tagInterracial LoveWeekend in Memphis Ch. 2

Weekend in Memphis Ch. 2


Teri lay on the carpet with her legs spread wide and cum drying on her face. Her eyes were closed thinking of the thrill she had just experienced with Daniel, Ahmad and Jerome, she had been married to her husband and never experienced another man until a month ago and now she was laying here her belly full of sperm from three different men, only one of whom she knew before today. She had been fucked in the ass for the first time, not by one, but by two different men and they were all black. She knew her cunt was exposed for all of them to see, but she didn't care at this point, she had been released from all prejudices, and she loved the sex they had just had with her. All of her body cavities had been filled at the same time and she had enjoyed the most powerful orgasms today that she had ever had, and she wanted more. She thought of her husband, and what he would think of her, becoming the sex toy of any man that Daniel wanted to offer her to.

Teri was a red haired, small breasted woman that had always enjoyed performing oral sex with her husband and four weeks ago he had offered her to Daniel and she had responded with enthusiasm and now she wanted more even.

She opened her eyes and looked at the guys sitting around in chairs talking about what a slut she was and Daniel looked down and saw her eyes were open. "We thought you had passed out on us, Teri. Are you ready for more?"

Teri nodded at him, and he motioned for her to come to him. She got on her hands and knees and crawled over to where he sat. He held his cock in his hand and offered it to her, she opened her mouth and took it in and began sucking ever so gently on it. Ahmad said "Damn, I'm gonna call a couple of friends and tell them to come over and get some of this hot fucking "ho"."

Daniel told him to let them know to come over in a couple of hours, he wanted to cum in "the slut's mouth" and then take a shower, and she should probably clean up to. He didn't want to offer a smelly "ho" to his friends.

"And you do smell like hell, Teri. So hurry up and suck me off and then go clean up."

Teri increased her speed on his cock and he put his head back and relaxed while the tension grew in his balls. "Damn this bitch got's a mouth that don't quit" he said and he felt the head of his cock begin to tingle and knew he was about to fill her mouth again. He grabbed his cock and pulled it from her mouth and told her "Lick my ass hole you whore" and pushed his ass down in the seat. Teri moved his balls a bit and pushed his ass cheeks apart as her tongue search and found his ass hole. Her tongue hit the mark and she began to lick his ass, letting her tongue probe the puckered opening. She could tell it had been a few hours since he last showered and she went about her work of cleaning his ass with her tongue.

Daniel said "Damn that feels so good, girl, that's it lick my ass clean for me. Push your tongue into my ass. Now here, take this and finish it." With that he offered her his cock again and she immediately devoured it. His cock was so good, and it covered the flavor she had just had covering her tongue. She loved the flavor of a man, and she knew it more each day she spent discovering herself. Her eyes wide open she felt Daniel's cock harden a bit more and then it erupted and her mouth was flooded for the fifth or sixth time today, and her pussy exploded in orgasm as she looked and saw the other two men watching her feed on his cock. She was in heaven and loved it.

She started to get up and Ahmad said, "Before you shower whore, come her and get a taste of my ass hole." He stood and bent down and grabbed the arms of the chair as he said, "Go ahead and dig deep with that tongue." Teri knelt behind him and pulled his ass cheeks apart and began to eat his ass and Ahmad began to jerk on his cock. Jerome looked at what was happening and stepped behind Teri and pushed his cock into her ass. He began humping her as she enjoyed Ahmad's ass. Jerome pumped his cock into her ass with fury and it didn't take him long before he felt his cock tighten and begin flooding her ass with his cum. Ahmad said, "Damn "ho" you is definitely fine and your tongue feels good in my ass, but I've gotta cum so here" and he turned around and Teri opened her mouth as he began to shoot his sperm at her. The first shot hit her forehead and she jumped a little and moved her mouth closer as the second shot hit her teeth and the third covered her tongue and she took him into her mouth and cleaned the remaining from his cock. She looked up and everyone was looking at her. She could barely see them because the cum had run down into her eyes and it was burning a little. She stood up and started for the bathroom, to take a shower.

Daniel watched her ass as she walked away from them and thought what a sweet cunt she was. As Teri showered she couldn't believe that she had just eaten more cum from these three black men, but had also spent time licking two of there asses, something she would never have done before, and one of the men she had just met earlier in the day. She had also heard one of them call and invite some of his friends to sample her body. She shuddered and reached for her pussy and began to masturbate and she thought of her husband and how he was going to react. She didn't think any more about him while she finished masturbating and then washed her body paying special attention to her ass and her cunt. She washed her hair and then got out of the shower and brushed her teeth combed her hair, picked up a razor and sat on the toilet. She found some shaving cream and lathered her pussy then shaved her pubic hair leaving her as clean as a new born baby. She shaved her legs and arm pits then went out to join the guys in the living room. She went into the bedroom and put on a short shirt and a pair of thongs and a blouse, but left her bra alone and she finished her trip into the living room. When she walked in she saw that Daniel was alone and still naked as hell. She looked him over and thought how beautiful he looked, very muscular and his black skin and those beautiful balls that hung six inches below his body, they were so big and black, and his cock and it's foreskin now covering the head as it sat there nestled between his legs. Her mouth watered as she looked at it.

