tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVirginity and Inhibition Lost

Virginity and Inhibition Lost


My name is Todd and my girlfriend's name is Margie. She is completely devoted to me even with all my voyeuristic perversions. She loves me and she lives to make me happy by satisfying my every outrageous request.

It all started innocently enough about five years ago. I met Margie when she was only 18 years old and a senior in high school. I was 23 and the manager of a small convenience store. Margie lived in the neighborhood directly behind my store. She and her friend Michelle would come in the store to buy gum, soda or cigarettes.

Margie is a knockout. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, and very slender. She has thin blond shoulder length hair, fair skin, a pretty face, blue eyes and an ass so tight it could almost fit in the palm of your hand.

What makes her really stand out though is that on this petit body Margie also has an amazing 34C chest.

Her friend Michelle is good looking as well. She also has nice tits, 32B, and brunette hair color and is taller then Margie maybe 5 feet 5 inches.

Anyway, both Margie and Michelle would come by the store everyday, before and after school. They both liked flirting with me. Constantly talking in front of me about boys, sex and which one of them had the bigger boobs or the nicer ass.

I knew they were both virgins, they asked a lot of questions and were obsessed with sex. They just haven't had it yet. I guess they both were waiting for the right guy.

I will say they both knew the affect they had on men. Occasionally they would bend over the counter so I could look down their shirt or even better a view up their skirt. They both acted like the shows were unintentional, but I knew better. In time, I let them take advantage of free gum and soft drinks. Seemed like a fair trade.

I enjoyed their company and so did my customers. Margie and Michelle would dress in tight jeans and tank tops. Once Margie bent over the counter and gave some of the guys an eye full of her cleavage. The customers would watch the girls and make comments to each other. You couldn't hear what they were saying, but it didn't matter, I knew they all wanted to fuck the girls.

Michelle did not like the looks and comments and eventually she stopped coming by the store.

Margie on the other hand started to visit more frequently and stayed longer. She liked the attention she was getting from the customers. They would tell her she looked just like Jessica Simpson and she would flash them her pearly white smile.

Then something interesting happened, Margie began putting herself on display more and more yet, in a way that the customer would think her actions were accidental.

Nothing to obvious at first, just brief peeks like an extra button or two undone down her shirt or uncrossing her legs and providing a view up her skirt before standing up.

Other times she would exam her flat stomach by lifting her tank top up to her bra, revealing the bottom of her bra cups, and act as if no one was watching.

I knew her actions were not accidental because I watched the same performance over and over again. Each customer felt lucky that he was in the right place at the right time to catch a peek. But trust me, it may have look nonchalant but each move was intended to cause a reaction.

I liked the attention she was getting as well; it was like seeing her for the first time, again and again, through the eyes of my customers as I watched them checking out her gorgeous body.

One day while she was pouring herself a Slurpee I reached out and touch her tits over her shirt. I was not sure how she would react. She did not stop me; she looked around to see if anyone had noticed. She locked eyes with one guy who stood silently and watched her as she was being fondled. She seemed turned by this but I couldn't tell for sure.

Then she abruptly turned and announced she had to go. After three days she still had not returned to the store. I though that maybe she was too young for such play.

To my pleasant surprise she returned on Friday night wearing jeans and a long sleeve sweatshirt. She came up to the counter and asked for some lip-gloss. She had money to pay but I said it was on me. We were the only two people in the store. She looked around and then turned back to me and said, " I have something to show you."

She walked back to the storage room, I followed her and as I entered the back room she turned around and faced me. What happened next was totally unexpected. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her head and completely off.

To my astonishment, she was not wearing a bra.

My heart jumped a beat. I was looking at a pair of 34C firm tits with soft pink nipples. Her stomach disappeared from underneath her chest and actually concaved just below her rib cage, which made these gorgeous melons protrude with beauty and grandeur.

I stepped towards her and raised my hand to touch her bare breast for the first time. I felt her right tit while I gently licked her left nipple. She lowered her head and stared at the floor. She seemed to be embarrassed.

Just then the chime sounded alerting that someone had entered the store. Margie was startled and raised her arms to cover herself but then froze, looked up at me and gave me an evil smile as she lowered her arms back down.

