tagNonHumanWhat is Around Us Ch. 01

What is Around Us Ch. 01


"Ugh," I moaned as I slowly lifted my head from the soft pillow. My head was pounding man this hurts I groan, I slowly open my eyes trying to take in my surroundings.

"Why hello, I see you are finally awake," a mysteriously silky voice murmurs. I jump in shock, and turn to locate the person making such a beautiful sound. I look around the dark and seemingly empty room.

"I'm right here love," I shake as this handsome man appears next to me. "See something you like?" he asks smoothly as I ogle at him. He wasn't just handsome; he was gorgeous! He had the silkiest black hair I'd ever seen and I ached to touch it, underneath his messy locks were the most shockingly grey eyes I'd ever seen, wait had I ever seen pure grey eyes before? No, I don't think so, but I could barely think. He was toned, but not super muscular, which was just perfect for me, and boy was he tall. Six foot seven at least, which is quite the difference against my five foot even. His uncovered abs seemed to baffle me into silence. Although his obvious bulge wasn't helping at all, my eyes traveled back to his face, and his eyes were burning into me.

My silence seemed to annoy him as he looked at me, no searched me, body and soul. He seemed to know everything about me that I didn't even know about myself. I moaned softly and he seemed to soften. He enveloped me in his strong arms and buried his face in my auburn hair. I instantly melted into him, and I couldn't seem to break away from him. He kissed my head, and brought my lips to his, his lips were soft but firm and I couldn't believe he was kissing me. He released me, and I could just feel the stupid look on my face.

He chuckled and said, "I'll see you soon my love."

I gasped as I shot out of bed, and panted heavily. My heart was racing as I clutched my shirt trying to catch my breath. I looked groggily at the alarm clock.

8:30, damn it I'm late... again. Why won't the dream stop? I can never remember what the dream is about, but every time it happens I know what I want. I want... I don't know. I sigh and get out of bed quickly. I pause as I get dressed and look at the mirror. I sigh as I look at my waist length auburn hair and dark almost black eyes. I'm not particularly beautiful, but I attract attention. Not good attention of course, because that would be too kind of God, or gods... I don't know. My body is decent, D-cup chest, a small waist, and a decent ass. I sigh again and put on my t-shirt and jeans.

After lacing up my converse, I walk down the dirty hallway of my crappy apartment, as I walk out of the apartment building I hear him. Ugh Peter, I hear him running up to me and feel him breathing on me. I shiver and turn around.

"Hey Catarina, how are you today?" He says as he kisses my cheek. I rub his kiss off my cheek and give him an I'm fine as I try to walk around him. He slinks his arm around my waist, and looks down at me pleadingly, "You wanna go to that new club with me? I'll pay for your drinks." For a gay man he sure acts like a play boy. Peter has been my best friend since high school, and being his only friend that is of the female variety, we are pretty close.

"Well if you're paying, then I guess we can hang out." I laugh as he dances his happy dance on the street. I start walking to the bar I work at, and he follows me. "You're never free lately hon, are you okay? You're not sick are you?" he asks as he walks me to my job.

"No, works just been busy lately" I shrug off his worries about me, and open the door to the bar. In the day time it's a restaurant, but at night it's almost like a strip club, but for rich clients. It is deamoning, but at least the pay is good. Peter motions for me to call him later as I walk into the bar. The manager glares at me. Oh shit, what now?

"Where is your uniform?" he says menacingly as I pass him. "I'm going to put it on, I left it here yesterday."

"You slut, you probably fucked a client and left it here" he glares at me.

I sigh and ignore him as I walk into the changing room. I put on my tiny skin tight black dress that barely contains my breasts and ass. I looked around and wondered why no one was here yet, we don't open until one o'clock, but usually the girls would be helping work right now.

I hear the door slam close and lock as I put on my red heels. I turn around and the manager is shirtless, panting hard. He moves quickly grabbing me and shoving me on his laugh. I know if I fight back he will tear me up and enjoy it. I sit still as he pushes down collar of my dress and pulls up the bottom.

"No underwear, you slut" he takes a nipple into his mouth as I lean on him, I try so hard not to react, but he is making it hard. He grinds his hard bulge against my getting wet pussy. He shoves me off of him suddenly, and I fall ungracefully off his lap onto my butt. I glare at him, and he pulls of his pants and underwear, releasing his small hard cock.

"Suck it you bitch." He moans clearly enjoying how much I hate him. I shake my head in a defiant no. "No?" he slaps my face, and I fall to the ground moaning in pain. He gets on his knees and grabs my ass, pulling me toward his cock. I start to cry as he plunges his cock into my pussy.

"Oh shit" he moans as he fucks me, after a few minutes he pulls out and comes on the floor. I cry silently as he gets up and gets dressed. As he walks out he whispers "Slut." he closes the door and leaves me in a haze of anger.

