tagRomanceViolet Ch. 03

Violet Ch. 03


Violet closed her apartment door and laid her back and head against the inside of it. This whole pregnancy thing was getting to her and she was exhausted after being on her feet for 9 hours. She closed her eyes for a minute and just took in the relaxation that lay before her now that she was home. She knew she couldn't sleep yet as Brian needed to be up for work soon. He had been working some long hours on strange shifts and was truly exhausted. She thought that maybe it would be alright to lay down for just a little bit. Just a few precious minutes before he was up and gone again.

Opening her eyes, Violet headed toward the table to set her keys down. As she neared it, a bouquet of carnations in a vase and 2 other objects awaited her. The flowers were rather potent for being carnations, but it was a wonderful scent that invaded her nose and sent a small child down her back as she looked at the beauty of them. She had stopped in the middle of the floor when she saw them as she was taken aback a little bit. No one had really ever bought her flowers before and she couldn't imagine why someone would have bought them for any other reason. Recognizing again that she was standing in the same place, she shook her head a little and, with a slight grin, walked to the table.

Upon arriving at the table, Violet also saw two chocolate bars -- dark chocolate -- just like she liked. Her smile grew wider. Her pregnant self loved the thought of self-indulgence very much and was relishing in the fact that she had two bars of chocolate to enjoy. She was almost giddy with excitement, almost like a school girl. Standing against the base of the vase of flowers and at the top of the chocolate bars was a note, folded over and standing freely. She reached over and picked it up. She read:

"Hello, sweetheart. I'm sure you've had a hard day and I thought perhaps you would like some sensory stimulation. The flowers, although they may not be your favorite, but I didn't know what to get, so I went with a good stand by. And the dark chocolate that you and I love so much is a great way to relax and finish your evening. I hope you can find some comfort and rest in these two small gifts, as you deserve a long awaited rest. With love, Brian."

Violet's smile was even bigger. She knew it wasn't prudent for her to eat all the chocolate at once because of the baby and the caffeine level in the chocolate, but a few bites here and there wouldn't her. Her smile was as wide as it could get and she was truly touched for the first time in a long time. Brian was good at romanticism and sensuality, but this small token seemed to outweigh anything he had previously done for her. It was the simple thing that made it so much better. Just a little pampering.

Speaking of pampering, Violet's mind shifted back to the aching body that was starting to scream her name. She knew the baby wasn't quite big enough to be kicking yet but it sure felt like it was nailing her in the ribs over and over. Her feet ached for her to kick off her shoes and the rest of her body was just asking for bed. Heeding her body's requests, she made her way back over by the door and kicked her shoes off -- but not until after she opened one of the bars of chocolate and broke off a row of that heavenly special dark flavor.

Brian had apparently been busy while she was at work as it appeared the entire apartment had been cleaned. Dishes were in the drainer, the books and DVDs had been put away and most everything had been dusted. The floor was clean of Molly's hair so he had obviously run the vacuum as well. While it was nice to see that there wasn't a mess for her to clean up, it concerned her that Brian was sacrificing his sleep to make sure this was entirely done. He had been working 12 hour overnight shifts and he was seriously getting run down. She would have to talk about it with him, but right now she needed to lie down, next to him, and just feel the warmth of their bodies against each other.

Working her way to the bedroom, she freed herself of her clothes and made her way to the bed. She had always loved to sleep naked because it was free and liberating, and Brian was that way too. It was always welcomed to have that warm skin to skin contact, fewer things made her feel so good.

Walking up to the side of her bed, Violet opened the blankets to get in. Brian was practically in the middle of the bed and she was going to have to move him over. As she started to slip into bed, something caught her eye in the streetlight coming through the window. Did she see what she thought she saw? Her hand immediately slid along the mattress until she confirmed what she saw. Brian had a hard on more than any she remembered seeing at all. Her mind shifted immediately and a thought entered her head. "Why not have a little fun; I'm sure it'll be relaxing in the end!"

Feeling extremely naughty, she sat up on her side of the bed. Reaching back across her bed, her hand again found Brian's cock and she wrapped her hand around it. Slowly she made some gentle strokes up and down it and found it already emitting pre-cum. He was ready and had been for a while. "

What was he dreaming about to get him so worked up?" Violet wondered to herself as she began to increase the pace at which she was stroking his cock. The reach was becoming almost painful, so she slid up into bed and lay facing him, never letting go of him. She found herself getting very wet and really was hoping Brian would wake up soon because she desperately was in need of a good fucking.

"I'm glad to see you made it home hon." Brian spoke suddenly.

"It's good to be home. The flowers are beautiful and you're so naughty with the chocolate because you know I can't resist it, but I have to say the best thing that I've found all night is this hard on. What caused you to be so turned on? Who were you dreaming about?" Violet asked inquisitively.

"No one. I've actually been awake since you got home, and when you came in and began to undress, I couldn't help myself...or rather my body couldn't help itself, because I obviously am not at the controls here! You're the one with the gear shift in your grips!" Brian laughed.

Violet laughed too. It was true that she had full control of the situation and that he was going to have to be at her mercy. The thought of being in control rushed wildly through her and turned her on even more. Her pussy was soaked now and her clit was largely engorged and begging for attention.

"So what do you want to do first? You're in control here..." Brian reminded her.

"Eat me. Lick my pussy like there's no tomorrow and I don't want you to stop until I've cum all over your face. Then I want you deep inside me and fucking me hard until you cum. Do you understand?" Violet asserted herself.

