tagRomanceWaking You

Waking You


Its midnight when I finally arrive home from my late shift at work. I quietly enter the house, as to not wake you. When I come into our bedroom, I see your beautiful, naked body partially uncovered; your upper body gleaming in the moonlight, your hip and bare pussy peeking out slightly from under the sheets. As a smile comes across my face, I quietly undress and crawl into bed with you. You move ever so slightly from the disturbance in the bed but do not wake from your slumber. Your back is to me allowing me to take in the curves of your beautiful body. I reach out slowly to gently touch you with my fingertips and allow them to softly run down your side feeling your soft skin, causing my penis to grow. I need you so bad right now but I don't want to wake you.

I continue touching you, trailing my fingers to your exposed breast, softly caressing it. My touch causes you to move, so I quickly remove my hand. You roll over onto your back and I see your eyes flutter as they try to open.

I lean towards your ear and whisper softly, "It's me babe. Go back to sleep."

You let out a soft sigh as your body relaxes back into sleep. I remain still until I know you have drifted back off. Your body now completely exposed to me has put me on the verge of losing control. I need to fuck you.

I slowly replace my hand on your tender breast and start to tease your nipple while my other hand explores your stomach stopping just shy of your bare pussy. As your nipple starts to harden under my fingers, I hear a soft moan escape your lips. The sound of it causes me to smile mischievously at the thought of pleasuring you while you sleep.

As I continue to tease your nipples, I trail my other hand further down so it is now touching your pussy. I gently slide a finger between your legs and start to lightly touch your clit. I feel you twitch; so I look up to make sure you are still asleep. I continue to caress your clit as I softly kiss your neck, hearing your soft breathing in my ear. Your legs gently fall apart as I move my finger further down to enter you. I can feel your wetness as I slowly slide my finger into your warm pussy.

I hear another soft moan in my ear as your breathing begins to get heavier. I figured you are about to wake up or already have, so I kiss up from your neck to your lips, meeting them gently, taking in the touch of your sweet, soft lips. As I slip my tongue into your mouth, I feel you start to kiss me back, still half asleep. I continue to kiss you gently and finger your now dripping pussy, as I hear your tired moans escape from between our lips. Your body is now twitching and tightening under my touch. I kiss you harder now as I feel you start to arch back. Then, knowing you're about to cum, I remove my finger from your warm pussy and slowly kiss you down your body until my lips meet your wetness. As you let out another sleepy moan of pleasure, I start to lick your clit allowing my tongue to enter your pussy occasionally. I feel your tender hands start to run through my hair as you press your pussy up into my mouth. You grip my hair as your body starts to give into the pleasure; you orgasm seconds later, moaning softly with gentle breaths leaving your mouth. I lick up your wetness savoring the taste of you.

As your body starts to relax again, I climb up next to you; seeing your tired, beautiful face twisted with arousal causes my penis to pulsate.

I whisper in your ear, "Go back to sleep baby. I love you."

You softly reply, "I love you too"; and you slowly fall back asleep.

I lay awake, penis still hard, I watch you as you sleep; your chest gently moving up and down, body still exposed to me, I need to take you now. I slowly sit up as to not wake you again. I gently move your legs apart so I can climb in between them. You stir slightly causing me to pause. I look at your gorgeous face and wonder how much longer you'll be sleeping once I begin. I grin lustfully at just the thought.

I slowly move my penis towards your inviting pussy; gently rubbing the head of it against the wetness that lingered from your orgasm minutes before. Then in one gentle, slow thrust I enter you, hearing a quiet moan from you. I sigh at the warmth of your pussy finally engulfing me. As I start to gently thrust in and out of you, I hear you softly say my name. It is so beautiful the way you say it in that sleepy tone, only making me want you more. As my need to cum in you grows, I begin to increase my speed.

I see your eyes starting to flutter open, so I softly say, "Keep them shut babe, don't worry about it, let me do it all."

You moan as I continue to thrust deeply in you. As I fuck your tired body, harder and faster, you reach your hands up and start digging your nails into my back. I let out a moan from the feel of your touch. We are now both getting lost in the ecstasy, both reaching our need for one another's climax. I fuck you harder, deeper, faster. I need to release in you. I need to feel your soft pussy tighten around my hard cock. I fuck you faster and faster now. Then in one final, deep thrust, I feel your nails grip into my back, I feel your pussy tighten on me, I feel your body twitch under me, I hear you moan my name, causing me to cum deep inside of you filling you with my hot cum. I lean down to softly kiss your lips as I slowly pull out of you.

I lay back down beside you and as you curl up into my body, I tell you "I love you" as I gently caress your hair.

I hear a soft reply of "I love you too babe," as you slowly drift back to sleep in arms. I feel relieved now and fall asleep to thought of waking up to your beautiful body.

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