After a few minutes, I get up and readjust my dress, I put my hair in a high ponytail, and walk out. I grab my apron and serving tools and walk out onto the serving floor. The girls have arrived and it is finally opening time. I feel their open staring as I take my table and take a group of business men, they feel my ass as I leave. Ugh of course, after hours of working and slapping of guys hands I wipe down the bar. Only an hour left and I'm free, I smile to myself, and then stop as I see that me and the manager are the only ones left. He is actually very attractive, with his dark brown hair and what some girls might call dreamy green eyes, but I've never been for him. Probably why he raped me, I would tell someone, but it is a common and not even the first time this has happened.

The manager comes around and feels my ass behind the bar. I shudder and he takes it as a good sign. He starts to explore my body, but I can't help but feel disgusting.

"Go out with me, and you won't have to work odd hours and I'll pay you more." He moans as he grinds his bulge into my ass. "No, I can't." he doesn't take this well.

"Fine you whore, then I will just have to knock you up. Then you're mine bitch." He lifts up the skirt of my dress and I turn around and knee him in the groin.

"You bitch!" He exclaims as he grabs my wrists and holds me down. He pushes his bulge inbetween my legs and grinds against me. I cry out in protest trying to escape, he slaps me and my head bangs down on the table. I cry softly as I start to lose consciousness.

I all of a sudden feel the manager being lifted off of me, I look up and see Peter punching the absolute shit out of the manager. I fade in and out of consciousness before Peter picks me up gently and takes me out of the bar.

"Will you finally quit that fucking job, like I told you to months ago." He says angrily as he looks down on my tired form. I nod my head tiredly before nodding off to sleep.

I have the dream again, but this time I am crying. I don't know why. He says the same thing he always does. I'm screaming at him to say something else, but he just does the same thing he always does. I get off the bed screaming as I run to the door. The door opens and all there is, is darkness. I run into the darkness not caring what I run into.

I wake up quickly and gasp for air, I try to calm my excited heart.

"You're finally mine." I hear from such a familiar mysterious voice, I look around and see Peter sitting on my bed stroking my hand. I smile down at him and say, "what?"

"I said I'm glad you are all right." Peter worriedly says as I shift around in my bed. He brings me some food and I look at him pointedly. "I'm disabled Peter I'll be fine." He looks at me like I just said the craziest thing he has ever heard.

"You were raped last night and you are telling me to calm down?" he says incredulously. I push him off of my bed. "I know you are worried, but I'm fine. You can go ahead and I'll be fine." He thinks about it for a minute, and picks up his stuff. "Call me if something happens" he says as he walks out my door. I sigh and get dressed, I guess I should call the police later. I get a text from Peter saying that he called the police already. Oh, never mind I guess.

I get dressed and put my hair in a messy bun, I walk out of my building and walk down to my favorite coffee shop. I see a poster for a job at a fancy club on the poster board while buying my mocha. It's a little odd that a job opening for such a fancy club would be on a poster in this coffee shop. Whatever probably needed someone to do the job. I would be a waitress which isn't that different from my old job, but at least no one would try to make babies with me. I chuckle darkly and finish my coffee.


I walk into the Club Chain and look around. Sheesh I've never seen such a fancy club, high priced booze and gorgeously expensive looking architecture. I look around and realize that I'm definitely not qualified for this job. I probably couldn't even afford the uniform. I sigh and go up to the manager and ask for a job. The woman asked for my name and other information and once I told her I was Catarina Belles, she looked up at me wide eyed. "You are Catarina?" she asked astonished. "Um... yes. Is that bad?" I ask shyly.

She hands me a uniform and curtly tells me how much I'll be getting paid. My jaw drops at the amount, it's almost three times the amount I made before plus tips. She tells me my father is waiting upstairs for me. I look at her confused.

"My father? My father has been gone for ten years." I say shocked. She smirks at me "Well he is through that door to the left." She motions at me to follow her directions and shoos me away. I follow her directions and come to a stop at a big fancy door. I contemplate leaving and just never coming back.

My father had an affair with his secretary and left my mother and I by ourselves. She died a year later leaving me with my grandpa, but I took more care of him than he took care of me. I sigh softly and knock on the door softly. I hear a deep voice call from inside to come in.

I nervously walk in and see a giant man sitting at his desk shuffling through papers. He looked exactly like he used to, he still looked thirty. Wait how did her look thirty? I collect myself and sit down at the desk, waiting for him to look at me. He glances up at me and drops his papers, he tears up and runs around the desk and picks me up in a giant bear hug. I hold onto him tightly nuzzling my face into the crook of his shoulder. I missed him so much, but how was he this strong? He should be at least fifty and no fifty year old should be able to pick her up this easily.

When he finally put me down I looked up at him questioningly. We looked nothing like each other, then again I look nothing like anyone in my family. Mom had been blond with blue eyes and tall with a slim figure, while I am short and I guess you could say shapely. Dad on the other hand had Black hair and green eyes and man was he in shape for such an old guy. I looked at him questioningly and he nodded knowingly, he knew I had many questions.

