tagLoving WivesWhat Kate Did Ch. 06

What Kate Did Ch. 06


The scene was to open with Kate on her knees giving him oral sex. They would then fuck in a variety of positions before the ‘money’ shot when he would come on her face.

The people on the beach were getting themselves organised. Kate, who had her back to me, was already in position in front of her co-star. The senior of the two cameramen, Frank, was settling down on an empty beer crate, which had been placed to the side of the couple and about three feet away. Gary, standing alongside, appeared to be sharing a joke with the soundman. I glanced at the monitor. Kate was looking up at Tom as if seeking reassurance.

Greg checked that everyone was ready. “Three, two, one and action.”

I continued watching the screen. Kate hadn’t moved and for a moment I thought something might be wrong but then she looked up at Tom and smiled at him. Her hand went to his shorts and she carefully unzipped him. I watched her hand; the same hand that had stroked my face so many times; reach into his shorts and reappear a moment later clasping his semi-erect cock. By the time she’d put the tip to her lips it was fully erect. It was a big cock too. I had an infallible yardstick against which to make such a judgement. I knew how mine looked in her hand, and it looked nothing like the one she was now holding. Tom shimmied, his shorts dropped to his ankles, and he stepped out of them.

I suppose a professional such as Greg would have been pleased at the composition of the shot. A very pretty naked woman was holding a large, and it has to be said rather photogenic, cock against her lips. Her naked bust and extended nipples lent further interest. And if that weren’t enough, the backdrop was the palm-fringed Caribbean, the shallow water now assuming a turquoise hue.

How could I be so anxious one minute, yet so excited the next? How could I be wishing that she wouldn’t have to do this, yet find myself becoming erect when it did happen? And it really was happening; my naked wife was kneeling before a naked stranger, holding his shaft in one hand, and cradling his heavy balls in the other. And she was just about to take him in her mouth. I know it was all for Jamie, but how could she really think of this as ‘just a job’? Kate was an emotional person. How could she be so intimate with this man and not become emotionally involved?

She looked up at his face and smiled before opening her mouth and engulfing his crown. Initially she appeared to be in some discomfort, but soon she was sucking it in earnest. Her hand was busy too, playing up and down his thick shaft.

I adored watching the expression on her face when she was sucking me. Here, because her mouth was stretched so wide, her features were all but unrecognisable. I guessed her jaw must have started to ache because she released him. Frank zoomed in and got another inspired shot. Tom’s prick, looking disproportionately large, loomed over her upturned face. It looked for all the world as if she were paying homage to it. The next moment she was licking his underside, from the base amidst the neatly trimmed pubic hair, to the still wet bulbous crown.

In my intense concentration, I hadn't even thought to look at the other monitor. The second camera afforded a different perspective, and was filming her from above. It was incredibly arousing to see her looking up at him from underneath his cock.

“Cut!” It was with a sense of relief that I heard Greg’s voice. The sexual tension had been almost unbearable. I needed the break. And from the look on her face just now, so did Kate. But of course, she was only acting, or was I deluding myself? Was there another far more likely reason? Could it be that she really was getting excited? I wouldn’t have long to find out; it was only going to be a short pause.

Kate now lay down on her back, her head towards the sea. She was still naked, but her legs were together. It was a relatively demure pose, but was nonetheless highly erotic. Tom was standing at her feet facing her. The crew were ready too. Frank was already pointing his camera at her.

“Three, two, one and action!”

I stared entranced at the screen as his lens paid tribute to her body. Dwelling initially on the mid blue nail varnish of her toes, it panned over her dainty ankles, over her long lean legs, and paused on her neatly trimmed mons veneris. Soon it was gliding over her smooth rounded stomach, over her taught midriff, skirting the erect nipples of her slightly goose pimpled breasts, before finally coming to rest on her face. Frank switched to a wider angle to get a view of Tom from the rear. You could tell he worked out. He was lean, trim and had a tight firm butt, something that Kate had always liked in a man. Frank, adopting a similar technique to that used previously, moved forward to again project the scene through the eyes of Tom

Kate looked at him and smiled and then, whilst continuing to smile at him she just spread her legs and brazenly offered herself. It was such a simple gesture in itself, but so symbolic. Her wanton warm wet womanhood was there for the taking.

