tagLesbian SexWho Needs Him?

Who Needs Him?

byMr James©

Christine slammed the front door behind her and stalked into the lounge, hot, angry tears prickling her eyes. Sue looked up from the sofa, where she had stretched out with a book and noticed the tears blurring her flatmate's emerald-green eyes. Lithely, she swivelled on the cushions, bringing her feet down to the floor and stood, then crossed quickly to her friend.

They made an unlikely looking pair, Sue generously curved with olive skin and deep brown eyes and Christine, willowy and slender with a tumbling mane of fiery curls and clear green eyes. Sue had advertised for a 'reliable, quiet, working woman to share a house after her divorce. At thirty-five, she had been reluctant to live on her own and felt too old for the usual partying and antics of younger housemates. Christine, although she was ten years younger than Sue, had instantly 'clicked' with her and Sue had found herself offering Christine the place straight away.

Sue had discovered that Christine could be hot-tempered at times but she had never even raised her voice when they were in the house together. She also found out that Christine was happily seeing an older man, Robert. She never brought him to the house and she saw him less often than she would have liked, because he was a director of a small software company based almost a hundred and fifty miles away from the office where she worked.

Sue guessed from the stricken look on Christine's face that she was both angry and upset. Crossing the room, Sue guided Christine to the overstuffed armchair she liked to curl up in and went into the kitchen to make a pot of English tea. Sue had taken Christine to her heart and the sight of her in such pain and distress was almost more than she could stand. Automatically, she rinsed the teapot and added the right number of spoons of tealeaves, splashed the milk into the bone china mugs and at the precise moment the kettle boiled, poured the water on top of the tealeaves.

The tea made and steaming in their china mugs, Sue went back into Christine. She handed Christine her mug and watched, with serious eyes, as she wrapped her hands round the mug and sipped. Sue perched on the arm of the chair and rested her hand on Christine's shoulder. Her hand rested lightly on the thin material of Christine's dress and she could feel the heat of her skin and the trembling of her shoulders, as she fought back her tears.

Christine sniffed loudly and leaned forward to set her mug safely on the coffee table. Sue looked at her and wondered what had gone wrong for her. Tonight was supposed to have been special. Robert had called and told Christine that he must see her, he had something important to tell her. Christine had been excited and bubbled over with laughter and energy. She had taken extra special care with her appearance, choosing a dress, rather than her usual jeans and t-shirt and had worn her sexiest silk teddy underneath, with hold up stockings.

She turned towards Sue, her eyes shining wetly and leaned into her friends arms, her own arms sliding around Sue's waist and squeezing tightly.

"I'm s-s-sorry, Sue, " Christine sobbed, "I've been such an idiot and now I'm crying on your shoulder and ruining your evening."

"Hey, Chris, " Sue whispered into her hair, her mouth dry with the tension, "The book will keep. But more important than my evening what happened to yours?"

"Well, you know how Robert had something to tell me?" Christine asked.

"I couldn't miss it love!" Sue replied, "You were singing and dancing ever since his phone call."

"He certainly had news for me, " Christine added, "He's married and his wife is having his baby."

"The bastard!" hissed Sue, "I hope you caused a hellish scene."

"Not then, but I did when he told me that we could still see each other."

Sue said nothing, just held Christine close to her, pillowing Christine's head against the swell of her breasts. Sue could feel hot tears dampening her blouse and the shaking of Christine's body as she abandoned herself to the pain and anger that burned through her. Slowly the trembling and the sobs subsided and Christine lifted her head and looked Sue straight in her eyes. Sue leaned forward a little and gently kissed the tears, that glistened like diamonds, from her cheeks. The touch of Sue's lips against her silky smooth skin made Christine gasp and then close her eyes with a long, tremulous, sigh.

Sue kissed her again, brushing her lips closer to Christine's mouth. Christine wriggled a little loser and her arms tightened around Sue's waist. She leaned a little further and brushed her lips across Christine's mouth. Christine's eyes flickered open as she felt Sue's mouth against her lips and she smiled to herself and let her eyelids droop closed. Sue could feel the breath catch in her throat as she nerved herself up to go further still.

