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She shivered as his hands traced a slow and lazy path over her naked body. She had been lying in the bed with her arms clasped tightly above her for what seemed like an hour as he had stroked and touched and pinched her body. His fingers had roamed from her ears and face, down the hollows of her throat, stopping lightly to press on her windpipe, cutting off her breath for a short, exciting moment. He held tightly until she couldn't resist struggling just a little as a tiny thread of panic threatened to overwhelm her. Finally, she tossed her head sharply to the side, and he released her, his hands continuing their downward path as though they had never been interrupted.

Her nipples were already hard and erect and his fingers slowly and surely traced circles around them, not touching, teasing. She let out a pleading cry as she pushed her breasts up into his waiting hands, willing him to touch her, to hurt her. He obliged her by slowly pinching one nipple to life, squeezing just a bit too tight, and then laving it with his tongue. She shuddered, feeling it all the way down to her clit. Her body shifted on the bed, the chain holding her arms in place jingled obligingly.

His hands left her breasts and roamed further, running down her stomach with a light feathery touch bringing her body to a tingling peak. She felt his hands run down her thighs. She shifted again, whimpering, growing impatient, and with that movement she felt his hands clamp down hard on her legs, squeezing, hurting, holding her still.

"Shhhhhh." he hissed sharply , his fingers pressed tight into her flesh, it made her want to writhe, or kick, but she didn't dare to try. Not yet. With a slow sure movement, he slid his hands to grip the insides of her thighs, and pressed them outwards, spreading her legs wider and wider until she felt the muscles strain to their limit and she couldn't't possibly open them more. He held her there, legs as wide open as they could go, exposed to him as he stared at her. One hand slid higher, and lightly ran along the length of her slit. She was wet and trembling. Waiting for whatever pleasure he wanted to take tonight.

Carefully, he slid one finger deep into her cunt, curving it to caress the walls inside her body. "You like that baby?" He whispered to her as his fingers started slow circles inside her, she murmured her assent as she settled into his stroking. "I like to feel you like this, all tight and wet. You like it." He said, this time it wasn't a question. She shifted her hips as he continued to stroke her.

He slid another finger inside her, this one not going in quite as easily since she was wet, but still tight. She squirmed, and he smiled. "Yeah... you like that." And with no further play, he shoved another finger to join the other two, it hurt, felt like he was splitting her inside. She let out a short cry that turned into a moan as he pushed his hand hard up against her cunt, twisting his fingers in slow quick circles, widening, preparing her.

As he worked her, his other hand came down sharply, slapping her thigh. She jumped, and that small move ground her body closer to his talented fingers and hand. Instinctively, she pulled away from the invasion, causing him to spank her again, harder. She cried out. His hands stopped their work on her cunt and pulled out of her entirely, it left her feeling empty, aching for his touch again, she felt like she'd brought it on herself, like she'd been bad. She reveled in the feeling. He rose up over her as she writhed.

Her legs were still wide open and she felt him, hard and hot as he came into contact with her body. He crawled over her, his legs on each side of her settling down and sitting on her chest. She had trouble breathing, but noting that, he didn't rise up, but just gave her a second to get used to the pressure.

She could see his cock in front of her face, mostly hard, not quite ready for her. He grabbed her hair in the front. "You have some work to do." He said as he pulled her head up to meet him. She turned her face to run her lips along the side of him, licking lightly. He gripped her head with both hands though, centering her, showing her what he wanted. Slowly, achingly slowly, showing the care that he'd shown her nipples, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.

She slid her mouth down, massaging him with her tongue as she sucked him in. He moaned low in his chest and the sound encouraged her, inspired her, as she knew that he had meant it to. She started to suck him harder.

He began to give her short, low thrusts into her mouth as she sucked him, wanting him to go deeper, harder into her throat, but unable to tell him. She made small mewling noises as she sucked him, her hands still held tight by the chains above her head. He started to thrust more deeply, more slowly, he was growing larger and larger as it went on.

She wished for the use of her hands. She knew that she could tantalize and taste him for hours as he fucked her mouth when she was able to hold him in her hands, but tonight she was just a willing mouth, just a hole in her body for him to use and fuck. He moved faster in his thrusts and she wondered if he was just going to come in her mouth, leaving her to finish herself off while he watched later on. He went deeper until she started to choke, not able to breathe around his impressive cock as it touched the back of her throat as he thrust and she started to see stars. Finally, he stopped, pulling out of her.

