tagBDSMWeekend in Vegas Ch. 02

Weekend in Vegas Ch. 02


Monday, 12 days later

It was almost two weeks later and Brenda kept daydreaming about Mistress J. She wondered if she would ever get a chance to see slavesuzi's video. She really wanted to. Brenda was distracted from any thought of Mistress J when she received a text.

"Slave, we're going to Las Vegas on Friday, returning on the Sunday afternoon. Meet me at the American Airlines ticket counter at 1000 AM sharp. I'll tell you what you may bring on Thursday."

The text made Brenda's heart race. She had never gone away with Master before. All of their meetings had been nearby. Most were at the farmhouse. The others were at hotels and other places where no one could see them. None of the meetings had lasted more than a few hours.

Three days and two nights with Master, what would that be like? Their meetings could be very intense. She flashed back to their meeting at the farm house, by far the most intense yet. Could she handle that for days at a time? She didn't know the answer, but she wanted find out.

Friday was only 4 days away. Brenda called her sister, Wendy, to see if she could take care of the kids for the weekend. She tried to think up a story for Wendy when it dawned on her that keeping it simple was best.

"Bill and I are going to Las Vegas for the weekend. Can you take the kids?"

Wendy agreed immediately. Since the kids were out of school for the summer it really wasn't much of a problem for her to take care of them for a few days.

Brenda was excited about the trip. She and Bill had been to Vegas a few times but not since the kids were born, a long time. She started thinking about what she should wear when it occurred to her that she may not have a choice. Master wouldn't tell her until Thursday. Brenda made some mental notes of what she could wear on the trip to please Master.

Thursday Morning

"Slave, you may bring along whatever cosmetics, bath and personal items you wish. Dress comfortably in your normal clothes for the plane ride. You may bring nothing else."

Brenda stared at the screen and read the text over and over. Was she going to have to wear the same outfit all weekend? She realized the message said her normal clothes were for the plane ride. Was she going to be nude the rest of the time? She knew better than to question Master. In the end she resigned herself, she was going to do whatever Master told her to do anyway. This would be the easiest trip to pack for she had ever been on.

Friday Morning

Everybody in the house was up early. Bill was up first, showering and getting breakfast for the kids. Brenda showered and made it downstairs about the same time the kids were done eating. Bill sent them back to their rooms to get dressed. Brenda was able to eat undisturbed while Bill finished getting the kids ready to go.

When Brenda finished eating Bill came back downstairs. He unexpectedly kissed her on the cheek and said, "I have to go. See you later," and walked out.

Brenda was surprised but recovered quickly. She had to get dressed if she was going to get the kids to Wendy's place and then make it to the airport on time.

Brenda decided 'dress normally' meant just that, so she started with her bra and panties. She flashed back to her meeting with Master at the farm house. She bought the bra and thong for that meeting on sale at Walmart. Knowing she was wearing them without permission she assumed they probably would not survive the day. Master had torn her panties off her before her but never cut them off with a knife.

Disobedient slaves really do have more fun, she thought whimsically. Brenda had to snap herself back from those thoughts. "Focus," she said to herself.

She dressed in a skirt and tank-top. Finishing off the outfit with a loose, long-sleeved blouse she wore like a jacket. It was going to be hot in Vegas and this would be perfectly appropriate. She put on her favorite wedge high heel sandals. It occurred to her she wore the same shoes to the farm house.

I wonder if that's just a coincidence, she thought.

Brenda drove to Wendy's house to drop off the kids. Wendy asked where Bill was. She told her something came up about a case and he had to stop by work this morning. They were short on time so he would meet her at the airport. After a quick goodbye, Brenda drove to off to meet her Master.

As usual at this time of day, traffic was a mess. Brenda kept checking her watch and fretting that she would be late. Finding a spot in long term parking was not difficult but it was a long walk to the terminal. She planned being 10 minutes early. Good thing because she arrived exactly at 10:00 to see her Master waiting.

"Hello Master," Brenda said excitedly.

"Hello Slave."

He smiled as he took her hand guiding her towards the check in counter. Brenda was elated, she had so been looking forward to taking this trip with her Master. She didn't know what to expect. Her luggage consisted of a small bag that she planned to check because it contained her cosmetics and bath items. Since airport security was still obsessed with liquids she didn't want the hassle of having it screened.

