tagIncest/TabooWhat Big Sister Wants Ch. 01

What Big Sister Wants Ch. 01


Okay, here is a first for me. A brother/sister tale. File this under the fun and silly category - just a spur of the moment story that has somehow evolved into a story of three parts (Part Two is almost finished and should follow along about 5-7 days after Part One). I expect all the usual brickbats about "size", but doggone it, it just seemed right for this story. Still, I want all your comments - positive or negative. Your feedback inspires me!

As always, this is a story of fiction. Any resemblance to individuals alive or dead is purely coincidental. All characters exist only within the confines of my imagination (and while it may be crowded in there, it sure is a lot of fun! Enjoy!


There has always been a running joke in my family, that "what big sister wants, big sister gets!" And there is some truth to that. My name is Megan and I'm the oldest of three children in my family. I'm twenty-two, just having finished my senior year at an Ivy League school. Next year, I'm off to Medical School in California. I have a twenty year old sister, Karen who is in the Air Force, and an eighteen year old brother, Danny who just graduated from High School. Our parents are nice, but usually preoccupied with work or social events. Dad runs an accounting firm and Mom owns an office supply store.

Now, I don't consider myself a slut or anything, but I really, really enjoy sex and all of my young adult life, when I get horny for someone, I don't let anyone or anything get in the way of satisfying my pussy's cravings. When someone makes my cunt wet, well, what big sister wants, big sister gets! College has provided me a smorgasbord of sexual partners, both male and female, some students and some professors as well as other fun people I found outside my college life.

I don't think I'm the hottest gal on the planet, but I'm not bad either. I'm five foot, four inches tall and one hundred and thirty pounds and all girl. I've got long, black hair, blue eyes, and I like to keep a nice, all over tan. My figure is a trim 36D-22-34. I work out regularly (including lots of sex) and have a toned body. I'm particularly proud of my tight ass. I keep my bush neatly trimmed, leaving only a little black 'V' above my pussy. My breasts are firm and high. I know they'll start to sag eventually, but in truth, I think they'll make me look even sexier. I foresee myself being a hot MILF someday!

This past spring, my parents and my little brother, Danny came up to visit me. Mom and Dad stayed in a hotel and Danny slept on the couch at my apartment. I think Mom was trying to get a little private time in with Dad. Good for them, but I had to cancel a fuck date with my senior biology professor. Couldn't have Danny around while Professor Gold was making his big sister scream!

Little brother and I had a good time. We went out on the town and I snuck him into a bar for a couple of beers and let him ogle a few of my female friends. He even worked up the courage to ask a couple of them to dance. We wound up back home, laughing at an old Saturday Night Live rerun before calling it a night. I realized that Danny had grown up a lot this past year and had actually turned into a nice guy after years of being the pesky kid brother who used to gross Karen and me out. My gal pals at the bar commented that he was a nice looking hunk with good manners. This directed at the little shit who used to regularly sneak his pet tarantula into my bedroom.

In the middle of the night, I got up for a drink of water and passed by Danny in the living room on my way to the kitchen. In the glow of my aquarium, I could see Danny sprawled out on the couch, snoring. He'd kicked his blanket off him and I stopped in my tracks, stunned by the monster emerging from his white briefs! My little brother was having a dream time erection and it was definitely not little! My somewhat expert opinion was that Danny's penis was at least eight inches long and thick, maybe the thickest I've ever encountered. His cock head and maybe two inches of his shaft had slipped past the waistband, peeking around and I thought in the dim light, I could see a little precum glistening at his pee slit.

I have to admit, I stood there for a long time, literally drooling over my brother's amazing boner. I mean, who knew? And it suddenly hit me that my girlfriends were right! Danny is a fine looking specimen of a man! He is almost six feet tall and well muscled from his years on the high school baseball team. The truth is that Danny is a dreamboat with his blue eyes and long, sandy colored hair. I think that if it weren't for the fact that we were sister and brother, I would have woken him up right then and convinced him to fuck my brains out. As it was, I finally got my drink of water and retired to my room where I dug my trusty dildo, Mister D, out of a dresser drawer and had a nice, long masturbation session, envisioning Danny riding me until I was clawing the sheets and screaming into my pillow.

