tagLesbian SexWhat Lesbians Do Ch. 01

What Lesbians Do Ch. 01


Sex never really clicked for me until a certain day when I was twenty years old. Now I'm an attractive girl, so I've had my share of sex, it just never really seemed as awesome as everyone else made it out to be. I almost always had a boyfriend. I had large breasts and a great ass, especially considering I was on the petite side. I was especially proud of my sandy blonde hair, which seemed to perpetually stay perfectly in half-curls, and my sky blue eyes that always got compliments. For many years, I thought that I could only get off from straight-up hard fucking and nothing else. Maybe my boyfriends were just bad at sex, but I had never gotten off from being fingered or eaten out, not even once.

Sex seemed so limited and quick that I never really took it seriously. For me it was skip the foreplay, go straight to fucking, done. My latest boyfriend started out wonderful, but as the months went by and we entered the second year of our relationship, any time we partied or drank he would always end the night by begging and pleading and whining for sex. I would just laugh it off, thinking he was exaggerating his need for it. He couldn't possibly need sex that bad; it was just a boring and short diversion. We eventually stopped having sex altogether, and I didn't even notice. I was just happy he wasn't bothering me all the time for it.

I was so out of touch sexually that I even began to think he was a perverted freak because of what we had shared when we did have a sex life, as weak as that sex life was. In the early stages of our relationship, he was fascinated with my casual attitude towards questions he asked about things I would hypothetically do with other girls.

He would ask me which one of my best friends I would feel most comfortable with if we were to have a threesome, and I would nonchalantly choose my gorgeous blonde friend with big tits. She was my best friend, so I just said her. My boyfriend didn't realize that it was not because I was open to sex with other girls - it was because I looked at sex the way somebody looks at a television show. You know the things you 'would' say and do in that television show, but you're not in it, so those choices have nothing to do with real life.

In real life, I did not understand men's obsession with lesbians at all. I would often ask my boyfriend, 'When they're having sex, what do lesbians even DO?', and he would look at me like I was weird. I couldn't fathom how anyone could 'have sex' with fingering and eating out, because to me those things sucked. One of my best female friends had even tried to finger me in a hot tub once, and I stopped her and laughed it off, thinking she was just way too drunk. I didn't know why she was weird around me after that, because I didn't think that it meant anything.

Then that day came, a month from my twenty-first birthday. My boyfriend had had enough of the lack of sex life. There was a party at my apartment and he and I had a huge fight and he stormed out. I drunk drove to his place, but he wouldn't answer the door or his phone, so I drunk drove back to my apartment. Stupid, I know. By the time I got back, the party had ended, and everyone had left but my roommate, Lexie. She was a sarcastic red-head with a lithe body and perky tits. Most of the time, she talked about sex constantly. She was openly bisexual and talked about and flirted with girls all the time, even though she had a long-distance boyfriend. Her boyfriend loved the fact that she was into girls. Like I said, I didn't understand lesbians, so I just assumed she did it for attention.

She was the only one there, cleaning up after the party, and she saw that I was distraught. She took me to the couch and sat next to me. I was drunk and in tears, so I really opened up. I started talking all about my history and disconnection from sex. She always seemed so open about sex so I was comfortable telling her. She seemed surprised. She moved a little closer to me on the couch and put a hand on my shoulder.

"You're really never come from being eaten out?" she asked, honestly shocked. "It's amazing; you're completely missing out on the best part of being a girl! And not even fingering? You've never even fingered yourself?"

I shook my head sadly.

"I just never bothered trying," I told her. "It seemed so hard compared to using a vibrator, and when other people tried it, it never worked..."

She looked at me, her green eyes filled with worry. She brushed back some of her red hair.

"Honey, there's nothing wrong with you," she insisted. "If you can come from sex at all, then there's no reason you can't come from fingering. Physically, they're no different. Maybe it's something psychological?"

I looked up at her, wiping away some tears.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well, you insist so much that you can't come that way, maybe you've convinced yourself. Maybe you stop yourself from having an orgasm without realizing it."

"That makes sense," I said passively, not sure what to think of the idea. "I always thought the guy I was with just didn't know what he was doing."

She laughed. It was a friendly laugh, dismissing my worries.

