What Chocolate Mousse Can Do


That little conversation left Shannon feeling much better. She could actually meet Kyle's eyes without feeling like some kind of pathetic, disgusting little weirdo. In fact he and Stephan were coming over to her apartment for dinner tomorrow night.

"I love your hair," Kyle said as they hit the lobby and walked out the doors. When Shannon said she didn't think he'd noticed, he smiled. "Oh, I noticed, and so have all the other guys in the hospital."

"Really?" she smiled. A few days ago, Shannon went with her mother to a very pricey salon, where she had her limp curly hair razored into a very hip shag and colored a light, shining auburn. Then they proceeded to the mall where she burned a hole in her credit card on a new wardrobe of cute clothes, including lacy bras and matching panties. Her mother was beside herself with joy that Shannon was starting to take an interest in herself again; when she saw Shannon's hair, she got teary-eyed in the salon.

"Oh yeah, I've had several people ask me what's come over you. Are you trying to find a new man?" he teased.

Certainly he meant to be funny, but Shannon wasn't laughing. "This has nothing to do with a man," she told him. "I'm wearing my hair and my clothes the way I want to. From now on, I'm never doing anything to please a man. If they like me for who I am, fine. If not, that's their fucking problem."

That word coming out of Shannon's mouth startled Kyle, but he nodded and raised his fist in approval. "Power, sister." Changing the subject quickly, he started talking about a party he went to a few nights ago that got very risqué. What started out as a card game mixed with too much alcohol and got turned into essentially a group grope. Shannon was open-mouthed with fascination as Kyle related the story.

"Where was Stephan?" she asked.

"Oh, he wasn't there."

"Won't he be upset when he finds out?" She was starting to worry for both of them and the state of their relationship.

"Stephan doesn't own me," Kyle shrugged. "And I don't own him. We're both pretty much free to do what we want. We don't try to hide anything from each other."

Shannon just couldn't imagine such a thing. "You have an open relationship?"

"Not exactly open; but for example, if he slept with somebody else, I certainly wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't go crazy. As long as he was honest about it, I'd get over it. Now if he lied, I couldn't handle that. Honesty is the key."

"But don't you love each other?"

"Well… yeah; but love isn't a prison, Shannon." Kyle smiled as he shook his head pityingly. "You poor thing. That stupid old ex-husband of yours has you all screwed up. Stephan and I don't have to spend all our time stuck to each other like glue. We love being together, but we also have our own lives; we both like our space. Some people might not think that's how a relationship should be, but it works for us."

Shannon mulled over that silently for a second. Maybe she was one of the "people" Kyle was referring to; because Shannon's upbringing was very conservative, and what Kyle described wasn't like any relationship she'd ever known. But the more she thought about it, the more it appealed to her. David had rushed her; she didn't want to admit it at the time, but now she knew that from the very beginning she had reservations, about him, about marriage. She thought those issues would go away once they got married. Now she knew better, and she didn't plan on getting trapped like that again. Right now she wasn't interested in dating at all, but when she did, from now on she was keeping it casual.

"I'd like something like that," Shannon finally said thoughtfully. "But no guy I've ever met could handle it. They all want to own you."

"Not all of them, honey. I promise there are a few out there who can handle a strong, independent woman."

Shannon turned to him with a frown. "Yeah, but they're all queer!" The punch on the arm she gave him was not entirely playful. He laughed and pretended to rub his arm, even though there was no way her tiny fist could have hurt him.

"Don't you worry, Shannon honey. Daddy's working on it." He grinned mysteriously but they were in front of Shannon's building and he refused to say any more no matter how much she pounded his chest. Easily catching her hands, he scooped her up and kissed her cheek. "See ya tomorrow night about six, okay?" Kyle waved to her as she watched him head down the sidewalk to his own building.


An early morning visit to the grocery store started Shannon's day. She wanted everything to be perfect; this was her dinner party as a single woman. Her pathetic collection of mismatched dishes bothered Shannon a lot, until her mother surprised her with a brand-new set of dishes and matching silverware for her new apartment. It looked so pretty on the table, spread out over the new table cloth and lit up by the candles.