I woke up the next morning, having dreamed of my baby brother's cock all night. I could not get the image of Danny's cock out of my mind. As I showered, I kept imagining that fine looking penis inside me. Even after I woke him up, I found myself acting different around him.

I'm sure he was confused as to my loving sister demeanor. I got all huggy and touchy-feely on him as I fixed us both breakfast. It gave me no small satisfaction to watch Danny grow another tremendous boner as I rubbed my titties against him as I served him his bacon and eggs. It didn't hurt that I'd chosen a scanty outfit to wear. I was wearing a shortie T-shirt that left my stomach exposed and that was actually a little small for me, molding itself against my braless breasts and anyone could see how turned on I was just by my hard nipples, jutting out a quarter of an inch and resembling pencil erasers. I was wearing gym shorts that were also maybe a size too small, exposing the lower halves of my tight ass cheeks.

Danny had a hard time eating his breakfast as his eyes crawled all over my sexy body. Even after our parents arrived and we went out shopping, although I dressed more appropriately, I still used my body to tease my little brother whenever possible. As Dad drove us uptown, I managed to show off my nearly transparent panties to Danny as I "accidentally" raised the hem of my mini-skirt up too high as we climbed into the back seat. I kept leaning over and whispering things to Danny as well, giving him the chance to look down my blouse and ogle my cleavage.

At dinner that evening, I would lean over and chat with little brother, often placing my hand high up on his thigh and stroking it gently. Danny struggled all evening to keep a calm look on his face. By the time Mom and Dad decided to go home, my brother was one hot and bothered teenager. I hugged Mom and Dad goodbye and then once they were in the car, turned and gave Danny a very passionate hug.

"I'm going to miss you, little brother," I whispered in his ear. I ran my hands up and down his chest. "Of course, you're not so little anymore, are you? My baby brother went and grew up on me and is a big, sexy man now!" I hugged him again, grinding my body against his, happy and gratified to feel that big hard-on in his jeans. I kissed him on the corner of his mouth, flicking my tongue out just a touch and saying, "I am so looking forward to us spending time together, little brother!" I had an evil grin on my face as I watched him climb into the back seat of Dad's car, trying to hide that big bulge in his jeans.

As I waved goodbye, I could feel my juices running down my leg. I was so turned on that my panties were a sodden mess, unable to hold my wetness. I could see Danny looking back through the rear window and I blew him a kiss. I knew right then that I was going to fuck my little brother.

By the time I graduated in May, I had my plan of seduction pretty much mapped out. With a little wheedling on my part, I convinced my parents that since I was off to medical school in September, that I should be allowed to just have fun this summer, leaving me plenty of time for sunbathing, late night partying and such. As part of my plan, I also argued that I could keep an eye out on Danny, keeping him out of trouble before he goes off to college this fall. My poor baby brother, he had no clue what he was in for!

The first week home, I began to put my plan into action. Whenever Danny was out somewhere, I did a lot of snooping in his room and as with most young, horny guys, I found a considerable stash of girlie books, complete with what I knew where cum stains. I even felt a bit of a thrill as I noticed the newest magazines' stains were on pages that featured slender, dark-haired girls that resembled me.

I spent a little time inspecting little brother's stash, curious as to where his interests lie. There were your standard magazines, Hustler and Penthouse and such and to my surprise, a few books that featured mature women. These showed signs of a lot of use, as did a couple of Incest digests. I smiled to myself and wondered just what all Danny was into and just who he fantasized about. Mom was an older, more fuller figured model of me with ash blonde hair. I felt my pussy tingle and moisten up as I let my imagination take me places I had never really considered.

But, I finally shook my naught thoughts off and sabotaged my brother's privacy. I rearranged his stash so that it would be more easily found. By the time Danny got home that evening, he was a dead man and didn't even know it. Mom found his porno stash in his underwear drawer when she was bringing up some fresh laundry and she hit the roof. I stayed in my bedroom until the yelling was done.

When I emerged from my room, I passed by Danny's open door and saw him sitting dejectedly on his bed. "Guess you're in the dog house, huh, kiddo?" I asked.

Danny sighed slowly. "Oh yeah, Meggie. I'm in the shit something awful."