"Well what about when you couldn't finger yourself to orgasm? Who was at fault then?"

I felt my cheeks grow bright red. She may have been comfortable being totally open with sex talk, but I was really embarrassed.

"Maybe... I just don't know how to do it..." I said meekly.

She looked me straight in the eye and put her hand on my arm.

"Honey, I know this might sound weird, but I think it might really help you out if I... showed you what to do."

I felt my cheeks burn even redder.

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant. Secretly, I really wished someone would help me somehow. I wanted to feel what other people felt.

"Look, this doesn't have to mean anything," Lexie said, and she pulled her red hair back and tied it with a scrunchie. She sat up against the side of the couch opposite me. "You're twenty. You're way behind the curve. You really need someone to show you what to do -- down there."

I gulped, watching her get in position. I knew exactly what she was going to do, and it felt kind of weird -- but not too weird. I had seen plenty of other girls naked in the locker rooms and such, and it never meant anything to me. I was more fascinated than anything else. I really wanted to learn how to get myself off with my fingers. Plus, being drunk gave me an excuse not to stop.

"It's probably best that it's me that shows you," Lexie continued nonchalantly as she took off her shoes and socks. "We're good friends and I understand what you're going through. I felt a bit asexual when I was younger, too."

I was surprised enough to break my gaze off from her drunken pants-removal efforts and look her in the eye.

"Really?" I asked her. "You? But you're so... sexual now. So open about it and interested in it."

She laughed; the same kind of friendly laugh from before.

"Because sex is no big deal, hon. I found that out a couple years ago, and I've felt much more at ease with myself since."

She finished getting her pants around her feet, and kicked them off. She wasn't wearing anything underneath, and I got my first good look at her pussy as she spread her legs. She put one leg up on the couch's back, and one down on the floor, leaving her sex wide open.

"You're completely shaved!" I said without thinking, the alcohol talking for me.

"Yeah," she replied, and winked at me before I could get embarrassed. "It makes everything so much more fun."

"Really..." I said, thinking. My hair down there did get in the way sometimes, though I tried to keep it to mostly just a patch of blonde. I suddenly looked away, realizing that I had been staring at her shaved pussy.

"Don't be embarrassed," Lexie told me soothingly. "This is just one friend teaching another something important. You've got to learn this stuff somehow, right?"

I nodded. She motioned for me to move closer, and I scooted forward. I was starting to feel a little dizzy, but it was probably just all the beers and shots I had had earlier. She motioned me forward again, and I nervously moved right up in front of her.

"Ok, how much do you know?" Lexie asked me as she looked down at herself. She moved her hands and fingers around, indicating various parts of her pussy. "The lips, the clit, you know where all that is?"

I nodded, noticing the inside of her pussy lips glistening a tiny bit. I wondered if she was excited. I had never really looked at myself in the mirror, and seeing another girl up close like this was making my head spin. I noticed a faint musky odor that actually smelled pretty good. It was sexual, intimate, and animal all at the same time. Is this what my boyfriends kept begging and whining for? I was starting to understand the allure.

"Where do you... where does someone start, when they... want to do this?" I asked.

Lexie smiled, and her confident attitude made me feel a little more comfortable.

"Actually, I like to start up higher, with my tits," she said, putting her hand underneath her shirt to rub and knead her perky breast. "Us girls can feel pleasure almost anywhere. You can't just skip straight to the end or it'll suck."

That was certainly true, I thought. I always skipped straight to the fucking during sex, so no wonder it bored me. I watched her hand move in circles underneath her shirt. I noticed her face flush slightly. I then noticed her watching me.

"Well?" she asked pointedly.

"Well what?" I asked, biting my lip. I knew exactly what.

"You've got to do this to yourself and learn, or it'll just be like watching bad porn," she told me.

"Bad porn?" I asked. "You're not ugly at all, you're really attractive."

My face started to burn again after I said it, because I realized that's not what she meant. I had accidentally spoken without thinking again, because I was drunk. She smiled genuinely, and winked at me again with her beautiful green eyes. While she waited, I bit my lip, hesitated, and finally put my own hand up my shirt. I started rubbing my breast. It was less awkward than I expected because she was doing it, too. My heart pounded, but I still wanted to learn.

