Wet Wrestling


"Sweetie, I would have offered you my dick and the nuts that hang around with him years ago if only you had been reasonable! We could have had so much time loving each other. At least we have tonight and many more I hope, judging by the way Dan is enjoying my wife." His pants were off and his peanut sized balls bounced with each pump of Sue's hand. Reg released my stiff dick and they watched it rebound. Meg said she expected me to be 'cut' like Dan was. "Many men aren't 'cut'; Len isn't either." Since his dick was still in his pants, that confirmed that we all played together or I wouldn't know what his dick looked like.

Reg told her to taste my dick and try to slip her tongue under the foreskin. She pushed it and watched it swing stiffly. Touching it was a big achievement considering the taboos we used to meet under. Reggie gripped it firmly, slid the skin back and aimed it at Meg. "Go on Meg," I said. "I want you to feel how stiff it is for you; how warm it will feel inside your mouth and pussy. I don't imagine you've ever had a real cock in your throat or ass." I presumed to say. "I'd like to give you those pleasures. Look! Dan's little dick is in Sue's mouth. Look at Len's cock. It's about my size. Watch as he fucks my wife with it, pussy first probably." Len, now naked too, lifted Sue's ass and aimed his cock between her damp legs.

"You're OK with him sticking her? No STD worries?" I explained that we and all others we fucked had frequent clearances so we were all very safe. "ALL the others? How many?" I put her hand on my cock and said it didn't matter how many if we were ALL tested and clean. Though I was no longer the uptight, shy kid with old world morals, but I was still safe. She didn't pull away when I used her hand to slowly jerk my tool. "Remember how I told you I'd had sex with three men? Well, I since learned that letting them finger me isn't really sex. So....you would have been my second since my fiancee was my first real lover. Dan became my second and" she dipped her head coquettishly "....you, ummm, might become my third. Dan only had sex with one other, so we don't have your kind of broad experience. If oral doesn't count, then he's still at two. It looks like it will be three or even four by dinner. Will you let Len fuck me too?"

"That isn't my decision, my love; it's totally yours. You can say NO at any time. But, if you're willing, I want you to myself alone at least once or twice and I want to drink straight from your love fountain while I make you cum using only my tongue and fingers. Oral, hand and fingering are so devalued today, I hear, that kids in middle school do each other instead of shaking hands. Many very young kids fuck too and think nothing more of it than spending half a day at an amusement park. You never spoke about it, but I assumed that your conservative parents not only kept you from dating until late, but raised you to value your sex. Though I didn't agree with your withholding it, I respected your choice. I've already had a taste of your nectar and it was as wonderful as I always imagined; and something I never imagined doing in reality. How many have you let finger you? When? I wish I'd known that fingering your wet sex was OK with you! Look! Dan is now holding Sue's plump labia open and licking her intoxicating nectar. I was so desperate to eat you and please you. He'll soon be fucking his third. What Sue is doing to Len is called deep throat. It's not possible for you to do that to Dan, but you can with me. She likes the flavor of her sex since I persuaded her to taste it. You seem to have tasted pussy juices before, right? The three of them aren't hearing any of this, but I may be boring Reggie. I bet her rapidly breeching fingers are keeping her distracted.

Look at you now, my darling, long-standing wet dream. Did you ever think today that you would be in a yard full of naked people, you yourself included; that you'd be casually holding my stiff dick that still yearns for you? Not according to your untrimmed bush, says Dan." I stood and helped her up, ensuring she never released my dick. She looked at it and licked her lips; her libido increased her pulse and deep breathing. After gently sliding the last of my foreskin back, she lightly caressed my bishop and commented on how soft, silky and firm it was. She asked if that was because it was constantly covered. "Yes, I think it is; even when I'm thinking of you and it surges." She grinned, then admitted that she didn't count the sex she'd had with two women before losing interest. Sue, she said, tasted much better than she remembered.

I brushed her hair behind her ear and pulled her closer to me. She clung to my cock, raised it and squeezed it between us. I felt the touch of her firm, bare nipples just before the slow crush of her big, bare, warm, soft yet firm mammaries. Our heads angled automatically, our lips gently touched and my head spun. We'd done this before, but fully clothed and without the intimate touches. Even then, her kiss made me dizzy and I felt our souls entwine. Our lips separated, but were magnetically and feverishly drawn back. My breath was ragged as I tried to inhale the air from her lungs and she sucked in my breath. Finally, we exceeded the highest level of intimacy we'd ever reached before this day; her mouth opened (even before mine!) and her tongue licked my upper lip. This was forbidden fruit; trespassing into denied territory; this was ecstacy! My knees knocked, my tongue immediately wrapped around hers and our souls blended once more, this time with body fluids.

"I want you, Al. I want all of you inside me; in just one Ulm, . . . hole for now." she gasped. "I've wanted you to fill me with your cum since our second date, but didn't dare admit it to you or me. I want Dan to watch you fill me with your beautiful long sword and your fluids. Maybe we can let him join us and teach him something? Should we start here or .....ohhhhhhhhhmmmm!" Finally having her clear permission, I silenced her with a move I hoped she remembered, what I called our 'swamp grunt'; one I'd hoped to repeat so many times. I squeezed her ass and pulled her tightly against me. This time our tongues were free to wrestle and her entire body was bare for my touch; my fingers sank into her open crack and stroked expertly over her wrinkled muscle. She groaned a low, throat-rumbling howl, lurched away, wide-open-eyed then crushed back against me, feverishly thrust her agile tongue deep into my mouth, and allowed my fingers to explore her deep ass crack and lower. I raised her left leg onto my hip and felt my balls rub gently across her hairy, lovely

labia. Her round hole rose to meet my fingers and rubbed against them due to her gentle pelvic thrusts. The doorway to anal just opened. My fingers slipped down to her moist love hole and gently split its swollen lips. Our tongues never parted. My mind spun from the liberties allowed and it selfishly took advantage.

"Ohh, my... look at Sue. She let Len explode on her face. I never do that. If I gave head, I always pulled it out and away from me. It always seemed so gross. But.... I can't wait to taste you. Only my two fiancees and two men I was serious about got fingers in my third base. None of them was between fiancees, so you were not specially denied."

"OK. Sweetness, let's go inside." I gasped. "Our bedroom with French doors is much more comfortable, and our local audience and neighbors can still watch us." Her head snapped around at that comment to check the three houses nearest us; one arm tried to block her big, savory tits from sight, but I held it away to relish the view. "We can call Sue and Dan to join us later... much later. I think they'll be busy awhile anyway." She stared at me, conflicted about what to say first and was shocked again at the ruttish actions of her husband and the others. Len was on his back with his big dick pumping into Sue's noisy pussy; Dan was behind her, eagerly porking her ass; Reggie was behind him on her knees, holding his cheeks apart and rimming him. All the neighbors were watching us. The third neighbor behind the woman hanging over her rail was also shaking her tits by vigorously slamming her ass. I still preferred Meg's company and semi privacy.

A blissful two hours or so later, both of us immensely satisfied and exhausted, I sighed happily, "You know sweetie... I think I'll write a story about today, except for our private time, and YOU will be the star!" Petting her smooth, curvaceous ass I added, "How about I call it Meg's Tail or Nude Day Wrestling or just Wet Wrestling?"

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