Sue pressed her lips to Christine's, lingering to savour the sweet plumpness. Then she opened her mouth a little and flicked the tip of her tongue against Christine's closed lips, pressing so lightly that Christine could not be sure that she felt toe touch. Christine's lips parted in lightest of sighs and Sue slowly pressed her tongue against Christine's pout, feeling it slipping into her mouth.

Sue eased her tongue between Christine's lips, slowly, expecting her to pull away at any moment. Christine felt the tip of Sue's tongue against her own and sucked gently, coaxing it into her warm mouth. Sue slid her arms around Christine, her hands gently stroking the back of her neck beneath the cascade of flaming hair. Her fingers wound sensuously through the curls, caressing and cradling the back of Christine's head. Christine groaned softly, deep in the back of her throat as she tasted Sue's tongue in her mouth. Tentatively, Christine pushed her tongue forward, pressing Sue's back until, this time, Christine's tongue was probing and exploring Sue's mouth.

Sue could feel her breasts swelling and the nipples hardening against the lace cups of her bra as Christine slowly pressed her tongue into her mouth. Christine could feel the silk of her teddy against the points of her nipples, sliding over them like oil with every breath. She could feel them pressed against the smooth fabric, tingling as though caressed by an expert lover.

They moved a little way apart and let go of each other, Sue standing and turning back towards the sofa. Christine stood up and stepped around her so that they were facing each other again. Sue looked up into her eyes and Christine slipped into her arms again. This time their kiss was filled with an instant passion and Christine fancied that she could feel her nerves sizzling with excitement. They broke the kiss, both of them flushed and breathless.

"Is this what you want?" Sue asked in a murmur.

"Yes, I want this. I want this with you." Christine moaned quietly.

Sue's arms went around Christine again and she took gently unfastened the button at the neck of Christine's dress, using just the tips of her fingers. Slowly drawing the zipper down Christine's spine, she unfastened the dress, all the way down to the cleft of her bottom. Unfastened, the dress draped from Christine's shoulders, as Sue raised her hands and pushed the material off and slid it down her arms, so that the dress fell to the floor around her ankles.

Sue stepped backwards, drawing Christine with her, so that she stepped out of the dress, leaving it in a heap on the floor. Christine's nipples were dark smudges beneath the thin, ivory silk of her teddy, pressing against it as she breathed, making tents in the material. Her hair tumbled over her shoulders, bare except for two narrow strip of silk. Sue just looked for a moment, running her eyes over Christine's slender body and admiring the way her hard, pointed nipples pressed against the fine silk. Then she lifted her hands to Christine's shoulders and, with the tips of her fingers, pushed the straps down her arms, peeling the silk down her body to expose the firm globes of her breasts. Christine's nipples were hard and flushed a dusky rose, standing proudly from the islands of sensitive, puckered flesh that surrounded their bases.

"Oh yes," breathed Sue, "You are so beautiful."

Christine blushed, feeling the warmth flood through her body and a tingling begin in her belly and at the junction of her smooth thighs. She imagined that she could feel the heat of Sue's gaze on her body and felt a moistening down below, making the silk of the teddy cling to the lips of her sex. Sue tilted her head and moved closer to her, brushing her lips over the swell of Christine's breast. Christine gasped as sparks flashed through her body from the briefest touch of Sue's lips.

Sue's hands glided over Christine's skin, only her fingertips touching, leaving trails of goosebumps. Slowly, teasingly, Sue cupped her hands beneath the swell of Christine's bosom, lifting her breasts until the tip of one nipple was almost brushing her lips. Sue breathed gently on the hard point, making Christine moan pleadingly. Opening her mouth, Sue took the nipple between her lips and pinched it, very gently, with the edges of her teeth. Christine felt a gush between her legs as her sex flooded, soaking the silk that was clinging damply to her mound.

Christine reached out to Sue and began to unbutton her blouse. Her fingers trembled as she unfastened the white cotton and slowly eased it out of the waistband of her skirt. One button at a time, Christine opened the front of Sue's dark blue blouse , easing the material to the sides, so that she could see the swollen mounds of her breasts. The full roundness of her bosom threatened to spill out of the black lace cups of her bra and the hard nubs of her nipples looked painfully caught in the lace itself.

