tagNovels and NovellasW.G.M.G.S., Inc. Ch. 2

W.G.M.G.S., Inc. Ch. 2


Sylvia had only dreamed of such luxury as she gawked at the hotel she'd just walked into, it was like a castle from a storybook tale. Adrienne smiled as she watched the young girls face, and for some reason was saddened to think of what was in store for the young girl, she hoped she could influence the buyers and find a kind and gentle man for Sylvia.

Adrienne slipped into deep thought as she looked back upon how she got into this business, lucky for her, she was quick witted and quick tempered. Also having a fifth degree black belt didn't hurt either. She'd answered a similar ad while she was in Los Angeles, she wasn't much older than Sylvia at the time, though she felt she was a whole lot more street wise, thanks to her loving daddy. She too had been taken by her own father, but it was at her own doing, she'd been in love with her father for as long as she could remember.

So on her 18th birthday, she seduced her father, and got him to take her virginity, the next few weeks he taught her more about sex than she ever imagined. Her mom had passed away when she was just starting puberty and her father, did the best he could at teaching her and showing her how to be a lady. He also enrolled her in self defense classes, and she excelled at them quickly. She was breaking boards, and bricks with her hands in feet in just a few short months. Her instructor marveled at how she was a natural, and she quickly climbed the ranks within her class. She took first in all the competitions, an article was even written about her in a martial arts magazine.

She loved the way her body felt while doing the exercises, and in competition, it seemed as if a part of her had awaken from a long nap. She'd only used her talents once in a real life situation, she'd gone out on a date with a linebacker from high school, they went out to eat, then to a party in the country. Adrienne had never been much of a party type person, so when she saw that the party was in a field out in the middle of no where, she knew nothing good would come of it.

A keg of beer was in the middle of a semi circle of trucks and cars, their headlights making the area bright, a young girl, a freshman, Adrienne thought, had obviously had too much to drink and was doing a strip tease for the hooting boys. Adrienne counted, including herself there were only 5 girls, and at the least, there were at least 15 boys. Adrienne's date, handed her a beer, he told her to drink up so she could join in on the fun, he nodded towards the keg. Another girl had joined the first and now both had stripped to their panties, several boys had gone out and started dancing with them, a boy in the front and one behind each of the girls. Adrienne knew this was going to get ugly, but only smiled at her date and sipped her beer. It tasted like piss, but the others were guzzling it like it was nectar.

When her date wasn't looking, she emptied her glass on the ground, when he saw her empty cup, he smiled and went to get her a refill. Adrienne saw one of the girls being stretched out on a blanket, her panties were now gone, a boy had his face between her legs, a boy on each breast, another boy had his dick trying to force it into her mouth, and a boy on each side of her had placed her hands on their dicks making her stroke them. When her date came back, she told him she wanted to go home, he laughed at her and told her she wasn't going any place till she'd preformed for the guys, and they were through with her. "Fuck you!" she said as she threw her beer in his face.

Adrienne turned and started walking towards the road. She didn't really realize what she was doing, it all seemed like it was in slow motion, she felt his hand grab her hair and pull. Instinctively, she twisted, back towards the boy, his grip loosened, the heel of her hand connected with his jaw. Surprise filled the boys eyes, then tears, the pain was excoriating, her foot connected with his knee, she heard a snap, then a scream. The boy was on the ground holding his knee, his football days were over. She turned and started back towards the road, several of the other boys had heard and seen what had happened. Three ran up and blocked Adrienne's exit, she turned to go back a different way, three more boys blocked her way. The first boy to make the mistake of trying to touch her, received a broken arm at the elbow for his trouble, the next a broken nose, the next boy got a cheap shot in that bloodied her lip.

