tagHumor & SatireWho's The Boss?

Who's The Boss?


"Mornin' Ruth," I said to the receptionist, pausing briefly to take the small stack of those pink phone message slips she was holding up for me. A quick glance showed that there weren't any that needed a call-back anytime soon; more fodder for File 13.

"Good morning Mr. Lentz!" she replied in that irritating oh-so-cheerful and perky voice.

Christ, how can someone be so cheerful this early in the morning, I thought. Considering she's past retirement age, with grandchildren... well, I guess even old ladies get laid once in awhile. And how many times do I have to tell people 'my name is Todd! Mr. Lentz is my father!'

"She's expecting you," Ruth said, "and she's in one of her moods."

"Great," I sighed. Boss Lady on the rag again... so what else is new? is what I wanted to say, but knowing that this particular little old lady has quite a big mouth, I figured it was best to just keep that thought to myself. "Yeah, okay Ruth... thanks." Well, Boss Lady can just wait a fuckin' minute 'til I get my coffee! is what I really wanted to say...

"Oh, this is going to be a bee-u-ti-ful day!" I groaned aloud when I noticed that someone else had beat me to the last cup and didn't bother making a fresh pot.


"Huh?" I nearly dropped the empty carafe when I heard her familiar bark. "Oh, yeah, okay Pam... I'm, I was just..."

"FORGET THE FUCKING COFFEE! WHAT PART OF THE WORD 'NOW' DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!?" the Regional Manager roared again as she stormed out of the little kitchen.

Shit! Now what did I do? My mind scrambled to try and figure it out. All my stores turned in good numbers this week; all above target, good cash, inventories all good. (Ever get those paranoid thoughts running around in your head when you're about to get your ass chewed and you don't know why?)

I followed her down the hall to her office. Hmmm... wonder why I've never noticed 'til now how nice her ass looks when she's wearing a dress. GET AWAY FROM THESE THOUGHTS, NOW! Okay... I'm okay now. Just a little nervous, that's all. What the fuck did I do? A dress? She's wearing a dress? She never wears a dress... mostly a suit, with pants... but a dress? Pam held the door for me, then closed it gently once I was inside. What? No slamming? What the hell is going on here?

"Please, have a seat. Care for some coffee? Just brewed it," my boss smiled as she sat on the edge of her desk, taking her time to cross her legs.

"Todd," she started.

Did she just now wink at me? Nah... must've gotten something in her eye.

"Or, should I call you..." she paused.

There is definitely something not right about this picture!

"ZZ Todd."


"What?" she cooed when she bounced her butt off the desk and sashayed toward me. "Nothing to say? What's that one pet name that one girl calls you... 'Stud Muffin'?"

"Uh, I can explain, Pam," I started, wiping a sudden stream of sweat from my brow. "It's just something I like to do... I like to write and, well, it's just harmless flirting. I mean, I um, well, you know..."

"Oh pul-leeze!" she laughed as she bent over in front of me and put her hands on the back of the chair I was squirming in.

Hmmm... wonder why I didn't notice before how low-cut that dress is.

Standing up, her legs apart and hands on her hips, she looked at me again with that weird look of hers. "You do know that this is grounds for immediate discharge, don't you?"

"Pam! You can't do that! What I do in my private life is my business... that's... that's... you just can't..."

Before I could finish speaking though, she was straddling my lap, her arms around my neck and her tongue doing one hellava tango inside my mouth. She pushed her bosom into my chest, her tits rubbing me like a sponge. She grabbed my hands and put them on her thighs, forcing me to put my hands under her dress... forcing my fingers to a place that I never, EVER, thought they'd be... My God! She's not wearing panties!

"You do know that this is grounds for a sexual harassment case, don't you?" I whispered.

"Shut up!" she whispered back, as she unbuckled my belt and yanked the zipper down.

And in a second flash, she was on her knees with my leaking throbber in her hands. An index finger found its way to the slit and gently moved around the rim of my knob, grazing the opening ever so lightly with each pass. The thumb and remaining fingers of that hand encircled my pulsating pole, squeezing it with each up and down pull while her other hand's fingers stroked my sac and bounced my balls. I tried to take her hands away, wanting to carry her to the sofa on the other side of her office where I could do what a gentleman does best... to lay her down softly and...


Too late. In a third flash, my pants were down to my ankles and the tip of her tongue was dancing its way from my balls to my boner. Feather-like kisses... slowly licking all the way up to sip the pre-cum drops. Then, just as slowly, she licked all the way down the other side of my shaft... all the way down to my tightened sac. Then another slow lick back to the tip where her lips just lingered, kissing me there... quick pecks, like I'd wanted to do to her cheeks since the first time I saw her.

"Aw, Gaaawd!" I moaned when her lips opened and I felt myself inside her hungry mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly, she swallowed me... all the way down... as far as she could... then slowly, ever so slowly, she let me slide out, but only to the rim. And again, and again... and again... until... finally, I groaned louder when I felt my release. My heart raced inside my chest; I couldn't gasp air fast enough.

An hour later, we awoke on the sofa. We kissed then, and cuddled some more, and then that sad moment came when we knew we had better get some work done! As she smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress and walked back to her desk, as I was walking to the door, she ever so calmly said:

"By the way... if this is going to end up as another chapter in ZZ_Todd's blog, could you at least not use my real name?"

"Not a problem, uh, 'Pam' ... provided of course that we write the next chapter soon!"

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