tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhen Devon Sawa Met James King

When Devon Sawa Met James King


Devon was sitting bored in his trailer. The shooting of the movie “Slackers” was almost over, and after working on the movie for a couple of weeks he was horny. Not just horny, but very uncomfortably horny, not just wanting to cum but craving for a babe he could fuck half a dozen times. For sometime now he’s been thinking about doing Jamie King, the sensational young model and actress who was working on the movie with him. He thought she was sending him signals but hw wasn’t sure if it wasn’t his imagination.

Later on that evening his co-star Jason Segel came over and they talked for a while. “Man, I’m dying to get laid. I can’t wait to finish this movie and sleep with one of my fans.”

“What about Jamie King?” Jason asked. “I thought you already did her by now.”

“Wow, I wish…what a body…if I could only have that body in this bed right now..”

“What’s the problem then?”

“I don’t anything about her, I think she said she was seeing someone.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem, Dev.”

“How so?”, Devon asked.

Jason lookes at him surprised. “Devon, she’s a slut. Everyone around here is talking about it. she’s looking to get laid. Haven’t you noticed the way she talks to you and touches?”

“Hmm…I had no idea….you mean I can just ask over and…”

“Yeah, I’d go for it myself but I have a girlfriend now…just do it.”

“I will do it.” he said. “I will fuck James King, tonight, on this bed.”

After a while the gorgeous James King was in his trailer. Devon told her that he wanted Jason and her to come over and do something like play cards or watch television. Jason came over as well but he left after mummbling something about not feeling well. So there they were, all alone in Devon’s trailer. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a red, tight tank top. Devon tried very hard to stare into her eyes and not shift his look all over her body.

“So,” Devon said at one point, “How do you like being a model? Is it as cool as it looks?”

“Sure,” she said. “I’m having the time of my life. I get to travel a lot, being recognized everywhere…and now I’m in a movie!”

“Is it difficult with all those men staring at you, coming on to you?”

“I’m sure you have the same problem with your female fans, aren’t you?”

“Well…no..I mean every now and then there’s a girl winking at me or something…actually it’s not easy meeting people.”

James stared at him and smiled. “You mean you’re a good looking movie star who doesn’t take advantage of his female fans…interesting.”

“How so?” He asked trying to sound naVve.

“Devon…why did you really invite me over? To play cards? You’ve been staring at my breats for 15 minutes now.”

Devon was embarrased. It was obvious what they both wanted bit he just didn’t have the patience to play the game. “Ok..I’m attracted to you..I just wanted to talk to you alone for a while. I thought you were sending me signals and I wasn’t sure…”

“You weren’t sure? You wanted me to walk over to you and give you an open lip kiss?”

“That would be nice.”

James got up and approached the bed Devon was sitting on. She leaned towards him and kissed him. Slowly at first but then deeply and passionately. They both began to breath heavily. James stared deeply into his eyes as she lowered her hand down to his crouch and caressed his huge erection. Devon moaned, feeling he was about to explode. “That’s what you wanted, right? I was on to you Dev…I know there’s only one thing on your mind.”

“Oh yes,” He said. “I want you so bad…I want you naked on this bed.”

James took off her tank top. She was not wearing a bra and exposed her body to Devon. “Do you like my body?”

Devon could not move his eyes away. He swallowed his spit very hard, still breathing heavily. “I love it…I want it now.” Devon grabbed her waist and began to stroke her body, studying every inch. He caressed her beautiful breasts and played with her nipple rings. He then lowered his hand and began to caress her vagina, getting more and more horny as he listened to her moans.

“Yes Devon…I want you now…I want you in me.”

Devon couldn’t take any more. He had to fuck her. He quickly took off his close as she watched carefully. He took off his shirt revealing to her his perfect body. She follwed anxiously as he took off his pant and boxer shorts exposing his 8 inch erection. They soon began to make out, kiss and lick each other. Devon pushed her down to the bed. As quickly as he could he removed her shoes and then her jeans and underwear. He leaned over her. He let out a loud moan as he thrusted his cock into her body. James grabbed Devon’s ass as he pulled in and out of her. They were both moaning loudly and by now the whole trailer was shaking giving everyone on the set a pretty good idea of what was going on. Devon didn’t care. He was about to cum, and cum hard. Despit his vast sexual experience he could hang on any longer. He could always wait until the girl he was pleasuring had an orgasm, but James King was simply to hot, and he was too horny. He let out a huge cry as he came. Long weeks of hornyness exploded inside her amazing body. He leaned back as James rested her head on his chest. He needed five minutes just to catch his breath.

“Sorry I came so fast. Did you cum?” He asked.

“Yeah, I came good.”

“Whew…it’s just that with that body of yours it’s hard to hang on..”

“It’s ok Dev, I get that a lot. I knew we’d do it Devon.”

“You did?”

“Of course I did. You’re hot Devon. Whenever I work closely with someone so hot I end up in bed with him. Tonight it’s you Dev.”

Devon stared at her. He loved being with someone so hot and so free about her sexuality.

“The night is very young.” He said. “Many things I still wanna do. I want you to be on top next time.

After a few minutes James noticed Devon was hard again. James began to lick his smooth muscular chest. She gently sucked on his nipples as he moaned. “Yes…I love it….” She slowly directed his penis into her body and once he was inside her she began to ride him moving her pelvis skilfully back and forth doing it faster and faster as Devon’s moans grew louder. Her hands were lying on his just and she stared at his face. His eyes were tightly closed. She patted his face with her hand and ran it through is hair. She was smiling to herself. She was fucking yet another hot young actor. Just like she fucked Josh Hartnett when they were working on “Pearl Harbor” and like she fucked Brad Renfro when they were working on “Happy Campers”. And now, it was Devon Sawa’a cock which was inches deep into her body. She carefully pushed her finger into his mouth and he immediately began to suck on it to her joy.

“Oh James,” he moaned. “Oh James…James..Ja…” He came very hard, still not being able to open his eyes.

“Wow,” He said. “Awesome sex, loved it when you sucked my nipples.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “Josh hartnett loved it too. Had me doing it all night long.”

She kept on telling him about her sexual adventures with various hollywood actors. Those talks made Devon hard and horny again. James looked at his erect cock and smiled. “What do you want to do now?”

A few seconds later they were on their knees facing each other as Devon was rubbing his cock against her nipple ring. Hw started to moan as James grabbed his ass tighter and tighter with each moan. After he came he looked at her cum-covered breasts.

“No one has ever asked to do that before, she said. I’m going to the bathroom to wash myself,” she added and walked away as Devon watched her naked body.

When James was about to leave to her trailer she turned to Devon and said: “You know…with still have a few more days of shooting, I don’t suppose you have any plans for the upcoming evenings.”

Devon smiled delightfully. “You hot horny slut.”

“I told you,” she replied. “If I work with someone as hot as you I have to fuck him.”

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