She was going away for the weekend without a change of clothing. Not knowing if she would be naked for two days weighed heavily on her mind. It led to some wild fantasies as well. Now they were finally on their way.

The one hour flight went smoothly. They looked like any other casually dressed couple on a weekend getaway. Brenda addressed him as Master, he addressed her as slave, but neither did it overtly. As far as Brenda could tell no one overheard. When the plane arrived in Las Vegas they walked into the terminal and Master pulled Brenda aside.

Reaching into his hand carry bag he took out a white plastic shopping bag and handed it to Brenda.

"This is your outfit for this afternoon, slave. Go in the ladies room and put it on. I'll meet you at baggage claim."

Brenda replied appropriately, "Yes Master".

He turned and walked away without looking back. Brenda found a rest room. Going into an empty stall she closed and locked the door behind her.

Brenda opened the bag and looked inside. She took out a pale green sleeveless dress made of light synthetic material. Holding it up the first thing she thought was, What a pretty color. The second thing she thought was, There's not much to it.

The bag was empty. Brenda knew right away that the straps on the bra she was wearing would not work with the dress.

Doesn't matter, she thought. Any underwear she would be allowed to wear would be in the bag.

Brenda took off all her clothes, stepped into the dress and pulled it up over her hips. The sleeveless dress was snug around her waist and bust with a loose flowing skirt that was very short. The neckline was low, about one inch above her nipples. The dress had two spaghetti straps that went over each shoulder and crossed in the back. She put her other clothes into the plastic bag, stepped out of the stall and went to look at herself in the mirror.

Her first impression was the dress looked good on her but it was very reveling. She was showing a great deal of cleavage. The thin, fabric was skin tight. Brenda's tits and nipples were clearly outlined under the stretchy material. She smoothed down the sides of the loose skirt and turned around.

The dress covered about half of her back. The hem line was above mid thigh. She was more than a little apprehensive about wearing the dress in public but felt a little thrill as well. When she turned around and faced the mirror it looked like her nipples were a little more visible.

Brenda picked up her purse and the plastic bag that contained her clothing. When Brenda turned toward the door, she saw woman about her age dressed in slacks and a baggy blouse. The woman was looking at Brenda's body. The woman suddenly looked up and made they made eye contact. The woman seemed to be embarrassed and quickly looked away.

Brenda had no way of knowing what the woman was thinking. She decided the woman wanted to look like her but didn't have the nerve. This gave Brenda a big boost of confidence as she walked out of the rest room.

Brenda felt like she was walking above the clouds. She was going to meet her Master in one of the most exciting cities in the world. She walked with a purposeful gate, her head up, ignoring everyone around her. The brisk pace in her high heeled sandals made her tits bounce with each step. She knew the dress just barely covered her naked ass and cunt. The feeling thrilled her. She couldn't wait for her Master to see her in the dress he selected for her.

The baggage claim area was mobbed. People were crowded everywhere. She looked for Master but couldn't find him. Brenda started to get anxious, it felt like the crowd was closing in on her. Finally she saw him. He had picked up their luggage and was looking around, searching the crowd.

Brenda waved and started walking toward him but was held up by people who seemed moving in every direction. She watched as Master turned and started walking away from her.

Brenda felt a little panic and yelled, "Wait..."

She hesitated because she almost called out Master in the crowded airport.

Finally she yelled, "Bill!"

She felt better when she saw him stop and turn around. Brenda ran to him but stopped short when she saw the stern look on his face.

He stepped toward Brenda closing the distance between them.

"What did you say slave?"

Brenda stood frozen, her eyes wide, mouth open in a small O. For a moment she couldn't speak.

"Mm...Master..I'm sorry...you were walking away, and...I was just trying to get your attention"

"You have my attention now slave," he said slowly. "There are two ways for you to address me slave. Have you forgotten?"

Brenda held his gaze for a moment, then looked down. "No sir."

"We'll discuss this later."

Brenda felt a little shiver run through her body. She knew what that meant.