He slid down her body again, stopping to torture her nipples for a while longer licking, stroking, sucking until she thought that she might go mad. She bucked against him, wanting him to get on with it, to get to where she wanted him. He bit down on her nipple making her scream for the first time tonight, then pulled himself up and knelt above her before his hand came down lightening quick, slapping her hard across the face. She felt the delicious rush of pain and disorientation right before he struck her again. He grabbed her chin and brought his mouth close to her. "Be good bitch. Or I'll hurt your pretty little cunt more than I already plan to." She nodded and whimpered as his hand pinched her already sore nipple. She kept her teeth clenched shut but couldn't stop the noise of pain that escaped her. He smiled, then slapped her once more, hard, before heading back down her body. She was tingling with pleasure.

She was already aching when he pulled her legs apart again, shoving them wide and exposing her cunt to his view. He stroked her. She was still wet, still trembling with want for him. He slapped her cunt then rubbed it while she squealed and bathed in the sharp contrast of feelings.

"Beg me." He told her. And while sometimes she would think to tease him, to defy him until he had her beaten and bruised, pinned the floor, begging him to fuck her, tonight she had been teased to long. She raised her hips to offer herself to him.

"please." she whispered. He slapped her cunt again.

"Please What?" He said. His voice gravely with his own lust.

"please fuck me, please please please fuck me hard." He moaned, rose up above her body, taking her legs and draping them over his shoulders. She felt his cock pressing tight against her cunt, pushing in slowly. She was tight, but so wet. "please harder please please." She couldn't stand that he was taking so much care with this, not when what she wanted was to be fucked hard, pounded into the bed until she felt bruised all over. But he ignored her, pressing his body into her inch by slow inch.

She begged until his clamped one hand over her mouth and nose, cutting off her voice and her breath. She struggled, but he held her fast until she felt a light buzzing in her head. The sensation of him pressing deep into her cunt was magnified as the blood left her brain. She was getting dizzy, and the second she stopped struggling, he released her. She gasped for breath as he pushed himself that last inch home, then he stopped, his head back, reveling in the sensation of being completely inside her.

"please." She whispered, when she had her breath back. Her cunt was begging for punishment. She felt like she would do anything to make him move.

Suddenly, he pulled back, nearly out of her and then slammed himself back in. She shrieked and yanked on the bindings holding her arms, wanting to scrape her nails down his back, claw at him, slap him, anything to make him want to punish her harder.

He started thrusting into her in earnest then, almost pulling completely out of her body before slamming himself back in with increasing speed and strength. He drew his body up so he was kneeling above her, bending her body almost double as he hammered into her, harder and harder. She felt pressure building inside her and cried out below him as the first wave of her orgasm took her. He felt it, and slowed for a moment before thrusting sharp and deep inside her. She shrieked below him, trying to sink her teeth into his shoulder, but he kept himself out of reach, still thrusting, fucking her hard as she spasmed around him.

His face was a mask of concentration as he fucked her, she moaned and cried beneath him as he thrust his cock into her cunt like it was never going to end. Her body ached and cried for him to release her, to let her move, to make him stop. She begged him to come, to come inside her and stop. He let go of one of her legs and slapped her again, her head rocking back with the force of her strike. "Shut up bitch. I'm done when I'm done." And returned to his fucking with full force. She was slammed into the bed with each movement, her cunt sucking hard on his cock as he drove into her with increasing speed.

Finally, with a shout of his own, he shoved hard and deep inside her, forcing her body to fold on itself, hurting her, delighting her. His body shook as he came hard, shoving into her sharply one more time, jarring her sore and quivering cunt making her cry out below him.

He collapsed on top of her, weighing her down with his body, sweat soaking both of them. He slid of her, finally finished, and rolled off her body, trailing his hands across her stomach, then up to her hands where he released the chains.

As soon as she was free, she curled her sore, bruised body into his as he stroked her. Running his finger down her red and bruising cheek.

"Tomorrow we'll play something else." He whispered into her hair.

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