She looked me in the eyes and nodded her head for me to go and take care of the customer.

I rushed to the front of the store. As I approached behind the counter I noticed the customer was a black man in his early 40's. I stood up at the cash register, from my elevated view I could see Margie standing back in the storage room, her tits still exposed. The customer was busy pouring himself a cup of coffee.

I kept thinking if he walked down any one of the isles he would surely see Margie. But he stayed up front, paid for his coffee and cigarettes, then got back in his car and drove off.

I yelled for Margie to come up front, at that point she put her shirt back on and walked to the front of the store. We laughed together and I told her that was fun, the idea that he might have seen her. She smiled and said she had something even more fun in mind.

I then received my next surprise. Margie told me that her dad was out of town on unexpected business. She was to spend the weekend at her mother's house but she told her mother instead she would be spending the night at her friend Michelle's house.

I knew she lived with her dad because her parents divorced. I didn't know for sure why she didn't live with her mother. Her dad was some kind of Aerospace Engineer and lately he was spending more time away at work.

She then asked me if I wanted to come over to her house tonight? At that point I realized her master plan and I replied with an enthusiastic yes!

I already knew where she lived. I could come by around midnight, after my shift ended. She told me to park across the street and not in front of her house. Clearly she had given this a lot of thought.

I arrived just after mid-night and parked down the street as instructed. She greeted me at the front door and let me in. As I followed her from the front door through the kitchen and finally into the family room, I noticed she was wearing a sexy jeans skirt with a white tank top. I love her skirts and this one was very short and hugged her sweet ass. I thought about how my customers would also like to see Margie wearing this short skirt.

I had brought beer with me from my store and we both started drinking. The lights were turned down low and all the curtains were closed. I'm sure she did not want any of the neighbors telling to her dad about a male visitor or the fact that she was home at all this weekend.

There I was sitting on the couch with this eighteen-year-old girl in her own living room. We started kissing and it was getting pretty heated when she broke away and said,

" I have to tell you something."

I had no idea what she was about to say but I felt certain that I was going to fuck her tonight. She said that she was in love with me and had been for the past six months. I thought to myself, yep, I'm going to fuck this beauty and take her virginity.

I said, prove your love to me baby as I looked down at her heaving chest. We moved off the couch and onto the carpeted floor. She pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it across the room. Then she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. I waited in anticipation to see her beautiful firm breasts again.

She slowly lowered the white lacy bra straps off her shoulders as each cup separated away from her chest reveling again the most perfect set of tits that I'd ever seen. They were full and round and yet did not move when released from the constraints of the bra.

She moved up against me and I began to taste her neck while moving down to her chest, sucking each nipple hard into my mouth. She moaned in delight. There was no stopping her now. She lay back onto the carpet and I moved directly over her. I kissed her lips and began to kiss and caress her entire body. Her breathing was heavy, she knew she was letting this happen and it was very exciting. Her body was on fire and she was ready to loose her virginity to me.

I rolled her over onto her stomach and found the zipper on the backside of the skirt. I unzipped the skirt and tugged in down over the curve of her ass. She moved her legs so I could continue to remove her skirt completely. There she was, laying face down wearing only her white cotton panties. What a vision. I tossed the skirt and reached out my hand and squeezed her ass cheek. Just like I thought...tight!

I griped the top of her panties on each side of her hips. Without any warning I pulled them down with a quick tug. She giggled and said, "I liked that."

I looked at her heart shaped ass that was even whiter than her already fair skin and I was mesmerized. As I removed her panties I got my first glimpse of heaven looking down at the backside of her pussy lips. I reached underneath her stomach and slightly pulled her upward towards me. She seemed weightless in my hands.

I placed my fingers on her pussy lips and began to rub in a circular motion. She was already wet and my finger slipped in just a bit. Again she moaned and started breathing even harder.

She turned onto her back and I move in between her legs. I started to insert my tongue into her pussy. I could not believe how wonderful she tasted. I was taken back to some memory of the taste and smell of sweet candy for the first time.

