When Worlds Collide


"Here Kevin, take mine too. I think I'll head back with Dan," Wolfie said as he stood up. His six foot three inch frame towered over the smaller SEAL.

"Whoa wait a minute sailor. He knows the SEAL code in the shooting range. You lose, you walk home," Adam said.

"I know Lieutenant, but another code is SEALs don't do anything alone."

Kevin climbed in the Jeep, and set the two sniper rifles in the back. As Adam headed towards the compound, he wondered how his point man was getting along with his new girlfriend, Laura. She was quite upset when she first learned what Kevin really was. Then again, finding out that the person who saved your life is a werewolf, can be terrifying.

Because of the werewolf code, Kevin could only tell his true love what he really was. The only reason Adam and his new wife Kristine knew, was Kevin tried to show them what the killer of Bravo squad truly was. His attempt at getting them to leave and save themselves failed. Now, other than Kevin's mother, there were three people that new his secret.

"So how's Laura getting along with the whole werewolf thing Kev?"

"She's getting used to the idea."

"And you?" Adam asked, because he knew his friend had trouble accepting his -- gift -- sometimes.

"Actually Boss, it seems to bring us closer. Almost every night, I change and she lies on my chest as we watch TV. It's either that, or the fact that I'm naked when I change. Give that girl a little sex, she tries to kill you for hours."

Adam had to laugh at the comment. He knew all too well, what happens to a woman when she has great sex. His new wife Kristine was always after him when he was home. What started as friends with benefits, ended up with the two of them getting married and her leaving the CIA.

"I know exactly how you feel little buddy. Hell, I though it was bad enough when Kristine and I lived together in Aviano. It's become an obsession for her ever since the wedding."

"You don't have to tell me Adam. You know I can smell her on you every morning," Kevin said with a laugh.

"Eat shit Dvorska. Learn how to dial that scent gland down."

"Aye, aye Lieutenant."

"Have you and Laura got plans for the weekend?"

"She's going back to Michigan to get some things. I have to drop her off at the airport in the morning. I was planning on just hanging around the apartment, pass out candy to the kids, why?"

"Kristine saw an ad in the paper for a costume party at a club called September's. She's going as a witch and I'm going as a cowboy. You should see her in that emerald green dress. Why don't you join us, it should be a fun time."

"I don't know, let me think about it," Kevin said, as they reached the armory of the compound.

Kevin got out and picked up the two sniper rifles. As he entered the building, he wondered why people would dress up like scary creatures and go out. He laughed to himself as he thought of the irony of a real werewolf mingling among the witches, ghosts, and vampires.

"I wonder how many people would run in fear, if I walked in as a large brown werewolf?" Kevin thought with amusement.


Kevin Dvorska walked into the apartment that he shared with Laura. His father told him that he would find true love, but he didn't believe him. Werewolves didn't mate with normal humans, and he could only reveal himself to his true love. Kevin knew he got lucky.

"Hey Laura, I'm home," he said, as he tossed his keys on a small table.

Suddenly a small framed blond girl came running out of the hallway. When she reached Kevin, she launched herself onto his muscular body. Kevin caught her with ease and rocked her from side to side, as she hugged him tightly.

"I missed you so much today sweetheart," Laura said, as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"It's only been eight hours Laura. What the hell are you going to do when I deploy overseas?"

"Cry myself to sleep every night and buy stock in Duracell batteries," she replied as she kissed him deeply.

Kevin felt so alive with her. The passion she put into their relationship was beyond explanation. When they first met in Aviano Italy, she was a shy person most of the time. The fact that she had burn scars for life from a car accident, made her self-conscious about her appearance.

Kevin broke the kiss. "How many times do I have to tell you, you don't have to wear that wig when were in the apartment. You know your scars don't bother me."

"Old habits are hard to break dear, but I really like my new habits."

"Yeah, like trying to fuck me to death. As a werewolf, I can't really be hurt too much, but as a human, I can. It would be hard to explain to Adam Dawson how you killed his point man."

"It'll start to slow down soon enough, but right now, I'm trying to catch up for lost time," she said as she began to grind her pelvis against his growing cock.

"Play catch up later, I gotta take a shower," Kevin said, and then helped her down.

"Ok, I'll get dinner started. Don't use all the hot water because I need a shower before my flight in the morning."