"Ok, now, keep rubbing your tits while I show you what to do next," she told me, and her free hand went to her pussy. She spread her lips with two fingers, and I watched intently. She expertly tucked the tiny hood around her clit back, exposing the sensitive tiny knob. I couldn't believe I was watching a girl do this! I found myself rubbing my own breast a little harder, a warm sensation building up in me.

"I like to put two fingers on either side of my clit and slowly rub up and down," Lexie said, still looking down at her moving fingers. "Some girls like fancy stuff, but I like to just take my time, do it right, and really feel it as it builds. I like to get my fingers in a little deep, too. I like the wetness."

She looked up at me expectantly. I blinked for a few moments, and then slid my own pants off. I hesitated at pulling down my panties, but the sight of my roommate comfortable with rubbing her breast and fingering herself in front of me made me feel more confident. I gulped, and slid my panties off. Lexie smiled comfortingly, but I still held my legs shut at first. It took every ounce of will I had to slowly put one leg up on the couch's back like she had, and the other down on the floor. I had never felt more exposed.

Here I was, sitting a foot away from my roommate, a girl, with my pussy exposed! My leg rested on hers above the couch's cushions. I liked the warm feeling of her skin on the bottom of my leg. It made me more at ease. For the first time, she wasn't meeting my gaze. Instead, her eyes were trained on my nether regions. I wasn't sure if it was purely clinical interest for teaching me, or if there was something more in her eyes. I found myself wondering that old question, what do lesbians even do? What was she thinking? When I caught myself imagining her wanting to lean forward to lick me, I abruptly cut off the thought. I reminded myself that this was purely educational, that I shouldn't feel weird.

"Ok," she said finally, looking back up at me. "You can use both your hands for now while you figure yourself out. Try to find your clit, rub it a little bit. Be sure to get wetness from inside you on your fingers. You don't want it to start hurting because it's too dry."

I hesitated again, but slowly slid a finger inside myself. To my surprise, I was really wet already. Normally I don't get wet until halfway through fucking. Maybe there was something to the rubbing-my-breast thing after all, or maybe I was bringing down my psychological barriers. I brought a second finger in, getting them nice and wet, forgetting my embarrassment for a moment. I slowly pulled them out, catching her staring at my glistening fingers. She didn't see me watching her, so I moved my fingers to my clit and started rubbing.

I had never tried getting myself off this way with wet fingers. I couldn't believe that such a simple detail was so important. I could actually feel some pleasure from my fingers this way! The messiness just added to the sexuality of it all. My own scent, light, sweet, and with a tinge of sweat, floated up to me. It mixed with her musky aroma and I felt my head start spinning again. To stabilize myself, I stared at her fingers going in and out of her pussy, using that as a point to focus on. I matched her pace, imagining that I was looking at myself in a mirror. I didn't want to think about the fact that I was masturbating with another girl, but the thought kept occurring to me and secretly made my pleasure that much stronger.

I started to reach a plateau. I couldn't quite get the pleasurable feeling to do what I wanted. I wanted it to explode within me, to wash through me, but it wouldn't quite get past just plain feeling good. My dizziness faded, and I looked up to see Lexie staring at my pussy while I kept fingering myself. She hadn't said much in awhile, and her face and body had flushed with various shades of red. The scents of pussy in the air had grown quite strong, and my hand had gotten covered in wetness. I could see her hand glistening, too. The most striking thing about it all was the look in her green eyes as she stared at my pussy, as if she was in another world, one filled with bare lust. I realized that I was seeing a female truly in heat for the first time. It was utterly feminine and beautiful in an indescribable way. I wanted to feel that state, too.

"What do I do next?" I asked, confident in my need to learn this now. "I can't quite come yet."

Lexie looked me over, breathing heavily. She kept fingering herself as she thought for a moment, and I kept rubbing myself gently, keeping the area around my pussy wet and glistening. At some level I was doing it for her, to help her keep her own pleasure going, but I didn't want to acknowledge that consciously.

"Um..." she trailed off for a moment, her eyes tracing my body. "Take off your shirt, that's probably in the way."