The first course was coming out of the oven just as Kyle and Stephan knocked on the door. Shannon opened it wearing a cute apron over her clothes and let them in, taking the two bottles of wine they brought to put in the fridge. Nervous excitement caught at her just seeing them together. Kyle looked as delicious as always in a clingy black shirt that showed off his muscles; and Stephan almost took Shannon's breath away. That boy would look good in a burlap sack. It touched her that they'd dressed up a little just to come over and have dinner with her. Shannon wanted to look nice for her guests, so she wore some of her new clothes; jeans that sat on her hips, chunky black shoes that added several inches to her height, and a cute top with a butterfly silk-screened on the front. Kyle gushed over how cute she looked while he hugged her.

"No way you've been slaving over a hot stove all day," he told her.

"What can I do?" Stephan followed her into the kitchen while Kyle flopped down on the couch and played with the cat, flipping through her meager collection of CDs. Shannon looked up at Stephan and smiled. God, he was so sweet to come in and offer to help her. So sweet… and so cute. And so off-limits.

"How about pouring the drinks?" She gestured at the new margarita set she just bought, with glasses whose stems looked like little cactuses. When Stephan poured he had to take a sample.

"These are so good, what kind of mix is it?"

"It's not a mix, I made it myself." She poured the hot artichoke dip into a bowl and headed into the living room with a plate of home-made pita chips. Stephan followed with the margaritas, and when he handed one to Kyle, he made sure to brag that it didn't come from a mix. They had fits over the artichoke dip and chips, swearing it was better than anything in a restaurant. The lasagna was just coming out of the oven. It took 5 hours to make this gorgeous lasagna that came from a recipe given to Shannon by her college roommate, whose family owned an Italian restaurant. Kyle and Stephan complimented it so much, Shannon was blushing.

"You'll make some lucky man a good wife," Stephan declared.

"We just have to find one that's good enough," added Kyle.

By then the margaritas were gone and Kyle had opened the bottle of merlot he brought to go with the lasagna. All three of them were relaxed and giggling as they moved into the living room and brought out Pictionary. As the wine disappeared, the pictures got dirtier and dirtier, and had nothing to do with what was on the cards. Finally Shannon went to the kitchen, leaving the two boys giggling and rolling around on the floor.

"Who wants dessert?"

Dessert was homemade chocolate mousse, topped with dollops of raspberry whipped cream, served in big wine goblets. Kyle tasted it, licking it off the spoon. His eyes closed when the flavor hit his tongue. The texture was fluffy, but creamy; it was dark and bitter instead of sickeningly sweet, with just a mysterious hint of raspberry liqueur.

"Oh… my God, Shannon. I think I love you."

"This is better than sex." Stephan held his in his mouth and sank down to the floor in ecstasy. "Well…" He and Kyle grinned at each other. "Almost."

"For me it is," Shannon said lightly, putting her arm up on the cushion of the chair. Kicking aside the game, Kyle and Stef sprawled out next to the coffee table with their wine glasses propped up next to them, slow licking the mousse off their spoons. Shannon watched them. She wasn't used to drinking wine and she felt mellow and a little silly. Little looks, little touches; all the intimate couple stuff between them that Shannon would've tried to ignore any other time, but now she was just drunk enough not to care that she was staring. They sure didn't seem to mind.

"I have a new game." Stephan had a wicked look in his eyes as he turned to Kyle. "Close your eyes," he ordered. Kyle obeyed and Stephan took Kyle's shirt and pulled it up over his chest, baring his lean stomach.

"I like this game already," Kyle grinned. "How do we play?"

"Keep your eyes closed." Stephan stuck his fingers in the glass of mousse and scooped out a little mound of raspberry whipped cream, which he smeared on Kyle's smooth belly. Kyle jumped and Shannon stared in fascination while Stephan started to run his index finger very slowly through the cream, stroking Kyle's skin as he did. "You… have to guess… what I'm writing."

From where she was sitting, Shannon could just see the letters appear in the pink whipped cream. S T U D.

"Ummmm… I know there's a T…" Kyle laughed under his breath as Stephan's finger went to his lips and Kyle's tongue licked the cream off, sucking Stef's finger provocatively. Shannon squirmed in her seat and tried to drag her eyes away. No matter that Kyle said the other night she could look. These were her friends, not the object of some slightly kinky fantasy. Get a grip, she reminded herself.

"Guess." Stef's voice was getting husky.

"I can't. I give up."

"You lose."

"Oh, damn." Kyle sat up, laughed at the word on his stomach, and pushed Stef down to the carpet on his back. "Now it's my turn."