I sit down at his desk, and ask him how he looks so young. He looks at me seriously and says, "I am a demon," I look up at him shocked, "don't look so shocked. I will explain everything. I've been on Earth for five hundred years waiting to be betrothed in Hell. I met your mother, and I decided it would be fun to mate with a mortal. But that bitch tricked me, she was an angel and she wanted to turn me good. You were born and I was betrothed. I'm sorry I left, but I needed to get married. I'm on Earth now with my lovely wife and have been looking for you ever since. I was glad when that bitch of a mother died. I am considered royalty in the demon world and your mother was also high up so you are the only heir to quite a few estates, but you will never be liked by either race since you are mixed."

"Do you have any proof?" I ask taking the information surprisingly well. I mean he is my father, but I still wanted proof. He nods and waves his hand over me. He gestures for me to look in the mirror; I stare at myself in total shock. My hair turned into a flaming red with a single black streak and a single white streak, my eyes a gleaming gold color and my body was seductive, but face looked innocent with a hint of evil in the eyes. I look back at my father and into his gold eyes identical to mine.

I smile and say "Okay father I believe you." He looks at me funnily and says, "Father? What about dad?" I laugh and give him a big hug.

"So now what?" I ask curious as to what I need to do.

"Well you may work here for as long as you like, you can work with me or at the club anything you prefer, you have a lot of freedom because no one from my world know you exist yet."

"I would like to work down at the club if you wouldn't mind." He nods at me understandingly and checks his watch and says, "Well I hate to do this to you, but I have a meeting right now so we can catch up later." I smile and get up, leaving his office.

After a few days I finally started to be happy, work was good and in a few months I could move out and my dad and I had really connected. No one could recognize me anymore with my new look. I haven't had the dream in a while, but when I'm alone I can hear a silky voice telling me that I'm his; which is really annoying to be honest, and pretty creepy.


"Come on baby just one dance." Why won't this man just leave me alone. I glare at Peter jokingly for making me come to this club.

"I guess." I tell the man, he was pretty good looking, but I'm not feeling in the mood to. He leads me to the dance floor and feels my ass in my tiny black dress. I chuckle as he grinds on me and feels up my body. All of a suddenly felt a chill go through my body, I looked and say striking grey eyes glare at me. In a flash I felt the man be torn from my body and replaced by this mysterious man. He envelops me in his arm, and growls "MINE!"

The mysterious man must have scared the other guy, because he never came back, but I could care less. I moan as he cups my ass while squeezing my breast. He grinds against my ass and moves his hand up my thigh toward my hot dripping pussy,

"Oh shit you're ready for me aren't you baby." He says with his silky voice. He picks me up with his muscular arms and carries me to his car, he drops me off in his sports car and gets in the front seat. My lust filled haze finally lifts.

"Wait, I don't know you. Bring back into the club" I demand. He covers my lips with his as he starts driving. I look at him dreamily as he puts his eyes back on the road, an amused smirk across his face. It seems like only a moment passes before we stop at a giant town house on the nice side of town. He parks and opens my door, picking me up and holding me like a child. I look up at him dreamily and ask, "What is your name?" he looks at me smiling and says softly. "Jet."

I look around and see we are somehow in a giant luxurious bedroom. I wrap my arms around him and pull him close to me. He kisses me feverishly and runs his fingers through my long red hair, I look down and see that we are naked. "What are you?" I ask.

"What are you?" he asks seriously and then pushes me down onto the bed, kissing down my neck and feeling around my body. He uses his knee to spread my legs and places himself between them, I look down and realize that his cock is the biggest I've ever seen, ten inches long and thick as hell. I start to panic as he pushes his cock into me. My already soaked pussy makes it easier to accept him, but it was still painful. I wrap my legs around his waist and he stops when he pushes his whole cock into me.

"You aren't a virgin?" he asks a hint of hurt in his voice.

"No." I say nervously. He slaps my body and I feel the sting making me arch my back in pain.

"How dare you sleep with another man! You are mine, and mine only!" he starts to fuck me furiously, ramming his whole length into me, not letting me go for a second. I cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain, he looks at me straight in the eyes and then kisses me passionately. He starts to slow down.

"Say you are mine." He demands, completely stopping his hips.

"I'm yours. " I say sincerely as I move my hips up to his. I had never seen a happier face on a man as he fucked me with nothing holding him back. By then I was so close to an orgasm it hurt. I started to shudder under him as I get closer and closer to coming. He seems to go be aroused by my reaction and I can feel him twitching in my hot soaking pussy. I feel a wave of pleasure wash over me, I grip onto him as I shiver in absolute ecstasy, my back arches as his seed spills into me.

I lay back panting happily as he lays next to me. All I could think was please don't be a dream as I drift off to sleep.

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