I lifted my shirt over my head, and threw it on the floor. My large breasts felt good in the cool air. There was a halo of sweat around them that I hadn't realized was there, and the air felt wonderful. I saw Lexie's eyes travel across my body again, from my nicely curved breasts and pink nipples, to my flat, toned, tummy, and back to my glistening pussy. I gave her a sheepish nod, and she quickly took off her own shirt and went back to fingering herself and rubbing each tit alternately.

I really noticed how beautiful she was for the first time. Her pale white skin fit her toned athletic body and red hair perfectly. Her skin really showed the red flush of her heat and lust, and, I had to admit, it was kind of erotic seeing those emotions so obvious in another person -- especially another girl. Even more than that, she was staring at me in lust, me! It made me feel very attractive. I wanted more of that feeling of attractiveness.

"What do you want me to do now?" I asked, keeping up the pretense of the education and giving her a chance to direct me. She had an answer ready to go almost immediately.

"Get up on your hands and knees as if you were going to have sex doggy style, and finger yourself that way," she said breathlessly. "It, uh... feels really good."

The thought that perhaps she had told me to get in this position for her own viewing pleasure, and not for educational purposes, turned me on. I slowly got up on my elbows and knees and turned around, pushing my ass in the air in her direction. She didn't tell me to face my pussy toward her -- I chose to do that. I held myself up on one arm and reached a hand down to play with my pussy as it sat exposed in front of Lexie. An aura of heat emanated from my nether regions, and it surprised me, but I decided I liked it. It must have meant that I was truly turned on for the first time in my life.

I found myself playing with the bottom of my pussy, where she could see it best. I hung my head down to see between my legs at her; she was fully flushed, laid back against the couch fully now, and she fingered herself hard while rubbing her tits. The entire time, she stared at me playing with myself. I had never felt more attractive! Maybe it was the pussy smells in the air, or the heat, or her lustful eyes on me, but I felt dirty, sexy, and wanted all at the same time. I came up with a daring idea that I would never have done before this night. If worst came to worst, I could just blame it on the shots in the morning, right?

I listened to her breathing quicken, waiting until I thought she was almost ready to begin her climb to orgasm. My heart pounded, and some distant part of me was scared, but the idea was so sexy and wrong... it had seized me utterly. At the right moment, just as she started to approach orgasm, I got up. I quickly moved toward her, and thrust one leg across the top of the couch. I used the other leg to brace myself in exactly the right position. I had moved to put my glistening, heated, sweet-and-sweat smelling pussy inches from her face.

"I can't quite get it right," I asked her, pretending to innocently ask a question. "Can you see my clit? There's so much wetness, it's hard to find!"

I played with the lips of my pussy there, inches from her lustful gaze. I watched her green eyes stare at my exposed pussy in shock and overwhelming lust. Her pale skin had turned bright red all across her body, and she furiously fingered herself underneath me. I saw her twitch, and then her legs jumped. I could tell she was about to have an explosive orgasm. I found myself fingering my pussy more purposefully. My naughty and wrong idea had worked amazingly, and the thought that this sexy girl, Lexie -- my roommate! -- was fingering herself in a frenzy with lust for me... it felt incredible. I felt so sexy, and so attractive.

I felt my own hips buck once uncontrollably, and a stationary wave of pleasure seemed to build up around my fingers. Lexie seemed to be in a fit of lust, her body sweating, bucking, and twitching with an insane pleasure about to explode through her. Through it all, her gorgeous green eyes stayed locked on my glistening pussy. I could hear her breathing in my scent, I could see the heat of my pussy causing her face to sweat. The wave inside me had built to wonderful proportions, unlike anything I had ever felt before. I could tell the same was happening in her. Then, the moment happened -- a single drop of my juices, sliding from my glistening pussy, fell.

I watched it fall in what seemed like slow motion. I saw the drop land on Lexie's lower lip, and, for a moment, my whole world stopped. I thought she would freak out, or that the powerful erotic tone of the moment might be broken. Instead, I saw her tongue slowly slide between her lips, licking up my pussy juice like it was the most delicious thing she'd ever tasted. That was the absolute pinnacle of feeling attractive for me. I felt like I exuded sex and lust, like I was the most gorgeous thing in the world, and in her eyes, I was. For a moment, I felt like a sex goddess.

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