking the white girls pussies with his enormous black cock. Cathy was vigorously sucking on Martha's hairy cunt when Leo removed his dick from Cathy's hungry pussy and shoved it up her tiny brown hole! The blonde wife screamed out in agony, but her cries were muffled as Martha held her white face tight against the hairy black pussy! Leo moved over to Susan and pumped her white ass full of his hot cum!!! Cathy and Susan were ordered to use their mouths to get Leo's big black cock hard again. The white girls lovingly used their oral skills to bring the black monster to life again. The two horny ebony women were now wearing big black strap-on dildos and the white girls got on top and fucked with fervor. Leo continued to tear them new ass holes with his big dick. Before we left, the Couple expressed their desire to become regular customers and were delighted when I informed them that I had other girls, including Cathy's mother and younger sister.

When we got home, Cathy worshiped my black cunt with her mouth and brought me to a tremendous orgasm! I called everyone together for a meeting. Carol was informed that we were going to move in with her, I would sleep with Cathy, Bertha would share her bed with Sally and Ann would sleep with Carol. How ironic that Carol's husband lost his lover to his wife!!! Carol was pleased that we would not conduct any business from her home. They would all fuck the customers elsewhere.

Bertha was going to quit her job stripping and become my full time partner. I never imagined that being a pimp would be this lucrative; I smiled when I thought back and remembered that less than a year ago I was working in a supply room for peanuts! My, how my life had changed, and I owed it all to my sweet Cathy! Bertha was to take the girls out tonight and I was going to take Cathy out for a fine dinner.

After we finished our lobster-tail, Cathy and I sipped wine in a plush restaurant, I felt a warm glow when I gazed into her big blue-eyes and told her that we needed to seduce more white women and bring them into our stable. A frown formed on her angel face when she asked, "Don't I work hard enough? Don't we have enough women now? Why do we need more?"

I told her that we had more expenses. She wanted to know what expenses? I threw the keys to her brand new Mercedes on the table, along with a photo of the car. "Oh, my God, a red convertible!" The excited young wife exclaimed as she sat on my lap and passionately kissed me full on the lips! We received disapproving stares from the patrons and help in the dinning room but we didn't care, we were happy.

On the way to the dealer to pick up her car, Cathy inquired about her husband, Rob. I told her not to worry, he could move in with us if he wanted. If not, he could always visit; after all, we weren't that far away. Then I added that when he gets his vacation we would visit his mother and two sisters! Cathy's beautiful smile turned to a look of concern when she thought of me with her husband's mom and sisters!!!


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Sooo Hot!

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What an imagination....

....convert married white women into a whore money making submissive sluts.I should assault, rape, into submission. F7 To be able to dominate in what? An hour? Brink's truck? Each installment became moremore...

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