"Yes ma'am, I assure you that I am more than capable of doing just that for you." Brian responded respectfully.

Laying down on her back as Brian sat up, they switched around so that Violet was in the middle of the bed with her legs spread. Never one to turn down a chance to give a good round of oral, Brian leaned in hungrily and soon his tongue ran the full length of her pussy lips and over the tip of her swollen clit. He looked up at her as he lowered himself back down. There was a look of ecstasy on Violet's face, one that he had seen before and was going to make happen again and again.

Brian's tongue again met with her pussy lips and Violet couldn't believe at the electricity that was flowing through her as his tongue spread her lips and probed the inner folds of her pussy as well as her vaginal opening. Brian was taking great care not to touch her clit yet. It was as if his tongue was having foreplay with her pussy all on its own and it apparently was working.

Finally Brian's tongue made it to Violet's extremely engorged clit. It was large and protruded proudly as his tongue crossed it over two or three times, causing Violet's ass to come high off of the bed. Not one to lose contact, Brian raised his body in an effort to keep his tongue on her clit through the entire motions. As her body met the bed again, Violet began to grind against Brian's face. She loved it but she knew that he was too.

Brian's assault on her clit was undying and soon she felt two fingers probe her hot opening and slide in without any difficulty. This added sensation was almost too much and she really had to work hard not to cum immediately as they penetrated her. She laid still without response and Brian's tongue had stopped its movement just in that moment, allowing her to adjust to the extra stimulation. Slowly he began movement on her clit as he pumped his fingers in and out of her at a rapid pace.

Everything was happening so fast now. The stimulation was almost overwhelming for Violet and she knew she wouldn't last long. The constant assault on her clit and the fingers deep inside her pussy finally gave way to a phenomenal cum, her ass high off the bed again while Brian removed his fingers trying to remain focused on her clit so her cum could last as long as possible. Things seemed to get a little fuzzy for Violet and she knew she had parted ways with her own body for just a few heavenly seconds of cumming that she didn't remember ever being so strong.

Violet collapsed back on her bed. She panted and was sweating as if it was a hot summer day. Brian propped himself beside her and watched her as she lay there recovering. As she turned toward him, Brian leaned in and gave her a very passionate kiss, intense and calming both at the same time. There was so much passion in every sex session that she just came to love it more and more every time they fucked.

"Now, if I remember correctly," Brian began, "I believe I'm supposed to be fucking you next? What position?"

"On top. I want to ride you. I have to have you as deep in me as you can go and just feel your cock rub against the deepest parts of me." Violet said slyly.

"You've got it, ma'am." And with that, they switched places and Violet straddled Brian's body. Holding his cock in place, Violet aligned her hot hole with it and it was only seconds before Brian felt the hot, wet insides of Violet pussy, his favorite place to be. He had never had sex so good before and it made it hard not to instantly cum when she was penetrated in any position. He watched and felt her slide all the way down as she slid on. Finally, he was all the way inside her and she stopped a moment to let her inner walls adjust to the intrusion. Slowly, she began to rock her body back and forth, grinding and stroking his cock with amazing precision deep in her pussy.

Brian looked up from their joined bodies into Violet's eyes. They were almost absent with deep intention being set on the task at hand. But suddenly their eyes met and there was a connection made that just said that fucking wasn't good enough, it had to be more than that. It wasn't really love but it was the most passionate throes of lovemaking and that's what was setting this apart as something way more than just fucking. The motions continued as they each read into each other's souls and the deepest wanting of both of them.

Violet's grinding got harder and Brian felt her starting to cum again. She let out a noiseless gasp -- not moans or groans -- no noise, just an intense intake of air as she lay almost flat on top of him. The warmth of her skin against his was electric and again was almost enough to send him into a deep cum, but he held back. It wasn't time yet. She deserved to cum once more and then he would.

Sliding off of him, Violet laid down on her back, gasping for air that she had been deprived of in the middle of her cum. Brian propped himself on his side and brushed the hair out of her face and again they embraced in a passionate kiss, a kiss for their ages and time together. There was so much passion, love, mystery and intrigue. The act was yet to be completed, though, and Brian knew it was his turn to do the work and let her just enjoy the feeling of it all.

Brian climbed on top of her and took the head of his cock and placed it at her opening. Slowly he eased the head in and then the rest, coming full in until he met her cervix. While her pussy adjusted to the intrusion again, their eyes met again as well. They were soul searching for each other again and continued to as Brian began his movements inside her.

His pace was slow at first, with long strokes, his cock almost entirely withdrawing before he would force it deeply inside her. Violet's deep breaths told him that it felt good as he began to pick up the pace at which they would both meet. With every thrust in, Violet raised her hips to help it pound harder against her. She had reached down and was playing with her clit as Brian's motions caused her to emit small, high pitched gasps. Her pussy was sucking at his cock to cum and he knew it had to be soon.

Violet's gasps got louder as she neared her third climax. The thrusts were hard and their bodies were loudly slapping against each other as she began to cum again. There was a loud scream from Violet as she came harder this time than the other two. The suction of her pussy on his cock was finally too much for Brian as he let himself go and came deep, deep in the recesses of her pussy.

Both bodies collapsed, nearly on top of each other. They were both gasping, almost in unison as they looked into each eyes again. This time they told a different story. They were no longer soul searching because both souls had met each other. And they knew it was the only way it had to be from that point on.

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