Daniel said, "So, Teri, did you clean up?"

Teri nodded and said, "Sure did Daniel and it felt so good. What are we going to do now?"

"I'm going to take a shower and then we'll run and get something to eat before my other friends show up. I guess you know what we'll be doing when they show up don't you?"

Teri smiled and said, "I think I might. Thank you for the wonderful day so far. I'm happy I've come to stay with you while Roger is gone."

"I'm sure my friends are happy that you came to stay with me also. Come here baby and kiss me."

Teri walked over to him and leaned down and her lips met his and immediately her lips parted and her mouth opened and his tongue met hers and began the primal dance of lovers. She reached down and held his cock as she kissed him, but he pulled free and told her "Better not start that or you won't get any food to eat."

Teri laughed and sat back as he stood and headed for the bathroom.

While Daniel was in the shower, the door bell rang and she went to the bathroom and asked if she should answer it. He told her to go ahead, it may be one of his buds coming early and if it was, she was to make him happy.

Teri went to the door and when she opened it she saw a ugly, fat black man who said he was Perry and that Daniel had invited him over to sample the goods. Teri couldn't believe it, but if he was a friend, then she knew she should do as Daniel told her. She told him to sit down and make himself comfortable that Daniel was finishing his shower.

Perry looked at Teri and asked if she was the cocksucker he had been told about. She blushed and said "I guess so."

Perry undid his pants and pulled his cock out and told her "Then show me what you can do."

Teri looked down and saw that his cock was about 7 inches circumsized and very black, she kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her hand. She looked at him as she leaned forward and kissed the head and felt it begin to grow in her hand. Her tongue caught the underside of the head and she tasted his pre cum immediately. She parted her lips and engulfed the head with her mouth. Her mouth slid the length of his cock and she felt him enter her throat as she felt his pubic hair tickle her nose. She couldn't see his face because his belly was in the way, but she started to suck his cock and felt it grow fatter and push her lips open wider as she ran her mouth up and down him. All at once he tightened and began dumping his sperm into her mouth and she thought that was quick. When he stopped cumming, he stood and stuffed his cock back into his pants and then said. "Tell Daniel, thank you, but I've got to run, got things to do. And they were right, you are a good cocksucker." And he turned opened the door and left.

Daniel stepped out of the shower door and asked, "Who was at the door?"

Teri told him that a guy named Perry and he said he had things to do and thank you. Daniel said, "I can't believe he couldn't stay, I told him about you."

"He stayed long enough for me to give him a blow job."

Daniel laughed. "I can't believe it, you really are turning into a major slut aren't you?"

"You told me to make him happy while you were in the shower."

"I'm sure he was happy, with that mouth of yours. Let's go get something to eat. You are going to need your strength this evening."

They left the apartment and went to Daniel's car and drove to a restaurant nearby. Daniel explained that he would take her to something really nice tomorrow night, but tonight they had to get back, because a few of his friends were coming over and they were promised use of her body for the evening. Teri told him she didn't like being used like that, and he laughed and said, "Seems like you didn't have too much of a problem with it this afternoon, but if you want to stop and go home, I'll put you on the plane tonight."

Teri pouted and said, "I didn't say I wanted to go home, just I didn't like being used."

"You started this girl, get used to it. It will only be tonight, if you say that is all you want, but once we start, there's no turning back. Think you can handle it?"

"I'll do my best, Daniel, but I would like to end up in your bed tonight. I really like you and you are Roger's friend." She leaned over and kissed Daniel, running her tongue into his mouth as she snuggled up next to him.

Their dinner came, they ate it and then headed back to Daniel's home.

At 8:00 o'clock the guys began to arrive and when they Daniel offered her to them. She must have met 7 or 8 guys that night and at first she just kissed each as they came into the apartment. Before long she was between the legs of one very large man sucking his cock and the other's were cheering and clapping as they watched her make a spectacle of herself. When she had finished him, she removed her clothes and the party began. They each came in her mouth at least once and most of them had either fucked her in the cunt or the ass and at least five of them had had every hole in her body and her body was sore. When the last of them left at about 2 in the morning, she had taken a quick shower and she lay next to Daniel and he started a movie he had in the TV. She watched herself being fucked for almost six hours by the guys at the party, and as she watched she snuggled with Daniel and eased her way down his body until she took his cock into her mouth and sucked him hard, then soft as her mouth filled with his cum for the fifth or sixth time that day, and she kept him in her mouth as she fell asleep. She awoke the next morning and his cock was still in her mouth, so she began to suck him hard again, and he woke up and said, "Damn it Teri, don't you ever get tired of having a cock in your mouth?"