Sue's bra fastened at the front and Christine fumbled for a moment, then opened the fastening, spilling Sue's breasts into her hands. Sue leaned closer, pressing her firm, full, breasts into Christine's hands, murmuring wordlessly to encourage her caresses. Christine brushed the ball of her thumb across Sue's aching, swollen nipple, feeling it swell even more as she touched it. Sue trembled through her whole body and groaned as she felt the sweet juice flood the tiny thong she wore over her shaven mound.

Sue stepped back until the backs of her calves bumped the edge of the armchair and then flopped heavily onto the seat. Now her eyes were level with the silk gusset of Christine's teddy, clinging damply to her body. She hooked her fingers in the material and slowly slid it down Christine's leg, peeling it slowly away from the neatly trimmed bush of bright auburn curls that almost hid the opening to her pussy. Even through the matted covering, Sue could see a hard pink pearl, peeping from beneath a hood of flushed skin. The sharp tang of Christine's juice filled the air and Sue leaned forward to kiss the skin just above the lie where Christine trimmed her pubes. Sue's breath was hot against the milk-cool skin of Christine's taut belly and her lips seemed to ignite that place deep within that made her pussy wet.

Sue's kisses moved lower and lower, along the tops of Christine's thighs, then, easing her legs apart, along the insides higher and higher until Christine could feel Sue's hot breath against the lips of her pussy. Lifting her mouth, sue blew softly across the swollen pearl of Christine's clit, then kissed it, sucking the tiny shaft into her mouth and flicking her tongue over the tip.

Christine wailed in pleasure as her knees buckled with the shock that ripped through her whole body. Sue slid downwards, a little, as Christine fell forward, catching herself on the arms of the chair. Sue slid her hands along the front of Christine's thighs until her fingertips were resting on the tender lips of her pussy. Then she slowly peeled the lips apart and slid both of her forefingers into the wet bubbling opening. Gently, she pressed her thumbs against the base of Christine's clit and began to flick her tongue against the tip. The feeling of Sue's fingers opening her pussy and her tongue lashing her swollen, tender clit was too much for Christine to bear and, swooning, she came hard, her body spasming in a seizure of delight as she sprayed her sweet nectar over Sue's face and breasts.

Christine fell to her knees in front of Sue and, struggling to control the trembling in her hands, slid them over her smooth stockings, under her skirt. Sue just unfastened the waistband and arched her back, then pushed the skirt down to her ankles. Christine could not take her eyes of Sue's sodden thong and began to run her fingernails along the inside of her thighs. Sue spread her knees wide, knowing that it would press the silk of her thong against her pussy. Christine tugged at the material and Sue arched her back again, lifting her bottom and sliding the wet silk down her thighs.

Christine looked at Sue's shaven mound, the lips of her swollen pussy leading to the pearl of her clit. She leaned forward and began to kiss the smooth skin, licking the sweetly salty juices from Sue's bare skin. Mischievously, she kissed all the way around Sue's tender lips, running her tongue over her skin and watching as the juices beaded along the length of her pussy.

Sue reached down to guide Christine's mouth to her clit, but Christine shook her head and carried on running her tongue over the smooth skin until she had captured every drop of Sue's nectar. Sue could no longer control the trembling in her limbs and, every time Christine's tongue or fingers touched her skin, she would yelp in pleasure so intense that it was almost painful.

At last, Christine shifted her mouth the tiniest distance so that she could suck Sue's clit into her mouth. Resting her hands on the front of Sue's thighs, Christine gently thrust her thumbs as far into Sue's pussy as she pressed the tips of her forefingers against the base of Sue's clit and swirled her tongue all over the hard pearl between her lips.

Sue screamed in pleasure as the final caress of Christine's tongue pushed her beyond any hope of control or holding back. Hot nectar flooded her mouth and face and she swallowed the sweet fluids. They both slumped in each other's arms, panting softly.

"Sue," Christine whispered, "can I come to your bed tonight?"

"Of course you can, love," Sue laughed softly, "but what about Robert?"

"Robert? Who needs him?" Christine said and sighing, snuggled her head onto Sue's soft, belly.

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