"Dirty books, Danny? I'm surprised at you. You should have plenty of girlfriends to take care of you and not some naughty fuck books."

Danny raised his head sharply. I'd never used that kind of language around him. He saw me grinning and I'm sure the old sibling hostilities were rising back to the surface until he realized I was wearing a little Daisy Duke ensemble that showed more than it covered. I had on cut off jeans that were riding low on my waist and a little bandana halter top that showed off much of my pert tits. If Mom or Dad came up the stairs, I'm sure there would have been a lot more yelling. As it was, I thought my baby brother's eyes were going to pop out of his head.

"So did Mom throw your stuff out?"

My little brother nodded as his eyes roamed voraciously over my mostly naked body. "Yeah, she did. And I'm grounded for the next three weeks. That's practically most of the summer! I'm eighteen for crying out loud!"

I mimicked Mom. "I don't care if you're fifty! My house, my rules!" but Danny didn't crack a smile. I made the saddest face I could, but then smiled and said as I winked at him, "Well, cheer up, little brother. At least you'll get to spend more time with me." I stuck my tongue out at him and winked at him again, then I turned and sashayed away, giving him a good view of my swinging hips, the blue jean material running up my ass crack like a thong.

I spent a lot of time over the next week in the back yard, working on my summer tan. I wore (by today's standards), a modest bikini. Danny spent a lot of time in the back yard as well, Mom having given him a list of chores to keep his mind off all that lost pornography. He was mowing and trimming and weeding all day long. Of course, he didn't seem to mind, especially when I was out there getting some sun. I worked hard to strike some really provocative poses as I sunned and Danny worked and from behind my sunglasses it was both amusing and arousing to watch Danny work with a constant enormous hard-on.

Of course, he was taking breaks constantly and I think it was more than my imagination that I thought I could sense movement at Danny's window during these breaks. It made me wet just thinking about Danny stroking that big shaft of his while drooling over me. Eventually, I would get so turned on, I would have to retire to my room and have a little fantasy session myself.

Sometimes I would time it right and be coming into the house as Danny was coming back out. Danny always was sweaty and red-faced and grew redder as he watched me walking towards and by him. The third time this happened, I stopped in front of him, bringing my bikini clad body very close to his and placing my hand on his sweaty chest and asked him coyly, "Danny, what are you always doing up there in your room alone?" I had an evil, knowing smile on my face as I asked.

Danny tried to stammer some excuse and scuttle away, but I leaned into him, putting my hands on his shoulders and said, "Hey, baby brother, its okay. You don't have to answer!" I stood there, my body leaning into for several long seconds. My body warm from the sun and his body warm from his exertions. It felt good. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine, I could feel his chest beating wildly.

I kissed Danny on the cheek and walked on by him, dragging my breasts across his chest, letting him feel my hard, little nipples. I somehow managed not to break down and laugh until I was in the privacy of my own bedroom.

It was Friday before I discovered that Danny was stroking off in my panties. I was doing a load of laundry and as I started to drop a pair of my panties into the washer, I felt something wet and sticky on them. I stopped and looked closely at them and then laughed. "That little shit!" I crowed to myself. There was an impressive wad of jism coating the crotch of my panties. My little brother had been upstairs just an hour or so earlier while I had been sunning. Upon further inspection, I found stains in two more pair of my soiled panties. I knew that this was going to be easier than I thought, but teasing him a little more was going to be half the fun.

Saturday, I suggested to Mom that we go shopping. At the big mall, I steered us eventually into a fancy lingerie shop. Mom was amused, but allowed that maybe she could find something that might fire up Daddy. "Your father's years are showing, Megan. It takes a little more to get him fired up these days," she confided in me.

We both tried on several outfits, Mom finally selecting a sheer peignoir. I tried on some pretty daring things, but found a nice baby doll outfit that really showed off my legs and offered more than a hint of cleavage. The material was solid, nothing see-thru and I modeled it for Mom and asked. "Do you think this is alright for home? I mean, I don't want to be inappropriate around Dad or Danny."

Mom snorted in amusement. "I doubt Daddy would notice and -- well, you could be covered neck to toe in granny flannels and your brother would pop a woody. He's just at that age."

I was caught off guard and just stared at my mother. Mom looked at my shocked expression and said, "You've been helping with laundry. You know he's jerking off in your panties, don't you?"