Margie was really enjoying herself too; I could tell she was going to be a big fan of oral sex. I started to mix it up between using my tongue and fingering her pussy. She was going crazy! This continued for several minutes. I loved it; my tongue in her pussy while my hands reached up to massage her teenage tits and hard nipples.

I stood up and began to take off my clothes; I removed my shirt and pants. As I removed my briefs she watched as my 10-inch cock reached out. She could not take her eyes off it. I put on a rubber and positioned myself over her again.

This was her first time having sex and I wanted to be gentle. As the head of my cock touch her pussy hole she held her breath in anticipation. I drove into her slowly, a little further with each forward motion. After five or six thrusts I entered her completely and she gasp for air. I was now freely moving in and out of her pussy. Man was she tight.

I looked down to see this beautiful girl, her tits moving back and forth to the same rhythm as my shaft entered and withdrew from her pussy. Each forward thrust arching her neck and lifting her ass up slightly off the carpet. I knew she was going to love sex and I plan to take full advantage of her devotion to me as we explore her newfound sexuality together.

The next morning I awoke and opened the kitchen sliding glass door to smoke a cigarette, wearing just my jeans. Her dad did not smoke and would not allow her to smoke in the house. While I was standing outside in the patio area I noticed that each house had a fenced back yard and behind each fence there was an adjoining alley for a garbage truck to drive thru and empty the trashcans. I looked back into the house and saw that Margie was waking up.

She got up and started looking for her clothes. I told her that I wanted her to remain naked. She smiled and asked why and I said I wanted her to become very comfortable with her own nudity.

Just then I heard the loud engine of the garbage truck down the alley. It stopped at each large garbage container while the hydraulic lift emptied each container into the truck compactor. I could tell it was just one guy that was operating the truck.

I called to Margie to come over to the sliding glass door. She noticed the garbage truck was just a couple houses down the alley. " I can't stand here like this, he will see me," she said. That's right, I said. I want him to see you naked.

She was not sure about this and started to back away when I said, you know last night when you told me you loved me? "Yes", she replied. Well for me to love you I have to know you are my true soul mate. That means someone who will do what I ask her to do, someone who wants to make me happy.

The truck was getting closer, only one house away. Margie was full of fear and apprehension. I said if you truly love me then you have to trust me. With that Margie agreed.

I had her stand directly on the doorway jam, place her arms above her head and hold on to the inside wall. She complied. I was standing directly in front of Margie and from the look in her eyes the garbage truck was now at her back yard fence.

I could hear the truck begin to lift the container, which makes a seriously loud noise. The driver most likely could see Margie was standing there but I was obstructing his view and I was not sure if he could tell that she was naked.

I turned to see the driver and in doing so I reveled Margie if all her glory. He was a Hispanic guy and he looked surprised like he wasn't sure what to do. I took a couple of steps away and turned back to see his view of her.

There she was, standing with her back arched with her arms reaching above her head. Her legs slightly spread apart and her soft pussy hair proving she was in fact a natural blonde.

Her tits swayed as a result of her trying to balance herself in this position. She was staring directly down at the ground. I'm sure she did not want to make eye contact with the driver. She was already feeling humiliated and seeing him would only make it worse.

I told her that on the count of three I wanted her to look up at him, smile, wave and then turn around so he can see her ass and then go back into the house – One, Two, Three...

Margie raised her head and focused her eyes on the driver. By now he had taken full advantage of this opportunity and had moved to the passenger side of the cab to get a better view.

Their eyes met and Margie smiled. He returned the smile, she waved turned and stuck out her ass and then disappeared into the house. I also turned back to him and gave him a salute as I closed the glass sliding door.

Next thing we heard was the sound of the engine as the garbage truck moved on down the alley.

Inside Margie was ecstatic! "What a rush!" she said. Her entire body now trammeled with excitement instead of fear.

She could not believe how much showing herself off like that would make her feel so energized! We got hot and heavy back in her bedroom and once again I fucked her as she experienced her first orgasm.

Over the next four and half years I exposed Margie in public to several men. A select few enjoyed even more then just a show. Margie grew to love the attention of being placed on display. We are now soul mates. I am forever her voyeur and she became my devoted exhibitionist.

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