Kevin headed for the bathroom and pulled his shirt off as he walked. The wolf whistles he heard told him that Laura was still standing there watching him. After closing the door, he started the shower and stripped off his UDT shorts.

When he stepped into the warm stream of water, he leaned his head back and let the water wash the day's sweat off him. He was thinking how peaceful it was going to be this weekend, not having her pestering him for sex.

"Jesus, I might be able to wake up without actually being attacked in the morning."

As he was lost in his thoughts, a cold can slid across his back. When he turned around, he saw Laura's lustrous arm sticking through the shower curtain. She was holding a cold Budweiser just out of the stream of water.

"Um -- I thought you could use a beer after a stressful day."

"Thanks honey, just set it on the sink and I'll get it when I'm finished."

The beer disappeared and then Laura pulled the blue shower curtain to the side. She was a stunning young woman, even more so when she was naked. Her brown eyes shimmered, as she hungrily looked at him. The burn scars on her scalp, and the sparse patch of hair did nothing to diminish his love for her.

"I wanted to save time and just get my shower now. Need me to -- do -- your back?"

"Why do I get the feeling you're not going to stop at my back?"

"Oh come on Kevin, I'll be gone for five whole days. I'm just trying to make sure I get enough of your big cock to see me through."

"Well we wouldn't want you admitted to the hospital for cock withdrawal."

Kevin wrapped his large muscular arms around her, and held her close. Her pert breasts smashed against his chest while they kissed. Since Kevin was six foot tall, she had to tilt her head back, which always allowed him access to her tender neck.

With one arm wrapped around his powerful neck, she reached down and stroked his abnormally large cock. Since she was a petite woman, her delicate hand barely wrapped all the way around it. As she manipulated the pulsing cock, Kevin moaned into her mouth, as she tried to swallow his tongue.

When the two lovers came up for air, Laura turned around and placed one foot on the side of the tub. She leaned forward, and then literally pulled Kevin by his cock towards her. This wasn't the first time she'd done this, and Kevin instinctively grabbed her hips and fed the tip of his cock into her moist pussy.

"Oh Jesus, where has that cock been all my life?"

"To the best of my knowledge -- between my legs," Kevin said, as he slowly pushed forward.

Laura really didn't have a sex life before she met Kevin, so she was tight. She wasn't a virgin when they first made love, but given his girth, she might just as well have been.

As Kevin's cock pushed deeper, her raised leg began shaking. It was her way of indicating that the level of pain versus pleasure was near a meeting point. He paused for a moment to allow her pussy muscles to adjust to his size.

"Oh my God Kevin, it gets bigger every day."

Kevin moved one hand from her hips. Placing a finger on her tingling clit, he slowly moved it in circles across the sensitive nub. When he noticed her leg stop shaking, he pushed deeper inside her.

Kevin knew she was only able to handle three quarters of his cock. When he reached that point he pulled out slightly, then began fucking her slowly. Laura moaned her approval, and bent over further to accommodate him.

"I know I won't last five days without this. I never thought it would feel this good. Please don't ever stop fucking me," she pleaded with him.

"You can always -- damn you're tight -- bring a dildo with you."

"No I -- fuck me, fuck me Kevin -- can't."

"Why not sweetheart?"

"I can't find them this big, I've tried. Now fuck me like you mean it, you gorgeous stud!"

Kevin picked up speed, as she braced herself against the back of the shower. Water pelted his taut ass cheeks, as he held the lower half of her small body. He never lasted very long during their first session, but if Laura was leaving in the morning, he knew they'd be at it again soon.

Kevin's legs were beginning to shake as his orgasm neared. He wanted to hold out until she got off, so he moved his finger faster on her screaming clit. By the sounds of her grunts, she wasn't far off either.

"She must have been saving this one all day."

"Come on Laura. I want to feel that cum on my legs, so cum for me -- my lover." Kevin knew the words 'my lover' would push her buttons.

"Oh God, oh God, I'm -- oh -- I'm..."

"My lover," Kevin said with pure honesty.


As her pussy muscles squeezed his cock, Kevin lost the battle of control. His large cock shot pulse after pulse of scalding hot cum into her body. When he pulled his cock free, she slipped a little. With lightning speed, he grabbed her and pulled her close to his chest. She was panting quickly, as Kevin stroked her slick body.