Tom fell to his knees between her parted thighs. I looked at the other screen and saw him holding his cock and directing it to her opening. Kate arms were at her sides; she was offering him her breasts as well as her fanny. Frank was on his side shooting between Tom’s legs. He zoomed in and the screen was filled with the image of his cock pressing against Kate’s labia.

My mouth was so dry I couldn’t even swallow. There had been a relentless inevitability about this moment of truth. The clock had been running from the time that Kate had met up with her old chum from ‘Penthouse’.

Tom pushed at her and her labia lips parted slightly. I glanced at the monitor showing her face. Her eyes were shut and she appeared to be biting her lower lip. I returned to her other lips, to the engorged glistening labia that were continuing to part under the inexorable pressure of his cock. They suddenly yielded and the whole of his crown was immediately lodged within her. He remembered his promise to her and he paused to allow some time for her inner membranes to dilate. Her eyes were still closed but her pained expression was slowly becoming less marked as her body began to adapt to the invader.

She opened her eyes and stared at him. There was no need for words; Tom knew what she wanted. I watched as his powerful pulsating prick sank inch by inch into her soft feminine flesh. At last he was completely inside her. Her velvet glove had opened to his iron fist.

I looked at the other monitor. Even though I now had a raging hard-on, I still entertained a forlorn hope that I might find her indicating that it had all been a terrible mistake, and that she wanted him to withdraw. But even this faint hope was dashed when I saw a woman smiling at her new lover and encouraging him to continue. I alternated between the two images. I watched him sliding a third of the way out and oh so slowly easing it all the way back in; I watched my wife indicating that it had pleased her. He withdrew about halfway and sank back in with slightly more force. She momentarily closed her eyes but her message was clear; she liked it. She reached up to touch his face. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.

He began to fuck her. His strokes were measured and considerate but gradually he increased both tempo and power. Soft mewing sounds began to come over the loudspeaker; sounds that grew in intensity as he continued to power into her. Frank had managed to get a camera up quite close to their conjoined organs and the sight of his huge shaft plunging her depths was electrifying. Kate seemed dismayed when he stopped, but quickly realised that it was just a momentary pause to allow a change of position.

Tom settled on his back, whilst she squatted over him in the reverse cowgirl position. She reached down between her legs and grasped his slippery shaft. She positioned it at her entrance and sank down on it, impaling herself in one smooth movement. The shot that followed was inspired. She was leaning backwards with her hands resting on Tom’s waist and with her legs spread wide. This position made her beautiful breasts even more prominent and the expression on her face revealed a woman hungry for sex. Her little fanny, stretched tight round the crown of his oversized cock, provided the focal point. She began to ride him. It was amazingly erotic to watch because, in effect, she was screwing him. I had to admit that they did look good together. This was not mere porn; this was a sexual fusion of two perfect bodies, bodies that were made to fuck each other. Hang on, what was I saying? This was my wife!

Tom whispered something in her ear and she dismounted. As he slipped out of her, the camera showed a brief shot of the black hole that had once been her tight vagina. She assumed a position on all fours and Tom knelt behind her and reinserted it. There was now no need for caution and he didn’t observe any. He just pounded into her femininity, causing her soft round tits to sway with every juddering thrust. She moaned as each powerful impact forced the breath from her body. It was evident he could fuck her hard, but there was no way he could fuck her long and hard, and he signalled that he was about to come.

She remained on her knees but now she assumed an upright position. He stood up in front of her and began to masturbate. A camera zoomed in so that only his cock and her face were in shot. Her mouth was open as she waited for him. She didn’t have long to wait! He groaned and a thick strand of semen cannoned into her forehead. Another copious strand arced into her hair. A third wad hit her cheek whilst the next two jetted into her mouth. The last spurts carried to her breasts. Finally his emissions could only seep out of him. She took him in her mouth and this served to coax a little more from him. But he was near the end. His cock, whilst still as large as ever, was softening. She dragged it over her face, spreading his tribute everywhere. Still holding his cock she looked at the camera and smiled. It was not by any means a confident smile; it was at best a shy smile. But even though she had cum on her teeth, thick white strands of it in her hair, and globules dangling from her chin, she still looked lovely.