For his turn Kyle lifted Stephan's shirt and kept tugging, pulling it over his head, leaving him with a bare chest. Shannon drew a breath. He was beautiful… slender but muscular, with lean defined shoulders and dark, hard nipples; smooth chest with that thin line of dark hair she'd glimpsed the other night, drawing her eyes down his belly. Dipping the spoon into his wine goblet, Kyle drew out a spoonful of chocolate mousse and dropped it on Stephan's stomach. Slowly he smeared it over the skin, staring down into his lover's face, even though Stephan's eyes were closed. He might insist their relationship was casual, but his actions told the opposite. His actions said he was head-over-heels for Stef, and how could he help it? Shannon was half in love with him herself.With deliberate sensual slowness Kyle dragged his finger through the fluffy mousse. His eyes slid all over Stephan, turning hot and hungry. Shannon almost forgot to breathe as she stared at the two of them; the way their bodies moved changed from playful to sexual and the air itself vibrated with their powerful desire.

S E X G O D.

"Sex something," Stephan guessed, frowning with concentration.

"You're half right. Technically you lose, but I'm feeling generous." Kyle gently pushed him back to the floor when he tried to sit up. "I'll let you guess again. Let me try an easier one…"

Reaching over, Kyle scooped out the raspberry whipped cream left in Shannon's glass, as he'd eaten all of his. Casually he dropped it between Stephan's nipples, and with his fingertips he spread it all over the smooth skin of his chest and stomach, covering up the chocolate mousse with a layer of fluffy pink cream. Shannon's eyes almost fell out of her head while she watched Kyle's finger's teasing in and out of Stephan's sexy belly button, filling it up with mousse and whipped cream.

"Kyle." Stephan's sharp voice snapped him out of his play.

"Okay," Kyle breathed. He lay down on his side next to Stef and with his right index finger he drew just four huge letters over his chest and stomach. Branding Stephan with the word.

M I N E.

Kyle grinned and trailed a single wavy line through the sugary mess, down Stef's belly. Below his navel Kyle drew an arrow that pointed down his pants directly at his crotch. When Stephan's eyes shot open and looked down to see what he'd done, Kyle lazily licked his finger, laughing under his breath..

"Oh yes. That cock is mine, isn't it baby," he said casually.

The word cock, coming from Kyle's lips, made Shannon gasp silently while a hot feeling flooded her. Leaning forward, she watched as they stared into each others' eyes. It was almost like they'd forgotten she was there but Shannon knew they hadn't; they were fully aware of her, drawing her into their game.

"And what are you going to do with it?" Stephan asked teasingly, his dark eyes locked onto Kyle's. Playful, but seriously sensual.

"You'll just have to wait and see." Kyle chuckled wickedly. His eyes laughed as he dipped his tongue between Stef's nipples, slowly licking off the pink whipped cream that smeared his chest. Lick- lick - first one nipple, then the other… then down, following the line of black hair, smearing through the mousse, down the wavy arrow, until he reached the very point as it disappeared into Stephan's pants. There, his tongue delved into Stephan's belly button like it was a little cup filled with sweet treats.

Back against the chair, Shannon stared open-mouthed. Stephan's dick was a hard ridge where his thigh met his groin and his hands lightly caught Kyle's shirt and eased it over his head and onto the floor. Finally Shannon got to see the tattoo she'd only glimpsed before: a gorgeous black-art Oriental dragon, etched deep into Kyle's smooth perfect skin. They were both laughing and playful while Shannon clutched the carpet with her nails, so fiercely her knuckles were white. Her pussy throbbed so hard she had to press her thighs together, pounding along with her heart.

"Wait a minute," Stephan said just as his voice was starting to get a little strained. Gently he pushed Kyle away from the little area between his belly button and his fly, where Kyle's tongue was busily removing all the mousse. He looked up as Stephan grinned over at Shannon. "Shannon hasn't gotten to play yet."

"Oh…" Kyle got a wicked look in his eyes. "You're right, it's Shannon's turn."

"I don't need a turn," Shannon shook her head quickly. She crossed her arms tight over her chest to hide her nipples standing out in hard peaks under her butterfly top. "You guys just… I mean, I can go in the bedroom and watch TV if you want to stay out here and…"

"No, no, you're getting a turn," Kyle said firmly. He and Stef moved over to Shannon and gently pulled her shirt over head, exposing her new lace bra that gave her a little cleavage. Laughing, she pretended to protest through the fuzz of wine that clouded her brain. Shannon let them push her down to her back on the carpet, closing her eyes like Stephan ordered. In a moment something sticky was being rubbed over her tummy in circles by a very warm hand that could almost span her whole stomach, if it were stretched out. She concentrated as a finger began to draw.

