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For more than a year, I have been operating a community called “weekly_command” on a blog site. The community was inspired by the realization that there are women around the world, including some online friends, who long to experiment with BDSM or who are currently without a Master or Mistress. For them, the weekly tasks I assign to the community could help to experiment in safety or perhaps feel that they are submitting and thus fulfilling one of their needs.

This is a collection of some of the commands I have given the community members. Some commands are purely writing tasks, while others are action tasks with a writing/reporting component. Perhaps the submissives reading these will enjoy performing these tasks, and perhaps the Masters and Mistresses reading these commands will find inspiration to use these – with Their own personal twists – with Their submissives.


Write about what submission (and slavery, if it applies to your situation and you view it as different from submission) means to you personally.


Almost every Dominant and submissive/slave has at least one fantasy which involves a BDSM-specific item, whether as basic as a flogger or as elaborate as a tiny cage suspended from the ceiling. Spend some time online browsing adult Web sites, especially BDSM-specific sites, and post a link to a picture or description of a BDSM-specific item which enthralls your mind and fuels your fantasies. What about this item appeals to you? How does your fantasy evolve, and what role does this item play in your fantasy?


Arouse yourself in any manner you enjoy, bring yourself just to the precipice of orgasm, and hold yourself there in "midair" for as long as you possibly can. Keep stimulating yourself, but fight your own body's instinct to orgasm. If it helps, beg for your (imagined) Master or Mistress even though permission to climax is continually withheld. When your body can no longer fight the instinct to cum, when you believe you can resist the urge no more, only then may you orgasm.

Write about the experience, focusing especially on the strategies you used to fight your body's instincts and how you felt overall in denying yourself something as basic as an orgasm.


Using clothespins, clamps, or similar objects, place them on your labia, one at a time, waiting no more than ten seconds before adding the next one, until you believe you have reached your limit or there is no more room left to add more clothespins/clamps/etc. Then get on your hands and knees and crawl around for at least five minutes, focusing on the pain, feeling it consume you. At the end, stand or kneel in front of a mirror and watch your facial expressions as you remove the torturing objects, removing one, then waiting five seconds, then removing one, and continuing until they have all been removed. Afterward, write about the ordeal.


This week's command is a writing assignment: Write a BDSM story, poem, or fragment which utilizes the words leash, orgasm, and ownership.


Watch television naked - watch a channel which regularly shows commercials (i.e., not the C-SPAN or PBS networks for those in the States). Wait for the commercial break, and at the THIRD commercial, masturbate furiously for the duration of the commercial. If you can orgasm before the commercial ends, then fine. If not, then you must wait for the NEXT commercial break ON THE SAME CHANNEL and then wait for the THIRD commercial, and keep repeating the process until you are able to orgasm before the third commercial of a given commercial break ends.

Then write about your experience.


If you do not have a Master or Mistress, you may substitute anyone you wish (ideally someone you know and trust, not some random stranger you pick from a phone book) to receive the voicemail in this week's command.

Select a time in the next seven days when you know your Master or Mistress will not be answering the phone. At least thirty minutes before that time, begin to masturbate using any item(s) you wish and build yourself quickly to almost the point of no return, but you are not yet permitted to orgasm. Keep yourself teetering on the edge; at the appropriate time, make the phone call while continuing to masturbate, and as soon as you can leave a voicemail, give in to the orgasm you have been holding at bay. Be as loud as you wish: Use your voice to convey the unique joy of sharing this climax with your Master/Mistress.


Use a belt, stiff cord, hardcover book, or anything else appropriate, and beat your inner thighs with it until they turn red. Then use something insertable (dildo, vibrator, hairbrush handle, etc.) and slide it into you. Then keep your thighs clenched shut for at least ten minutes. Focus on the penetration. Does there come a point where your focus falls entirely on the penetration and not on your thighs at all?


How do/would you retain your submissiveness while caring for your sick Dominant?


If your Dominant was a world leader, how do you think that lofty position and its weighty responsibilities would affect Y/your D/s relationship?


When getting dressed for a normal day, slip sandpaper into the cups of your bra. If this means going out in public while sandpaper is gently grating your breasts, then do so - do not make any adjustments in your normal daily routine just to accommodate the sandpaper.

The sandpaper is only to be removed at the end of the day, however that is defined for you. Wait until the following day to write about the experience.


This week's command is to engage in double penetration any way you wish, and to see just how long you can last before you absolutely must succumb to orgasm. Afterward, write about your experience.