This cost him a broken arm and a broken leg, the largest of the boys grabbed her and flung her to the ground, he fell on top of her, ripped her blouse open and managed to free one of her breasts from her bra. This cost him his life, the same heel of her hand that she used to break wood and stone with, connected with his nose shoving it deep into his brain. The last boy went to run, but the anger and adrenaline was too much for her to control. He landed with his head facing behind him, Adrienne heard one of the girls scream NO. She continued on her rampage, kicking, breaking, hurting, till only a few smart ones that managed to get into their cars and leave before she could get to them, escaped. Two girls were badly beaten and bloodied, having tried to resist the gang rape, the two that had first stripped didn't fare much better.

Adrienne had to leave her quiet little town, no charges were brought against her, but there was no way she could continue living amongst the loved ones of the boys she'd killed. The interview went almost exactly like Sylvia's, but when it came time for them to take her and chain her, they found out quickly that the young girl was far from innocent, and proved to be quite deadly. Fifteen minutes, and four dead men later, Albert walked into the room clapping, "Bravo, Bravo, well done my beauty, I see that you've just applied for a higher up position in the organization." Albert walked right up in front of her, a spectacular creature, smiling, Albert looked Adrienne up and down with appraising scrutiny.

He studied her like one would when looking over a champion race horse, "Who the fuck are you, asshole?" Adrienne gasped, her stance had not relaxed, her senses still told her that she was far from being out of danger.

Still smiling, Albert said in a calming voice, "My dear, forgive me, my name is Albert Hopkins, I'm the owner and master of W.G.M.G.S., Inc., these gentlemen, were my associates, you've managed to increase my profit margin in just fifteen minutes."

Adrienne kept her defensive stance, "W.G.M.G.S. , Inc.?" Adrienne asked.

"White Girls Make Great Slaves, Incorporated., I deal in human flesh my dear, I find beautiful young girls, women, what ever else my clients are looking for, and then transport them out to the highest bidder." Albert explained.

"I don't want any part of this shit, asshole, why are you telling me this?" Adrienne asked.

"Well my dear, I'm telling you this because you have two choices now, one, you can come to work for me as my assistant and make more money than you could ever imagine." Albert said.

"And two?" Adrienne asked. "Two, you'll become a slave, and if you get out of line just once, you'll die." Albert stated.

Adrienne studied Albert's eyes, she knew he wasn't bluffing about the killing her part, she knew that this one was one to be fearful of. At that moment, Albert reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of money that would've chocked an elephant. He tossed it to her, without taking her eyes off him, Adrienne snatched the money out of the air. Unrolling the wad of bills, she quickly saw that it was nothing but hundreds, how many she couldn't even guess.

"Ten Thousand Dollars." Albert said, "That's how much I'll start you out a week. Once you learn the ropes, and start to make a difference within the company, you'll get a raise."

My God, Adrienne thought, it'd take her forever to earn this kind of money even in a year. A smile crept to her lips, "Will I be able to do this on occasion?" Adrienne asked, as she made a motion to the dead men. "Probably more than you'll like, my dear." Albert replied. Holding his hand out, "So we have a deal?"

"Well, since I've got nowhere else to go but up, why not." Adrienne said, grasping Albert's hand firmly and shaking it. The next few weeks, were a blur as Adrienne learned the ropes of the business, she also received a complete make over, clothes, makeup, hair, she was a new woman, she looked and felt powerful. Albert was pleased with his new assistant, within a month of Adrienne's appearance, he took her into his bed, making her his partner, she now received almost as much in profit as Albert did.

More than once, Adrienne had to take down a rebellious girl, not killing her, just knocking her out. Adrienne loved her job, she loved taking young innocent girls, seeing what they knew sexually, then teaching them what sex could be like, she took pride in watching the girls on the auction block, knowing that her training, and coaching was what the girls were using to make the bids go higher on themselves. She'd always thought of it as a business thing, like a teacher sending her students off from college into the real world.

Until now, Sylvia stirred something in her, she didn't know what, but she knew she'd never felt like this for any of the hundreds of other girls. She didn't know if it was the child like qualities, or her appearance, she knew it was going to be hard to watch Sylvia be sold. She also knew she couldn't allow Albert to see her weakness, to know that Adrienne had a soft spot for this girl. Adrienne had to hide her feelings, to protect Sylvia if anything else.

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