He took the shopping bag from her hand and put it on his roller bag. Holding her by the elbow, he guided her toward the door and said, "Come slave."

Brenda followed in silence. They walked out the door toward the taxi. Once outside, Brenda immediately felt the desert heat, and then the desert wind. A gust came through that blew her skirt up. She immediately used the palms of both hands to press it down against her thighs. Brenda felt Master's grip on her elbow pull her up short.

"Let go of the skirt slave."

In shocked disbelief Brenda said, "But Master..."

His grip tightened on her arm. Looking straight into her eyes he said, "Must I repeat myself slave?"

Brenda was shaken. She released the dress and held her hands a few inches away from her thighs. She could feel the skirt start to blow about in the wind but she didn't touch it again.

"For the rest of this weekend you are forbidden from touching the hem of your skirt in public without permission. Is that understood slave?"

Brenda's heart raced thinking of the implications. Finally in a small voice she replied, "Yes Sir."

"Am I going to have to repeat myself on this point slave?" he asked in a threatening tone.

"No Sir," Brenda replied quickly.

Master guided Brenda toward a cab waiting at the curb. The driver standing by the open rear door stared wide eyed at the approaching couple. Brenda felt her dress whipping about and the hot air flowing around her ass and cunt. By the look on the driver's face she could tell she was completely exposed. Brenda's humiliation couldn't have been any worse.

The cab was an older model Lincoln Town Car which was typical for Las Vegas. The cab drivers wanted everyone to feel like a High Roller. High Rollers tip better. Master guided Brenda to the open door and she slid onto the seat as quickly as she could. Brenda's dress rode up and over the top of her thighs. She could feel the worn leather seat on her bare ass. The driver watched her every move and continued to stare after she was seated.

Master distracted the driver by saying, "Hey." Then gesturing toward the suitcases he added, "The luggage?"

The driver blinked and actually shook his head saying loudly, "Oh...yes sir. Right away."

The driver promptly picked up the bags and placed them in the trunk. Master smiled to himself while he walked around the car getting in on the left side.

The driver got behind the wheel and looked in the mirror. "Where to sir?"

"Caesars Palace."

"Oh, good choice sir, my favorite on the strip." The driver tried to make some small talk which didn't get a response from his passengers.

As they drove away from the airport, Brenda leaned over and said quietly,

"Master I'm so sorry. Back there at the airport, I'm trying to be good. Really"

He looked into her eyes and replied quietly, "Slave, stop trying so hard."

He gently rested his hand on her bare thigh. Her legs were held tightly together and he could feel the tension in her muscles.

"Relax slave, we're here to have a good time."

Master gently stroked her inner thighs. Brenda started to relax her leg muscles. Then Master gently nudged her right thigh away from her left.

Brenda's relaxed her body a little more when she felt her Master's hand move up her inner thigh and gently touch the skin next to her cunt. He ran his fingers above her cunt and then down the other side. Brenda's sighed and spread her legs a little more. He gently stroked his index and middle fingers up and down on either side of her slit.

Brenda looked up and saw the cab driver adjusting the rear view mirror trying to get a better look into the rear seat.

She heard her Master's authoritative voice, "Why don't you watch the road and maybe we'll make to the hotel alive!"

"Oh...yes sir," the driver said sheepishly and looked forward.

Brenda giggled, squeezed her Master's arm and spread her legs a little more.

Friday Afternoon

They arrived at Caesars at 3:15. As soon as the cab stopped, a young doorman opened the rear door and was rewarded with a view of Brenda with the hem of her dress riding up above her thighs. Brenda knew there would be no graceful way to get out of the car so she just slid out as quickly as possible.

She could tell by the look on the doorman's face that he had a clear view of her cunt as she stepped out of the cab. Once she stood up the hem of the dress fell down into place and covered her. The arrival area was protected from most of the afternoon wind. Brenda sensed the light breeze and gave a sigh of relief.

In an enthusiast voice the doorman said, "Welcome to Caesars Palace ma'am!"

Master paid the cab driver while a bellman retrieved the luggage from the trunk. Master took Brenda's hand and they walked into reception. It was crowded and they had to wait in line to check in.