“Cut.” Even Greg seemed exhausted by what had just taken place. He looked slowly at the people around him. He seemed lost for words; well, maybe not completely lost. He came out with two that seemed to sum up the general consensus. “Fuck me!”

A smattering of applause carried to us from the beach; the crew were clapping them as they left the ‘set’ and strolled back. She was holding her bikini and her unfettered breasts gently swayed, a motion made all the more enticing because she seemed oblivious to it. Tom was talking to her and as they drew near, he reached out to hold her free hand. I knew it was illogical, given what they had just been doing, but his affectionate gesture irritated me. Perhaps I was being unkind; maybe he was just giving her a bit of moral support for when she faced the rest of us.

Greg was first out to meet her. “That was fantastic, Kate!” He was beaming with pleasure. “Well done!”

“Yes, well done!” Jan handed her a towel and Kate began to wipe the semen from her face and breasts. “Actually dear, it’s all in your hair too. If I were you, I’d go and have a shower.”

Kate slipped on her white housecoat and headed towards the villa. I had to speak to her, if only to reassure her. Or was I deluding myself? Perhaps it was because I needed her reassurance! In any event I made up my mind to follow her but I decided to leave it a few minutes so that it would not be obvious.

“And you too Tom. Good work!” Greg exchanged high fives with him.

Tom nodded as he took the bottle of water from me. “Work? No, I couldn’t really call that work; that was sheer pleasure!” He turned to me with a mock gasp of horror. “I forgot! You’re a reporter. That last comment was off the record!” He did have a warm smile. “Are you picking up

some good information for your report?"

“Will you two excuse me?” Greg said, “I need to prepare for this afternoon’s shoot.”

“Sure! Greg." He raised his hand to him. "So Joe, what did you think?”

“Well, I read somewhere or other that good porn is when someone watching it would love to be in the position of the performer. On that basis, I would have loved to be in your shoes…er… I know you didn’t have any shoes on, but you know what I mean.”

“I presume you mean,” he smiled again, “that you would have loved to be in Kate! Well you’re not wrong there, Joe. She is one sexy woman; great to look at and even better to fuck! She is going to be big. You mark my words.”

“You think so?”

“Definitely. I’ve been in this game a while now and you instinctively know when the girls are just going through the motions. The punters might not notice it but we do. She was enjoying herself.”

Part of me wanted him to stop talking but I also had an overwhelming urge to know more.

“How can you tell?”

“It’s usually a good sign if they’re wet, and she was very wet, believe me. She had a problem with my size,” he glanced down at himself, “because she’s not used to one this big, but once I got it in she really went for it. That is a girl who likes cock.”

My heart was beating so loud he must have heard it above the sound of the distant tide. “It certainly sounds like it.”

“But she’s still got a bit to learn, though. I don’t know if you saw it, but in the money shot she got two direct hits in her mouth.”

“Yes I did.”

“Well, when we finished shooting I asked her why she didn’t get rid of it. And do you know what she said? ‘She didn’t think she was allowed to!’” He laughed at her naiveté. “Now I’m going for a swim.” He had a contented air as he ambled away.

I looked at my watch. Kate must have been gone for fifteen minutes. I was hoping she’d still be in the villa. I was almost at her bedroom door when it opened and Greg came out. “She’s in there!” he said as he went past.

‘She’s in there?’ Why did he say that? I hadn’t said I was looking for anyone. But I thought no more about it. For the first time in a couple of days I had the chance to talk to Kate alone. I walked into the room and was taken aback at the sight that confronted me. My wife was naked on the bed, on her back and with her legs wide open. Semen had pooled on the sheet beneath her.

“Fuck me, Kate. Haven’t you had enough already for one bloody morning?”

She looked at me with a look of horror on her face. And then she began to cry.


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