She mumbled "Um-uh" around his cock as she continued to suck him. He pulled her to him and rolled over as she spread her legs. She reached down and guided him into her pussy and they made love for the next 40 minutes before he finally swelled up and began to empty the contents of his balls into her womb. They kissed each other passionately when they had finished and he remained in her body even though he was softening.

Teri looked at him and told him that she loved to feel him inside her and she wanted to spend today with him alone. He nodded and told her he would like that, as he felt his cock begin to come to life one more time. He started to ride her as his cock stiffened and she looked at him and asked him to "Fuck me in the ass, Daniel, please."

He told her to turn so her back was facing him, and he guided his cock against her anus. She felt her ass expand as his cock pushed it's way into her. When the head entered her ass, she relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of his cock as it slid all the way into her. His hands covered her tits and he began to slowly fuck her. She reached behind her and caressed his balls as he fucked her ass. She turned to him and they kissed as his tempo increased. She loved the feeling of his cock and she loved making love to him. She felt his balls tighten and knew her ass was about to be filled with his sperm. His cock expanded and he exploded in her ass and she had the best orgasm of her life, and then they just lay there totally spent and they began to drift off to sleep again.

When Daniel awoke, he looked at the beautiful red haired woman lying next to him and thought to himself, "Why did her husband ever want to share this woman with another man?", but he also remembered how much fun it had been to watch his friends work her over last night. He pulled his cock from Teri's ass and went in to take a shower. He stood under the water thinking of the wonderful mouth and body this woman had and was in another world when he felt someone touch him. He looked and saw Teri as she stepped into the shower with him. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed as the water ran over them. Daniel handed her the soap and she started to wash his body, taking a little too long with his cock and balls, then she spent time making sure his ass hole was clean. He in turn wash her thoroughly making sure he didn't miss a part of her. He knew this woman's body like they had been together forever, when they finished they held each other close and kissed passionately.

They stepped out of the shower and he toweled her off and she in turn took the towel and made sure there was no area on his body that had any water left. She again paid special attention to his ass hole and his balls and his cock.

When they were both dry, Teri knelt in front of Daniel and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him again. Her tongue ran over the head and down the length of his cock. She pulled his cock aside and began to lick those big nuts and finally she opened her mouth and sucked one of his balls inside it. Her tongue covered every inch of his scrotum as she sucked on his ball, then she released it and began the same attention to the other one. Daniel moaned as she sucked his balls, enjoying the immense pleasure she was giving him. "I love the feel of your mouth on my balls, baby."

Teri just worked his balls more, making him happy. She asked him to turn around. He did and reached down and grabbed the sink and bent over. Teri took his balls back into her mouth and began sucking them and Daniel let out a moan as she did. She let his balls slip from her mouth and licked his scrotum working her way up his body until she took her hands and pushed his ass cheeks apart. Her tongue found it's way immediately to his puckered ass hole, and she began licking and probing it with her tongue.

"Your tongue feels so good in my ass, baby, work it, yeah, baby, yeah."

He leaned forward a little more and she pushed as far into his ass with her tongue as she could and he leaned over a little more. She spent the next 5 minutes working his ass with her tongue, until she pulled free and turned him around and engulfed his cock with her mouth. She cradled his balls with one hand and the other found his ass hole and she pushed her middle finger deep into it. Her head was like a blur as she sucked his cock and it didn't take long before his balls drew up and his cock hardened and she took his cock all the way into her throat as he emptied his sperm into her throat. She held on as he pumped his cum directly into her throat and into her belly, and she held there as his cock began to soften and it slipped from her throat and back onto her tongue. She looked up at him and smiled as she asked "Did you like that Daniel?"

"Shit, girl that was fantastic, fucking fantastic. You are really talented my baby, maybe I won't let you go back home to Roger."

"Daniel, I love having sex with you, making love to you actually, but I do love Roger so much and I would never leave him. But I want to make love with you any time I can, it's just so good, and you've taught me so much the last two days."

"I know you love him, and he is a good friend, but I'll nail your ass when I can and I hope he can take it."

"Let's make the most of it while we can. I look forward to spending the next two days with you."

Teri and Daniel hugged each other and decided what they would do for the next two days.

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