"Mom! I mean omigod!"

Mom laughed and replied, "It's nothing new, Megan. He was masturbating in my panties until you came home. I expect he'll go back to using mine once you're off to school."

"You don't mind, Mom?" I asked, trying to digest this new revelation.

Mom sighed as she tried on another nightgown, this one a long, satin garment, with a plunging neckline. I had to admit, she looked good in it. If it didn't get Dad charged up, she should probably check his pulse. "No, not really, Megan. Danny's eighteen and terribly shy with girls. I reckon every boy his age jacks off every chance he gets. He'll grow out of it." Mom grinned and winked at me. "Besides, it's kind of flattering when you think about it."

Mom and I continued to shop, but that was the last mention of Danny's sex life or lack of one. My mind was racing though and I wondered if Danny was a virgin. That had my pussy tingling and red hot and I fidgeted all the way home, anxious to finger myself to a wet orgasm. Not only did I ache to fuck my brother, now I desired to claim his virginity as mine.

Now I began to increase my efforts to get Danny worked up. The next few days, I teased him with my bikini during the day, rarely changing into anything else until Mom and Dad got home in the late afternoons. In the evenings, I began to monopolize his time. Dressing in my baby doll negligees, I would cajole him into playing some board game or watching a movie with me. He never turned me down and seemed so cute, trying to pay attention to whatever we were doing, but being distracted as he tried to surreptitiously tried to ogle me when ever he had a chance -- and I made sure he had lots of chances.

By the middle of his second week of being grounded, Danny was turning into a massive, tormented giant sized hormone. I knew it was time to turn up the heat. Wednesday morning, I replaced my modest bikini with something I'd picked out with Danny in mind before I'd graduated.

I was careful to wait until Mom and Dad went to work before appearing downstairs in my new bikini. It was red in color, what little there was to it. It was comprised of three small triangles of cloth, the top portions barely large enough to cover my nipples and most of my aureoles. The bikini bottom molded itself to my pubic mound, clearly outline my lips and slit. It was cut so low, that my little pussy mustache peeked out.

I walked calmly into the kitchen where Danny was eating his cereal. I acted nonchalant, striding past him to open up the refrigerator to get some orange juice. Danny stopped eating, his spoon in mid air, dripping milk and corn flakes.

I struck a sexy pose and grinning, said, "So, you like, huh?"

Danny gulped for air and in a squeaky voice replied, "Does Mom and Dad know about that suit?"

"Who cares what they like, little brother? Do you like it?"

Danny just stared hungrily for a minute before he managed to say, "It's a sexy suit, Meggie, but surely you can't wear it at the beach."

I laughed and winked. "I never planned to. This is just for us to enjoy around the house."

Danny reddened and said, "What do you mean, 'us,' Megan?"

I sat the orange juice bottle down on the counter and then did a little pirouette, in front of my brother, showing him my practically naked ass, the thong string disappearing between my cheeks. "Now, Danny. I know I've been turning you on here lately. I know you've been jacking off into my panties while you watch me sunbathe, dreaming of us doing all sorts of nasty things. Do you deny it, little brother?"

Danny's face turned so red, I thought he was going to have a stroke or something. He didn't speak, but instead dropped his eyes and slowly shook his head in shame.

I walked over to him and used my index finger to raise his chin up so he could see my face. "It's okay, Danny. I don't mind, you know." I stroked his cheek with my finger. Softly, I continued, "You turn me on too, little brother. Don't worry. I'm not going to tell Mom and Dad." I ran a hand down from my breast, across my flat stomach and brushed my fingers lightly across my barely covered mound. "I picked this out especially for you."

Danny's lip trembled and he lifted his hand up and for a second, I thought he was going to cup my breast. He lost his nerve though and stammered, "R-r-really, sis?"

I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. As he moaned, I replied, "Really. I love you, Danny!" I stood up and walked away. My own heart was beating madly. I knew without looking down that my bikini bottom had a rapidly spreading wet spot.

I headed towards the family room and the sliding doors that led out to the back room. I stopped and looking back, said, "I'm going on out to catch some rays, baby brother. If you want to go upstairs and make yourself comfortable, I've left you a little something to help you along."

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