tagErotic HorrorWhen Zombies Attack Ch. 02

When Zombies Attack Ch. 02


It was night now, the town was not too busy. The zombies had waited for the perfect time to strike and realized it was now. They scattered to find their prey and couldn't wait. Kayla was now in town and walking as if on a mission. She had a belt full of ammo, a waist of pistols, a shotgun strapped to her back and a sawed off pump action shotgun in her hand. She had a cigarette in her mouth. She was ready, but her clothes were just as incising as her body. Tight jean shorts and a little tank top showing her cleavage off. She was in town, sexy and now, very deadly.

At a house, a woman finished making herself something to eat. She sat down and ate as she read the paper. He looked in the window and smiled at the brunette. He went around to the back door and went in unnoticed. She was done eating and washed the dishes. She turned and there he was. Her eyes widened as he grinned with his rotten face.

"NO!" Amanda cried as he ripped her tee shirt off.

She was tossed to the floor. He tore her tight sweat shorts off and pinned her to her back. She wiggled as he slowly slipped into her warm body. Her eyes widened and he had the twenty five year old where he wanted her. He began to hump her and held her legs high in the air as she cried for help.

Her cum was flowing as the attack went on. He grunted and groaned as he did the hot brunette. He sucked her perky tits as he went faster and herder. She looked at him as tears streamed down her face. Her cum was just gushing out with every thrust. He filled her up. Her eyes widened as she felt the slimy cum pump into her. She looked in terror at the zombie, then fainted. He stood up as Kayla walked in. She fired the shotgun. He was splattered to the wall. She check on the girl and left.

Downtown a zombie walked the alley behind the gift shop. He got to a dumpster as the woman came out to toss the trash out. She did so and had a smoke. He came up behind her and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into the shadows.

Jennifer was a thirty three year old with a great body. She had on one of the favorite dresses. A tight, low cut, short, black dress. Her cleave was great as well as her legs. Her knee high boots really set the look off which she found paid for extra in her office. She was now the prisoner of a zombie though. She was held against the wall by her throat as he felt her up. She was wanting to scream, but thought it would kill her. She was scarred stiff.

The zombie felt her breasts and ripped the dress clean off the tanned body. There she stood topless and in a white thong. Her eyes widened as he sucked her firm tits. They were fake, but she never had a complaint. As he teased her nipple, he removed her thong. With the female against the wall, he lifted her legs and wrapped them around him. He smiled at her as he sank it deep into her pussy. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned as he invaded her. Then the attack was on!

Jennifer bounced up and down on the dick as her body betrayed her. Cum ran down the cock for lube as the zombie really went deep. She looked as the zombie held her nice ass cheeks and had his way with her body. She was growing weak. Then he heard a noise behind him. He exploded inside her and let her drop to the ground. Half awake but full of cum.

Kayla stood with her silenced nine millimeters aimed at him. He smiled as the cum dripped off his cock. Kayla went to fire as he fired his gun and sprayed her face. She staggered backwards as he rushed her and pinned her down. She struggled as once again, she was in a bad position. She got her knife and sliced his arm. He sat up and she sliced his cock off. He howled in pain, but a bullet from her pistol shut him up. He fell to the ground dead again. She sat up and looked at the wiggled cock between her legs.

Kayla looked at it as it crawled towards her pussy. She looked at the zombie, he was dead, but the severed dick wasn't. She heard a noise and got distracted. The dick went up her shorts. She grabbed it and tried to pull it out, but it was already about two inches into her pussy. She struggled as it sank two more inches in. She felt it get slimy and then lost her grip. It was fucking her without the body. She sat on her ass, legs wide open, shorts still on, head looking up and moaning as the dick fucked. She let it ride out.

Finally after about twenty minutes it finished and was limp. She pulled it out of her shorts and looked at it. She smiled and blew on it. The cock went erect again. She tossed to and shot it again. She stood up in her now wet shorts and walked away.

A zombie entered a house and found a sleeping lady. He pulled the sheets off the twenty one year old and smiled at her little gown. He looked around and locked the door, he had eyed her all day and her roommate. He reached down and pulled the gown off revealing her naked body. She was nice and tanned. Stacey was out from the party and the drinks she had. She didn't realize she was just stripped by a zombie.

He opened her legs and climbed on top of the drunk sleeper. He sank into her moist body and she moaned as he entered. He smiled and sucked her tits as he began to hump her. Finally, he draped her legs over his shoulders and was pounding her. She was moaning and not even awake. He smiled as her cum flowed.

Stacey woke up and starred at him as he pumped her tight body. She went to scream but he gripped her throat tight and shook his head. Her lips tightened when he increased the pressure on her throat, he liked that. He was almost choking the blonde as he pounded it deep and hard into her clinched pussy. He howled as he exploded inside her. She fainted and fell limp as he let her throat go. He left and went to the hall.

Her room mate was in the bathroom. He crept in and found her in the shower. He smiled at her naked, wet body. He liked her the most and was about to get into her. The shower was a stand up shower, no curtain and only plastic doors. So he was seeing the whole view of April's sexy twenty two year old body.

She dropped her soap and bent over. Her ass cheeks was right against the door along with her well shaved pussy. He threw the door open and she fell backwards. He guided the fall right onto his cock. April screamed as she saw her attacker and realized he was fucking her. She tried to struggle, but found it was no use as her body let the cum door open.

He pulled her out of the shower and tossed her to all fours and reentered her pussy. He held her hips and was pounding the woman as she moaned and took it. He was loving this house, two for one! April felt another orgasm hit and arched her back as he rammed deeper and harder. Her tits swayed with the motion.

As April got off, he exploded and filled her pussy up to the brim. She fell to the floor unconscious. He stood up as Kayla walked in and fired at him. He fell into the shower and was dead. She left the house for more zombies.

Kayla was walking down the street when she heard a rustling in the trees along the road. She grabbed her pistols and stepped back. Then about five zombies stepped out. She lifted her guns and opened fire. She didn't see the one behind her.

He grabbed her and lifted her up as she fired at them. She was tossed to the road hard. She looked and saw she had killed four but two were still alive. She sat on her knees and pulled the forty four out. She went to fire as a punch caught her jaw. She held her jaw as she fired at the one she was trying to kill first. Then a kick to her back sent her to the road. Still on her knees but face on the road, the zombie smiled at the woman's tight little shorts and ass. He grabbed her waist and fought with her belt.

Kayla spun around and put the gun to his head and smiled. He looked down and saw her open legs. He wanted her body. He grunted and with one move, smacked the gun out of her hand and punched her in the crotch. Kayla cried out in pain as he hit her pussy. He smacked her face and she looked up. He grabbed her head and shoved his rotten cock into her mouth. She struggled as he held her there, forcing her to suck. Kayla felt the cock head expand and then, she was swallowing cum shot after cum shot. It seeped out around the cock.

He grunted as he finished. Then a car pulled up and the woman got out. She aimed and fired at the zombie. He fell dead and Kayla fell to the side choking on the cum. She ran over to Kayla.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, thank you. They ambushed me." Kayla said picking up her guns.

"What the hell are they doing? I just came from my friends house, she claims one fucked her." She said giving Kayla a drink.

"I don't know but yeah they are horny little fuckers. I've been nailed and well forced to suck. I can't get a hold of my deputy friend to talk to her. So I'm killing them one by one." She said drinking the coffee.

"Damn brave of you. My name's Stephanie." She said putting her gun away.

"I'm Kayla." She answered

"Well, how about both of us fight these bastards?" She asked her new friend.

"Two is better than one Kayla smiled, and you got a car." She said getting in as they drove off.

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