Brenda spent some time looking around at the other guests. There were many people who looked like the quintessential tourists, middle age, dressed in clothes that had been on lots of vacations. But Brenda noticed there were a lot of attractive people dressed nicely in resort style outfits.

Brenda couldn't help but notice many of the women were dressed in a way to attract attention. There were a fair number of short-shorts, mini skirts and lots of cleavage. Brenda started to feel a little more comfortable wearing the dress Master had chosen. She liked how she felt and couldn't help giving Master's hand a squeeze.

As Master was checking in, Brenda thought about how she had exposed herself in front of the cab driver and doorman. She had lots of photos on her internet blog spot that were much more revealing but there was a big difference in person.

Brenda liked the comments she received from people who saw her blog photos. She was embarrassed about the men seeing her today, but when she remembered the looks on their faces she felt less embarrassed and a little excited. She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice Master standing next to her until he touched her arm.


Brenda snapped out of her thoughts. "Oh, yes Sir."

A Bellman escorted Master and Brenda to their room. The Bellman performed his duties, carrying their bags, unlocking the door, opening the drapes, showing Master the AC controls and pointing out the mini bar. After receiving his tip, the Bellman handed Master the room key and closed the door behind him.

Brenda stood on the balcony looking at the view. The balcony was on the shady side of the building so even thought it was hot it was not oppressive. A light breeze was blowing her skirt slightly. Brenda liked the feeling of the skirt moving over her ass and the warm air circulating between her legs.

Master embraced her from behind. Brenda responded by wiggling back toward him then stood still enjoying the moment.

Brenda sighed. "Master, I know at some point we have to discuss my behavior at the airport. Can we do it now so that I can put it behind me?"

Still facing her back, he smiled and said, "Yes slave, now is a good time to take care of that. Go inside and prepare."

Releasing his embrace, Brenda turned and walked inside without looking at her Master. He waited a few minutes looking at the city skyline then followed her into the room.

Brenda was nude, kneeling on the floor in the middle of the room facing the patio door. Her knees were parted, hands behind her back, eyes cast down to the floor. Master knew each hand would be grasping to opposite wrist behind her back, just as she had been trained.

He walked to the couch and sat down. Brenda was now facing away from him at a 90 degree angle. Master snapped his fingers and pointed at the floor in front of him. Brenda broke her position and crawled to her Master on hands and knees. When she was directly in front of him she resumed her kneeling position.

He paused a moment then said, "Is there something you wish to say to me slave?"

"Yes Master. I'm so sorry about my behavior at the airport this afternoon. I have no excuse but may I please try to explain what happened?"

"Go ahead slave."

"Master I couldn't find you at the airport, I looked everywhere but there were so many people. I was afraid something had happened and I felt lost in the crowd. When I finally saw you I was so relieved, but you were walking away. I tried to get your attention, but I was afraid... to yell, Master...with all the people around. And then...please forgive me Master"

He could see her eyes were tearing up. "Do you really think I would abandon you slave?"

"Oh, no Master, but I was just...I didn't know what to do."

"You also questioned my instructions. Should I have to repeat myself?"

"No Sir. It's just that, this is all so different than anything we've done before. We were in public, and...I'm not used to showing...myself."

After a minute he broke the silence by saying, "I understand slave, but surely you understand these kind of transgressions cannot go unpunished"

"Yes sir, I understand."

"Stand up slave"

When Brenda was standing he said, "Come here", and patted his knee.

Brenda's breathed in sharply at the thought of an over the knee spanking. She positioned herself on his lap in the traditional way. Her head was to his left, her legs stretched out on one end of the couch. She laid her head on her forearms.

This position was very familiar to Brenda. Her mind flashed back to the first time she received discipline from her Master. That was when it was all new to both of them. Neither really knew what to do but he had put her over his knees and spanked her.

She loved the feeling of being controlled by him and their journey began. Since then Master had become an expert at disciplining her. She knew that an over the knee spanking would be mild compared to what he was capable of. She trembled in anticipation.

Master gently stroked Brenda's hair away from the side of her face. Resting his left palm on the middle of her back, he gently stroked his right hand down her back to her ass. He stroked her ass and upper thighs, first with his palm, then with the backs of his fingers.

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