"The water's starting to get cold Laura. We better finish the shower before we shrivel up."

"Can we -- oh wow -- can we -- order out?"

"Only if you promise not to attack me tonight," Kevin said jokingly.

"Not a chance honey, I'll go start dinner."

As Laura stepped out of the shower, she grabbed the only towel in the bathroom and began drying her lithe body. Stepping away from the shower, she wrapped the towel around her head, covering her burn scares.

"Honey, it's just you and me here. You don't have to hide yourself like I do."

"I know Kevin, but you're going to have to give me time. I've worn a wig since I was a little girl. Being a werewolf, you should know about the difficulties of changing one's habit."

Kevin looked at his lover as she checked herself in the mirror. With a sly smile on his face, he transformed quickly into his true self, a large brown werewolf. The huge fur covered form filled the medium sized bathroom to overflowing proportions. Out of the corner of Laura's vision, she caught sight of the dangerous beast.

"God damn it Kevin! Stop doing that so suddenly, you scared me half to death!" she screamed at the drooling wolf.

Kevin took a step forward towards the glaring young woman. She had to learn that being yourself is the only thing a person can be. He let out a low growl, as he extended a large heavy paw towards her. Laura stared at the razor sharp talons that could rip her tender flesh to shreds.

"Oh my, you look soooo scary Kevin Dvorska. Is this your way of discussing things with your girlfriend? Here's a news flash for you buddy, you can't talk as a werewolf. Since I'm the only one who can, I win the argument, ha, ha," Laura said with a laugh and a smile.

Knowing he'd just stepped out of the shower, he put his front paw down and shook his body violently. Beads of water starting flying around in the confined space, Laura had to quickly remove her towel and shield her body from the spray.

"Ok stop, you win damn it!"

Kevin stopped shaking and was about to nudge his muzzle against her in affection. Laura quickly grabbed the lower portion of the towel and snapped it at the monster she loved.

"Take this you bad dog," she yelled, as she snapped the towel toward his powerful chest.

Kevin laughed inside, as he grabbed the flicking cloth in his sharp teeth. His quick reflexes were no match for whatever she wanted to try. When he pulled the towel away from her, he let it fall harmlessly to the now soaked floor. He knew playtime was over, so he quickly changed back to his human form of a muscular Kevin Dvorska.

"You don't play fair Kevin."

"Just trying to be me honey, it's ok if we order out tonight."

"Oh thanks baby, that gives you more time to do things for me," she said, as she picked up the towel and tossed it to him.

"You can start by cleaning up this mess you made, my gorgeous werewolf."

8:00 a.m. at Chad Franklin's house, morning of October 31st.

Chad Franklin gingerly rolled out of bed. His body was sore from last night's sex marathon with Susan and her friend Feather. He silently wished he hadn't agreed to have her stay for the week.

Slipping on his terry cloth robe, he made his way down to the kitchen. As he passed his son John's room, he peeked in to check on him. His bed was tidy, but John was nowhere to in sight. Chad continued to the kitchen and found the house empty.

A fresh pot of coffee was ready for him, and he poured a cup of the life giving fluid. As he took a sip, he noticed a note from Susan just off to the side of the coffee pot.

"Morning my wonderful husband,

I decided to let you sleep in. Hope we didn't hurt you last night. Feather and I took John to the forest for the day. Feather's mom is going to babysit for us while we go to the party tonight. Thanks again for agreeing to let Mother come visit us in the human world. I promise you won't regret it. I'll be back soon.

Love, Susan

P.S. If it makes you feel any better, Feather said she's sore too."

"I'm amazed, finally some peace and quiet on a Saturday morning," he said, as he grabbed his mug and walked out to the back porch.

Chad sat down in the beach chair and looked out at the Atlantic Ocean. The crisp salt air filled his senses, as he watched Dolphins play out in the distance. After a rough week at work, and even rougher nights, he was beat.

"I could sit out here all morning. No one but some joggers on the beach. Damn, now this is the way to spend a Saturday."

Chad let his sore body slump in the chair, as he sipped his coffee. He thought of Susan's note, and wondered how John would get along with Feather's mom, Leonia. She would probably run him around all day with the other forest creatures. He was sure John would be lights out by eight.