"It says nice tits, doesn't it?"she guessed. When she opened her eyes, Kyle and Stephan were hovering over her on their knees with huge, smug grins on their faces. They looked at each other and traded a glance.

"Shannon wins," Kyle murmured. His fingers trailed up Shannon's chest and over her shoulder, shooting a pleasant spark down her arms to her fingertips.

"They're very nice, aren't they Kyle." Stef playfully nuzzled at Shannon's hair, brushing her neck with his hot breath. Her nipples got hard, but the wine made her head swim, a little slow to catch on.

"Mm-hm." Now Kyle's voice was right in her ear. She was directly between them, sprawled out on the floor with her head on a sofa pillow. The warmth of their bodies pressed against her on both sides and now, suddenly their fingertips were gently moving all over her belly and her chest and the swell of her tits in the white lace of her bra, brushing her nipples, teasing them into hard nubs. Goosebumps broke out all over her. She shivered, closing her eyes.

"What are you doing?" she breathed in confusion.

"Giving you your prize." Stef breathed into her ear while Kyle's lips touched her collarbone. When she felt his tongue slide onto her skin, Shannon gasped. This wasn't right, they were a couple, they shouldn't be… The protests went through her mind, but they didn't escape her mouth. She was electrified and confused and too excited to move.

"The losers have to lick off the winner," Kyle explained.

"Oh." Shannon let out a little moan of mingled confusion and desire, but all thoughts of stopping them left her mind and she sank back against the pillow with a whimper as two hot, soft tongues began licking her belly. Licking and then meeting each other, delving into each others' mouths, playing and laughing, teasing her with their touches. Tongues swirling into her belly button, flicking over her sensitive, ticklish ribs, grazing her with sharp stubble. Fingers slid over her soft skin, she felt so good just being with them like this, they were so sexy, but so safe. When she felt her bra being unhooked and whisked off, she only sighed and tilted her head back on the pillow while the cool air brushed over her bare nipples.

"Very, very nice," Kyle whispered, making Shannon all warm inside with his praise. "Right Stef?"

"Delicious." Stephan laughed under his breath.

Something cool spread over her nipples. Kyle dabbed the chocolate mousse onto her hard, aching peaks; he grinned at her wickedly as he licked his way up her ribcage and tasted the mousse, lips closing around the nipple as his tongue licked it clean. When Stephan did the same to the other nipple, Shannon muffled a scream. Wetness trickled down the inside of her thighs.

"Oh God…" She writhed as the two of them delicately tongued her nipples until she was weak and panting and making little sounds she'd never made in her life. A hot ache consumed her and she couldn't even think as someone's fingers gently worked her jeans open.

One set of hands pulled her shoes and socks off while the other hands wiggled her jeans over her hips. She didn't know who was doing what and she didn't care. All she could do was squeal when she felt soft lips brush her toes, her ankles. The jeans came off and she was left in nothing but her panties, sprawled on the floor in a dripping, panting puddle.

One part of her brain came out of the haze. Opening her eyes, she lifted her head and looked down at Kyle and Stephan, who were on their knees on either side of her, their mouths locked together, tongues playing a giddy dance, while their hands lightly stroked her own legs.

Shannon's head spun. She was such a good girl, she'd always had such a dull and boring sex life, she'd never done anything like this before. Never even dreamed about it. Well… maybe she had dreamed about it, in her deepest and darkest secret places. But she never, ever thought anything like this would happen to her.

"Kyle, I don't understand what…"

He pulled away from Stef's mouth and smiled down at her. "We love you, Shannon. We want to do this for you."

"We're going to make you come," Stephan added simply.

Blankly Shannon stared between them. Kyle's open, familiar blue eyes and Stephan's dark ones, both pinned to her. Both surely knowing how her heart was pounding, how her insides were jelly and her panties were soaked.

"But," she whispered in confused desperation, "You can't… You don't… But you're gay!"

"Baby girl, that's just a word." Leaning forward, Stephan brushed a whisper over her ear, sending a bolt of electricity tingling through her body. He smelled so good. "Yeah, we mostly like guys… but we don't get hung up on labels, and you shouldn't either."

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