Each day for seven days, write a drabble featuring a BDSM scenario. Either daily or at the end of the seven days, present your drabbles to your Dominant or to someone who shares your kinky interests.


In some BDSM stories, a slave is kept confined in a small space - a cage, a closet, a shed, etc. - until whenever her Master or Mistress decides to use her, either personally or to have her service guests. This week's command is a six-step attempt to simulate such a scenario:

1.) Find a place where you can be confined. If someone else will be present, it can be a place where someone else must release you (unlocking the door to a cage or a small room, for example); otherwise, it will need to be a place where you can leave on your own at the end of the appropriate time or in an emergency situation.
2.) Strip. If anything, you may wear a collar or other symbol of your submission.
3.) Set a timer for at least one hour.
4.) If the place of your confinement is not inherently dark, put on a blindfold.
5.) With assistance if necessary, enter the place of your confinement.
6.) For the next hour (or more, if you so choose), reflect upon what the slaves in such stories would be thinking and feeling: fear? nervousness? anticipation? freedom?

Within six hours of the end of the confinement, write about the experience.


Spend a little time each day this week doing research on one of your favorite kinky activities. Learn more about it - perhaps its history, perhaps a new way to use/experience that activity, perhaps some famous people who enjoy the same activity, perhaps how that activity has been portrayed in mainstream media. At the end of the week, present what you have learned to your Dominant and/or to kinky friends.


There are many BDSM Checklists available online - one can perform a Google search for "BDSM Checklist" and find several instantly. Interests within BDSM, as well as the level of each individual interest, tend to change over time, so it is a good idea to complete a BDSM Checklist periodically - at least twice per year, but probably every 3-4 months.

Find a BDSM Checklist, print it if possible, and complete it. Show the results to your Dominant and/or your kinky friends. Then set the results aside for several months. Eventually you will come across the checklist again and look through it, and you will begin to see how you have grown within BDSM.


Many BDSM activities are potentially dangerous - some are even inherently dangerous. What is the most dangerous BDSM activity in which you have ever participated or would like to participate? Is the danger aspect part of its appeal? What steps did/do you and other participants take to ensure safety?


An odd, fun "command" of sorts for this week: word associations.

What are the first things which come to mind when seeing each of the following words?

1. collar
2. kinky
3. bliss
4. punishment
5. slave
6. Master
7. ego
8. orgasm
9. hair
10. cock
11. bratty
12. struggle
13. kiss
14. welts
15. torture
16. cunt
17. suffer
18. pet
19. screaming
20. orange


Every day for one week, as soon as you awaken and before you get out of bed, spend ten minutes masturbating. Specifically, bring yourself as close as possible to orgasm and maintain that plateau. However, you may not orgasm at all for an entire week. Each day, write about how you feel concerning the denial.

On the eighth morning, at the end of the ten-minute period, only then may you orgasm. Afterward, write about how you feel concerning the orgasm.


On each of three nights this week, sleep naked on the floor. A pillow and a sheet or blanket are permissible, but any cushioning beneath you, such as a camping sleep pad, are not permitted.


Write about how you feel concerning these sexual/kinky activities:

* being blindfolded
* the first painful impact of a play session
* looking into the eyes of your Master or Mistress
* being partially or fully naked while your Master or Mistress is completely clothed
* struggling in bondage
* initial penetration
* fear
* exhibitionism
* anal sex (or anal play)
* crawling
* if applicable: feeling your Master climax inside you
* electricity
* recording a session (audio and/or video recording)
* begging
* using non-standard items for penetration
* looking beautiful for your Master or Mistress
* wearing overt symbols of your submission
* serving your Master or Mistress alongside another slave
* fucking versus lovemaking
* sex in darkness versus sex in light
* prolonged orgasm denial (weeks or months)
* forced orgasms
* being choked or strangled during sex
* pet play
* being covered in lickable food (whipped cream, melted chocolate, honey, etc.)


Write a letter to your (imagined) Dominant, thanking Him/Her for allowing you to be of service.


At least twice this week, go out in public without wearing any panties. Afterward, write about the experience, including how others reacted to you if they discovered your secret.


Plan to go to a shopping mall, restaurant, stadium, or other place where there will be a lot of people. While you are there, at some point, go to a restroom, bring yourself as close as possible to orgasm, then return to your regular activities. Later, go to a restroom again; this second time, you may climax.

Write about your experience, including how others may have reacted to you, as soon as you can.

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