Since Chad was outside watching the world go by, he failed to notice the extreme bright light that flashed in the living room. After a few moments, the sliding glass door opened, and Susan walked out on the porch.

"Good morning my love," Susan said as she kissed her husband.

"Mmmmm, I was wondering when you'd get back. Is Bolara here?"

"She's in the kitchen. Come on in and say hi."

Chad got up and followed his lovely wife inside. He felt a little out of sorts greeting Queen Bolara naked underneath his bathrobe. When Susan stepped to the side, he saw Bolara staring at the microwave.

"Your majesty," Chad said as he bowed politely.

"Oh Chad, I'm your mother-in-law, you don't have to be so formal with me. Besides I'm in the human world now, so it might be safer to just call me Bolara."

He was impressed with her choice of gowns. White flowing satin with gold trim along the plunging neckline. The gold trim matched the ones that graced her long sleeves. Even with her hair in slight disarray, she was a vision of true royalty. She was wearing the Crystal of Physis. Artemis gave it to the ruling family so they could communicate with other creatures in the forest.

"I will have many questions while I'm here, I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all Bolara, ask away."

"What's this white box for?"

"It's called a microwave oven. Humans use them to cook food, or heat things up."

"So you light a fire inside it?"

"Um -- Susan, maybe you better take over. I think you're better suited for this and I should change into something more appropriate."

Chad walked into the living room, suddenly stopping when he saw the group that roamed around looking at objects on the shelves and walls. He knew Susan had some explaining to do as to why a tengu, a mermaid, and four sprites were running around his living room.

As he approached the tall white winged tengu, he softened a bit. Even though it wasn't part of the agreement, it was good to see his friend Larry who helped rescue his wife.

"I'm sure the mermaids are pissed off that you came here," Chad said, as he extended his hand.

"Chad! It's good to see you again. It's been a long time my friend, and yes, they were upset. That's why Susan decided to take Xena with us," Larry said as he shook the human's hand.

The lovely mermaid with strawberry blond hair came up to Chad and dropped to one knee. She understood his stature in the forest as Princess Shea's husband.

"Your majesty, it's a pleasure to see you again."

"Hi Xena, please stop with all the royalty stuff. You know I don't require it," Chad said as he helped her up.

"Thank you your majesty," she replied, as she kissed him deeply.

Chad pulled back and looked around quickly. "Xena, my wife is in the other room. Remember her -- Princess Shea?"

"The princess said I could give you a long kiss hello. She said you've been horny to see me."

"She did, did she? Now why doesn't that surprise me? By the way, while you're in the human world, you must use Chad and Susan when talking to us. I don't want any problems this evening. No one can take a chance on finding out about your world. It's too dangerous."

Susan walked in, followed by Bolara. She had a look on her face like that of a small child with her hand in the cookie jar. When she touched Chad's arm, he turned around with a glaring look.

"Um -- I can explain everything honey."

"This should be extremely interesting."

"Ok, I don't have an explanation."

"One of those, it's better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission huh? I just have one question for you Mrs. Franklin. What's with the sprites?" Chad asked, as the four topless winged sprites floated around the room.

"Well someone has to do our hair tonight." She smiled sheepishly at her husband.

"Honey, I love you, but how are we going to explain Larry? I'm almost positive humans have never seen a six foot tall man with white wings and a red beak."

"It's easy. Prosthetics and spirit gum go a long way, and I've seen stranger costumes there over the years."

"Um -- Xena, how long can you keep your human legs before you need to get to some water?" Chad asked her.

"I can go for about twelve hours or so. I was just in the lake before we came here, so I'm fine until we head out I guess. Shea -- I mean Susan -- said you two live near an ocean. She said I could take a swim there. I wouldn't mind seeing what kind of seafood I can catch for dinner."

Chad looked at his wife who had her hands clasped together and was swaying playfully back and forth.

"Still love me?"

Bolara walked up to Chad and placed a hand on his shoulder. The moment she touched him, the stress floated away from his body. No matter what the circumstances, Queen Bolara always had a way to defuse any conflict.

"Chad, this is your home and your world. If you are uncomfortable in any way, then we will return to the forest. I don't want to cause you and my daughter any grief."

"I'm sorry your majesty, it's just that I don't want anyone to know about you. Then there's the question of your safety."

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